Yeshua Speaks of Healing & Balance

This channel takes place on the day of the new moon, it is 2 days before the solstice and Christmas is one week away!  Therefore the energies are very powerful.

Yeshua walked amongst everyone very quietly, gently speaking and touching people as needed.  His energy is so beautiful!! He spoke of how he was able to heal people and how someone’s belief system can really have an effect upon them.  He took us through healing on all levels and then opened to assist everyone.  We all have the ability to heal~~ It’s about belief systems, energies and intention.  Once cleared there was healing and balance infused into everyone!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in where you are right now in your physical reality. I reach out to embrace you as the human that you are; as the embodiment of your soul or your God essence.

Each one of you comes from a long line of experiences. Sometimes you’ve been living out within the universe, sometimes you’ve been living on the earth, sometimes you’ve lived in a totally or a pure energy source without having physicality. All of those potentials flow through your I AM Presence giving you the foundation for who you are in this life.

So take a moment to experience what that is. Take a moment to experience the pure love that is you from your God source, to you the person and that expresses outward from you to everyone who is within and around you.

Now is the time for each person to become very clear in their intention. As you are clear in your intention it allows you to be able to become focused. It allows you to recognize what in your life you can perhaps release and let go so as to allow more of your focus to be upon that which truly resonates within you.

This now moment is a new beginning. This now moment whether it’s tonight when we are originally doing this or sometime in the future. Everything revolves around this now moment. Be not concerned what your calendar may show, be only concern about where your intentions may lie.

We are here on this one week before that day that you celebrate as Christmas. We are here on the day of the new moon. We are here but two days before the solstice. At the end of each year these roll the rug plus you have of course Passover, you have Hanukkah, Passover comes at a different time excuse me, you have Hanukkah, you have all the many different, well sometimes they are religious and sometimes they’re just the social gatherings that are associated with this time of the season or this time of the calendar year.

Here is the opportunity to be very clear, very focus, whether it’s nudging you through your belief systems or whether it’s nudging you with the clarity of a new belief or a new reality. It is all good. Breathe deeply down within yourself, allowing your focus and your awareness to go all the way down into the earth. As you feel your own essence connecting to Gaia it’s as if you spread out in many different directions.

Feel the grounding sensation with being a part of the earth.

Continue to feel that knowledge that you and Gaia have your own personal relationship that supports you in all that you do. You let that energy come up through you, it goes out through the top of your head. You send out that clear intention that you align with your higher self.

As you feel your energies linking to your higher self it is as if everything expands outward for you.

Within your higher self you may look at some of those opportunities you’ve been considering, perhaps it’s time to clear them out. You may look at this as a space where you align with your Angels, your guides, so as to have them available to you in your everyday life.

From there you send your energy to streaming even further. There is that thin stream of energy or light that connects you as the human to you as your divinity and as your consciousness follows up through that core, you automatically blend with your own divinity.

Look around at what this looks like to you.

Do you have that sense of the bigger picture of looking at your life? You have that sense of coming home as if this is that place which nurtures you on every level of who you are. Feel the essence of transformation that is taking place.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out from my heart to yours. I blend my energies with you so that we may shift into the All That Is but we may also have this relationship between us that grows and expands ever larger.

You as the human are way more than what your conscious mind is able to comprehend. You the person here in the All That Is, with your fully expanded consciousness, perhaps you have a better sense or idea about who you are, but even here there’s still that sense of wondering, questioning, “Who am I?”  

Allow that to flow through you as you open up to feel as a cellular reaction within you, the answer to that question. It comes from you as your divinity; it fills up every particle within you. Open to feel what that is for you.

As we gather together, we’re in a plane of existence that is within the All That Is; however, this last about having that amphitheater and more about the high meadow as if in Shambhala. This is the vibration associated with Shambhala that is here within the All That Is. We remain within this space as you open your heart. As you look around feel Yeshua Ben Joseph as he comes walking within this space.

Everybody may see him differently. He appears to people in whatever form is best to that individual. Be open; no matter what your belief system is allow your heart to be open to receive his energy as he comes to spend some time with you. It is as if you and he are the only two people within this space.

As he sits with you there is a vibration or an essence that radiates from him. There is a flow that moves back and forth between you and Yeshua. This is also working with you through your unconscious parts of your energy and your conscious aspects for who you are.

This energy of Yeshua or Jesus remains with you while that bigger part of him steps to the front to speak. Just as each one of you may see or sense him in whatever way is best for you, so too he speaks quietly in his normal voice and everybody can hear no matter where you are. I will therefore turn this over to Yeshua.

Yeshua speaks.

I send you my greetings of love and light. This time upon the earth is the celebration of my birth. It is a time in which there is a great deal of focus upon me, as my life upon all the many, many, many years have comes since I walked upon the earth.

You will find that some of the history that has been submerged will be coming out in the months or in the years to come. It is very interesting how the consciousness upon the earth functions. It may be that certain things were withheld with the intention to control;  however it also evolved in such a way that certain things were withheld because it created an impact that some parts of the world were as yet unable to integrate.

It is one of those realities that may be your truth or not. What does take place is that as the years move past the consciousness continues to shift. It continues to rise and just as some of that consciousness is rising, in my perception as I look at the earth, the majority of it is rising so as to embrace the fifth dimension; so too there is that part which is stuck in the third dimension that continues to experience that reality.

If one is to look at the earth as a whole, the pendulum has shifted into a place where the majorities are able to access the fifth dimensional reality which is much more in alignment with where I am right now as I speak to you. Because the earth experience is intended to be free will there will always be those stuck in the third dimension.

I therefore sit quietly with you as you consider this past year. Is there something upon your heart that you would like to release or clear out?

As you consider this past year, is there anything that continues to hold you back? Perhaps something you perceive is a mistake. Perhaps a choice you made that was not necessarily in your best interest or the interest of those around you.

This is your opportunity to clear out, regret, shame, sadness, anger, frustration. Take a deep breath in breathing within you. You need not even know exactly from which it arises simply open and allow me to merge with you so that I can bring up this energy, and you may release. ~ whew~

I find that humanity will often times find itself in a place where forgiveness is very challenging for you. Sometimes it is about forgiving yourself; sometimes it’s about forgiving others. At this time of the year, allow me to take whatever your burdens may be, hand them over to me and I will take them from you ~ whew~ we clear it out.

Do you know what it feels like to live your life to be in the place where you are without those burdens? Is that something you can even imagine? For some of you I’m hearing, “It is not; so for those people that remain stuck in that old energy, I Yeshua, reach out and I put my hands upon your heart and I ask you to give to me anything and everything that no longer serves you. ~ Whew~ I sit with you once more. I flow my energy into and around you. And when it comes to healing I realize that people would comment on the ability that I have to heal people.

An important part of that ability comes from my unconditional love for humanity. It also comes from me having the ability to see you as whole and complete. In other words without whatever it is that was keeping you in discord; that was keeping you perhaps ill or in disharmony.

With the transformations that has taken place it is now possible for you to do the same type of healing. The only thing that is between you and completely healing either something within yourself or within another it’s a belief system that says, “it cannot be done”. From this day forth let it be known that everyone has the ability to heal and transform and it is activated on all levels, in this now moment.

I had many who walked with me during my lifetime upon the earth. Many of us have been together over multitudes of different lifetimes and we would come together as a group to create a foundation that would be flexible enough to move through eternity yet stable enough to move through eternity.

So many people assisted me. The star that guided people through astrology to find me was a truth. Many of the stories that you hear about the three wise men, the Angels talking to the shepherds, the Angels communicating with Mary and Joseph, all of that is true, it did happen. Something else that took place was the literal seeding into the earth of these core beliefs that had to do with strength, balance, potentials and reality.

People look at my life from the perspective of 2000 years afterwards when it has been lived out in its entirety. As I was living my life, there would be times I would have doubts. There would be times I would fall into anger. However, I always knew sometimes in the back of my mind and my unconscious, most often in the forefront of my mind that I was there for a very specific reason and that I was to do everything within my power to make sure it took place.

Consider your life. Consider that you were born with the same message with which I was. Consider that you have the same gifts, talents and abilities that I had. Consider how in your reality there is that fluctuation, there is that questioning, there is that essence of the divine that live within each one of you.

If ever you question, could you uphold your intention for your life upon this earth, call on me and I will be with you to share and assist in your burden.

During this time upon the earth know that there was a magnificent agreement between the soul known as my mother, the soul known as my father and myself.

These agreements are made time and time and time in again through history. Recognize that right now in this time space reality you are in the midst of just such an agreement with you, your soul, your support mechanism and perhaps one or two of the people that are here upon the earth with you. You are not alone. You have many, many opportunities for choices within your life.


The Goddess returns.

I the Goddess return.

People upon the earth are experiencing a deep, deep, deep transformation most especially within your physical reality. Your body consists of cells, those cells consist of red blood cells, your DNA, your RNA and through those elements you have an alignment to those who are your biological family. You have an alignment to a karmic agreement for certain aspects in your life.

This transformation that is the integration of the physicality or your physical reality is one of the most profound aspects of what is taking place.

People are literally changing from their cells, their organs, their ligaments, their joints, their bones. Everything within their physicality is transforming. Therefore take a moment to consider your life. Take a moment to consider what your physical body represents to you. Is all within balance? Are you experiencing pain? Are you experiencing illnesses, either acute meaning brand-new or chronic meaning you’ve had for a long time?

When I say to you that you may transition or transform everything within your body, it means, your organs, your vision, your hearing, if you have a history of cancer.

The experience that takes place is that you speak with those cells that are creating the foundation for who you are. Let me rephrase that. Your cellular structure already knows you very well. This that I am speaking about at this moment is about the transforming aspects of yourself. This changes the vibration of everything within your physical body. It changes the way that your organs work. It changes those things that may to you feel as if they are a normal part of your life that you may now choose to release and clear out.

As you stand here on this day of the new moon, take this moment to literally talk to the cells within your body. What would you like for yourself to do?

As you stand at this new beginning, are there beliefs systems, thoughts, experiences that just keep going around and around in your mind that you would like to clear out? ~ Whew~ Let it go.

Shift your focus into your emotions for a moment. If there is anything within your emotions that no longer works for you let it come up. Bring it up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. ~ Whew~ Clear them out.

Just as Yeshua stands there or sits there with you, assisting to create that balance, I too stand with you in this now moment that you may integrate and balance everything within your physicality, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, find their own balance that has a foundation of love, compassion and acceptance. There is an easy flow that moves through you and through everything.

The solstice, whether you’re experiencing the winter or the summer allow yourself to have all of that energy that not only is triggered by the stars and their response to your earth, it is triggered in an alignment or a balance within you. Allow those energies to also come in filling you up, assisting you.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Allow your focus to look around. Realize if you have a more open connected alignment with Yeshua so that you know you can always open this is up, so as to ask questions, ask for healing. The intention that you grow through this alignment immediately fills up everything within and around you.

I invite everyone to come forth creating a circle of energy, a circle that includes each one of you. When you first of all take stock of where you are, what’s been going on with Jesus as you sat with him, what’s been going on with the transforming energies that I was working with upon each one of you; for some it feels like you’re just off doing whatever it is you need to do, for others it’s very clear and deliberate that you take certain steps.

Transformation is exactly as the word says. You take something and it changes into something else, it transforms. It can transform in a very subtle pattern within you or in a very big pattern that affects all parts of you.

Take a deep breath in so that you may know for yourself what this truly means.

As this hologram of the earth comes up within the midst of all of you, you send everything of which you are conscious or unconscious into this ball or this hologram so that it may become absorbed and transformed from all that each one of you is doing in this now moment. You then have a sense of releasing it. As it aligns with your Milky Way Galaxy or as it aligns with the universe and the earth.

There is a part of it that goes out into the universe and all the stars, all the planets, that are in need of this balanced energy becomes absorbed; so too there is a part that goes down into the earth. It goes into the very core essence of what the earth is. From there, it comes back up to the many layers of the earth until it rests upon the surface immediately in front of you.

As you feel this energy coming into and around you allow it to integrate within every level of your being.

As it creates a new reality for you, you have the opportunity to transform integrating everything that was worked with you out in the All That Is into this physical reality. It continues to smooth over the entire surface of the earth and actually shifting into the collective consciousness, releasing, clearing out, what no longer serves; allowing that intrinsic balance to take place moving into the solstice, moving into the new earth. It moves throughout everything within and upon the earth.

Allow yourself to come back into this moment. If you need to stream the rest of your consciousness back down within you, it comes from the All That Is through your I Am Presence, through your higher self and down into you the human. Bring all of your consciousness back with you, allowing everything to anchor. As you do so, you find more and more of the other energies for other people coming back within the earth and all of you have that vibrational balance and alignment. All of you have this opportunity right now to tap into the reality that is Yeshua.

Beloved family, as you step into this holiday season may you do so from a place of balance, joy, integration and clarity. If this season brings up within you sorrow, pain, suffering, frustration, loneliness, then let those pieces come up from within you and give them to Jesus or Yeshua; that he may take them from you and in return you gift yourself with that flow of energy and light from your own divinity.

You can have an amazing experience no matter what it looks like to you, no matter how things unfold. You are already in alignment with your soul, with your divinity. Allow that to come in a very conscious way throughout all aspects of who you are, integrating everything with balance, with love and with the higher light vibrations. 

Beloved, know that I am always with you and within you.




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