Your Dreams in the New Energy

We are getting closer and closer to the completion of the earth’s shift into the 4th dimension. We’ve been hearing about this for a number of years and I believe it was actually completed about 4-5 years ago with this time since spent with the collective consciousness adjusting to what Gaia has moved through. Some may look at it as the reverse, that the collective consciousness shifted several years ago and now Gaia will follow along.

How so ever this has taken place, I believe we can all agree on the fact that we are now moving into the new energy and it will affect our lives. The question is how so?

During the channel, the Goddess assisted everyone in first of all bringing up what we want to have in our lives. As we did so, it was interesting to see how we automatically went to whatever it’s been. Even with the channel to shake things up, most people are in a rut of what it is they want, how it will look, when it will arrive, etc. We then took that perception and placed it off to the side.

When the Goddess next spoke, she said what is it you want? What is truly your dream? When we ask ourselves that question, sometimes our dream is different than what we want. For example we may think there’s something that will support us or help us to expand; but is it what makes our heart sing? Is it what we truly seek to have?

As we continue to move into the new energy there will be a great ease in manifesting because the energy around us will be more fluid. Crystalline energy is lighter, more transparent and allows for shifts to take place with greater ease. So too, if we are out of alignment I sense it will be more uncomfortable which will prompt us to seek what it is we DO want.

The Goddess ended with actually showing us from a universal perspective what the transition looks like. It’s truly amazing to see it taking place and to know we have all had a part in this shift through our own personal growth.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you with a flow of energy, with a flow of intention so that we may have this time of gathering together. I know that each one of you is very busy within your life. I know there are days in which you feel distracted. Sometimes as if you are in limbo and other times as if you are spinning your wheels and can barely keep up.

Allow yourself to take this moment to really connect within. Take another deep breath in so that as you breathe in you can feel yourself as you are right now in this moment. Sometimes as people are living their lives they get distracted by all the things that are going on and they forget that connection that they have within themselves. They forget that first and foremost, when they are in alignment within, then they have the greatest potential of balance and awareness for how they may be living their lives.

Is this you in your daily life? Do you feel distracted as if you don’t have the answers that you are seeking or perhaps as if you are wondering, just what am I seeking to have within my life? Feel that as it moves through you. Feel your energy as everything lines up to support and reconnect you within.

Every single day you awaken to new potentials and new opportunities. Every day is an opportunity for you to let go whatever may have been hanging over you in the past and then opening up to whatever may be coming new to you in this moment. If you could live your life with the excitement or the anticipation of a new beginning what would that mean to you? So think about that, as you are here present in this moment and as you are considering your life.

I invite you to focus upon your breathing and take in a deep breath. Allow that breath to move through you. You allow it to anchor within, so that you may then as you breathe out have a sense of letting go of your physical reality. As you release that awareness feel yourself as you link with the magnetic grid.

As you find yourself within this space feel the energy, feel the flow, allowing that you may align with your higher self. You may have a sense of those interlocking pathways. You may also already begin to feel the merging with the crystalline grid. This is but one of the changes that will be taking place with this completion of the Ascension of the earth plane.

There will be less distinction between Earth and the Universe. There will be less distinction between the magnetic and the crystalline grid. You may already be feeling this and may have done so for several months. Tonight, in particular as we merged with the magnetic grid there was an immediate sense of the flow of the crystalline side by side in alignment. Take a moment and really feel what it is to you as your energies move back and forth. From here I invite you to have a sense of letting go of this space, allowing your focus to move into the soul plane.

As you arrive within the soul plane, you can feel that essence or feel that energy. You reach out for your divinity. As you feel yourself align with your I Am presence, you may have that sense that you are even bigger than what you think you may be. Allow yourself to link with this energy, feeling yourself as you connect within this alignment.

I the Goddess, move in and amongst all of you. I reach out to embrace each one. As I do so, you may feel yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. As you find yourself expanding even further take in what this is.

As you look around with your inner eyes, you may have a sense of the changes taking place in the All That Is. In part this is a reflection of everything that you are doing. In part it’s the way that the universe is balancing what’s taking place on the earth. But also what you are seeing here are the aspects of the All That Is that are now coming available to you because of the shift in dimensions and the shift within and around the earth.

Look, at what you have created. You may use that screen, if you’d like, that we’ve used many, many times before. This time, I invite you to have a sense of bringing up to your awareness your life upon the earth.

Whenever I ask a question like that there are only certain things that are right here at the forefront of your awareness that are in your thoughts when it comes to your everyday life.

I invite you to now take that to the next level. Ask yourself the question, if because we are here and we’re in a space in which you work with energies, you work with change, you work with perception, are the things that came up to you all that you are thinking about but not present within your life?

Human nature is such, that in most cases that is the first thing that will come to someone’s mind whenever we ask you, what’s happening in your life? What are you thinking about? So let’s put that aside for the moment. And now look at your life and consider the success that you have had within your life.

I hear from some of you an immediate list of the things that you have accomplished within your life; a very valid way in which to have that perception of some of the things that you have accomplished. I hear others saying, “I haven’t accomplished anything”, because in your mind that which is most important has not yet happened. So for those people, think again. Think of perhaps the little things. Think of what happens in your everyday life.

There were others that as I asked that question we saw immerse, what I guess you would call an infrastructure of what you are seeking to manifest, your focus being upon what you seek to have. Now then, at any given point within your day you probably varies somewhere between all three of these perceptions or something even more.

If you were to put all of these things that you are thinking about, over in one corner of this screen or off to the side a bit, let’s start as if with a clean slate. I invite you to once more, consider your life as if you had no concerns, as if there was nothing at all holding you back but instead, you would have the opportunity to truly express yourself in a limitless way.

Now, by that I mean, let’s talk about your daydreams for your life. I see that with some of you there is a variation of what you already had been putting forth for yourself. But I see a number of other people have something completely different than what your focus is usually upon.

If you allow yourself to be in this space of the experience of having your daydreams come to fruition, how exciting that would be! And as I’m beginning to speak about it, I can feel the energies shifting. There are those that are stepping into excitement or perhaps anticipation and then there are others who are stepping into fear. It is this fear that I would like to talk about for a moment.

We have in the past brought up the question of; can you be everything that you would like to be? Can you be as big as you think you might be? Can you truly have what you would like to have within your life, moving on and on and on?

Fear can manifest in a number of different ways. It is based most often in your mental body, but it is aligned with your emotions. When you feel anxiety, perhaps about a situation or a potential, your mind begins to give it a lot of energy. You begin to imagine what could happen. You begin to imagine what others may be saying or thinking. You begin to imagine things that may or may not have any validity in a situation. And now as soon as I say that, what comes along on the heels, is that if you give it energy then it is valid. So again, consider your life, consider fears and consider all the thoughts, beliefs that go along with that. So as if you are bringing down the structure of your mental body, have that conscious intention to do so.

Think about your thoughts and fears, about those things that are the dreams in your life. When you consider a dream, chances are you’ve given it form. It looks like this, it will have, you can fill in the blank…XYZ that will enhance it. You may have certain people around you; you may have things that are happening in your life about that. Take it in and see what you think.

So, your dream and the distance between where you are and manifesting it, perhaps is filled with these things that are aligned with fear or perhaps these expectations. No matter what it is, I invite you to reach out and pull it down as if you are clearing out your thoughts, as if you are clearing out your mental body, as if you are clearing out whatever that preconceived notion may be. You clear and clear and clear and clear bring it up -- whew-- and you let that go.

Again, you allow yourself to feel up with the energies of your divinity that gives you that sense of peace, that sense of recognition and of awareness. Allow that to come up and be at the forefront of what this is.

If you stand in this place of the All That Is, you consider your dreams, you consider yourself. The more that you feel your divinity and you feel the strength and balance of whatever that may be to you, allow that to anchor in within your thoughts, your beliefs, your mental body; from their allow it to move through your emotions, and then it may move through your physical until it aligns with everything within you.

Now here we are in the All That Is and we’re working through your expanded consciousness, but there is still that direct alignment with your everyday physical reality. Take a moment and just breathe down everything that may be going through you right now. Feel those energies as they move through you.

Consider your dream once more. This time really look. You may have a sense of walking around, lifting it up. I invite you though, to look at it with inner eyes and see what may have been unavailable to you before.

You get into a habit, as you do so; you see only what you anticipate seeing. Your mental body especially creates what it’s done in the past and it therefore becomes a challenge sometimes to move towards something more unique and different.

Your world is right in the myths of something similar. As you move through this winter solstice and the completion of the Mayan calendar it is also an indicator of the completion of the Earth ascending into the fourth dimension. Now, the actual shift took place several years ago and it did so as a means of creating a movement very much in part, associated or assisted by all of you and your own process of expansion.

With this completion it’s opening up the door for the billions of people that never give a conscious thought to their lives, to their dreams, to be in balance with their divinity or even what their divinity may be. Some may call this an awakening. I call it an opening to awareness.

Everybody has the potential to continue on living their lives exactly as they have been. You wake up and go about your business, perhaps continuing to have certain dreams and ideas in the back of your mind. Just as I have been working with you right now in the All That Is, you can see that pattern that you already have so solidly in place. It’s what came up to you as you very first asked yourself the question of what your dream may be. We then invited you to just consciously push it aside, let that go. Dream without structure, dream without restriction and there may have been a variation. And then now as I speak of this ascension process you can see how the pattern is there that in so many ways it’s all going to be just exactly like what it has been.

There are going to be two significant changes. You’ll be living your life exactly as you always have been, but first of all your flow between dimensions is going to be easier. Therefore you’re opening up to awareness, is going to be easier. Secondly, the flow of time to the continuum of what you consider time upon earth is changing. It may feel even faster than what it is now, but most importantly, there will be much more fluid.

Consider what we’ve been speaking about this evening. As you consider your everyday life, which for so many of you may be something completely separate from your dreams, have a sense of superimposing your dreams upon or within your everyday life.

Put forth the intention that you allow the flow between the dimensions to now have an impression upon your perception. Another way to look at this is to infuse that crystalline energy or perhaps you’re light body energy into your perception.

Again you look at it. There is a difference. There are other ways in which you will manifest what you seek to have. There is so much more within and around you that you can possibly comprehend. I say that not as a means of putting down anybody, but more so as a means of letting you know, that potentials truly are limitless, and to remind you that when you are and not alignment with your divinity you are much more so in alignment with those limitless potentials. Look around once more. Open to new ways in which you may manifest what you seek to have within your life.

I now pose another question to you. Is what you’ve been seeking to have what you truly want? It makes me smile because I hear so many of you saying, “Well of course it is I’ve wanted it for all these years”. “Well of course it’s what I want because that’s what I want”.

Indeed, this is so. What I posed to you with that question is, how much of what you desire to have within your life is there as that desire because it’s a habit, because it’s what you’ve been used to looking for or seeking. But truthfully there is a part of you that really doesn’t necessarily want that, or if you did manifest it maybe you would have other things that would be a hassle or perhaps get in the way. Maybe it would take you in a direction that truly you don’t want to go. Now then, as I speak of this, there may be a part of you responding and it’s responding from a place of fear. If there’s any resonance to fear take a deep breath in – whew- and blow it out letting it go. Look again with clear eyes, with open awareness and open perception. Be honest with yourself.

As you allow yourself this honesty, feel the embrace from your divinity as it flows even more fully within and around you. As you continue to feel whatever that may be, open to acknowledge that you have the answers within yourself; that you are in the flow of light and in the flow of your divinity. That you can step off of that path that you have found yourself upon and step into, whatever it is that you truly seek to have.

I invite you to all come with me for a moment and have this sense of looking out over the universe. As you look through the Universe may see the stars, the planets that you normally see when you look to the sky. Have a sense of looking towards the earth recognizing where the earth is within this flow of the energy.

As you open up your awareness or your focus, I invite you to have a sense of looking at what is taking place upon the earth, especially as it relates to the rest of the universe. We will speed it up for you so that it will become more visible. But let’s say the past. The first level we want to say is the past 2000 years and it is as if you see the evolution of the earth that’s taking place and then you see what’s happening in the universe. Sometimes there will be a change in the universe that’s affecting the Earth and sometimes it’s the reverse.

This may be very subtle, or you may see actual strains of energy. And now as if you are zooming in, look at your earth as it is. Say perhaps 1987 with the harmonic convergence. And since that particular time, as you continue to look at it with this zoomed in energy, you may follow it down through the years. And as you continue to look you see where it gets to the point, a particular point, and it’s like a switch gets flipped and --whew-- that new level of awareness has occurred.

And as this is completed, look out at the universe and see those ripples of effect and then watch as all of that comes back into the earth. This may seem random to you as if there’s no direct correlation with your personal lifetime. But this was to give you an illustration of what’s taking place as the earth ascends into the next level.

Everyone has the ability to tap into those energies. You have the ability to harness that flow of the Universal light and energy so that as you are living your life you will find the greater knowledge that’s available to you. You will find the path of least resistance. You will find the clarity that you are seeking to have as you manifest your dreams.

As I spoke those words I could see how each one of you was thinking about or feeling and experiencing that moment in which you truly manifest your dreams. Look out at the universe; stand in that flow of movement. Let go a feeling of control or making an effort. Receive all that is here for you. Receive the potential for who you are.

As you gather together, you are already looking at the earth and the universe. Have a sense of that subtle shift that allows for the hologram to come up within and amongst you. There is the potential that you will no longer need to work directly with this hologram but for now it’s a means of giving your thoughts and your mental body a process that will help to anchor these energies. So as you see this hologram, you may have a sense of becoming aware of the levels of perception that are spinning in and around all that’s here.

As you infuse within this hologram the essence of your experience, put forth that intention of being fearless, of truly accepting who you are and allowing yourself to be open to receive the energies or the essence of your dreams. And as that flows within the hologram you let go that energy and this time as you have a sense of following it, it is as if there is that pathway of the crystalline grid and you can see how there is an aspect of the hologram that goes out into the universe. It does align with the new earth and then the rest of it goes down within your current physical earth. It moves through the magnetic grid. It moves down inside your physical earth and as it does so it anchors within those crystals, it anchors within the core essence of the earth itself.

And as it’s moving within and anchoring, it’s creating an alignment that will allow you to step into whatever this may be. Once it has become anchored it moves up through all the layers or levels of the earth. It comes up within and around you, wherever your physical body may be. It moves through the physical structure of your body, the biology; it moves through the mental, the emotional, the spiritual aspects of you and into your light body so that you have that direct link from all that you did in the All That Is to all that you can do within your everyday life, and it is there through your light body. It creates a balance and an expansion within you and you let that go allowing your focus to once more come back here within this space so that you may gather up all that you wish to take with you.

If you have a sense of forgetting or not really knowing what to take with you; be not concerned. It’s always there and available for you, should you seek the answer.

Feel your consciousness as it comes back down within you. You may have a sense of letting go part of your divinity within the soul plane. You then allow yourself to move back to the crystalline and the magnetic grid. Even also feel your energies as you begin to stream back within and around your physical body. You find yourself grounding once more. Even the grounding process will be slightly different in the future because your biology is changing. Your energy bodies are changing, and it will be reflected within these crystalline energies. Be open to receive that right now.

As you continue to move through this time upon the earth be open to howsoever your days may change. Be open to the awareness that energy will flow with greater ease. Be open to the greater amount of the light body and crystalline energies that will be a part of your physical makeup. And as you are open to this, allow it to reflect your dreams.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.




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