You are Multidimensional - Celebrate Your Life!

Nama sika; venia benya                   I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family!  Welcome to this time together; welcome to this time of celebration.

This is the anniversary of when Shelly and I began speaking to the world at large.  It has been five years on earth time, somewhat a blink of the eye in my time, but the transformations that have taken place during this time are truly phenomenal.

Each of you are moving within your own life, some with lightening speed, others in a way that may feel as if you are hardly moving at all but indeed there is movement in every single one of you.  This time upon the earth continues to be a time of unbelievable transformation.  You are each upon your own journey.  There are those aspects which may be unique to you but there is an overriding energy, a light, a vibration, you might even call it an intention that links all of you together.

You are here because you choose to create changes within your life.  You are here because you are seeking answers.  Allow this moment to be for you.  Allow yourself to be fully present in this moment as we begin this journey of light.  I invite you to take a deep breath, breathe consciously through your lungs and into your heart.  As you breathe in to your heart, feel it expand, perceive it as if it's a swirling energy that gets larger and larger.  Each of you are moving even deeper and deeper into this life which is lived through your heart.  It may not always feel that way to you but the majority of what you do and of the unconscious energies that guide you come from this space of your heart center.

The energies of the new earth, the energies of the higher dimensions upon this earth, are focused through your heart center. That is one of the reasons why I choose to assist you in strengthening your own connection so that you in turn may be able to have greater and greater abilities on your own.

I invite you to release your physical body.  As you do so allow your consciousness to shift so that you move into the space of the magnetic grid.  As you arrive within this space feel what it is to link with your higher self.  This is an aspect that is very linked with you, the human you, this person living your life.  Your higher self is also directly linked and able to encompass even more of your divinity than you the human are able to do.  So therefore come here whenever you seek to have that deeper connection within yourself.

You may send impulses of light out to the other people who are also upon this journey.  You may look at this space which you have created for yourself and receive greater perceptions.  This is your space but it is also linked with the collective consciousness of the earth.  There are many different dimensions or levels or shifts in conscious awareness that make up this magnetic grid.  It is a tool for you to utilize in whatever way assists you. 

Leave behind the energies of the magnetic grid and allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid into the crystal.  The crystalline grid work is a space that has been constructed you might say or has been created over a period of time.  The energy that was intended for this was created in what one might call in human years - perhaps several thousand years ago - as various potentials were put forth for the earth.  The crystalline grid was activated at several points from the time at which it was first created. 

The changes that you see as you look at it now are actually being created as a result of everything that is happening upon the earth but also everything that is happening in the universe, or one might say from within your unconscious awareness.  As you look around, perceive what is here.  There are a multitude of crystals, there are even more that vibrate at a level that you are unable to perceive their energies.  It vibrates at a space with which you are not yet in alignment. 

I invite you to open and allow me to boost your energy in such a way that you may perceive these crystals.  To do so take a breath in, and as your physical body is taking a breath in, send a conscious awareness into this aspect of your consciousness and let it align at an even finer vibration.  As you do this I see that many of you perceive a brilliant light that becomes illuminated.  Some aspects are filled with colors; others are simply a brilliant clear quartz type energy or vibration.

This too is a space for you.  You may come here whenever you choose; it is yours to play with, to shift vibration, to create alignments, whatever you would like to do.  It is created by all of you, it is for everyone upon the earth and out within the universe.  From here call forth a column of light.  Through this column you shift your consciousness into the space of the soul plane.  As you do so, you expand in many different directions.

Release any constraints of the earth, allow yourself to open and perceive your own divinity as it comes to you within this space.  You may perceive your soul essence as if it is outside of you walking towards you, or you may perceive it as moving up from within your consciousness and allowing you to manifest your own divine essence.  Feel what it is to blend with your soul, feel the sense of homecoming, the sense of love, of being enfolded, of awareness.

I the Goddess move into this space. I reach out to each one of you; I embrace who you are as this human living your life upon the earth.  I embrace who you are within your divinity.  Feel what this is to you.  As we embrace it will shift you into the space of the All That Is.  As we move into this place of creation you find that you expand even further than what you had done in the soul plane. 

I invite you each to let your conscious awareness move into the center of your divinity.  And then let it expand outward from there.  As you do this, you are able to more fully perceive exactly who you are.  There may be times you the human have felt as if you were not good enough, you didn't have the skills, perhaps you weren't as evolved; you perceived yourself with a sense of judgment.  Open even further and allow your own divinity to wash over you, let it wash away limitation, let it wash away judgment; let it wash away anything or anytime in which you think less of yourself.  You are now able to perceive even more fully who you are within your divinity.

There has been so much talk upon the earth of the various shifts in consciousness, of the shifts in the physicality, of the shifts in the earth itself that are taking place.  The quantum leap that occurred last year was something that occurred from within the very core essence of the earth itself and it moved outward affecting everything that was physical upon the earth.  If affected animals, the waterways, the growth, the weather patterns.  It affected people in their bodies, in their life experiences and their emotions which in turn affected the collective consciousness and through this shifting of the collective consciousness of the earth; amazing transformations have been taking place.  You may not as yet be fully aware of some of the things that have occurred because they have not yet fully manifested upon the earth.  This shift in consciousness, this expansion that took place has created a mold, or has created a template you might say, in which those humans that are not as yet aware can move into an expansion in their own consciousness without even being aware that it is happening.  In part that is due to all of you and what you have done for yourself.

What I would like to do with you right now is to take you along the next step.  If the average individual is beginning to be able to perceive the fourth dimension, then each of you who has already been comfortable with the fourth dimension, are now moving into the fifth or even the sixth dimension.  When I speak of dimensions, I'm only giving it the name with which you are already familiar.  If one were to actually define a dimension, it is a conscious thought, it is a physical space, it is a non-physical space.  It has a depth to it; some have an energy or an aspect that stretches out into infinity.  There is a bleeding through of various aspects of what make up one dimension or differentiates one dimension from another. 

We need not go into all the technical definitions and descriptions that may make up a dimension.  I will speak of it because you as the humans walking, living, experiencing your life upon the earth, will continue to seek change, will continue to seek ways in which you may expand; therefore I will introduce you.  And I think many of you are going to be surprised at how much time you are already spending in the fifth dimension. 

Within this space of the All That Is, I'm going to create an energy field that will simulate the earth.  We've spoken over and over of how the fourth dimension is so associated with the heart center.  If one continues the alignment of the chakras, then the fifth dimension is associated with your throat center, the sixth your third eye, the seventh is of course your head center.

At this time there are seven dimensions which make up the earth plane, the earth's atmosphere; howsoever you want to perceive it. There are some ways in which higher vibrations bleed through; they may come down and spend some time in the earth's vibration, but then they shift back up into something that is more comfortable for them.  In the past when people have spoken of seeing the angels, they often times have seen them through their third eye.  The angels themselves that choose to be on or around the earth inhabit the sixth dimension.  The seventh dimension is just a very fine, pure essence of love.  It's a place where many of you go even during your waking hours as you teach.  If you have times or experiences in which it feels as if you blank out for a moment, you might be shifting into one of these other spaces.  The seventh dimension is the portal through all the others, you therefore move through it whenever you shift your consciousness in such a way that you more completely leave the earth plane; especially in a journey such as this. 

As I've spoken of this, many of you are becoming aware that you are already spending time in that sixth dimension.  So let's move into the fifth dimension.  Feel as if you are stepping into a space, as you move into this space close your eyes and breathe.  As you breathe in the energies you find that it is raising your vibration because you are here consciously.  This is a vibration that has an alignment to light that is very unique when compared to some of the other dimensions or aspects of energy. 

Allow yourself to invite light to come into you and around you.  The essence of this light can be filled with color; it can be a pure white light.  One of the reasons that it may seem brighter to you is because of that difference or that shift in vibration.  This vibration is even more so aligned with the crystals, or a crystalline vibration, therefore breathe into that crystalline energy that has incorporated within you.  By doing this, you may allow yourself to open up, sending out an energy or expanding an energy that is in alignment with this dimension and with your own crystal. 

Listen from within, there is a rhythm, you may sense it as a pulsation; it may seem as if it's a heartbeat.  It is a tone that like a tuning fork assists you in aligning within this space.  I perceive that many of you are feeling as if you need to clear your throat; as if there is something within your throat.  Breathe within your throat center and let that swirling energy move through it and clear it out. As this happens, let yourself feel the vibration and the flow of energy that moves through you at a deeper and deeper level.  Once more come back to that tone or that pitch and let it wash over you, with your vocal cords within your throat. It is another way of assisting to open your throat center even further.  Feel what that is to you.  If there are questions you have about this space, send it out and then pause a moment and receive an answer.

This is a space that you are creating for yourself right now; you are opening up energies within your body and within your energy fields. I invite you to take a moment and now consider your life.  Perhaps there is something within your life that you've been contemplating, perhaps you are seeking to make a change, perhaps there's something that's been bothering you.  Whatsoever it may be, take this moment and just look at your life from the fifth dimension.  As you are looking around have a sense of looking at the bigger picture because when you are within this space there is more information available to you. 

I invite you to also have a sense of taking a situation, perhaps a person, perhaps what you are seeking to manifest, and draw it to you within this space that you have created here in your fifth dimension.  In all cases I can see a flow of energy that moves with greater ease, therefore as you are seeking to manifest within your life, see how quickly you may draw it to you when you are in this space.  I am also perceiving how many of you are looking at a situation and realizing it's not as bad as what you've thought it was.

I also have a sense of you perceiving that you could be doing things more easily than the ways in which you have been doing.  I want for each one of you to have everything that you want in your life.  I would love for you to manifest it with ease, through a space of joy with immediate results.  Especially when you are in this space of the fifth dimension, you may see that it is already there, it is already with you.  You have created the space; you have done whatever it is you need to do to bring this into your life.  Take a deep breath in and feel what it is to already have accomplished what you seek to accomplish. 

Now I invite each one of you to assist me in shifting this reality down from the space of the All That Is into the physical reality of your life.  There is a stream of energy that connects your consciousness with your physical body.  Follow that back into your physical body and as you arrive have a sense of looking out and around you at everything that was there with you in the All That Is.  See your home the way you normally see it, and then take a breath in, and as you breathe in, expand into the fifth dimension and see your home from the fifth dimension.  You may do this with your work, with your town, with the world.  This is for you; enjoy it.  The more that you play with it, utilize it, have fun with it, the more accessible it is to all of you but also to everyone else upon the earth.  This is what you did as everyone was moving into the fourth dimension, now too you do it into the fifth.

Release that space and allow your consciousness to once more come back up to the space of the All That Is.  As you arrive within this space, you once more come to a party.  I know we've said it before, but all of us on this side of the veil have always enjoyed a good party! We think life is a celebration.  We look at every one of you and see that unique and beautiful soul essence which is you and we celebrate.  We look at all that has occurred, the perseverance, the hardships that each of you has moved through and we celebrate. 

For those of you that feel as if you are still in the midst of hardship, of pain, of struggle, take this moment and come and join us, celebrate, because you too are going to move through it.  The only question is how long you might stay there.  So my words to you are move on by, keep going, wipe the sweat from your forehead and be glad to put it behind you.  In this moment let yourself feel what it is to be past hardship, struggle, whatever it may be.  In this moment celebrate that you are who you are.  That you have chosen and created a life filled with such diversity.  It is truly beautiful.  So celebrate, make a toast, dance, sing, laugh.  This is celebrating on so many levels.

I the Goddess could not be speaking to you in this way up until about eight years ago.  With the changing of the millennium, it was the opening of the door that allowed for so many changes to occur.  Well I shall take that back, there have been many, many doors and many of which were cracked open or thrown open but indeed I know that you are all very well aware of the immense changes taking place upon the earth.  The fact that I come even more and more fully into your space is directly related to all of you.  So I celebrate you.

As you look around, take note of the angels, the teachers, the guides who are all here.  There are some of you who feel shy.  Let yourself open to feel the love that is here for you.  There are others that just make me smile as I watch.  There is one of those dancing lines that is moving through everybody and more and more join the dance. I would invite each one of you to come back and breathe in celebration and dance, if only for one minute of your day.  When you are in a space that's filled with laughter, with joy, with celebration, changes occur more easily.  When you let go of resistance you see your potentials and you move into them.  So celebrate.

We could stay here for a very long period of time.  Some of your angels and teachers would like to take the podium and make speeches.  I'm going to choose to let them make their speech to you directly.  Perhaps in another one of our gatherings we will invite some of them in to speak with you.

You may leave an aspect of your essence here; I know that many of you will.  But I also invite those who are ready to do so to bring their consciousness back within our group.  As we are forming this group essence everyone who is present pauses in the celebration to come and be a part of this circle.  The circle gets bigger and bigger and there's a brilliant light which comes up within the center of the circle and that is the hologram of earth.

This hologram that has changed so much over the last several years is showing a dramatic change yet again tonight.  As you look at the hologram you may perceive that there is a geometric energy surrounding it.  It's as if there are multiple levels that you are able to pick up on.  Ask to perceive the fifth dimension.  As you can see it moves inwards, outwards, surrounds.  Allow yourself to consciously link with the fifth dimension as you set forth your own connection, your own awareness.  This in turn will become incorporated and available to you as you move through your days.

Gaia sends forth her energy from within the crystal in the hologram.  See that sparkling essence as it moves throughout all the dimensions, as it moves beyond that into each one of you.  And with that we release this hologram.  It shifts so that it moves back down.  As it moves through the crystalline and the magnetic grid works there are aspects from the hologram that remain as if activating and assisting in this expansion that's taking place.  The remainder of the hologram continues down, it moves through the surface of the earth, it goes all the way down, into that crystal that is within the core essence of the earth. 

And from there it moves outward, moving through the core aspect of the earth itself; up through the grass, the water, the trees, the rocks.  Up through the people, the energies, and it moves through all the various dimensions, aligning from the very first dimension within to the very lightest, finest dimension which for now is the seventh.  And all of those are creating a sense of balance, a sense of continuity. 

Perceive where you are within this space.  Feel how you are linked to way more than just this essence who is sitting in a room or lying down.  You are so much more than you perceive.  Allow your focus to return to the party.  It will remain in full swing for an indefinite period of time.  Therefore anytime anyone reads this or listens to it, they're too arriving at the party because time is non-linear, most especially within this space.

For the rest of you I invite you to begin that shift that will allow you to return to yourself.  You may move into the soul plane where some of this aspect of your divinity will remain.  The remainder moves downward aligning with the crystalline grid.  Take a moment and look around and that essence or that aspect that you had first noticed that seemed so brilliant.  Look how you much more so align with it at this time.  Shift your consciousness so that you move into the magnetic grid and as you are moving into the magnetic, allow your perception of your higher self to expand.  Feel what this is to you.  Look around you and know that you are bringing with you more and more of your divine essence. 

From within here you shift again, this time returning fully into your space of the human.  Take a deep breath in as you anchor your own energies.  As you do so, expand your energy fields, breathe deeply into your heart center and as you become acclimated to this returning of your energy, let yourself once more expand into the fifth dimension.  Feel how easy it is for you to move back and forth.  And I also invite you to bring the energies of that celebration right now into you, into the space in which you physically are in this moment. Send out the energy of celebrating.  Let it move out, in and around the stuff that you have been carrying.  Let it wash away anything that is ready to be washed away.  Celebrate who you are.

With that we will begin to come back within the conference room.  There is one question that Shelly would like to answer before we begin to take them.  Someone has written in to ask a question about autism.

Question: Why are so many new humans developing autism at this time?  Is there a purpose? Is there something we can do to assist them?  And then in addition to that, is there a correlation between autism and Alzheimer's?

Goddess: Autism is very much on people's mind at this time upon the earth.  It is a term that has been given to many children.  It is a definition that people give to a child as a means of trying to understand their behavior or how they think or how they are within their life.  Autism as you know it right now is but a fraction of what it truly is going to indicate in the future.  Many of the individuals that are being termed autistic are not necessarily autistic.  Autism in and of itself is a disconnection within.  Or you could say it's that these people have a different way of being able to communicate from others around them.  So when we say disconnect, it's not that they have fully disconnected with the other individuals; it's just that they are vibrating and living and experiencing life on a different level or a different plane. 

Many have said that those who are autistic have their feet in two different dimensions or in multiple dimensions; yes, that is true.  Many have said that those children who are autistic have a short in their wiring as if there are aspects that are not working in this individual and this I would like to disagree with.  What's happening is, you are getting children especially who are of very high vibrations that are incorporating more of the crystalline vibration and less of the dense energies that have been upon the earth for the last several thousand years. 

Therefore the electrical impulses that move through a crystal as opposed to the electrical impulses that move through a regular individual we shall just say or someone with regular wiring, there's going to be much less resistance, therefore their whole metabolism, everything about them is functioning on a completely different basis.

This journey tonight was to assist each one of you in recognizing just how much you are moving between dimensions.  These children that come in with these special gifts are used to moving (between dimensions) and they do it unconsciously.  To them, their sense of awareness, their sense of reality is very different from your own.  They may live in other realities while their physical body is here upon the earth.  Provide them with the structure that they may need to be able to function in society but also recognize that these are highly evolved individuals and respect that about them. 

There may be crystals, there may be colors, there may be vibrations, things that emanate a vibration that assist the children in feeling more comfortable in their skin, in their reality.  If you are one of the individuals that would like to work with them or you find yourself perhaps having a child with these symptoms, go and open your senses and communicate from that of an expanded consciousness from the fifth, sixth or even seventh dimension.  Communicate from your heart, communicate without words, communicate through feelings and energies and you will find there's a great deal of information they are sharing with you.  These children are extremely sensitive so be aware of that and what is in their environment.

When it comes to Alzheimer's, there are some parallel pathways that one could point out.  Alzheimer's is a means of an individual beginning to cross over, beginning that journey back to this side of the veil but they have not yet fully chosen to return so they move at their own pace, experiencing whatever it is that they seek to experience.  And that is one reason why Alzheimer's seems to affect people for years at a time.  So while there are some similarities, that's as far as that goes.  Alzheimer's is a time to love and nurture an individual and again accept that this is their choice and this is their path. 

Towards the end they are spending more and more of their reality in this other dimension.  For some it's a means of allowing them to feel comfortable with where they are going before they transition.  What you can do with them is also communicate from the heart, communicate without words. Assist them in being comfortable in other vibrations and assist them in being comfortable with the light and they will transition when the time is right for them. 

I knew that this was something that was affecting many, many people and that is why I chose to give it a little bit more time and connection, and I thank you all for your patience.  I am open to receive questions that you may have.  If you press the *7 upon your telephone you may come back within the conference room and I will be glad to answer your questions. 

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess I have a question.  I just did a mediation that involves bullying and racism.  The kid that got beat up was calling others names that were racist type names; they couldn't take it any more and beat him up.  I want to know where we are with that as a human race.  What can be done from a higher perspective from me as a mediator but what's a better way of looking at this, the bullying training we have available for kids and the training today.

Answer:  Thank you very much for this question.  Wars begin with name calling and bullying.  Disputes in offices, disputes in families; this does affect people in many many different ways.  When episodes come up, when there are experiences such as what you spoke of it is because there is an individual who feels weak, un-empowered, as if they are not being heard or as if they are not recognized as an individual of value to those around them.  That is when they lash out with the name calling; then those who lash back with the bullying do so because they too felt as if they are not being valued or recognized as someone who has something to offer to society.  So both areas, the underlying energy is the sense of being undervalued or devalued.  So any way that you can work with individuals to help them find the identity within themselves that will help them recognize that they are of value, no matter who they are, no matter what they are doing, no matter what choices they make in their lives; they still have value.  Just as we were in the expanded awareness of the All That Is, I could look around and see everyone and especially as we'd see people arrive they were a little uncomfortable but by the end of it, they are fully comfortable, blossomed and growing by leaps and bounds; yet this was their first experience in this type of journey. So too with every human upon the earth, if they have an opportunity to be with someone or work with someone who sees value in them as an individual and can show them that there is a purpose for them in life, there is a reason for their life; just shine the light and allow them to move from within it.  It will then create dramatic changes with the individuals with whom you are working. 

That is another reason why as each of you are working within yourself and the light is moving around the world then it is providing a light, an essence, a vibration that is allowing everyone on earth to begin to wake up and have that sense that there is something about themselves or there is something about the other individual that they may be different, but they too have value.  Does that make sense to you?

(It does, thank you very much.)

You are welcome. We have a sense that what you are starting with these two groups of people is going to expand into the school and the community.  It's going to have more far reaching affects than you realize.  The one thing I want to say to you too is the valuing of yourself.  You are allowing yourself to feel a little intimidated because you are letting fear and these energies they are evoking to come in and affect you.  So I remind you once more before you go into this space to BE in your divinity, to BE in your space of ‘being'.  Let that just shine!  You tend to dim down your energies because you don't want to be overwhelming but this is time to be as big and as bright as you can be because that will allow for even greater potentials to be there.  This will assist you in moving past that feeling of discomfort. 

(Okay..... thank you very much.)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, I'm very grateful for the journey!  When will I meet my life partner who will make me feel complete and vice versa.  Or am I supposed to be alone the rest of my life. 

Answer:  I don't have a sense of you being alone the rest of your life.  I sense that there are actually two maybe three individuals around you who can be life partners to you.  What I see in you and what occurs to me when people speak in such a way is that I would much rather see you be full and complete within yourself.  Then what you will manifest is an individual who will also be full and complete within themselves.  Then what you will have in a relationship is not someone to come from outside of you to come in and fix you and make whole but someone outside of you who can reflect back to you and amplify your own fullness and completeness within yourself.  That is the sense that comes to me first of all when you ask this question.  So the sense I have is that you have done a great deal of work within yourself.  You have really been working towards understanding and knowing who you are in this life and what brings you joy; it's as if you have done the majority of the work. 

So if you let your focus be more so on bringing that full circle back within yourself, say one way to visual this is to send the energy out from your heart center, let move around you and then come back into you from the back of your heart center, this will complete the circle; it will be a full circle from within and around you.  Then as you look outward from that space what you will begin to see is that everything around you will look different.  There will be people around you who have been there all along, but you didn't notice before.  There will be situations that will come to your awareness, for example you will be out at a party or a dinner gathering or something you might not have paid attention to before, but now you are noticing it.  That is the way that you manifest from the space of being whole.  Certainly there are people around you who you can join with right now but you have this sense of what you truly want in your life but I don't think you will have the feeling that this is my partner who I really want to be with until you can find that completeness within yourself otherwise everyone else feels incomplete.  That too is a reflection of that incompleteness that is within you.  Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, thank you very much.) 

He's there just be patient and look at celebrating the joy of spring.  Celebrate the completion that you are complete in this moment.  Because you are complete beloved. 

(Thank you) You're welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) I am going through a very difficult dark night of the soul right now.  Is there anything that you would like to tell me about this? 

Answer:  I'm getting a certain aspect of your energy, but I would invite you to take a moment and open your heart, let me come in...... there we go, alright beloved.  Let me just enfold you in my arms for this moment.  Let me fill up these aspects of you that feel so empty.  Let me fill up these corners of your life where it feels endless.  Let me shine this light for you.  I invite you to just breathe it in, take it in because I'm here for you. ~~There we go~~ Now as you allow yourself to do so, take in my love, take I my light, take in my essence.  Now as you look around at your life; the issues are still there, the pain that you've been feeling. But look at it now and let me amplify that there is possibility within you.  There is potential within you.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you've just brought it in to you right now.  I invite you to let this light illuminate all of you.  See yourself as standing within it.  It can wash away your tears; it can wash away the pain, the suffering, all the energy that has been holding you down.  Then, just as we spoke in the celebration within the journey, take my hand.  Do whatever you need to do, but take a few steps and get past where you are.  This does feel to you as if it's been a dark night of the soul, but the day is here.  The light is here.  It is not only within me, it is within you.  Allow it to flicker, allow it to come to light.  It never really was extinguished even though you felt as if it was.  Let it grow within you.  Let it illuminate you; let it illuminate your life.  Can you feel this now as it is coming within you? 


Alright, I invite you to take a few more steps.  Shift a little further.  Ahhh you see you can take in a little more.  So even if it feels as if or it seems as if you are not going anywhere within your life, there's no movement; you can make movement in many different ways.  This breathing in the light and taking a conscious step is movement.  Hm, I'm getting a picture of you where you've decided to put on some running shoes and you're getting ready to run!  That's awesome!  Whatever it is you feel drawn to do.  Even if it's run around the block and here you are back again with the same situation; your perception is different, your energy is different, your vibration is different.  Therefore, you are getting a new and different potential manifesting right in front of your eyes.  Can you feel that change? 


We have a sense there have actually been some of these potentials and changes around you for awhile.  Whether or not you are conscious of it, it feels like it's been dragging and dragging; so with the journey tonight and with what you done in just this minute with me; allowing in the light, allowing in the vibration, just taking these first steps.  You have made the quantum leap.  You have taken the leap of faith.  You have taken the first step.  It will become easier and easier from here. 

(Thank you.)  You are welcome beloved and you are not alone. 

Question: (paraphrased) Last year I paid a man $600 to work on my lawn but he never did it.  He would never return my calls; he would not answer my letter.  I am feeling I might not get my money back and I'm wondering if I should pursue this through legal means or let it go.

Answer:  Several things are coming to our attention as we look at this situation.  One of the things is that you certainly can just let it go and then move on with your life having learned a very expensive lesson.  You will then have a whole new way of working with people in the future when you contract out for services.  That's one potential.  You also have the potential of moving through the legal system and we sense you would get your money back but you would spend additional money with a lawyer and what steps you might take to bring this about.  We also know there are some steps you can take which are less expensive if you want to go that route.  Then there is also the essence you have not worked with since you have been in the mental body about this.  That would be to shift yourself into the energy of your higher self and create a conversation with this individual from that space detachment.  You go into the magnetic grid, link with your higher consciousness; from there you call this individual to come to you.  

You can then say to him, ‘what's up here? Why hasn't this worked? What's going on?'  Our sense if you want our truthfulness in this moment is that this is not going to go anywhere and you will not get your money back.  But when you work with an individual where you are consciously linking with their higher self, explaining the situation, that you just want the work done, it will only take ‘x' amount of time.  Whatever it is you are seeking to have-it will then trickle down into his physical reality.  Sometimes it may come as a means of annoyance.  Sometimes it will be like a tap on the shoulder.  Sometimes it may be a way in which he is open, receives it, and then the situation turns around.   So what we are saying with this; we have walked through various possibilities with you, there may be others we have not mentioned.  With these possibilities there are more than one potential in how to does with this.  So when all is said and done, what do you want from this? 

(I just want to feel good about the situation.  If he shows up to do the work this year instead of giving me my money back, that's fine.  I just don't want to feel futile.) 

Exactly!  So you paid for a service, the service didn't happen, so it makes you feel angry and un-empowered; a little like the children who are un-empowered.  What I see you doing is to go within your own self.  I see you with a scenario where you go within your own self in a space of meditation and look at this; I see you with a pros and cons list.  From there if you can let it all go, it's done, it's over with, I no longer want this energy around me, I'm choosing to let this go completely.  In that moment in that space you can release the energy of it and from there you can make choices moving forward from there it will be as if it's no longer hanging over you.  If it still comes to mind because your mental does love to  come up, tap on your head and remind you and says don't forget; you can work with yourself to say to say I've resolved this, I've let it go.  With this individual we have a sense there's a part of him that is open and would like to respond back then there's a bigger part of him that's caught up in his reality. We're actually getting a sense he doesn't know how to do the work, but took the money saying he could do the work..... I'm not sure, but that's the energy we're picking up on.  It's about you working with yourself, finding that space within where you can find the peace; then from that space of peace, you can make the choice of whether to pursue it or not. 

(Okay, I understand exactly what you are saying.) 

Question: (paraphrased)  I have a Bengal cat, who is still a kitten, but she's quite big.  She scratches me a lot and won't let me cut her nails.  I'm wondering if there's a way I can communicate with her that will allow me to cut her nails.

Answer: We have a sense the cat is very intelligent and the two of you are working with each other on a much higher level of awareness.  So if you let your consciousness expand and put out an intention; not with words but seeing the action being done.  See yourself holding the cat and the nails are trimmed.  See the action as being done.  Communicate with images that the cat can understand.  The cat may not understand the words; they react to the tone and the images.  With this cat we do see intelligence.  So it's by setting the images of the cat sitting still, being patient, having her nails trimmed.  This is what part of the reality is if she wants to be on earth.  In this way w are linking with the cat and communicating to her.  As we do so we see her energetically rolling her eyes and saying ‘oh well, whatever' it's almost like you have a teenager cat on your hands!!  The energies of a teenager are embodied in this cat.  Instead of using words, if you communicate from a space of energy and setting intention and showing images to the cat we have a sense it may be another way to communicate and it may help with what you want to do. 

(Thank you.) 

You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased): I am about to start building a home and there is a guy who is building in the area already.  He has lied to me before, but since he's already working and has his papers, I wonder if it's a good thing for me to work with him. 

Answer: My first answer to you is that if he's lied to you before, why would you want to work with him again? 

(There's a road I have to go on and he already has the permits and it would take me at least another year to get my own approval.) 

Okay, we think we are connecting with this individual you are speaking of.  Just in going forward from here, knowing there has been difficulty in the past when you worked with him; we would just recommend - you are the only one first of all who can make the decision about this -- you be very clear in your dealing with him and the boundaries you are setting.  We have a sense it will actually work out fine, but you need to be very clear in your boundaries and expectations when dealing with him.   We also would recommend you research, what are those things-certificate, warranty-that legal thing people need to have.  We would suggest you double check that and make sure everything is filed correctly with the county government.  We are wondering if there is something not fully completed with that.  So, that is our take on things.  As long as your eyes are open and you go into this with clear boundaries and you make sure what he is saying is legal and taken care of; then we sense it will work fine for you. 

(Alright, thank you!  I have this angelic healing coming up, should I do that?  It's some sort of an initiation.) 

We're not getting a clear sense of where this is coming from, angelic healing.  Whenever it comes to any sort of expansion or classes you take; if it makes you feel happy and good, then it's something we sense is right for you take. 

(It does make me feel good and I've been looking forward to it.  Then the teacher had an emergency and needed to cancel the class, so someone told me it was a sign from God that I should not take the class.) 

Oh no, hmm umm; let it go!  Things happen in real life and perhaps it wasn't the right timing for that individual and that class.  If you still like the individual and you were excited about the class, then go back into that space, it always happens at the right and perfect time! 

(Alright, thank you!)

Question (paraphrased): I want to thank you for the information on autism as it will help me a great deal with my 7 year old.  But my 18 year old daughter has been very depressed and confused lately.  She has admitted to me that she's confused about why a lot of her friends have quit hanging around her lately.  I have tried to get a feel for what's going on, but then lost the thread.  Do you have any input?  She's tried talking to them, but nothing has come out of it.

Answer:  You said your daughter's 18? 


Could you tell us her name please because we are having trouble connecting to her? 


Caitlin has a shell around her right now, we think because of this sadness or despondency that you were mentioning.  It's difficult for me to connect with her and receive information.  Okay, where to begin.  First and foremost we're sensing that someone started a rumor or said something out of jealousy of Caitlin and those rumors were spread to other individuals.  They were therefore ostracizing Caitlin because of what was said.  The sense we get is it had to do with choices she made and other people; that she was talking behind people's back.  We don't actually sense that this was true, but there is one girl in particular who is malicious.  She is a controlling and manipulative individual.  She's someone Caitlin has never been particularly close to but we sense she knows who it is.  It's very gray.  We sense these other girls don't necessarily believe them, but it's a tide that has rolled through and they feel they can't get out of it.  What we are going to do for the moment, we see Caitlin and the other girls standing in front of us, and we are going to blow through the energy of light, the energy of camaraderie and energy of clarity. Let it blow through and across all these kids clearing out all that energy, clearing out all that muck, clearing out all that nastiness. 

Now as we look back at Caitlin we see she is a very sensitive person and she was taking on, taking on, taking on all that they were projecting.  Plus her own feelings of isolation because of what were happening.  That's the sense in terms on nuts and bolts.  We also think and this is why it was confusing to see where to start. As the children are starting to look at graduation from high school; some are going to college, some are not; it is a great deal of change.  They are expected to be the adults now and some are expected to go out on there own.  That creates a great deal of pressure for the kids.  Sometimes when they are under pressure they revert to this way of lashing out at others that may come across as hurtful to others.  In particular we sense this fear within this girl who is the instigator of all this.  She sees Caitlin as someone who has security, who has prettiness; who has what she wants.  She may have things other people see, but to her it's all a façade, she feels empty inside.  So, everything said, this is what we think has been going on.  Is that what you perceived? 

(Yes, I got that something was said.  She didn't get accepted to the school she wanted.  I know something got said, but didn't figure out who. Everyone would say it's fine, but it wasn't.)  

Again we think it's just that stuff.  Re-assure Caitlin that she is moving through this.  We think there's one friend in particular has wanted to talk to her but didn't feel that Caitlin wanted to talk about this.  Caitlin had put up a bit of a wall around this.  We feel that has been shifting as a result of this.  We sense she, a friend, and a couple other girls will come back together. They will be able to talk to one another and move through this.  In addition we sense she will be out of the school shortly and on to her new path.  This is a time for her to recognize that she does indeed have a great deal of strength within her that she does have infinity potential ahead of her.  If she feels different or ostracized then this is her time to go within and nurture from within.  We sense that if you say that to her she will say ‘yeah mom, whatever' like the cat with the rolling eyes.  But indeed you can still work with her heart to heart; without words.  You can send the intention, the love, the acknowledgement of who she is and that she is valued.  That will make a difference. 

(Her boyfriend has been acting really weird too.  Was he involved?)  

Now with him we don't think he's involved with the roomers as much.  It's more so just a transition of the relationship; like they are going their separate ways. Not due to the roomers, just the normal transition of relationships. 

(Thank you.)

Alright, so with that we will bring this session to a close. We thank each one of you for participating; we thank you for this opportunity to be able to link with each one of you.  Remember the celebration that is always going on!  Remember to celebrate that you are alive and that you are in a space of creating your life, of making choices and of moving.  There is movement within and around you. Allow it in and allow yourself to feel complete and whole in this space in which you are. 

I am ever with you and within.




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