Your Life, Your Creation

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you family and I welcome you to this time that we share together! Each time that we come together as a group is a time of magic upon the earth. Each time that anyone connects with these energies; be it verbally or through the written word, you are connecting to that aspect of yourself with is magic and that which links you to the higher vibration.

Allow yourself to feel the joy within. Allow yourself to know that you are special. Allow yourself to feel who you are as an individual. You chose this time to be upon the earth. You chose to become a human and have this experience, so enjoy your human attributes. Acknowledge what they are to you.

With that, allow yourself to shift your focus. Release the energies of the physical; allow your consciousness to shift into the space of the magnetic grid. As you do this, you find yourself connecting with that aspect where your higher self resides. You find yourself perceiving the various pathways of impulses. This is all a feeling of homecoming, but there are times even if you have been here before that you perceive it with new eyes or senses.

Within the magnetic grid, there are many various levels of consciousness. Let yourself perceive what these levels are. Find the space which is most comfortable for you so that you can link at a greater depth.

Now as you are ready to do so, release the energies of the magnetic and allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may link or connect with the crystalline energies. Feel how light you are as you release the energies of the earth plane. Feel the vibration of these crystalline energies as the move through and around you. This is the energy that is becoming more and more prevalent upon the earth. You are aligning with it throughout your days.

As you are ready, you may call forth a column of light to assist you as you as you shift your consciousness once more. You may feel yourself within the column surrounded by light or you may feel yourself blending completely with the column.

As you do so, you can find yourself shifting into the space of the soul plane. As you emerge from that column, it feels as if your consciousness stretches and moves in every direction. The soul plane is a plane of existence or consciousness where your soul resides. Your soul in its entirety is more than what can be contained in your physical body upon the earth. Therefore as you create this link through the stronger conscious awareness you are able to access those aspects of yourself that reside within this space.

This is your I AM presence. If you have not already joined with it, call it forth at this time. Reach out to embrace so that you may blend fully with this consciousness. Feel who you are within all of your divinity. Feel who you are throughout the myriad of soul experiences that you have had. Let this energy or information flow through you so that you feel completely blended within yourself.

I the Goddess come forward and make myself known to you. You may perceive my presence as if I come into the room and join with you. You may sense me as a ball of light. How so ever you choose is the right and perfect way to perceive who I am.

Allow yourself to blend with me. Feel my embrace as I reach out to each one of you! You may feel me as if I am an old friend that you come back to share this time with. Allow yourself to mix fully with my energies. As you do so, you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

Feel yourself expand. Feel who you are within. Let yourself fully experience the space that the All That Is can be. Know that this can be your space. This is a space of creation. It is a space that can be filled with energies of light. It is created by all of you and it is for you. Know that each time that you come in here, while there may be similarities; there are also changes and shifts that occur. Especially as you come together, and there are all the various energies of the group, it does have an impact upon this space.

We have talked a number of times about creation. Each of you have created yourself. From the time in which you created your own soul essence until this very moment in time, everything that has been your experience has been YOUR creation. It is hard to even comprehend every single aspect of what that is and you need not. You are each as a human seeking to live your life from a spiritual perspective; yet you need that balance with your human aspect.

Let yourself perceive your life. You may start with where you are right now. Take in your living situation, your family, your work, your friends. You may also want to consider where you live; a house, apartment, what city, what country. There is a great deal that has brought you where to you are right at this moment in time. As you consider all of what has made up your current reality, take a moment and consider everything about it that you like and enjoy.

As you look at your life, take a moment and consider what aspects you are not happy with or perhaps you seek to change. As you look at all of this, understand that it is completely your creation. Now, take a moment to look back over this lifetime that you have had. For some of you, it may be that there are experiences in your past that you continue to hold onto. Allow yourself to acknowledge that those experiences were also your creations. When you consider your birth family, perhaps partners you've had; everything was created by you in that moment.

Looking at it from this space of the All That Is, allow yourself to acknowledge that you did create this. No matter what the experience was that you had, it was what you created in that moment in time. For many this may bring up a feeling of refusal to believe, trust or understand that. Sometimes your creation was actually in conjunction with other people and you were a part of a bigger picture. But still from your perspective, it was your creation.

Feel the love all around you within this space of the All That Is. Let yourself in this moment have a true understanding of the choices that you made. Let yourself truly let go of any regret, anger, frustration, or fears that you may have had over something that was a creation within your past. Accept that everything within your life has created who you are in this moment. See yourself as the glorious light that is you.

If you are having difficulty seeing yourself in that way, see yourself through my eyes. I think each one of you is beautiful, vibrant; and each one has a unique and special energy or light. So, looking at this life that you are currently living, if you can allow yourself to accept that you are the creator, if you can allow yourself to accept that everything you did was exactly what you needed to do at that moment; then feel the peace and contentment of where you are at this moment in time.

You still may choose to make changes in you life and that is also your creation. You still may choose to learn new and different things that will cause you to make a different choice about something within your life and that is being in the moment. You accept that at that time.

As the magnificent creator that you are; create at this moment what your perfect life would be! You are magical. You are brilliant in your clarity. So without any restraints of any sort, create at this time exactly what your perfect life would look like at this moment. Who are the people involved in your life? Where are you living? What are you doing? As you look at what you create, having everything that you seek to have; see how that blends with what IS your current reality.

Are there ways in which you have what you are seeking to have, but it looks different? Perhaps you have the essence of what you are seeking, but it came to you in a different way. So how can you accept where you are and create where you seek to be? Is there a way to blend the two? ........and this is done; allow it to be.

Release those energies, knowing that again you have created; yet this is coming from a different perspective than the other ideas. Everything becomes a piece of the puzzle, some you resonate with more than the others. As you release that more completely, take this moment to let yourself play. When I say that each of you is magical, the human aspect may say how so?

Let yourself play at this time. You can practice becoming transparent; you can shift into whatever shape you would like to be, you know inside of you all the answers. You can reach out and touch a star and make it into a wand if you so desire. You can zip around the universe, flying, playing, and blending with the various energies that are out here. You may choose to connect with the energies of the sun, moon, or perhaps one of the planets.

Each of you has the answers within. You may not always feel that way, but you can go within yourself and through your divinity, learn the answer from that source. Or, you can use your expanded consciousness to connect with any of the planets, the stars, the angels, the guides; all of those who are here in the non physical realm can be a resource to you. They can assist you in what ever way is possible.

Perhaps there is someone you would like to link with at this time. See yourself as sitting down, you may choose to create a garden; you may be sitting by an ocean or in the forest. Let it be a setting that you really enjoy. Perhaps you enjoy the vastness of space or the vastness of nothing. You may choose to use this time to connect only within or you may choose to invite in a particular energy, guide, planet or star. You may choose to open and invite whoever is vibrating around you to make themselves known.

What questions would you ask? Is there anything that has been pressing upon you? Do you perhaps choose to just have a conversation? It need not be anything specific. Let yourself feel peace, joy, contentment. Allow this feeling to move through your consciousness so that it will be fully a part of you in this now moment. Once you do so, you may always come back to this space. If you find yourself in your daily life feeling like you struggle or you are challenged; open to allow acceptance of your creation. Then allow a change in that if that is what you are seeking.

As you are aligning with all these various vibrations, you are fine tuning the vibrations you align with as a human. Each of you lives primarily within the fourth dimension at this time. But you move back and forth between the third and as much as the seventh. Allow yourself to feel what that shift is like. Realize that when you are in a situation that feels uncomfortable to you or heavy or perhaps is pulling at you; you are shifting most likely back into the third dimension.

Realize when you feel a comfortable vibration or a sense of connection with all that is round you, you are in the fourth dimension. As you link to the fifth dimension you begin to perceive greater amounts of energy and light around you. This may be through feeling, seeing or perhaps an inner knowledge.

As you let yourself link with the sixth dimension, this is also known as the angelic realm, many of the angels move within this dimension. Most often they are your guardian angels, your personal angels; those who vibrate closer to the earth plane, but they still have the finer lighter vibration than what is currently upon the earth.

From the perception of the human at this time, some of you are even able to perceive the finer vibration of the seventh dimension.

When you are meditating or breathing with a conscious expansion, you are shifting into the sixth or seventh dimension. Now let me say that the number does not matter. I simply give you these numbers as a means of assisting you in understanding through your linear thinking. What is important for you to understand is that each of you can move between these various dimensions or shifts in consciousness and that you actually do so throughout your day.

I offer you this information so that you may have a greater knowledge for yourself. Consider the times when you might feel uncomfortable in a situation. Consider the times when you might feel somewhat lightheaded or disoriented. Consider the times when you are actively opening to communication with the higher realms and how that feels to you. All of these are the ways in which you are creating within your life.

You create in this higher plane as you have tonight and all the other times. Then you create in your physical life and seek the alignment that allows this to come into fruition. As you fine tune your vibration or perceptions, it will assist you in emanating the vibration of what you seek to have in your life. While you are working with the crystalline energies and bringing this into the world, there are still the traditional energies that are very much present or at a greater force at this time.

So, vibration equals vibration; or vibration is drawn to a similar vibration. When things do not manifest in the time frame or in the way that you seek, there needs to be a fine tuning of your vibration, the perception, the acceptance within you. That is what will allow things to come to you in an easier way. Again I remind you that you are magical, you can each do this! If you practice in this way, it become more easy and you do it without even thinking in your daily life.

Now, go back inside more consciously within yourself. Feel if that is true to you. Ask to know from within your consciousness if this can be your reality. Allow it to be.

Now, I feel as if some of you still wish to remain in these higher realms that you are still continuing to work on this. You may come back here at any time. These energies are always available to you. If you feel a need to remain, allow yourself to do so. For the rest of you, I invite you to come back together as a group.

As you come together perceive how each one of you is radiating sparkles of light. There are some of you who bounce all around the area as you link with each person. Others of you remain in a space just radiating out your light and your love. Feel the connection with all who are present. Know that each of you are supporting one another. Know that you as a group bring in these energies.

As the group is mingling, I ask you to expand so as to allow the hologram of the earth to come up. Perceive this hologram you work with each time you come together in these groups. Sometimes it's as if there is a density within the hologram, other times it is already sparkling and iridescent. Allow yourself to take in what this hologram means to you.

Begin to send from within your heart center, your love, your soul; the energy of love, the energy of your creation. Look beneath to your potential upon the earth. Sometimes this comes out of you or connects as a pulsation. Other times it is a gentle flow such as a river. Still other times it may be a direct beam of light, such as a laser. As everything goes within the earth, or this hologram of the earth, it blends to create a more illuminated and balanced energy.

The hologram rotates allowing you to perceive the various aspects of the earth. Lady Gaia comes forth and she reaches out to embrace all who are here. She is always appreciative of all that is done on behalf of the earth. She always acknowledges the creation that has brought all to this moment in time. She accepts all that is occurring upon the earth, but she is also open and willing to assist in any way that allows the earth to shift more fully into the fourth dimension; that is what is occurring now.

She returns within the hologram and the hologram itself begins to move downward. It moves down until it connects with the magnetic grid and an aspect of these energies moves throughout that space. But the majority of the hologram goes down and blends within the center of the physical earth. As it does so, it connects with that core or center aspect of the earth. All that light and radiance then comes back out, coming up through the earth, linking with all who are upon the earth. But you in particular are linking with what you created this evening.

Shift your awareness so that you may again come back up within this group. You may choose to take a moment to connect with each other once more or connect with one of your angels or guides; for they too are present within this group.

As you are ready to do so, shift your awareness back within the soul plane. Feel how the soul plane expands as it connects with your energy. There are many different vibrations or levels within the soul plane. You may now be perceiving everything from this higher perspective. Allow yourself to link with those aspects of your divinity that are most important for you to bring back to the earth plane. It may be something you are consciously aware of or something you are unconscious of. Through your intention, you may bring this back with you.

Then as you are ready to so, you may use the column of light if you desire or simply shift your intention. Pause for a moment so that you may align with the energies of the crystalline grid. Notice the way there is a greater vibrancy within this gridwork or space. See if there is anything that you are more drawn to or open to perceive.

As you are ready, you may move back through the interlocking grid so that you may once again connect with the energies of the magnetic grid. Here too there is a shift in the magnetic grid to accommodate you. This is a means of beginning to ground yourself, feeling the magnetic pull of the earth, feeling this connection. Let yourself begin to come back within your physical body.

Let the energies around your physical body expand as you bring back your consciousness. Allow these energies to move within you, settling within you. Allow your physical body to fully accommodate a greater amount of your divinity. Create a sense of balance between all of this. Allow your physical body be fully balanced with the other energy fields around you; your mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Take this moment as you feel this deep connection still in place and affirm the creation of your life. As you can accept that, affirm any creation that you are seeking to have. Now then, as you are each becoming more fully grounded, I invite you to come back into this conference room. You may do this by pressing 4 upon your telephone; I am open to receive questions you may have.


Question: (paraphrased) I would like a confirmation; I think I have figured out that my passion is to work animals, plant, and nature. Does that ring true with you too?

Answer: Beloved we love that about you! You actually are here to do a number of different things; most of it around communication. Communication is very much a part of your life, oftentimes in a feeling of lack!! It is the lack of communication that you have struggled through. This in turn has opened you up to new perceptions of being able to communicate. You have always had an affinity especially with the animal world. The nature around you is also a deep link. What we perceive at this time is that it is almost as if you are going to create a greater link in communication through the animal and physical world around you. From there it is going to shift and become a greater communication between humans. You will be able to assist people. We see you potentially creating a space where you will become a coach who will assist other people in being able to communicate. Part of that is just what you have put out for yourself. You are still in the process of being able to trust yourself and your own communication. The more that you can trust yourself, the more it will become your reality. While it might not feel that way at this moment in time, you have set forth for yourself this as one of your goals you are seeking to create in your life. We see it happening. You are using the assistance of the animals and nature around you. That will then branch off into even more directions.(I always felt especially strongly with the birds, flowers, and trees.) Indeed you can connect with any one of those. You can hear them speaking with you. You can connect with them if you want to shift your own energies. There are many different ways you can utilize the animal kingdom around you; and the trees, birds, etc.(I've always put up a wall. I really want to stop that.) By acknowledging that you have put that wall, then you are the one who will take it down. The next time that you feel yourself putting up the wall, see or feel yourself taking it down. You can take it down in what ever way resonates with you. Sometimes it may be brick by brick, other times it may be kicking it or hitting it with a bat; whatever you so choose, it's your creation. You can remove that and you are the only one who can remove that.(I really feel the Hawks, the Osprey, they are always here.) The hawks in particular seem to be an animal totem to you but all of them are there to give you a message at times; sometimes for yourself, sometimes for others. Sometimes the animal kingdom just likes to communicate with humans when they can. You can open to understand it as something very simple at times and you can open to understand there is a deeper message at times.(I've tried so hard to figure out my passion, now I realize that's what it is.) Good for you! That's a nice step for you and we wish you much love and joy as you explore your passion. 

Question: (paraphrased) I did something today that I have not actually done before. I did a body scan on a cousin of mine that I have not actually seen for about 20 years. He told me he has lung cancer and I found a very dark area in his lung. I tried to tell myself that everything else was fine, but I did find a greeny, mustard color above and below in his body. I'm a little afraid I know what that means.

Answer: As you were speaking of this, we were trying to link with you and have the same perception of what you were seeing; we were linking through you to what you described. We agree with you and see the density within the lungs. As for the other colors you perceive, what is your perception? (It just looked foul. It didn't look vibrant, it didn't look dead, but it didn't look healthy. It was more so below although it was also above his chest too. I did ask while I was on the journey and it was a marvelous journey! But I wanted to ask if you saw some of the colors that I saw? They were absolutely glorious!!) I'm a little bit confused, are you talking about your cousin or the journey? (I meant the journey; the other with my cousin was this afternoon.) Alright, let me just finish by saying that he (your cousin) is in the midst of his process. He is in a place of making choices within his life. Some of these are at a very high level that he's not aware of as a human, but he is definitely in a space of transition. We concur with your perceptions of that individual. Again we honor him for his journey; it is that it is.

Now we will speak of the journey. Our perception is that when you were out in the All That Is, because you have always been aligned with colors and the rainbow that is how you chose to create or express yourself as your divinity. You said, okay if I can go any where, do anything, then you opened up to receive those brilliant colors. The sense that is coming to us is that it is something you utilize in your daily life. You use it through imagery; are you painting or coloring is the word that was coming out!(Not yet, just in words because I write. But I think I will be expanding into drawing as well.) We don't see you drawing images as much as the colors. It's the colors that get across the vibration. As always, listen to yourself, trust in yourself; that is the information we get about both of these things. Yes you do absolutely know what these perceptions are that are coming to you. Trust that these are coming to you and know that all you are creating is here and you are stepping into a new phase within your life which will be even more full and filled with the light and the energies that you have been seeking.(Thank you so much. I feel so full of gratitude! I send my love to you.) Thank you and we send our love back to you also.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello dear Goddess, it's so good to be back (talking about the break we had when Shelly was out of town in May) I too have a question about my cousin who has serious ovarian cancer. I wonder if she is in the space of transition. She has expressed to me that she is afraid to die because she doesn't think she will go to heaven. I'm wondering how I can best assist her.

Answer: I'm having trouble linking with her; can you give me a name or location so I can more fully link? (Yes, her name is Donna in New York State.) She is someone who is very turned in on herself. She has had a life full of struggle and fear and she has a great deal of regret. With the illness that she has been going through, as it does with so many people experiencing an illness such as this, it causes them to evaluate their life, decisions, and choices. Just as I worked with each one of you this evening on letting go of judgment, this individual is unable to do so in the space in which she is right now. That is why she judges herself first and foremost, that is why she is in the space where she is. It is almost as if she has a hard shell around her, she has created this cocoon and will not let anybody in, nor will she let herself out. Does that make sense to you?(Yes, I think that describes her. I have tried to get through to her and she would not hear of it.) That is why it is a little challenging for us to connect with her. With the other individual, he is more open so we were able to link instantly. She (Donna) has surrounded herself so that even though we move through you, we had difficulty finding her. What you can do from this point is to simply honor her choices in the life. Honor the journey that she has had. You can send her the love and support that she may reject from you or she may give the appearance of rejecting, but if you simply express yourself in a simple way without pressuring her; if you speak simply what you think she may be open to hearing. It may be she refutes it verbally but there will be a part of it she is taking in more deeply. You never know what is going to have an affect upon her. Our sense is that because of this hard shell you are not to push too hard, but still just send her love and support. We do see the angels and light around her. She is not aware of them, but she is not alone by any means. When her time comes to transition, it's not decided exactly how that will occur. She needs to move into a further space of opening. That is what the angels around her are working very diligently about, to assist her in opening so that she may be able to perceive them.(She may have more time because she's in an experimental program for chemo right now.) She will transition at a time that she chooses and at a right and perfect time for her. (Sure, of course, thank you so much.) You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Throughout this experience I had this magnificent desire to get into a position for a job where I can go beyond what I have done; to work with children, to heal, to work with people who are spiritually evolving. Can you give me any insights?

Answer: The world itself is in a deep place of shifting change right at this time. Especially this past spring a large shift occurred that allowed for a greater amount of energy to come in. That is one of the reasons why there are so many people who are feeling the physical symptoms inside their bodies. Those of you who have already been upon this spiritual path feel it more easily than others. That was one of the big shifts and there more to come in the next one to two, to three years. As these shifts are occurring upon the physical plane, more and more people are going to be waking up. They will begin to ask questions, so all of you who have already been upon this journey will become the teachers. You will be teaching in a very informal way, sometimes just talking about your belief systems, other times as a teacher standing in front of a group of people. It will be whatever form you will create for yourself. We see you definitely working with people. You have always had an affinity for people and an ability to speak in a way that brings different ideas into something understandable. We sense that you have gone through a large shift within yourself which has caused you to be more open and accepting of yourself and as result, more open and accepting of people. You will draw to you many people who are seeking to open up, seeking answers, but they may come from a different background than what you have been used to. Does that make sense?

(somewhat, yes)

We would like to confirm for you that indeed you will be working with other people. Indeed we see you as a teacher of energy work, of communication, but what we sense most strongly is about assisting people to open up to self acceptance or self awareness. How you may choose to do this is a bit ambiguous to us as yet because you have not fully created it. We see that it is something you have always done in an unconscious way and now you are bringing this into a conscious way of making choices within your life.(Thank you very much.) You are welcome. Just enjoy the process. You deeply communicate with the energies and guides around you who are assisting you in creating this. We sense that especially over the next 2-3 months you will get a great many ideas; you may feel inclined to write them down. This may come through meditation but be open to the understanding that the ideas will come from many different forms.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you so much for the beautiful journey tonight, a lot of my questions were answered through the journey. This last week I had been feeling a lot of energy coming into the planet that caused headaches, backaches, and exhaustion. I'm wondering if you can give me some advice on how I can assist my body at these times.

Answer: First of all let me say to you that knowing how we have been working so directly with you over the last two months; this in terms of the tiredness is not what you experienced before. We do not see you moving back into that space again. What you are feeling this time is more so about your choice to open up to a deeper communication and to channel the energies into your art work and the poetry that you are writing. As a result of doing that, your physical body has not yet aligned with these vibrational energies that you are bringing in; this is but one aspect of what is happening with you. In addition there are all the energies around you in your daily life and as a result of that, it gets put into the mix of what you are bringing in; therefore your body sometimes feels as if it's on overload. Those energies that you open and invite in for your art work or whatever it may be, of course you invite in; they are within you, and then they flow through you as needed. In the past you have had a tendency to hold onto energies that are not your own, and it's almost a residual of that. You have released that to a very high degree. There is still the feeling that some of these energies coming in are not your own, but you take them on because they all get mixed up together and energy is energy. If you can, work with yourself to filter or re-affirm for yourself that you are not taking on anyone else's energy and you are not processing anyone else's energy and you are simply there for your own or any that you invite in through your channeling. This will assist you in releasing some of these aches and pains that you are having.

(Thank you!)

You are welcome. You are doing beautifully. We see the shift that has occurred within your body, we see it as more of a vibrant, lighter energy. All that you have been seeking to do is working.

(Oh, thank you beloved Goddess!)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Is there anything that we should know about this upcoming Tuesday, June 6, 2006 (06-06-06)?

Answer: anytime that there is a sequence, be it numerology, be it names, those can provide an opening of awareness. The 6-6-6 that you speak of is a day of alignment, it is a day of higher vibration, and it's also a day like any other upon the earth. When you have a great number of people who are choosing to see it as a day of potential influx of energy or a potential release of energy then of course that is exactly what happens. When you speak of what happens with the alignment or what these numbers may mean; the sense coming to me is there are a great number of individuals who are looking at this day as one that will bring in a bolt of energy. As a result of that, it will release other energies that are ready to be released. That is the sense coming to us. Is there something else you were picking up on?

(I was just concerned because in my reading people were saying this is a day of Satan. I'm hoping they are not dwelling on that and therefore making it happen.)

That is not a perception that I'm aware of at this time.

(Good, then it can be a very positive day.)

Exactly, most people focusing upon the day are focusing on greater energy. There are those focusing on it in a negative way, and then they will feel it in a negative way. But the sense for the earth as a whole is not that it will draw to the earth a negative energy of any sort. As you know, Satan is just an angel like all the others. It is only the perception that people have given it or created for it, but everything was based upon energies of light in the beginning.

(Thank you so much, you have answered my question.)

You are welcome.

As always I appreciate all of you coming to join with me at this time. I appreciate all of those who are reading this at a later date. Everyone is having an impact upon the earth. Each of you as you open to the greater knowledge within yourself is opening that potential for others. You are consciously making these choices within yourself and as you do so, it allows you to be more fully a creator within your life. You are again magical! You are each a transparent and wondrous energies of light.

I am ever with you and within you!





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