You are Family & the Energy Spa

Nama sika; venia benya    I AM the one, I AM the whole Welcome, welcome my beloved family! 

Every time that we come together, I send forth a greeting to my family.  Everyone walking upon the earth is a part of my family, therefore each of you who come together in this group are also a family.  So often at this time of the year, people may find themselves feeling separated, feeling alone, feeling isolated as if nobody understands them or as if they are physically alone in the world as indeed so many people are.

This is my opportunity to reach out my embrace.  I welcome everyone, I embrace everyone.  But it is not about me, it is about you. So although you are not physically located in the same place, I encourage you to reach out to one another energetically.  Reach out your hand to say ‘hello my brother, my sister'.  Embrace each other as friends.  You are not alone.  You are a part of the family of man, you are a part of this group and anyone that you may see as you walk along the streets, as you go through your day; they too are a part of your family. 

I find myself chuckling a little bit as I hear some of you saying ‘well there's always the black sheep in the family', there's always those that are the radicals or they might not quite get along with the others and that is society.  That is the diversity of being upon the earth. 

I put forth that each one of you as you embrace your own essence of yourself, honour who you are in this moment.  Honour that you are living a life of your own choosing.  Honour that whatever you do has an impact upon yourself and others.  So too what other people do has an impact upon you.  Everyone is interrelated on one level or another.  The time will come when each person can look at everyone around them and see only the face of a beloved family friend.  Some of you may doubt this will ever occur but yes it will.

For now we begin with the groups, with the people who choose to come together, and a glorious beginning it is.  The flow of energy, the flow of love that is moving throughout all of you as I speak is simply beautiful to behold.  If anyone is still feeling separated from this love, from this energy I invite you to take a deep breath within yourself, open up your heart and allow for as much of this love, this compassion, this connection, with everyone here to flow in and around you. 

I see how you are opening, I see how so many of you feel that warmth coming up within you and I affirm that yes, you are loved.  Loved first and foremost within yourself, but also you are loved by everyone else upon this journey.  By myself, and by all the other angels, the beings of light, who work with you as you are moving through this life.  Feel what this is.  Come back to it as many times as you need to in the days to come.  It is created by all of you and it is for you. 

With that, I invite you to release the energies of your physical body.  Allow your consciousness to shift in such a way that it moves into the energies of the magnetic grid.  As your essence comes within this space, you will find that you immediately merge with your Higher Self.  And as you are merging within this space, look around.  Have a sense of the interwoven pathways that move through.

Just as you are linked with one another upon the earth; so too you are linked within this space.  My perception is that the vibration of the magnetic grid is shifting in such a way that it allows for a greater amount of your own essence to be within this space.  By that I mean you are able to manifest a greater amount of your divinity into a space that is easily accessible to you as you are living your daily life. 

Come into this space if you want a new perspective of something going on.  Come into this space if you are seeking answers to your questions.  There is so much here for you. 

Release these energies of the magnetic grid, let go that magnetic pull of the earth.  As you do so, you find your consciousness expanding and shifting into the various levels of the crystalline grid.  As you move within this space, you are aligning within the aspect of the crystalline grid with which you currently vibrate. 

As we've mentioned before, these levels or various dimensions or shifts in consciousness have created a bridge from the earth going towards the new earth.  You have the ability to move through this space and utilise it as a means of accessing the new earth.  Many of you do so on a regular basis. 

For those of you who have not yet worked with that, the new earth is actually a new planet with many attributes of the earth on which you live, but the vibration is such that the energies, the life, the light that lives there begins at - just to give it a number perhaps the ninth or tenth dimension although in reality in many aspects it's even higher - but I understand how people appreciate the analytical as a means of creating a perspective. 

But one of the truths about the new earth is that it is without definition.  Anyway that you link, any time that you utilise this space you do so through your heart center, through your consciousness and your actions there are a reflection of that.

I invite each one of you to shift your focus.  Allow yourself to move into the soul plane.  The soul plane is aligning with many of the levels of the crystalline grid, but it remains separate.  As you come into the soul plane, look around.  Call to you your I Am presence.  As you do so, you may feel it coming up from within you.  You may look outward and see your divinity as if it's walking towards you.  Open and accept a complete blending within this space.  As you are blending with your divinity, open to recognise these aspects that are here around you. 

Feel that sense of welcome, feel that sense of homecoming that is here for you.  I the Goddess now come into this space.  As you look at me, you vibrate at a level where you can see more so who I am.  I make my presence known; I reach out and embrace each one of you.  As I do so you will feel yourself shifting into the All That Is. 

Within the All That Is, you have a place of creation, so many of you recognise this. You come here often.  It allows you to make a trial run of anything that you might do within your life.  This time I invite all of you to come with me.  I have created a space for you to enjoy.  As if a curtain is parting, let yourself feel as if you are coming into a spa or a place of nurturing.  As each one of you walk within this place you are welcomed by all who are working here.  Some of these may be your guardian angels.  Some of these energies are the teachers and guides that you've been working with. 

For the beginning of this experience, I actually request that you quit working.  Each of you are so dedicated in your path, in your quest to greater understanding, in your quest to creating change in your life, that in this moment for however long you choose to stay here and for every time that you choose to come back this is your time to be nurtured and loved.

Many of you have been here with me before, but now it's different.  There are areas set up if you feel as if you need a massage, let yourself lie down.  Allow your muscles to relax.  As you receive a massage within this space, it's moving deeper, it moves through all of your energy bodies.  And within your physical body it works from your cellular structure outwards so that everything relaxes in response to this massage.  There's another area in which people are sitting, relaxing, some lying down.  It is as if you are on the beach, feeling the sunshine, watching the ocean.

Allow the sun to fill you with warmth.  Allow the waves and the rhythm of the ocean to lull you.  Feel the breeze off the ocean.  We move on because there are others who are soaking in a bubble bath. This time the water that surrounds you is cleansing every energy body that is within and around you as a human.  There is a delightful scent that assists you in relaxing and the warmth of the water soothes you.

We have a perception of some people who have on a ball game as their form of relaxation, whatever you want is fine; although in this moment release that focus and that concentration on following a game.  Let your mind drift.  Let your consciousness simply float upon the waves of energy and light. There - now I'm feeling how you are each allowing yourself to relax.  If there are thoughts that come along and they disturb you, write them on a cloud and let them float away.  Now is the time for you to be nurtured, now is the time to feel this love.

As each one of you allows yourself to relax more and more, these energies move deeper and deeper through you.  Feel the warmth, feel the nurturing, feel the love and the compassion. It is all here for you.  As you allow these energies to flow through you, I invite you to open your heart.

Within your consciousness, align with your heart center.  Let it open as wide as it will go.  And as these energies flow within and around you, consciously integrate them as if you breathe it into your heart center, it moves down through your abdomen linking with your solar plexus and your sacral centers, it moves down through your pelvic linking with your root center, it moves down through your legs, your ankles, your feet.

These energies also move upward, it permeates throughout your chest, across your shoulders.  Feel it moving down your arms, through your elbows, your forearms, your wrists and your hands.  Allow for this complete integration to move throughout your physical body.  It moves upward through your throat, in your neck, it goes through the back of your head.  These energies swirl through your head, moving through your third eye, your head center and beyond.

Consciously link with your emotional body, with your mental body.  As you do so allow every aspect to come into balance in this moment.  With that balance feel what it is throughout your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Although you are in the All That Is, you remain directly linked with your human self.  Let this flow move downward into your human body. 

Consciously choose that in the days and weeks to come, whenever it may be, that if ever you feel a need to be loved, to be nurtured, to be understood, that you will come back into this space and reconnect.  You may do it as often as you like.  Or you may simply reconnect through intention.  This is what it feels like to be balanced.  This is what it feels like to be in alignment with your divinity, a sense of peace, a sense of nurturing, a sense of awareness. 

We release this essence of the spa.  As each one of you finds your way back within this space in which I am, I see some of you striding and beaming out energy and light.  I see others of you as if through osmosis you're just moving gently along.  As you have this sense of who you are, I invite you to look out and see standing in front of you a hologram of who you are in this lifetime.  As you look at this hologram, see what your life has been like.  Some of you find yourself immediately going back into the pattern that you were in prior to this journey. 

Now is an opportunity for you to breathe deeply, breathe in that balance, breathe in that space of being loving, loved and nurtured.  Let it move throughout you and with compassion look at your life.  If there are aspects that you would like to release then consciously release them at this time.  It gives you an opportunity to see another alternative.  If you were not weighted down with some of these things that are in your life right now, then what would it look like?  Again, breathe in that feeling of being loved and nurtured, breathe in balance and so many of you now see your life and perceive new alternatives. 

Life is always changing; moment to moment, minute to minute, hour by hour, day by day.  If you feel that you are not changing, that you are stuck in a rut, whatever it may be, in a situation you no longer want to be within, then choose in this moment to understand that moment by moment, minute by minute, day by day, life is changing.  There's a sense of a swirling kaleidoscope of colour that moves through this space.  This kaleidoscope is a means of showing you the movement that occurs within and around you.

So let that move through you as you choose motion and movement within your life.  I also encourage you to perceive this from a space of balance.  See the movement through balanced eyes, through balanced awareness.  Perceive all of what this is.  This hologram of yourself continues to interact with you.  Some of you may choose to have a conversation about some of the choices or some of the things that you've been experiencing recently.  Now is a good time to do that. 

Again, infuse balance, infuse awareness.  Reach out and integrate that hologram within your consciousness.  As you reach out and embrace, you are bringing into you all that was discussed, all that may have shifted, and this new perspective with which you perceive your life.  Let it all come within; let it flow through your conscious awareness. 

Come back together as a group.  Again, feel that sense of family, that sense of awareness.  There is such unity that I perceive as I am looking at everyone.  You greet, you celebrate, you talk, you spend this time connecting and affirming your relationship with each other.  If anything feels awkward to you, then go within and flow the love, the nurturing, the compassion from the energy spa into and around you in whatever that moment may be.

A celebration breaks out.  You may call it one of your holiday parties if you choose.  But there's laughter, there's conversation, and some of you are even choosing to manifest decorations.  This is your space to do with as you choose.  Many of the angels and guides come in here to share this time with you.  They too are celebrating; celebrating that you are open, that you accept your own self and that you allow this to be your reality upon the earth. 

The feeling of being balanced, the feeling of connection with one another moves throughout this space.  All who are here can feel it; it is an energy that moves through linking everyone but also moving into your consciousness.  These celebrations have a tendency to run on and on and on.  It will always be here within this space when you choose to come back and rejoin. 

So now I invite the hologram of the earth to move up within this group.  As it does so, you've each been looking at the hologram and seeing the earth itself but you've also been seeing those aspects of the crystalline grid that support and nurture the earth.  I invite each one of you to let your energy or your essence blend once more with the crystalline vibration.  As it does so, you feel yourself becoming even more fine-tuned, in alignment with these crystalline energies.

So as the crystalline grid, let those aspects of yourself vibrate in alignment and then also transmit into the hologram of the earth the essence of balance, the essence of being nurtured, but also the essence of family that everyone is related to everyone else.  All of that is transmitted into this hologram.  The hologram itself swirls.

Gaia comes forth long enough to send kisses and embraces to each one of you and then she returns so as to assist with the integration of this hologram within the earth.  It moves down, moving through those crystalline grids of which you are a part. It continues, it moves through the magnetic grid until it goes down into the earth plane itself. 

From within the earth plane it moves into the center of the earth into that crystal that is within the center and then once more it reflects back moving out from there, moving out through the earth, out through the magnetic grid, out through these crystalline dimensions.  And all that you transmitted within that hologram becomes integrated within the collective consciousness of the earth. 

Look around you, see where you are.  Allow yourself to move briefly through the soul plane and then go back within that aspect of the crystalline grid, feel how so much of your energy is tingling and alive.  There is a true connection between this crystalline grid and who you are.  From there it continues downward.  You as your consciousness moves back through into the magnetic grid.  You pause here for a moment within your Higher Self and then once more allow your consciousness to move back fully within your physical body and within all the layers that make up who you are. 

As your energies are coming down within you, consciously breathe it into your heart; consciously breathe it all the way down through your abdomen into your feet.  Consciously let it flow through your back, your shoulders, your arms, your neck, your head.  Feel the nurturing, feel that connection with your own self.  It is still here, it is still a part of you.  Let it be an integral part of your day.  You are always loved.  You are always supported, first and foremost by your own self.  If there's any resistance to that let it move out for the moment and again bring in and integrate everything that you were, everything that you felt in the All That Is.

Some of you I see are expanding your energy fields.  If you need to do so, let them be expanded as large as need be so that you may more fully integrate all that is here.  You are loved, you are nurtured, you are in complete balance in this moment.  Open up your heart, open up your arms, accept that as your reality.

For those of you on the phone call, if you would like to ask a question you may return to the conference room by pressing *7 upon your phone.  I am open to receive your questions.

Question: (paraphrased) It seemed in early November after the big changes we felt with the election many of us felt like we were done and questioned if we should stay or leave; meaning leaving this plane.  For myself I've found a new purpose or mission or something; I feel recharges and ready to move forward.  Is there anything you would like to say about these energies?

Answer: If you will take a moment and think back over the various time, especially the last 5-6 years in which you've been moving through the ascension process and this means of self actualization.  There have been a number of different times when you've completed an aspect of that and you felt at wits end as if to say what's next, what direction, what do I want now.  It's always a time to gather your thoughts, to determine if you are going in a new direction, am on the right path, what do I want to do.   This was but another of those experiences.  I see that you have had at least3 of them over the past 4-5 years.  SO this time of completion was not only about working with the energies of the election in the United States but also about creating a space for change on every different level on earth; changing consciousness, changing the 3rd dimensional realities, changing businesses, all these various levels.  This you have been preparing for the past number of years. With the culmination of all of that in early November, not only you but many other people have thought; now what.  It always leads to people considering ‘is it time for me to transition'?  And anyone can transition at any time if they so choose, there are many different ways they may do that.  Quite frankly for the majority of you, I don't see you transitioning.  I see you integrating an even greater amount of your divinity that allows you to create another life for yourself upon the earth.  That's what we see you doing right now.  You are integrating this greater amount of who you are in your divine essence.  It's that divine essence that is trying to get used to what it is to be on the earth plane.  It's as if there is a part of you that has never lived upon the earth and it's adjusting to what it is to be upon the earth and it makes you feel imbalanced.  That is one of the reasons why I chose this journey for all of you tonight.  Through the balancing, the nurturing, all that took place during this journey tonight; it helped the new aspects of you to align with you the human and being upon the earth plane.  Does that resonate with you?

Yes, very much.

So as you are moving forward from here be aware that some things may come easy to you and other things may be a struggle.  Anytime you find yourself in that place of struggle it's a time to take a step back, switch gears and look at it from a new perspective.  When you are in the space of balance and alignment it allows you to have things fall into place with ease throughout the day. Now one person's ease and another are not always the same.  But you know what that is for you and you know when things just seem to happen.  You know how much fun it is! It makes you giggle, you have fun with your friends, it just is a joyful time for you.  (Person said umhm and giggled)  See?  There's the giggle, we hear you! 

That is what we see this next year as being.  2009 is 11 which is a master number.  So much of what's been going on is going to manifest in a profound way during the next year.  In the times where people struggle-it will be an even greater struggle.   When you let yourself let go when you allow yourself to be in the flow of balance, love, essence; even if you don't know what's going on intellectually you will find that the answers will come to you and things will materialize around you in a way that creates a greater life and a greater ease for yourself.  As you can tell by that last little bit we were speaking with way more than just you!  We thank you for being the sounding board to allow us to be able to speak those words.

Thank you very much I appreciate that!   You are welcome!

Question: (paraphrased) how I even phrase this... I'm making so much progress on the inside, but so little on the outside.  I too am wondering if I should transition because I don't know if this incarnation is viable.  Usually I'm really encouraged by my own progress, but today was just one of those days.  Do you have any thoughts for me?

Answer:  I have a couple things to say to you.  First and foremost, close your eyes take a deep breath in and let the love come up.  Let it flow into your heart; let it flow throughout your body.  This is the love of your own self.  This is the love of your divinity.   I am here as a mirror to assist you in seeing and feeling it.  But this is YOU!  As you look at what you've done in this lifetime, in some was it boggles the mind.  You have done an immense amount of transformational work upon yourself so no wonder there are days when you feel tired and out of sorts.  On the whole, I see you as someone who may not have been there, oh I hate to use numbers, but only a percentage of the time have you been in the space of balance and self actualized.  WE see a greater and greater amount of that taking place in the future.  We do not see you transitioning right now.  We see you as having reached a plateau.  This integration you do not see in the world around you is because your focus has so much been upon what you were doing inside of yourself.  And so now that you are much more aware of what these changes have meant to you and who you are as a person and who you are as your divinity; now is the time to begin to send that essence or that aspect or that energy out from you.

Send it out beginning in your house; let your house become acclimated to your energy.   I recommend you do this by breathing just as you did a few seconds ago.  Breathe that in as if you have a fountain that pours from your heart.  Let that fountain send energy out throughout your house.  Then you may call to mind relationships; the people closest to you in this life and again that flow from that fountain go to each of these people.  You may then look at your work, your city, whatever it is that comes to mind and send the flow to them and each situation.  In this way you will create a new alignment with these aspects of your life so that what is outside of you comes into balance and alignment with what is inside of you.  Does that make sense to you?

It does.  I think it's the perfect advice and I don't think I realized I had plateaued. 

Exactly, exactly; but quite frankly with the journey tonight it feels as if you've taken a huge leap over the plateau and you are now running down the other side.

Good, do you think the worse is over?

It feels to me as if it is.

 Okay, well I'll keep working. 

No, I would love for you ---allowing allowing--- (laughter) that's exactly right! I would love for you to keep allowing.  But I would also love for you to begin to integrate this as something fun or something playful and light.  Indeed it is work at times, there's no doubt about that.  But when the entire journey is work then you've stepped outside of your divinity.  (ah)  When you are in the space of your divinity, when you are in the flow of your divinity then these realizations and experiences are joyful - they can hurt, they can be intense, they can make you cry-but the overwhelming feeling of it is still this is just what I need to do because I'm moving, now I'm taking a new step; instead of being in a vicious cycle that keeps you feeling down, heavy and depressed.  

Thank you.

You are very welcome.  2009 is going to be an exceptional year for you. 

Question: (paraphrased) I thank you for providing this nurturing for me tonight.  It was exactly what I needed!  Somehow you always provide exactly what I need and I'm grateful for that.  I'm taking a really new direction in my life as you can see and I'd like to ask how this is going to change my life.  Am I moving to Colorado in 6 months, will I have a new relationship in my life and how is this new direction going to change things?

Answer:  Alright beloved, we have several things we'd like to say to you.  First of all we'd like to embrace you, love you, and applaud for you as you've come through so many changes.  We feel as if we've saying this many times tonight and most likely it was meant to be.  We see where you were when you began this journey and where you are right now.  It's a beloved sight to see!  We always knew that you could and would do it, that you would step into this space in which you are right now, even though there were times when you questioned and doubted and wondered how it would come about. We've always had that belief in you and what encourages us more than anything else is that you so much more fully have that belief inside of yourself.  There are so many times when you've moved through your life that you've said ‘it will come, it will be, I will allow'.  Although we sense the past 6-8 months for you were in some ways moving quickly and in other ways as if you were treading water.  It feels as if things are coming together now.  We do see you moving, it doesn't feel like it's as long as 6 months from now, it feels like when the spring is in the air.  Be open and allow that change can move rapidly or very slowly, whatever it may be.  We're also seeing a potential for change that includes the east coast; ahhh Virginia or something like that.  In speaking of this feels as if your time in Colorado may be temporary or you may take a trip to Virginia and then go to Colorado.  It's a little unclear.  Be open and aware that travel is within and around you.  There are potentials around you.  I see you as much more so in a space of awareness; it's difficult to explain but you understand what I mean do you not?

I'm supposed to have a trip to Virginia and then move to Colorado. 

Ahh, excellent.  So enjoy each one.  They feel as if they are related to one another but they are different.  So enjoy each one to the fullest as you are experiencing it.  Enjoy each day to the fullest.  Those worries that hover in the background-let them be there if you choose to keep them there, but also be aware they can just float away.  We see that there are different opportunities that have to do with teaching and healing.   You've been setting the foundation already so it feels as if it will be profitable much more quickly. We know you've been doing stuff off and on creating business.  But the way you are expanding and moving will bring about an even greater financial reward is our sense.

Thank you so much, thank you.

You are welcome.  Keep going full steam ahead with joy as your beacon to the world.

Question: (paraphrased) I'm interested in finding out if my energy connection with ‘Derivia' (not sure of the name being spoken but referring to a planet in the universe)  

Answer:  Alright, give me a minute to see what I get.  As we're looking at you and this energy coming in, we see it around you but as if it is not fully connected.  The reason for this is that it feels as if a part of you as the human is vibrating at the level of the earth plane and this is keeping you from being fully in alignment with this energy you are seeking to create this transition with.  What we would recommend that you do, just as with the other individual, take time to really breathe into your heart center, breathe into yourself and anchor yourself.  Then as you open and link with this alignment, bring it down through you in such a way that you are more fully integrating that energy within you.  You will find it will shift your vibration in such a way that makes you feel light headed and dizzy until it's fully integrated.  Over a period of time you will feel it is much more natural to you.  We see it around you, but it is not fully balanced as yet.  It is something you are working with as you consciously choose to create this deeper connection or alignment, it will happen much more readily.  Then that flow of information and awareness will come with greater ease.  Our sense is that you've been asking for connection and information but it is not coming through, is that correct?

Yes that is correct.

Okay, so you will find that when you consciously align your own vibration with this vibration coming in and create the balance and alignment within, you will feel more so the energies.  That's how I sense the information will come to you, through your feelings.  A feeling about this, a feeling about that, you may feel warm, you may feel lightheaded; different things like that will allow you to know they are there and you are in sync.  You may not necessarily get a specific message.  The more that this is affirmed for you, the more you will be able to receive a specific message. 

Okay, thank you so much.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess? This is Patty in Seattle.  I spoke with you earlier about how I fell and hurt myself on the job earlier this year.  They stopped my treatment before my knees were aligned.  I've appealed their decision and I've spoken with the manager and he said it's 99% that they've approved my appeal.  I don't need to be crippled for rest of my life because of someone else's mistake.  I'm wondering if you see my appeal going through and getting the healing I need. 

Answer:  This is an answer that has several levels to it.  The first answer is do we see the appeal going through? Yes we do because we see you getting more treatments about this.  Looking at your knees, looking at the healing taking place there are some energetic healings that also need to take place.  When you said in your statement that ‘you don't need to be crippled for your life because of someone else's mistake'; that may have been the nuts and bolts about what caused the accident.  But no matter what happens in your life whether it begins with someone else it's all about what's manifesting with you and what's going to occur within you.  So if you release the sense of being the victim, if you release blame on the other individual, if you let go that the company cut off your benefits-all that took place over the last year-- it will allow you move through the healing process with greater ease.  When you have those kinds of energies as a part of your consciousness and again only you can choose if it is real or something to release; but there are times in which it becomes a hindrance instead of something that is pushing you along to get what you need in the long run.  There was a time you needed those feelings to be able to push you along but now our sense is that it's time to let that go so that you may take this final step towards healing.  You will find that you will heal in many different levels and ways.  Your knees represent walking, a part of what you stand on, and mobility.  This greater mobility in your life comes within you and your choices, your perceptions, how you view life, how you view the actions of people around you and your own reaction to them.  Does that make sense to you?

I totally get it.  In fact I almost thought the reason they cut me off was because I wasn't meant to be a victim anymore, that I was really seeing myself as a victim.  So I almost gave it up for that reason. (Exactly!) But I still need the healing, but I need to do it from another level. 

Right and we do see that you will get some treatments and healing in a traditional manner and that too will help.  But there are times when people will go and have a treatment done with a doctor.  But if there is a lot of an underlying energy or a non physical vibration that is having an impact upon it, no matter how many steps you take towards that healing it will not be fully complete until you let go of those other energies and that's what you're in the process of finalizing in this final stage of your healing.

Right, so there could be a reason why it was energetically stopped and now it's starting up again.  Exactly!  That makes a lot of sense actually.  Thank you. 

Great! You're welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) I'd like to thank you so much for the journey, it was magnificent!  What can we do to stay in the higher vibration when there are experiences that bring us down?  Or how do we stay in the energy of heart centeredness when we are in an experience and it feels uncomfortable.

Answer:  Alright, some of the things you can do-the first one is practice the breathing into your heart center, practice that expansion.  This is something you are really excellent at.  You do it all the time; you do it as you are going to sleep, you do it in meditation, you do it with yoga, all these various times during the day.  When you are comfortable, when you're at ease; it's very easy to do this.  When you're in a situation where there's conflict, anxiety, anger, any of these emotions that push you out of your own balance and out of your norm, this is when you may get caught up in what other people are saying and other situations around you.  So when you find yourself in that situation, as humans it's very common to get caught up in it and become a part of the drama.  Then it's only afterwards you wish you'd done something differently.  You can still go backwards and breathe the energy of balance and of light into that situation even though it's done.  When you find yourself getting into an argument, having words, saying things you wished you'd not said, you wished you'd stayed detached from - in that case the words cannot be unsaid-so take it as an opportunity to breathe in the balance, breathe in the compassion because then if you are feeling anxiety within yourself or bad about yourself; this judgment will keep you from being in your space of balance.  These are but a few of the examples I would like to share with you. 

When it's something that has to do with say politics or the world government or happenings in the world, more than just you and your niche in the world; that's where you may also feel the anger or anxiety of the people around you, then choose to disconnect.  You may still be physically present with people and these are the conversations going on around you, but you can consciously let yourself disconnect.  Breathe in the energy, the compassion and the awareness and then return to the moment.  So many of you might feel what do I have in common with people any more?  Why do I even go to these things?  Sometimes it may be required; sometimes you just want to go.  So let yourself be aware that in certain situations you are just going to be uncomfortable.  The greater amount of balance, breathing, connectedness within yourself; the greater ease you will feel in any situation.   This discomfort comes from being out of alignment with your divinity.  So anything you can do to be back in alignment with your divinity will assist you in moving back into ease.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes, the key is being aware of it and excusing myself, then going and breathing and reconnecting within. 

Exactly.  You as we've discussed in the past are very sensitive indeed to these energies.  You've gotten to be very good about not taking on other people's energies and essence.  Probably 90 to 95% of the time you've gotten very good at not getting caught up in that.  But you're human, so it's going to happen.  When it does, be compassionate with yourself, just let yourself recognize here I am again... then choose to come back into balance.  Then let it go.  Sometimes you cannot let it go, but do your best so that it no longer keeps pushing you out of balance. 

Okay, sometimes I can walk into a room and feel all the judgment and I don't know how to explain it, it's uncomfortable and I find myself backing into a corner.  I kind of hide!  I want to be able to emanate love and peace and not feel uncomfortable. 

What we see you doing and we give you this image so that perhaps it will help you.  We see you walking through a room full of people where there is judgement or all these emotions you are talking about.  We see you as if you are a brilliant golden light or a brilliant white light-we just see golden around you all the time. So we see this light just emanating from you. Therefore the words that are spoken don't go into you nor do you feel battered by them.  You are in the space and the presence of your own divinity.   Therefore nothing can touch you!

Alright, thank you very much. 

You are welcome. 

Alright my beloved family, one last time I invite each of you to once more breathe down that energy of your own divinity, breathe down that essence of who you are, the balance, the nurturing, everything that took place for you upon this journey tonight.

You are a part of a family; you are loved and nurtured first and foremost from your own divinity.  Allow this in; allow it to support you throughout your days.

I am ever with you and within.



Terry 18th December 2008 11:44 am good. Thank you.

Shelly 21st December 2008 8:52 am

You are welcome! It is such a good feeling, is it not?? Thanks for taking the time to write!


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