Your Light & Sananda’s Shining Forth

This channel is filled with some truly amazing light and warm loving vibration. The channel is on the 19th, just before the Winter Solstice. The Goddess has us tap into the energies of the solstice so we can take stock of what’s happening. She speaks of how the two solstices and two equinoxes are such power energetic times of the year. She was assisting us in feeling the energies of solstice as a means of taking stock in our life. She spoke of straddling the solstice so as to feel what’s been in the past and look towards what we are creating.

Then something truly amazing occurred. Sananda came in to speak with us for a while and to shift the energies. As he came into the gathering, he was flanked by Melchezadek, Mary Magdaline, the Arch Angels, St. Germain and more. He spoke of the energies and experiences when Yeshua walked the earth. He gave us the opportunity to align with the experience and see if perhaps we were part of what took place.

He then spoke of living on earth now. We were able to see the difference in vibration. We could see how much has shifted and how more than ever we have the ability to create our lives. It was amazing to see how much energy he could flow and shift. He then actually removed another veil as we all participated. He said the infusion of light has created a significant change and now is the time to remove another layer. He also infused light into what was without light. By do so it showed how so much of what was hidden will now come out.

In the end, during this week of Christmas he spoke of how that life for Yeshua was about bringing in the light. The intention was not to create a church; but to infuse light through all that is within and upon the earth. This is a channel truly filled with love and awareness. May you connect even more deeply and allow your light to shine forth.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out to each one of you during this holiday season as you celebrate. I send forth my wishes that whatever you may celebrate within your life is filled with the alignment of who you are.

This is a time upon the Earth when people become very chaotic or their lives are chaotic. This is the time when what you have been creating in your life may seem as if it’s more in the balance or in your face. There may be times when what you lack is more so at the forefront during those times of celebration or intense energy.

As we begin this journey tonight, I ask you to bring that up within your life. Is there something that is perhaps creating sadness, depression, a lack? And at this time when we are grounded I flow to each one of you the essence of love, of awareness and compassion; that you may feel within you, your own divinity. Let that flow down within you as I speak and let go everything else. [Deep breath]

I can already feel a transition taking place with all who are here. With that said, I invite you to allow your consciousness to shift. Have a sense of feeling as if you release your physical body. Allow your consciousness to reach out and align with the magnetic grid. As you feel your energies flow, feel what the magnetic grid is to you. This is where your higher self resides.

There are energy pathways that swirl through, not only you but everyone else who is here. Have a sense of where you are and where these other energies flow. From there I invite you to let go the magnetic pull of the Earth. Allow yourself to shift through the interlocking grid and into the crystalline grid.

As you arrive within this space, feel how already your energy expands. As you allow your consciousness to move in whatever direction it may go, let yourself discern the various aspects that are here. As you allow your focus to shift once more, I invite you to move into the energies of the soul plane.

As you arrive within the soul plane have a sense of feeling as if you are coming home. As your energies flow within and around this space look around and allow yourself to open up as you discern your divinity. You may have a sense of this, as a person that’s walking towards you; it may be light, it may be a pulsation, it may be a tone.

Putting forth the intention to link with your I AM presence allows you to blend fully with your divinity. Feel as if your consciousness streams through and merges fully within that space. As you link with your divinity, can you feel that sense of love, that sense of awareness that begins to move through you? As you feel that essence, allow yourself to open and recognize the compassion, the unconditional love, the pure essence of this experience.

I the Goddess, find myself moving within this space. As I do so, I reach out to you. I reach out and enfold you in my arms. I reach out and feel who you are as I blend and merge with you. As we create this alignment, you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Once more you feel as if your energies expand even further. This space, the All That Is, is a place of creation; it’s a place of pure consciousness, a place of divinity.

You always have access to the energies that are here. You as a soul have the ability to create change and impact the collective energy that is created here within this space. It is influenced primarily by those people who are living upon the Earth. But even here, the vibration is shifting, it shifts in such a way that it allows for even more of the abstract energies to have an influence and create an alignment with all that is taking place.

Therefore when you come within this space, you find yourself in whatever feels good to you. You find the vibration that most resonates with you but you are also creating an opening, so that you may give and take as you create changes and shifts within yourself. Feel all of that as I speak of this with you.

There is much that I would like to do with you this evening. The winter solstice will be upon the Earth in the next day or so. (December 21, 2010) That is always a time of dramatic change, or shall I say, opportunity for you in your life. The winter solstice is for you to have an opportunity to consider what you have done during this past year, to consider your life, consider your goals and then as you are going into the next quarter of the year, you can put forth your intentions.

Whenever it is an equinox or a solstice, you can have that sense of having one foot on one side and one on the other as if you straddle this space of energy and transformation and you can feel that within your own life.

You can take an opportunity to consider what have you had within your life and then as you feel your energies flow through to the other side of the solstice it’s as if you have a new beginning. I put forth to you, what would your life be like if every day was a new beginning? I feel some of you saying it would be chaos, it would be without structure, it would be very hard and challenging because it was always starting over; indeed that is one perception.

If you could take away anything that would be related with stress, and instead look at every day as if it’s a new beginning, as if it’s a new opportunity, I would invite you to consider each new opportunity as simply that, a potential. And if every day was greeted as a new potential or a new opportunity, you then stand in this space of accepting more fully who you are in your life. Feel the flow as I speak of this, feel how it opens up opportunities for you; opportunities that will create greater ease and greater balance. Breathe deeply and feel that wash through you.

As we speak of this, I also invite you to let go anything that may be a burden. Feel as if you let that flow off your back and as I speak of that I can feel the other energies coming forth, who wish to speak with you.

This is the week of the Christmas holidays upon the Earth. We know that there are a multitude of different religious beliefs. We shine forth and honor and bless everyone for whatever your beliefs may be.

The essence that is coming in, that would like to speak with you is the essence of Sananda. I invite you to have a sense of looking to the side and you will see several individuals that are walking here within this space. Sananda, as many of you are aware, is the over soul essence for that individual that you knew as Jeshua or Jesus. Because of the Christmas holiday, he had asked to come and speak.

You see walking with him some of the other angels and energies that were present upon the Earth at the time that Jeshua walked upon the Earth. Melchizedek is also a part of this group who are coming here to be with you. As this brilliant light comes to a stop it is as if they are standing in the center of everyone.

As Sananda steps forward there is this brilliant light that begins to pulsate and shine forth from him. It is as if there is a shooting star that goes up from where he is. We see flanking him, Melchizedek on one side, Mary Magdalene on the other and standing slightly behind Mary Magdalene is the woman known as Mother Mary. The other angels create a group behind them. [Deep breathe]

I wished to give you this description, because as you are looking at what I describe, allow your consciousness to expand. Open and feel that stream of energy come to you so that you may know if you were a part of this procession in that period in time. Many, many people who are now incarnated upon the Earth were also incarnated at that point. [Deep breathe]

I shift, I release this energy and Sananda steps forth and will begin speaking in a moment.

Sananda Speaks:

I greet you beloved family. As I was moving through this group of all who are here, I had a sense of reaching out to touch each one of you. You are my family, you are my friends.

At the time that I walked upon the Earth as Jeshua there was a certain density, you might call it, there was a certain darkness it’s been referred too. Ir-regardless of how one might define that time in history it was a time for the Earth to ascend into another level of consciousness. That is one of the reasons why many called me a ‘light’, ‘the bringer of the dawn’, ‘the illuminator’. There were many other phrases of similar meanings. Over time it began to be called the Christians or the Christ energy and the religion was formed.

At this time that we are speaking of now, some of you may be surprised to see that the founders of some of the other world religions were also a part of this group. The intention when Jeshua walked upon the Earth was of creating transformation. It was not about creating a particular type of a religious sect. It is always very interesting how things come about over the course of time. It has always been that people seek others that are of a similar belief, which in turn is a similar vibration. People wish to be with other people, because that is so much a part of your human experience.

As I bring this light into our gathering, I am going to illuminate first that time when Jeshua was born. There was a great deal that led up to the birth. There was a great deal of debate on this side of the veil as to who would be the one to incarnate. It was decided that the essence of the individual incarnating upon the Earth would be a blend of different souls essence, hence Sananda. As you are listening to these words or reading these words you may have a sense of familiarity. You may think I remind you of someone else; indeed, it is due to that collective consciousness. So where were you 2010 years ago?

As you look at that life so much took place that was anticipated, so much took place that was not. This is one of the delights of being on the Earth. As Jeshua came through the veil and he was born, there was a certain degree that became veiled to him, of what his purpose was, of what his life would be. Perhaps more than many of the other people living at that time he did have a conscious awareness, as did those key people around him in that life.

The stories told about a fraction, and a percentage of perception of what life was really like. It is really not even important, what the actions were of what that life or how his life was lived. The intention was to create a shift in consciousness so as to infuse light or a higher vibration into the Earth’s reality. That was accomplished.

Now, when we were discussing the eventual outcome or what was the intention, we didn’t know, would it be 1000, 2000 4000 years before the kind of conscious shift that you are now experiencing would take place. Indeed, the Mayan with their calendar had put forth many, many intentions that have come to fruition. And we did create an alignment with the intention of working with those vibrational essences that would put forth at the time of Atlantis.

But as you know, the energies of the Earth are greatly influenced by free will and the collective consciousness of the Earth. So you can see for yourself what it was like at the time that this light was introduced to humanity.

I now turn, shifting my focus to each one of you who is here with me in this moment. I look at you, and I see you. I hear over and over again, that you or humanity is not seen or they are not heard. Wars are fought, because one does not understand another, be it individual culture, belief. I see you; I see you as you are in this moment and I see you as you are in your life. [Deep breathe]

When people are lonely, they are lonely, because they feel isolated, separate, alone. This time of year seems to accentuate that for many different people. So I see you, I flow my essence to you. I send forth love in the form of a hug. Allow my light to come into and surround you within your space. As I shine my light upon the Earth it may be that there are many different things that come to people’s awareness. Allow whatever it is that it’s been hidden to come out into the light, right now.

As I shine my light upon the Earth let all that is infused with density, with darkness, with pain, with anything at all that keeps you from feeling good in your own personal life, but also on a worldwide basis. I infuse my light, that it may shift or transition into a way that it becomes much more balanced. Each one of you already has a very conscious alignment with your divinity. Your divinity is your light. Your divinity illuminates all that is within you. Your divinity loves you unconditionally [Deep breath] so breathe that in, breath down what that feels like to you.

As I again look out at all of you who are here, I invite you to take an opportunity to look at the Earth. It is indeed profound the amount of change that has taken place since the time that Jeshua walked upon the Earth. As each one of you considers what it was like then look at what it is now. It is as if you see the Earth, perhaps at a particular dimension that was represented as the time of Jeshua’s birth and now as you look at that same Earth it has expanded in a profound manner.

There is a great deal more illumination present. There are significantly more individuals who live upon the Earth and as you consider the light that each one of them bring within their own existence, that in and of itself is a part of the change. But it’s more than that, it is the fact that the Earth has shifted into a higher consciousness. Indeed, the collective consciousness continues to have the greater diversity.

There are still people, experiences, places, things that are and will be transitioned. But you as the conscious light bearers of the Earth, you have a brilliant opportunity to work with your own divinity; to work with manifesting more of your divinity into your life. So breathe that down within you.

Look at your life from this place of illumination. If there are things you have been seeking to manifest look about you, see, what is there. If there are things that you have wanted in your life, but they have not manifested, look in a different direction for insight as to why it hasn’t happened.

As you breathe in and accept the light that is you, your life becomes illuminated. I represent the many who are here and work with you on a consistent basis. We all hear you when you ask, ‘if I’m upon this path of Ascension and I have done so much why don’t I see it in my life or why am I still struggling?’ We hear you, and we would like for you to reach out with us and let’s peel back another layer that surrounds the Earth. [Deep breath]

As we peel back this layer, it is releasing that which was unknown to you. It is releasing some of that density that works as if it’s a road block in your life. As we peel back this layer, what you seek is even closer to you than it has ever been before. You may ask what do you need to do for it to manifest. You need only find a place in which you feel good.

Yes, I hear you laughing. Yes, I hear you saying, that’s ridiculous. I believe the Goddess has mentioned it in other conferences, but when you are in the space of higher vibrations, when you’re out here in the universe, when you’re out in the All That Is, you know that by creating stress, creating a struggle, making an effort, it slows things down. When you are out here, in the All That Is and you feel all this energy, you just naturally feel the flow, you feel yourself expand. You feel the shift that takes place around you. It happens through ease, through acceptance, through allowing.

So while there are still the aspects, of what I will call the veil or those aspects of being human, the more that you are in the place of the lighter finer vibrations, the more, things are enhanced through ease, through expansion, through allowing. [Deep breath] So we have just shifted the energies again. We’ve pulled back another veil or shall I say another layer of the veil. Look at who you are, look at your life.

I Sananda have appreciated this opportunity to speak with you, but also to work with the energies who are here. You are all masters of energy; you are all evolved soul essence, who have done this type of work in one form or another many, many different times. If you don’t remember I will remember for you. [Deep breath]

I celebrate with you. I honor you and I walk as ever with you.


The Goddess Speaks:

I the Goddess, shift back within Shelly. As I do so, I can feel how much energy has been shifted this evening.

One might say, Sananda is very powerful, indeed he is, but it’s not just Sananda, it is all of you. It is the other angels. It is so much more than any one thing, it is the group and each one of you, are a very integral part of that. I feel such great love; I feel such admiration for you as you live your life.

I invite you to have a sense of coming back together. Have you noticed that as we come together as a group there is less of the need for the hologram? There is such a continuance flow of energy into your physical Earth that the hologram itself is not as much needed to transport that energy. When we first created the hologram, it was as a vehicle to transmit the energy of the experience into the Earth. So this time as that hologram comes up within the center of the group look at it. Open to feel or sense what the hologram is to you.

As you gather your energies have a sense of linking with the illumination of your light. As you link with that consciousness allow it to flow within the hologram itself. As it flows within the hologram, it is as if there is this burst of energy, this brilliance. As all of you infuse the hologram, each of you as that individual light essence becomes a part of the whole and that brilliant ball of light expands. [Deep breath]

There is a sense of releasing the hologram or releasing that ball of light. It moves down as if to move through the crystalline grid. From there it continues on, it comes into contact with the magnetic grid, as it does so there is an essence that moves through this space assisting it in shifting and expanding. The rest of the energy continues to move down, it moves into the physical Earth itself. As it does so, it links with the core essence of the Earth that links with those crystal aspects that make up the center of the Earth and that radiates out from there. [Deep breath]

Feel how that energy comes up from within the Earth; it comes up within you in your physical presence. You may have a sense of anchoring more fully due to this energy coming up from the Earth, but it also comes out through the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers. It comes out through every particle that is the Earth and that lives upon the Earth. In this way it is creating a greater shift that is in alignment with what Sananda spoke of. You may feel it, you may sense it. [Deep breath]

Allow your consciousness to shift once more, that you may come back within this space of the All That Is. As you once more take a look around, open to see who you are, open to this new perception of your life. Allow yourself to then shift more fully back within the soul plane.

Are you conscious of a greater amount of your divinity as you come back within this space? Do you have a sense of feeling as if you know yourself even better? There is the greater amount of your divinity that remains within this space, but as much as its possible shift with you coming back within the crystalline grid.

As it does so, you feel that sparkling essence, as it illuminates and enhances your own awareness. From there you shift more fully, you too move through the magnetic grid, you move through your higher self. Then have a sense of the energy as it streams down coming within and around you in your human self or your human form.

As you breathe deeply consciously breathe within you this expanded essence. Breathe it all the way down sending it into the Earth and feel as if you, in your human reality are completely aligned with all that you experienced in this journey.

As we are bringing this evening to a close, I invite you to once more reach out from your place here on Earth, that you may feel the essence of your divinity flow within and through you. Allow that divinity to clear out anything that may be holding you back or keeping you from where you wish to be. Allow yourself to be open to the support of all who are here to be with you and know that you are loved, that you are seen and that we acknowledge all of who you are in your life.

I am ever with you and within you.


This is the Q&A session from 12-19-10 Your Light & Sananda's Shining Forth.

Question: Hi Goddess thank you very much. (Hello.) Hi. Some of us believe that St Germain created a monetary fund to be released to humanity at a certain time where the populous would most benefit from it. Some believe that Christmas time is a time, an opportunity, for this money to be released and also Easter. Do you see that happening the release of the monetary fund that St Germain has established to be released this Christmas.

Answer: Uhum Alright beloved I am going to shift a little bit as St Germain was a part of that group that was there with Sinanda and he himself is streaming his energy through Shelly so as to be able to answer this question. (Okay) Greetings all. As I was walking upon the earth in the life of St Germain, that for which I am most known, I was an Alchemist among many other things. I could create money and in addition to that create money in the sense of gold tokens, but in the sense of that I learned very much the experience of abundance; the experience of ease in manifesting. So, when I speak of pockets of money, or amounts of money that have been made available to people, what is occurring is that there is a shift in consciousness that allows for more and more people to be able to have that ease in creating money; that ease in creating alchemy; that ease in being in the flow of abundance and that in turn creates an actual monetary shift on the earth plane.

So when it was asked is there a pocket of money, or a bunch of money that is going to be released this Christmas, indeed there has been a gradual increase and increasing in the amount of abundance of wealth that is available to people. So there will always be those that say, “but that’s not true, I do not see it in my life”. There are going to be others that say, “I am seeing greater abundance, I am seeing more money in my life”. So it is all about each individual’s journey. It is about you and making yourself into that flow, or into that energy, or essence that allows for that abundance to be within your life.

Are you asking is there going to be the gold bullion released that increases the actual money. Is that going to be released into the economy? Perhaps, that’s not real clear to me that it’s going to come through in that manner. What I see happening and what I see that is actually occurring that the people were tapping into was that shift in consciousness, and the expanding consciousness, and that in turn is generating more of a flow in the money, which leads to a sense of more money available.

Does that make sense to you beloved?

Yes it does, but there was also a feeling, or understanding that there was actual money that was created by St Germain, established years ago by St Germain, specifically structured to be released in monetary form, or gold, or whatever to humanity, but I understand that the shift and the opportunity begins in the consciousness of the individual.

So as for the actual gold that was created by St Germain that has been released in segments, in gradual segments over a multitude of years. That too has increased too in part due to the population of the earth; it’s increased in various segments due to the stimulation of the economy; it’s increased due to the collective consciousness of the earth. So the money that was created by St Germain as the Alchemist has been released in various forms. Is there more to be released, always, there is always going to be more, and there is always going to be an increasing amount of abundance. Is it this Christmas, is it going to show up in your specific pocket, and the pocket of these other people that are asking for it. It’s a potential. It could happen in the way that they are envisioning it. It could be that people suddenly reach inside their pocket and what was empty is now full. The energy of that, the essence of that is about being in a flow and allowing that expansion to be a part of their reality.

Okay thank you very much. (You’re Welcome.)

Question: Thank you Goddess for the lovely journey and to the Masters and Angels who were there with us. (You’re welcome.) I have asked about the relationship with my son previously and I was just wondering if there has been any movement there with the energy, and if it would be worthwhile for me to speak with his father about this.

Answer: Uhum Can you tell us your son’s name so we can create a greater link. (Bradley) He’s not living in your proximity is he? It feels like he’s away from you.

No he lives in the same city.

Okay then the distance might be more of an emotional thing because as we look at you and as we reach out to Bradley to find out, it’s as if we see two separate cities, or a space apart from one another. So when we spoke to you of this before we had a different sense of things. It’s almost as if it was more of a communication or more of a shorter distance between you two. It feels as if at this time there is more of a distance, so let me see if we can reach out to Bradley you said – correct. (Yes) Okay.

When we reach out and link with him asking him about what’s going on we get a sense of confusion. We get a sense of feeling as if he is pulled in different directions. We get a sense that he feels like no matter what I do I can’t please everybody, so it’s as if he’s pulling away from both you and his father and other people around him. He feels isolated. He feels separated and that is the reason why we had that sense of him being further apart from you. It does not feel as if it is, well we feel that in part it is what you are doing, what his father is doing, but that is not the whole cause of things. This is more so about him, that feeling of being different, that feeling of being isolated, that feeling of not being able to please other people. So it also feels as if there may be other things that are going on in his life that are just kind of hazy to us that we are just not quite sure about.

So what we would like to do is we have surrounded him with energy. We first of all reach out, and we had done this as we were talking to him the first time, asking him, or creating an alignment with him, that we could come in and communicate with him more fully, but as we’re doing this we have this sense that he’s got this shell around him. So what we are doing – whew, whew – we have a sense of just kind of shoving in, or shoving through or moving through like a burst of energy to help kind of break up that shell that’s around him, and as it does so we have this sense of this pouring out of energy, this pouring out of all this stuff that has been.

He’s one of those people that others may say he’s a troubled individual because it just seems like there is just so much around him that causes him pain or makes things very difficult for him. So we are trying to kind of just shift all of that away so that he can instead come back around and can feel more so at peace. We’re trying to infuse him with just that sense of peace, or that sense of awareness. As we have been speaking of this and as we have been doing this we see him now it is almost like he has taken a deep breath, or like someone who wakes up and they look around them to see where am I what’s been going on like he’s just waking up like having been asleep for a long time. As we’re saying this do you have a sense of connecting with what we are talking about?

Oh I understand yes.

Okay so what we would say for you to do is to talk to him and it feels like he’s someone, I don’t know it is hard to say. Okay, at first what we were starting to say to you is that is feels like he is very sensitive to noise and sounds and tones and energy, so sending him a letter or email would be more effective in creating a change in communication, but we also had a sense that in doing that it would be very easy for him to ignore. So the thing that we feel is most important for him to realize is that he is that you see him, that you acknowledge him, that you love him. Just as with this journey Sananda kept saying over and over again I see you, I acknowledge you and I hear you, that’s what he is saying to us that he is looking for someone that can see him and can acknowledge him. So what we would say to you is that if you feel it would be beneficial to speak to his father by all means do so, but this is more so about holding him in the light that he can be open that he can receive the awareness that he is seeking. That he is not so isolated that he is not alone and we think that’s what will have the greater impact.

So this would be done energetically.

We think to begin with energetically, then eventually it will get to the point where you will be able to talk to him directly.

Because the ignorance is… yeah, very much evident ignoring me and my attempts of communication.

And when he ignores you it creates a response in you where you get frustrated, it creates a response of hurt and those types of energies and emotions then begin to pull you out of an alignment, well out of alignment with him. So, it’s almost a way where you need to figure out a way to be able to express yourself to him, be able to work with him without the expected outcome, or without allowing yourself to feel the frustration. It’s very hard to do as a human we understand that completely, but if you will put forth that intention and work with things energetically you will find that things are shifting and if you continue to see him as – if when you reach out to him it feels like there is that shell there, bring us in, or bring your own light, your own energy, to shine through that shell that you are getting through the shell and getting to the individual directly.

I understand that. Okay, thank you very much for this information.

You are welcome beloved and hang in there and keep doing this it is all worth it.

Okay, thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

Question: Good evening Goddess! (Hello!) Thank you so very much for all the wonderful energies this evening, it was very wonderful. (Excellent) My question is I’ve been working diligently on trying to manifest something for my businesses and in clearing out the energies for my life. I was just wondering how I’m progressing with that as I get ready to move into 2011 with my new businesses and just with my energies overall.

Answer: Alright beloved, the first thing we would like to share with you is that we see work you’ve been doing has been setting the foundation. It’s been creating alliances with other people, as if you’ve been biding your time until the time is right for things to really begin to happen. So we feel like what’s been going on with your business has been about nibbles or practice experiences. It feels like 2011, not necessarily in January, but more so towards February or March, it’s as if with the New Year and the way things are shifting, that’s when everything is going to fall into place. It’s like we feel this ‘click’ and everything is just off and running. It’s like everything explodes all at once.

You may be asking how can I bring that more quickly, have it come in more quickly, how can I move that forward? It feels like it’s a timeline that was put into place last summer. There’s not really anything you need to do to bring it forward more quickly. What we would say to you is that when you are working with your business, when you continue to work with these contacts, if you do so from that space; with the journey tonight; okay we are going to back track excuse us a second.

With the journey tonight Sananda worked a great deal about releasing the veil, peeling back another layer and allowing the light of your divinity to really flow within your daily life within your human reality on earth. When you do that it creates a more brilliance of illumination that allows you to have a different perspective of the things that around you in life. So the sense we have is that when you are beginning your work either for the day or the week or for a one on one session; whatever it might be. When you consciously allow your light to really illuminate within you then whatever you are doing will go more smoothly. The more that goes smoothly, the more it builds up, the more it creates a flow that becomes unstoppable as it continues to grow and grow and grow. Does that resonate with you beloved?


When you ask is there anything else I need to do within myself, how am I doing. It feels as if there are some physical things like twitches, like some aches and pains of things. That to us feels as if it’s the normal transition that people are going through as their physical body is shifting into a higher vibration. As we look at you in terms of emotions, in terms of mental body; all of that feels pretty clear and seems to have a good cohesiveness that flows between them. So if we just look at you as an individual walking upon the earth, the sense we get is that you are balanced and that you have done the work you need to do.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome. We send love and extra energy and support that everything goes as smoothly and expanded even more so than what you anticipate.

Thank you.

Question: Aloha Goddess, thank you for another beautiful journey and facilitating all that for us. (You’re welcome.) I don’t know how to even put this into words especially without coming across as a poor me, or victim, or something but I am getting beyond my capacity to deal. I don’t know. I went from being a happy person, childlike and full joy and magic and synchronicity. The last few years have been overwhelming death and disappointment and destruction and loss and lack and suffering and struggle. I’m a really tough person and have always believed I could handle anything. But I’m having trouble now and in particular if I’m creating my reality; then I’m beginning to hate myself! So why am I creating this reality? I try to tell myself it’s an initiation I’m going through or a clearing that’s going on. But there is, every time a light appears at the end of the tunnel and I get close to it, the light goes out. I feel like a donkey with a carrot in front of me, I keep chasing that carrot and I can’t get to it. What do I need to do? Is this ever going to shift? Or do I just need to accept that this is what it is now. I don’t know what to do.

Answer: Okay beloved, what you are expressing is what many, many others are also feeling. It was a part that was very prevalent at the beginning of the journey tonight. Especially at this time of the year, it’s as if that mirror of the things that are a struggle or the things that are painful in people’s lives. It seems even more prevalent than what it might in the normal circumstances. We acknowledge that that is part of the reason that things seem particularly intense.

So the first thing I would like for you to do and this is for anyone else who has a similar situation; I would like for you to just in this moment, just for this second in time; have a sense of taking in a deep breath. As you breathe in, really feel my energies as I come flowing through you. I reach out, I stream through you, I go in through your breath, I go in through heart center and as I go into your heart center I’m going to swirl around in these energies. [Deep breath in and out.] Then as you are breathing out I have a sense of exploding out from there! [Deep breath in and out.] I just send out and I push out as much of this energy. As I was looking at you, I saw you as if with this as if with the burdens, as if with this density, not with a shell of protection per se, but just like this shell developed around you because of the repeated disappointments. So what my intention was as I’ve been doing this [Deep breath in and out.] is to send little pulses of energy or impulses of light. Each time it goes through your heart center and out from there it’s removing a little more and more and more.

The other thing I wanted you to do was breathe down and link with that part that is judgment; judgment that you’re doing something wrong, judgment that no matter what it’s going to be wrong, judgment that that light at the end of the tunnel is always removed from me so I must need to do something different; all of those various energies and emotions that are hooked into that or aligned with that. We want that belief, that judgment to come up within your heart center. As it comes up into your heart center, consciously have a sense of scooping it up out of there [Deep breath in and out.] and as you breathe out, just breathe out and let it go. There it goes, whew.

That was the main thing we wanted to do with you was help you to shift the energy and help you to expand the energy field around you. What we see happening is that you’ve been straddling different dimensions. There’s a part of you that keeps getting sucked down into the third dimension and that’s where it’s such a struggle and where it seems like its one thing after another that falls against you.

When we look at you in terms of your energetic being in terms of your divinity, you’re living more so in the 5th dimension, even the 4th dimension. There’s a part of you that’s reaching even higher than that because there’s a part of your saying let me get to the light, get to the light, get to the light. That stretching out of your energies and not staying totally in one dimension or anther is what creates the greater discord in your life. So as you are creating this change, as you are reaching towards a life that really feels good, where things manifest, where you are back in that space of joy; that is more so in that sense of the 4th and 5th dimension. Now any human upon the earth is going to be pulled down into the other dimensions or the 3rd dimension; but it’s about how much time do you spend in that space.

For you, as you are creating your life, what I would say to you is create that space that you know feels good to you. It’s like you create your sanctuary in be it your physical environment, be it your meditations, be it your intentions as you are living your day so that when you find yourself getting tugged or pulled into the problems you are having it’s almost like you see them coming in, you begin to feel bad, you put your arm it’s like it’s wiping your arm down in front of you. Like zoomp, I’m stopping that. I’m going to instead turn myself, it’s like you physically turn your body around. Instead you open up and you breathe in your intention of where you want to live your life and where you want your focus to be.

Now, this may sound like it’s something that will not have that much affect, but it will really have a profound effect upon you. As you are more balanced, as your energies are more drawn together and anchored within you and you are not stretched out over a large area, you are going to find that some of these things that are right now bothering you will go past you and not bother you. They won’t affect you in your daily life. There will be other things that come in that will enhance what you are seeking to have. That just expands your place of feeling good. When you have an expanded place of feeling good, you have more feeling good. Does that make sense beloved?

Yes it does because right now it feels like there is only this hole of feeling good and I have to squish in like through a rabbit hole and I can’t even get into it. I need, we all do in this incarnation; need a place of feeling good. (Exactly!) What I am concerned about is this intention thing that’s been going on for me. As I set an intention for what I want or what I look forward to, it seems to create the opposite. So I have tried not to put out there what I want so it won’t be taken away. Did we move that by any chance tonight, because that has been overwhelming too?

It feels like it was shifted, but it feels like there is still energy in there around that. It may be something you want to work with Shelly one on one because we can’t take that much more time tonight. But the one thing we will say is where you said there was a pin hole or the small thing; focus on that pin hole, focus on that small circle of light and consciously infuse it so that you actually see it stretching and becoming bigger and bigger so that you can step through it or look out of it like a port hole and then it gets bigger. That’s how you create the change that brings it in.

The universe knows what you want. The universe is working very diligently to bring that into manifestation with you. As you create the changes in your vibration and changes in your perception of things, that’s what allows you to line up with what the universe is bringing in.

Ah, thank you so much! So much! Namaste, many solstice and holiday blessings to you and everyone.

You are very welcome beloved. We see that you have shifted.

Oh, thank you!

You are welcome.

Question: I am looking for a new career direction. Can you tell me what direction is the best for me to explore?

Answer: Okay. If you’ll take a second to reach out; well first of all, if you’ll take a deep breath inside of yourself. Then as you breathe in you let your focus go down inside your heart center. That allows me to kind of get a deeper connection with you.

It feels like what you have been doing gives us a sense of being constricted or narrow. The best way to describe this is we see you as very creative and very expanded and you’ve taken that expansion and creation and are trying to squeeze it into a small little compartment. It feels like a career change; we see that this next year for you is the right time for this to happen. When you ask what is the best thing for you to do? We’re not getting anything super specific. But it’s like we’re seeing various lights. It’s like we’re standing in a place that feels kind of dark and we’re seeing various lights in various directions.

The reason we get this is that we’re seeing this perception through your guides and expanded self. So what we would say to you is that if you begin to focus on the things you would like to do, if you focus on what is creative, if you focus on what’s going to give you more flexibility in hours; okay, the more that we speak of this, now things are coming more so into focus.

We have a sense of a type of work that allows you to be outside of an office either driving or having flexible hours where you do some things at home and some things in the office. It feels like it’s something besides the 9-5 type of work; it feels like you have family or other things you want to do in your life, so that allows you the flexibility. Does that resonate with you so far?


Okay and so it feels like you have been creating what you want to have but we also got a feeling of ‘this is what I would like to have but I don’t think it will ever work or I don’t have the qualifications’. It feels like there is something that is limiting that is standing between you and what you want to do. The next thing we see, okay 2 things. We saw one was about going back and getting some training whether it was a formal school or taking a training class, we’re not quite sure but we see you doing something like that.

On top of that we also see you looking in a new direction. We see you take a class or do something that opens a door for you that allows for more potential. Whatever it is you’ve been considering most recently, it feels like it’s but a stepping stone to where you’re going to go. We think that by looking at creativity, looking at what you can learn that’s new and different and really letting yourself become conscious of what you want in your life, then that is how it will begin to take shape for you. Does that make any sense?

Yes, thank you.

Okay, you’re welcome. We wish we could say it is specifically this, that or the other, but it’s just not coming clear to us like that. So we will send a bolus of energy [Deep breath in and out.] that it will come clear to you.

May I ask a follow along, related question? Is any of this related to working with children?

Ah, that was not apparent to me as I was very first looking at things. But as you speak of it, we can see is as a potential that is just a glimmer at this point. So it’s something you would need to expand upon or explore further. Anything that is your passion or interest is what will truly manifest for you. If children are your passion, then we say start in that direction.

Alright, thank you for the journey and this information. I appreciate it.

You’re welcome. We can only take one more.

Question: Hey Goddess, thank you so much for the journey tonight and this opportunity. (You’re welcome.) I have trouble asking this question because it’s really a good thing. Lately I’ve been going through some really big changes. It feels more vibrational. I’ve been doing things that 6 months ago I probably never would have done. I’m really following my intuition and following my guidance. The choices I’m making are very foreign to me; to have this trust and this faith that what I feel inside is right. It’s working really well for me! But I guess I just would like to know if you have any insights or any guidance you have to offer. Because this is really new, I feel really new and different now.

Answer: Well beloved we know exactly why you asked that question and why this is bringing to conclusion this session. If you think back to the other individual just a few questions ago; that was at one end of the spectrum and you are at the other end of the spectrum. You are an illustration to people of what they are working towards and showing that, yes it can happen. You are here as a representative to indicate that it’s scary to step outside of your norm. A transition that is this significant can bring about many changes. But by listening to your intuition, following through even though it might not make sense to you in the moment; if it feels right, if it feels good you are going to do it and trust that it will unfold. And then indeed, things have unfolded.

So in essence you are doing exactly what you put forth for yourself and what we see in you is that you have a significant alignment. We saw like a star, you know how a shooting star goes across the sky? That’s what we saw in you from say a year ago to now. Like that shooting star that went across the sky, as that brilliant illumination, you ended up where you are right now; just this brilliant light.

We can see that the doubts and concerns come from that place of as you said ‘that it’s just so different’ and can I really believe in myself, can I really trust myself. We are here to confirm, yes indeed you can! Because you are deeply aligned, you are in the flow; you are truly manifesting what you have been creating.

Thank you very much! My heart really went out to the woman who was in so much pain. (Umhmm) I’ve been there. (She said something else, but I couldn’t understand.)

Exactly, it is never fun to be in that space; there’s no doubt about that! People have that in varying degrees. Some as she does, some in parts of what she does, some even worse. It’s not about judgment it’s simply about where an individual is at any given time. But what people are reaching towards is that feeling of alignment, that feeling that things just fall into place, that feeling that it feels good and that is creates that feeling of joy. Is that not right beloved?

Yes, that’s correct.

Umhmm what I meant to say is that not where you feel you are the majority of the time these days?

Yeah, lately, it took some very scary decisions. Everything within me said you have to do this. Even though it was scary and it just felt exactly like I had to do it. It’s been good. I’m moving in a really good place. (Excellent) I needed to hear this is good and I’m in good alignment.

Well thank you very much for speaking up about that. I see 2011 as a year that will continue to expand for you.

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome.

Alright beloved and for those that I was unable to answer their questions as always I send out my, my embrace to you. I send out my own awareness that you may receive the answers that you are seeking.



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