You ARE Your Divinity

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What is the number 1 reason for why we’re all on this ascension process? To integrate our source essence!  Sure, we want to feel good.  Sure we want to be in the flow where manifesting occurs with ease.  Sure we want to have relationships that area filled with openness and allowing.  The foundation for is all is living our lives through our divinity.

One the one hand, it seems so simple; but in truly doing so, it’s not so easy!  The Goddess in this teleconference assisted us in really ‘seeing’ who we are as our divinity.  She then took us step by step and we merged our divinity with our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  If our thoughts are only filled with love, we see love all around us.  If our emotions are based in love rather than fear, anger, distrust; then our divinity is flowing through us. 

We are as our foundation a Soul infused individual.  Allow that to be your truth, your reality.  


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out my energies from my heart to yours. I reach out to everyone who chooses to come and spend this time together. I invite you at this time as we are beginning our communication for the evening that you take this opportunity and allow your focus to move within.

As you breathe within yourself let go of whatever may be going on around you, let go of any tension or stress. Let go and simply allow yourself to be here in this now moment.

The earth is an amazing place. The earth is filled with diversity and change. The earth has a very intrinsic balance that starts within the center of the earth and Gaia as the soul essence of the earth flows with the energy so that there is an intrinsic balance at all times.

The earth is a place of opportunity for all soul energies. Indeed, allow yourself to recognize how much is available for you in this now moment upon the earth.

So many times people become pigeonholed or it is as if they have tunnel vision as they look at their life or consider what may be going on within their life. That’s very much a part of your mental body. That’s very much a part of being human. You forget sometimes that there is even more to who you are that what you see in this now moment.

Yes, I feel such joy and such love for each one of you, because this is the path that you have chosen for this lifetime and for the evolution of your soul.

Sometimes people have a belief that you are here upon the earth to learn a lesson, if you so choose, that is your reality. Sometimes people have a belief that you are here upon the earth, just marking your time to get through life and then you move on. That is perhaps your reality. Some people have a belief that everything is preordained and it’s going to happen no matter what. You therefore take a step back and just allow yourself to bounce from experience to experience.

There is never a right or wrong answer to a belief, a belief is just that, a belief.

I do invite you to take stock of your life in this moment before we shift our focus and ask yourself some of those questions about the foundation for your life.

Take in another breath. This time, breathing all the way down into the earth. Allow yourself to link with Gaia and the elementals so that it may anchor you and then let that energy come back up within you. From there, shift as if you let your consciousness stream out from within you the human. As you do so, allow it to shift upward so that you align with the energies of your higher self.

As you look around from within this space, become aware of what it is, perhaps clear out things that are no longer working for you and is time to let it go.

From here, as if you’re energies stream out even further, as if it’s a column of light, you just follow that cord of energy that takes you right back into your divinity.

As you arrive within the soul plane have that sense of your divine essence as if standing there in front of you.

As you reach out allow yourself to merge completely with the energy of your divinity. Your I AM Presence is immense. Chances are you won’t be able to take in all of who you are, but allow yourself to merge, feeling the energies for as much as you may take in.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out and embrace you, the person that you are in this lifetime and as your divinity.

As our energies merge you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Look around. Allow yourself the perception as if you look at this for the very first time. Let go past believes, let go anything you may remember from other times in which you’ve been within this space and as if you step in allow yourself to merge with these energies.

There are always going to be influxes of energy into the earth. There will be the solar flares, the eclipses, the full moon, the equinox, Mercury goes retrograde. I have heard many of you speaking about these experiences and the fact that they seem to intensify the energy of what’s going on with you in your life.

There are times when I hear you say, “Well, if I just get past this I’ll feel better”. I may also hear you say, “Well once Mercury goes straight I’ll be fine”.

It’s important for you to begin to let go a reason for why things are happening in your life. There are also those very earthbound energies, “Something happened at work, therefore I’m feeling frustrated and angry at home”. “Something is happening or not happening at home and therefore I’m depressed or upset at work”. During this time, people may also say, “Well, it’s the solar flares that are really making me feel bad”. “It’s that full moon with the eclipse that just felt like it slammed me upside the head”.

Anytime that you have an experience such as that, where it feels as if you are battered by the energy or you are battered by life itself, or you feel very overwhelmed it is the key moment for you to open up and receive more of your divinity. The more that you are in alignment with your divinity, the greater ease you will have within your life.

There is that core of light that comes from your divinity and it is a part of you, it never goes away. At the time that you transition back into soul that core will then return into soul, taking with it the consciousness of you in this lifetime.

So it’s not about you creating an alignment to divinity, it’s more so about you expanding and allowing that flow of your divinity into your everyday life. This is one of the reasons why I always choose to work in the All That Is and that I always choose for you to have the opportunity to align with your I AM Presence.

As I speak of this, I invite you to focus for a moment as if you are going within and then perhaps feeling as if you are once more meeting your divinity for the first time. Open up the door to your consciousness and as if you are looking around receive your perception of your divinity.

I may ask you this every day of the month and every day of the month it may be different. So look around, receive your perception, for how it is right now.

I so love watching each of you as you do these various experiences; for some, it’s as if there is a big ship over you like, what is that show from the 80s the one, Star Trek, Star Wars that came up and it got bigger and bigger and bigger. Others of you it’s as if you have this big cloud over your head and still others, it’s as if it’s a human shape, it just gets bigger, bigger, bigger. There is no right or wrong. You may have something even completely different than that and you may simply sense or feel it inside of you.

Your divinity is the God source essence that is in that direct alignment with you the person that you are. Your I AM Presence has had a multitude of life experiences and that’s what created the immensity of who you are.

There are places within your divinity that have already been living in the fifth and sixth dimension. There are places within your divinity that know or that know what it’s like to live existences without a physical body and in fact that may be part of the problem; that physical body, the feeling of limitation can perhaps sometimes be frustrating for you.

So let’s begin by asking a question.

Whatever it is that seems like it’s always the overriding energy in your daily life, ask that question now and then follow it as if it’s a thread that’s going out to a place within your divinity.

You may not hear the answer, you may not know anything but allow that alignment to be placed and then let that flow of energy move down through you. It moves through your consciousness and let it go down into your physical body.

Ok. Something I’m hearing from many, many of you; “Why is my mental body so stubborn? Why can’t I let things go? Why do they keep percolating going around and around and around? Why?”, and I see each one of you going into that place within your divinity but so too this is something that I will speak of from the collective consciousness.

The mental body is the foundation for the ego, which is the foundation for being human. So too having emotions and the physical reality are very much a part of the uniqueness that is humanity.

Your mental body is actually quite powerful and one of the most essential energies for making you human. So many of you are very old souls, perhaps for that you’ve been upon the earth for quite some time and that very focus, intelligent, someone might say, rigid mental body is what you create as a means of grounding you in this lifetime.

I hear you. So many of you say, “Enough, don’t need that anymore, I can ground myself now”. So let’s bring in some relaxation and I agree 100%. Here you are, not only are you a part of your divinity, but it’s as if you are looking within at all of the energies of your divinity. So if your mental body seems to keep you in a pathway that’s no longer serving you and if there are things within it that you would like to release then allow your I AM Presence to just wash through and merge with your mental body right now.

Many, many of you; I see this merging take place and it’s like this beautiful, warm pinks, blues, greens, just moving through and balancing and calming the mental body. There are others of you; it’s as if your thoughts then are becoming even more rigid saying; “No, no, no, don´t come in here, they are not welcome”. So, through your consciousness, through your thoughts, I invite you to once more remind your mental body that you are choosing to allow your divinity to move in through you and into your thoughts and into your beliefs.

With this second way in which I spoke about this, I can see that everyone had a much greater relaxation of the thoughts taking place. It may be that you need to create this alignment every single day, multiple times during the day but your divinity blending and merging with your thoughts will shift any rigid stance or pattern that no longer works for you.

How many of you have emotions that just keep coming up again and again and again?

You make me laugh because I hear you say, “I got lots of joy, lots of happiness. I am not limiting that”; and of course not.

Some of you also have anger, fear, lack, frustration. If you have any of those emotions that want to keep you as if you are pulled back or locked down then I invite you to open up as if you are opening up your heart center even further and allow your divinity to wash through.

As your I AM Presence moves through your emotions if there’s anything in particular allow it to come up, allow it to merge with your divinity ~ whew ~ and let it go.

Feel the energies move through.

Many times your emotions may seem as if they are more fluid than your thoughts, but if there is something that you keep carrying around, that holds you in a space of lack it may become very rigid. So if you reach out to whatever that may be, bring it up from within you and allow your divinity to merge completely with that energy, there we go. I then felt it all completely move through you.

The earth is a very visual place. Visually it’s beautiful, visually is diverse from the countryside to the billions of people that live upon it.

So often people attempt to categorize by whatever topic they would like to choose. It may be that the physical body is one that you judge yourself with. Perhaps it’s not as strong as you would like, perhaps you have a disease, perhaps it doesn’t look the way you want it to look or perhaps other people judge you.

Again from the perspective of your immense divinity your physical body is the vessel to contain your soul in this lifetime and therefore it is what it is. It is divine; it is a part of the process for you in this lifetime.

People keep speaking about the ways in which the physical body is changing with the higher lighter dimensions. They speak about regenerating a limb if it should be cut off, they speak about healing a bone that breaks, regenerating an organ; all of these things are possible. At this point many are not probable because of the collective consciousness of the earth and the belief systems that you as the individual may have.

Take a moment and look at your physical body and as you look through the perception of your thoughts and your emotions and your beliefs, just take in whatever that may be.

Ok, I am going to clear that away. Open up again that consciousness of your divinity; let yourself flip it around as if you are now looking at your body from the perspective of your divinity.

In the vast majority of cases it’s a different perspective than what you have in your daily life. What I was hearing; ‘why are you being so hard on yourself? What is the matter with the way you look? Why do you continue to create that problem once I’ve worked with you to release it?’

Your physical body can be that of someone in their prime at all times and I as your divinity I’m here to help you with that.

Sometimes you forget that you are not alone. It’s not about I the Goddess or God or anyone at all outside of you. God and Goddess come to you through your own divinity. So open up to that which is your divine essence and allow it to move through every thought, every belief, every emotion, every cell within your physical body, so that you are completely filled with your divinity and you therefore have the life that you are seeking to have.

That makes me laugh as I was saying that because I heard so many of you responding. Perhaps another way to phrase that is that you will realize the life you have is exactly the one that you had intended because of your beliefs, your emotions, your greater or lesser connection to divinity, there you go.

So flip it around if you need to, open up even wider to these energies and let it all flow through you, filling you up. And then this time if indeed you want your life to be different than what it is you now will be receiving the messages, you will now be receiving insights. So it’s not about everything that you are physically doing in your life it’s about what you are open to receive, and it’s about what you notice as you are living your days upon the earth. It’s about the reality that you are creating that could change at any given moment.

The more that you allow your divinity to be a part of your reality the more that life will open up, with ease; if nothing else you feel good because when you are in that expanded alignment with your divinity there is nothing but balance, alignment, unconditional God source love and awareness.

Have the intention that you will allow this greater expansion of your divinity to manifest starting right now and anything that may walk through your days with you as it comes back to your awareness, there is only love. Allow that to become your mantra or if there’s one belief that you have, there is only love and that love of course is the God source energy for you from within you, as you.

Allow yourself to shift, allow this energy to manifest within the hologram that comes up within all of you and as you are looking at the hologram have the intention that as each one of you infuse not only your own divinity into the hologram, let’s have that intention that we clear out the energy of the collective consciousness so that it may release whatever it is that keeps people separated from the knowledge of their divinity and so that they may once more just open to receive. So as that hologram begins to spin infuse all of who you are into that pattern of lights. As it does so the hologram begins to spin. It’s filled with that crystalline love, that crystalline vibration that begins to just sparkle.

As you let it go it is as it follows a pathway that is an aspect that moves up into the universe and an aspect that moves down into the earth. And as this hologram merges with the earth itself, it links with Gaia; it links with those crystals that are the core essence of the earth and then expands outward.

It’s as if it expands moving through every layer of the earth itself. It tunes into and activates crystals that support this vibration and then for each one of you personally it comes up from within you as if it comes up through all your energy bodies as if it moves through every cell within your body. Be open and allow yourself to receive that expanded balanced energy of you as your divinity.

It also moves up through the grass, the water, the trees; let it move up into the collective consciousness so that it can create a shift clearing out old energies and allowing people to receive that higher or more expanded sense of their divinity.

This integrates moving through all the levels of consciousness of the earth, many, many people who are completely unaware that they can have a conscious choice in their life will perhaps begin to find things niggling at the back of their mind or perhaps they’ll begin to notice what’s around them. The foundation of the Christ light or the God source energy it’s there is only love and with that as your foundation may all that you see and all that you do be a reflection of love, peace, contentment, joy, howsoever that would be experienced by you.

Allow your focus to once more come back up within the All That Is. I would like you to take a moment. You just felt it on the earth, and you are here within this space, take a moment and once more release anything at all from your earthly experience that no longer serves you and again be open to feel the flow of your I AM Presence within and around you.

Allow your focus to begin to shift as if you are taking those stair steps. You move into the soul plane, from there you begin to move into your higher self, perhaps within this space that’s so much closer to the earth plane you have that sense of your expanded divinity flowing within this space to make it more easily accessible for you.

So too, it washes down. As it does so it comes in through all your energy bodies of your physical body, and it moves around clearing out everything within your physical reality. If there is more of that higher vibration that what you can physically manifest, let it spread around you and then you integrate it over the days and weeks to come.

As you walk through your days upon the earth, remember that you are first and foremost your divinity.

Your God source energy is that part of you that lives through infinity. So you were that source energy before you were born into this life. You are that source energy that you will return to as you leave the physical body.

As you allow that belief and that potential to flow through every part of who you are, your thoughts, your emotions, your physical reality, you will find that everything in life will change.

There is only love.




Kahi 19th November 2014 3:26 am

Grounding the divine
"Where the divine goes all else follows"
I sometimes forget how it was, so it is immeasurably beneficial to remember the Divine link within all persons with whom we must interact and particularly, those close ones around us
Thank you for reaffirming this gift of knowledge and love

Shelly Dressel 19th November 2014 6:38 pm

You're welcome!! I think we can all benefit by this reminder from time to time~~ When I get out of balance; then become focused again, it's amazing how much better I feel.

victor 20th November 2014 4:00 pm

There is only Love.

Thanks Goddess for reminding me.


Shelly Dressel 8th December 2014 2:45 am

You're welcome!


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