Illuminate Your DNA

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all who are here, whether it i’s conscious or unconscious within this time space reality.

I love you! I love you dearly. You the humans choosing to live at this time upon the earth are the Trailblazers. You’re the ones who said, “I’ll go forth and be part of the change taking place upon the earth”. You are the ones who said, “Please allow me to step back into that human form so as to experience this Ascension process”. Many, many, many of you had no need to come back to the earth. You had gone through your many, many cycles and you had shifted off of the earth and you were done.

However, when the call went out, probably about 100 years ago or so in your linear time frame there were many of you who said, “I will go”, “Let me go”, “I want to be the one”. This bring up a lot of emotion in Shelly, because it’s a reminder that she was one of the ones that chose to be a part of this experience and had not been upon the earth for quite some time.

I feel sure there are many of you resonating with that same energy and vibration. This has not been in vain. We are accomplishing what we seek to accomplish. There is more taking place than what you realize.

As you consider what takes place upon the earth, life is a pendulum. We’ve been way over to the side with matriarchal environments; Avalon, Lemuria. Those ancient times it was a feminine energy, it was fairly balanced. However, there was always that experience of living upon the earth through the eyes of the human.

The pendulum swung way the other direction in which it was the patriarchal or the masculine dominance; this is what Atlantis represents and this is what you are coming out of at this time. You have been coming out for the last 2000 years or more.

When you look at your history upon the earth, you will see cycles and cycles and cycles when they were particular peoples that were very prominent in various parts of the world that rose and fell. They were there for a reason. They were a part of the whole. Most every one of these have their own connections with the universe and with the planets or the species that were of support to them.

If you think back during each of those other cycles, it was very rare that there was any sort of communication that included the whole entire earth, it was all segmented. One of the reasons why there is such a prominent Ascension right now is because the earth is connected as a whole. What transpires in one part of the planet is happening in another part of the planet.

There’s been quite a bit of chaos because it is from chaos that the calm and the balance emerges. Once more, thinking back to that experience of the pendulum; as you have so much that people speak about with the prejudice, with the judgment, with the warfare, there are those that seek to continue that because it serves their purpose, however, I as the Goddess and many, many of the star beings that are watching and assisting on earth in the ways in which we may, can see that that is changing.

So many of you say, “It doesn’t seem like its changing. It still seems awful. I still wake up and I’m in fear”, and each person experiences exactly that, their experience. However, as compared to the times in which it was like this with no hope, with no light, with only darkness there is now immense, immense, immense amounts of light that flow into the earth on a continuous basis. Not only does it flow in from the universe, it is here being generated by each one of you.

This is why you said you wanted to come and be a part of this, to be a part of this crystalline vibration, to be a part of this light, this love, this potential that seeds the earth at this time. Not only is it seeding the earth, it is regenerating and bringing up that flow, that love, and that awareness. Yes, it’s happening and yes, as you create your reality you can be aware of what’s happening, however, make absolutely certain you are not feeding that. You feed it by getting into the drama. You feed it by feeling angry or frustrated.

Even if you want to pray for them you are feeding the energy, because what you are doing is you’re hooking into that energy and then you’re praying that is going to change, which is trying to change from within the problem and you therefore just, energy is energy, it just creates more and more.

So this is why in this now moment as you consider your life, consider that you through your own divinity are an amazing individual. You have power beyond your realization and it is this power, this association with the light vibration of the crystalline that transmutes all of those other energies. So by acknowledging it, if it is in your face or if you see it you then pull out any cords, you disconnect from it, and you now come around and flow love, light, and compassion into that situation from a space of a higher vibration.

It becomes so easy the more that you do it. Is there something in your life that’s immediately coming to mind where you realize, “Hum…I need to disconnect. I need to reassess”?

I am here; the Angels are here, your own support to your divinity is right here with you.

Sometimes it can of makes me smile how all of this energy just comes up and I just speak it out. Shelly is of course in the background saying, “I didn’t know we were going to do that”. However I am in the flow of the energy, I am in the flow of all that’s happening upon the earth and in the universe so that I am speaking that which is a response to what I’m hearing in a way that is flowing around the world at this time.  

And so take another deep breath in ground yourself once more sending that energy down into the earth. As you send this into the earth allow yourself to anchor as if you spread that core essence of who you are out in different directions. You feel the essence of Gaia, allowing that to come back up within you. You then send that stream of light, it goes up and out through the top of your head. It just naturally flows into the space of your higher self.

As you connect with your higher self this is what gives you that expanded perspective of your life. You are still here fully conscious as the human. You are also receiving the energy of your own divinity as it flows within you. It is, therefore, anchoring in that higher vibration.

As you feel this expansion and alignment supporting you, you can allow your stream of consciousness to continue to move that thread of energy that links you directly from your human into your divinity. It’s something that you can just follow up and then your consciousness connects with your I AM Presence.

As it connects with your Presence, with your I AM, this is your divinity, it is also known as your God source, it is also known as you, as your oversoul for these lifetimes. You have the opportunity to blend with your divinity and as you do so you might have that sense of being welcomed home. This is your true home. This is the part of you that lives on and on and on.

Open, experience, all of who you are.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst you. As I do so, I reach out to embrace each one of you. As our energies merge together, it will move into the All That Is.

Within the All That Is, this is our place of creation, this is a dimension. It is a place within the universe, it is a place where you reside very frequently when you allow your consciousness to expand.

I invite you to look around.

As you allow your focus to not only be inward within your consciousness but to look outward at what you have created here, you find the space of awareness.

The All That Is, is ever changing. The All That Is, is a phrase that we have used from the time that we have had these gatherings together. The All That Is has been spoken about in many different cultures but perhaps they have used a different name.

You have access to the universe from within this space. You have the opportunity to truly know yourself in all levels, from this lifetime into the many other lifetimes available to you. This is one of the things that I wish to discuss with you this evening.

I invite you to create a space around you. It may be a place that just feels very nurturing and supportive of you.

What I would first like to do is ask you to just simply understand your lifetime as it has been. During our last gathering (Your Soul’s Timeline March 04, 2018) we spoke of the timeline and you were able to perceive situations or experiences that might have come up lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. You might have been able to perceive the many dimensions that represented your timeline, be it in a spiral or in a linear fashion.

I wish to discuss again this evening, we have done it before, your DNA. The DNA is the foundation that makes you human. DNA is found in other animals, however for this experience, we speak of the human DNA.

There are those that will state that extraterrestrials were the ones that infused the DNA into those people that were living upon the earth and that’s what brought in the transformation. There is some truth to that. There are others who say that your DNA has aspects to it or particles to it or threads within it that are being controlled by others. There is a potential in that.

As you look at the long, long history of humanity upon the earth there have absolutely been times in which others have been controlling.  A few people have been controlling of the masses. That is still going on; however that too is a part of this final transition.

What we’re going to do today is work with not only the DNA of humanity, but for each one of you to look at your own.

I present in front of you a big screen, if you want to think of this screen or a hologram that represents your own DNA. Now, you can look at it with your inner eyes, you can look at it with your unconscious eyes, you can look at it with your physical eyes.

You may have no visual perspective of which we speak. It matters not because what we do and what we speak about at this time has a deep and abiding effect upon you than humanity.


I’m smiling because as I was beginning to do this, there was a team of people who came in, Melchizedek, Metatron, Archangel Michael, Yeshua, Kuthumi; there was a group of people that came in who have been very consciously working with everyone’s DNA and they, therefore, wish to be a part of this discussion.

I will turn this energy over to Melchizedek, inviting him to speak of the DNA at this time.

Melchizedek speaks.

Greetings, thank you for inviting me to be a part of this experience. I know the Goddess was laughing saying I invited myself to be here to speak with you. However, I have worked with the DNA from the time it first became manipulated so to speak. As the Goddess was speaking about the time in which the DNA was first tampered with, that was back one would say 2 to 300,000 years ago, again, looking at your timeline.

It really has been the only, it has only been the last I would say 10,000 years in which we have been very consciously peeling away some of that old energy associated with one’s DNA. What is the DNA? What does that mean to you? Everyone realizes that spiral that looks like a ladder. It’s been called Jacob’s ladder; it’s been called many different things.

As you consider those enlarged images of the ladder or of the twisting spiral there are little attachments all along the way. So too, some people have more of the bars between, others have more strands that are activated and it’s as if you take that spiral and then out from that there are other spirals that go around it. You have the 2 here, 2,2,2,2,2 and this is just one of the ways that people perceive the expansion in your DNA. So here is the question. Have you always had those strands of the DNA and they’re just now been activated or are they being integrated into the physicality over the last 2000, 4000 years? It is both.

People have always had the ability to live with these higher, more expanded strands of DNA. There have been those in past lifetimes that seem to stand out from others. It is because they brought their consciousness through. Sometimes it was intrinsically within them and it was entrained within their DNA and that’s what pushed them and prompted them through their lives. There are so many things right now that are in everyone’s DNA which causes a collective conscious reaction.

As people continue to grow in the manner in which you are, you are actually peeling off the old energy that no longer serves you. You do this by shifting your emotions, your beliefs, your physicality. You also do it by working with your DNA within your bloodstream.

I, therefore, invite you to ask to see what your own personal DNA looks like, and most of you will have that sense of the two. However, if you perceive more than those two strands, howsoever that comes across to you, that is the way yours is looking.

I ask for you to have the perception of it lighting up those chromosomes that represent whether you are male or female.

There are more that see both of them light up. It doesn’t mean that you are having a transgender experience. It means simply that you have the features of both sexes within your physical body. It can be very dramatic that you have all the sexual organs or it can be very subtle. That it’s a hormonal experience.

As you look at your own DNA ask, is there something within my DNA that connects me to the collective consciousness of the earth? I laugh because everyone is like, ding, ding, ding, like those video games that all the lights are going off. Some of this that you can see within your own programming, because that’s what your DNA is, it’s the programming from a molecular level outward of you in this life. So as you look at your DNA, have the sense of bringing down through your divinity or bringing down from here in the space of the All That Is the crystalline essence. Let that come down through you and send it down through that strand of your DNA and allow it to neutralize, clear out or get rid of those connections to the collective consciousness. ~ Whew~

One may think, “Oh my goodness it cannot be that easy or everyone would be disconnected”. There are different depths and different strands. There are some that would be extremely difficult to clear out, however, yes, you can that easily clear out many of the strands that are holding you back or holding you in this essence.

I ask again that you look at your own DNA. You bring down that crystalline vibration of the omniverse ~whew~ send it through again.

Once more, is there anything that is prominently associated with your DNA that connects you with the collective consciousness? You see? It is dramatically less for almost every single one of you.

When the Goddess spoke earlier about disconnecting from those experiences that you seek to change, sometimes you are pulled into it through these strands within your DNA. It’s as if there’s something beyond you or within you that just seems to pull you in a certain direction. It’s more than just feeling compassion. So this is another way where you can change your perspective.

Have you had a karmic agreement between you and your own divinity that shows up lifetime after lifetime after lifetime? Ask that it’ll be illuminated for you at this time.

Some of you have many things that show up, some of you have maybe one, maybe two. Most people have at least two things that are recurrent lifetime after lifetime. It can be something that helps you and supports you. It can be something that is teaching you a lesson.

Look at your DNA. Become aware of whatever this may be and as you perceive, what that energy is ask to know if there is something more that you need to learn about a situation. Is there something more that you need to heal?

You let that information move through you. It maybe, come immediately to you, it maybe over the next days or weeks. But ask to know if you can resolve whatever the situation may be and then bring down that crystalline vibration and seal it off or release it once and for all.

Is there a particular illness or shall I say something in your physicality, perhaps its pain, cancer, perhaps is overweight, underweight, your physical body, maybe you’re not as strong as you used to be but your physical body is the vehicle allowing you to live this lifetime and your physicality is based in many of the strands of your DNA.

Is there something associated with your physical body that no longer serves you? You can look at that. You can think specifically about what it may be for you and as you look down that strand ask to know whatever that lesson may be. Fill it with the crystalline energy that crystalline light, let that flow through you once more going down your DNA allowing it to transform, heal, clear out or transition whatever that may be. It may be also that you’ve done that; you’ve send that light through it and it remains there, present for you. This is because there is more for you to do, be it conscious or unconscious. Be open, loving and compassionate with yourself as this unfolds for you.

We could go on and on in so many different directions with this, however, I would like you to take that step back disconnecting from the specifics of your life and instead now infuse the vibration of the fifth dimension or activate it. You will find that almost every single one of you already has this within the vibration of your DNA. Others, it may be already active and flowing or it may be there but not very active right now. Activate the fifth dimensional vibration. ~whew~ sending through that crystalline light from your divinity and from the All That Is. Let us look at the 6th, 7th, 8th. We need not give a specific number, simply have the intention of activating these higher dimensions, that they may flow through and it opens up more strands within your DNA. It opens up more threads that connect the strands.

The changes in DNA, are now showing up under the microscope. In part because humanity has the technology to see it; however, there is, there continues to be a large amount of human DNA that is not seen with the microscope. There is a part of your DNA that is directly associated with your emotions, with your thoughts, with your beliefs. It’s more than just you are blonde, you are dark-haired, you are light skinned, you are dark skinned, your eyes are a particular color or another. Those are all those minute particles.

Become aware that with every beat of your heart, you have the pulsation of this energy moving through your body. Your DNA is within every cell. You’ve got branches of it within every cell so you therefore have the opportunity to work with it on many levels. And in working with your DNA you have the ability to transform not only your physical reality but your mental, your emotional, your spiritual, your light body. All levels of who you are can transform in such a way that you leave behind what no longer serves you. It can transform that you open up to potentials that you had not anticipated. It is here.

I Melchizedek have been a part of humanity from the time in which consciousness entered the earth plane. I’ve walked upon the earth, many, many times. I work with many of you in your dream state, in your conscious state. Know that I am always here with deep love and respect for you.

As you transform your DNA in a very conscious way I invite you to think of me, Michael, Metatron, all the many light beings that are here to assist you. You don’t have to analyze it, you don’t have to program it. You need only infuse that light and have the intention of clearing out what no longer works for you. If it helps to see it, fantastic, however, whenever you breathe down your divinity allowing it to flow through you it is going into every cell. It is illuminating every cell, it is assisting with activating much of what is coming into you.

It’s amazing the physical body of humanity upon the earth. It is not common throughout the universe for people to have something like this. We, therefore, honor and respect you and thank you for your part in this transformation.


The Goddess returns to speak.

I the Goddess return and as I do so, I see how each one of you have actually shifted your vibration. Everything within here is transformed. Not only because you have transformed through your DNA you have also transformed through the relationship between you and the omniverse, you and the crystalline, you and your divinity and then the human aspect which includes your physical, your mental, your emotional, your spiritual and lately the light body. It is a beautiful site.

One thing that Melchizedek did not mention but can also be pertinent to people is that as you work with your Akashic records or as you work with your divinity to clear out either experiences or past agreements you are also transforming your DNA.

These are but different ways in which you can look at yourself and look at your life so as to create change.

It is beautiful.

Take a moment to just breathe in, breathing in the essence of this space allowing your consciousness to adjust. Breathe in the love, the support for all who are here, knowing that it’s going to flow through and transform into your everyday reality.

I invite everyone to come together as a group.

As you gather there’re many of you who are here with that full openness of who you are. There are many who are shifting out of their old reality and into the new reality. There are others of you that consciously choose to have all spectrums here and present with you. However, I will say, that transformation from Melchizedek of clearing out some of that old energy of the collective consciousness is allowing for everyone to create a new beginning. Receive that new beginning.

You’ll see the hologram of the earth coming up within the center of this group. I like to work with this hologram because it is truly having an impact not only upon clearing the collective consciousness but on supporting Gaia by infusing all of this amazing energy from the All That Is directly into Gaia, so each one of you infuses your experience today into this hologram. All of the energies who are here also send theirs into this, this hologram and then you release it from this group. It’s as if it moves down through the All That Is. There is a part that goes out to the omniverse, there is a part that goes down into the earth and as it’s going through the layers of the earth it’s clearing out the old stuck energy. It’s clearing out what no longer suits the whole and it is creating the potential for this new aspect of the Ascension to take place.

That hologram moves into the center of the earth, it aligns within the crystals that are there, it aligns within all that is a part of the earth itself expanding outward. It moves through clearing out the layers, it moves through the earth, the grass, the water, the trees, it comes up within you, your own transformation of the DNA, it comes up within you, allowing you to make an adjustment. I invite you to pause for a moment.

Allow yourself to get quite.

Feel this integration from your cellular level, through everything. Your physicality, your mental body, which is your thoughts, your beliefs, your reality, your emotions, your spiritual body, which is all of those higher dimensions and then the crystalline energy. It’s as if it comes up from where it’s anchored in the earth and it moves through you. So too, it becomes available for anyone that may be seeking this energy, just clear it out much of that old stuck energy of the earth.

As each one of you come back within yourself have that intention of allowing your energies to ground through that connection to Gaia. You then bring back all the remainder of your consciousness, letting it come back down through. It moves through your I AM Presence, your divinity. It flows through your higher self and it streams back down into you the human.

Allow yourself to once more become grounded in this now energy.

My beloved family, as we continue to have this deep, deep transformation taking place, I invite each one of you to live your life as the intrinsic person you are, as your divinity, as the human, as the person making conscious choices for how they are living their lives. Be your authentic self. Recognize that you can transform through your thoughts, beliefs, your DNA, through your past karmic agreements, everything can transform. Allow for that reality to move through you as you continue to integrate level upon level upon level of the higher crystalline vibration as it comes into the earth.

Be the lightworker that you are. Be the person that is the reflection of your divinity and allow for your life to unfold in that which is in your highest and best interest.

Know that I am always with you.




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