Infinity & the Lion’s Gate

I always love this first channel of August because it taps into the energy of the Lion’s Gate. This a time when a portal opens on 08-08 which allows for a huge influx of crystalline energy around abundance. In numberology 8 represents abundance. To me there are so very many reasons and ways to tap into abundance; abundance of love, life, flow, potentials, flowers, grass, travel…. you name it, it’s in there. During the month of August because of the number eight, it is frequently focused on monetary abundance.

During this channel as the Goddess spoke of the number 8 she referred to it as an infinity sign. In theginning the upper look linked to your divinity, the lower loop linked with your human reality. Once this alignment was established, the Goddess shifted the plane of vibration for the infinity symbol. With the shift, the lower loop be around you and the upper loop reach to what you seek to manifest. In this way there is a powerful flow from you, to what you seek and back to you.

No matter when you tap into this, you can always experience the Lion’s Gate and the infinite power of abundance and wealth. Finding alignment with one form of abundance opens the door for other forms!


Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to you. I flow infinite patience and light into Shelly as she is allowing yourself to let go of what’s happening and find that grounded space to be able to allow the flow and the light of this channel to move in. (Shelly found as she tried to log into the video through YouTube that hangouts had been dismantled. She therefore was unable to stream this video, although she did post the video later that night.)

This is but an example of what your everyday life can be like. You’re moving along, you have a plan, you’re working with whatever it is that you are doing and yet those bumps in the road come through. Be not concerned. People will still see the channel. People will still here on the phone line listening. So, the information will still go out and it will be integrated into the population. As for the technical glitches those will be worked out and all is well.

If this is your life where you have glitches that come up and you are seeking to figure things out allow those energies to flow through you. Allow them to just go by the wayside knowing that you can still accomplish whatever it is you want to do. This is where you can open up that flow to the love, the light, and the piece from your Divinity. As you allow for that flow to be within and around you it may not always fix whatever it is that is bothering you, but it will give you that sense of peace.

I was laughing because I could hear Shelly, or maybe some of the other people saying, Mercury is not even retrograde. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap sometimes because everything glitchy gets blamed on Mercury retrograde. (laughter)

Indeed, we are all present and there is love. Take a deep breath. Breathe in and allow that breath to move in through your nose, going through your lungs. Send it all that way down into the Earth. As you feel yourself aligning with Gaia allow that grounding, and the foundation, and the essence of the Earth to come up within you.

As you feel Gaia anchoring within and around your energy body it will assist you, with not only being more present in the moment, but it will also allow your consciousness to expand even further. As you then send that energy of light up it goes out through the top of the head. It moves from the top of your head until you are aligned with your Higher Self. As you find yourself connecting with the expansion of your Higher Self allow your energies to just spread out so that you may have, or feel, that deeper connection.

As you look down upon your life you might have that expanded perspective. As you look at the many things within your Higher Self that you are working upon at this time maybe clear out what no longer serves you. ~whew~ Feel the flow. Feel the essence.

You then send your consciousness even further up. It goes from your Higher Self and it follows that stream that connects you from your Human Self to your Divinity. As you feel yourself connecting with the Divine allow your consciousness to expand so that as you merge with your Divinity it is filling up your consciousness with perceptions, with the vibration of love, with everything that is your Divinity.

I the Goddess walk and in and amongst all who are here. I reach out to embrace you so that as our energies blend together it moves into the All That Is. As you feel, sense, know the space of the All That Is, look around at what is here for you. Sometimes even the All That Is is the place that would benefit from clearing out, because each one of you come back into that particular space that resonates with you and that you have created for yourself. Therefore, ~whew~, clear out this place so that you can begin tonight, and each time that you come in here, as if you have a clean slate to work with these energies.

This time every year we speak about the Lions Gate. I was chatting with Shelly earlier today as she was considering this, and the fact that there are certain events that take place on an annual basis, that have the particular resonance with humanity. One could look at every single one of the astrological signs and there is something within every month that is impactful to the people particularly those of that sign.

The Lions Gate in particular over the last 5 to 6 years has taken on a greater strength, or vibration, or importance, and this is why I always feel from those of you who participate in these conferences and interest in connecting to the Lions Gate. I would therefore ask you to take a deep breath in and as you do so open up your consciousness, and open up your perspective, so that it is as if you see in front of you a Portal so to speak. The image that many people have is from that TV show that show the time machines, or it was an indication of a Portal according to what the scientists or those that make the movies thought it would look like.

For us as we look at it, I will describe it as I see it. It is as if here in the All That Is you are very conscious of the vibration. It’s the vibration that feels loving and supportive. It’s a vibration that becomes a setting for other things to happen. So, in some regards it’s neutral and as we are in the All That Is, I take you with me as we move into a space in which you see this Portal in front of you.

Now my perspective is it is like a big black hole. Another perspective is as if you were looking at the Earth, and then the vibration from within the Universe that is associated with the Lions Gate is opening up and is allowing for more of that universal light to come. Therefore, I invite you to not have any one particular way of aligning with this. However, allow for multiple forms of information to be able to come into you.

All right, now. I have created something that allows us to be able to have that sense or that feel of being within the vibration of that which is known as the Lion’s Gate. It makes me smile because I get this image of people as if they’re so tiny and this is massive, and then the other people are aligning with it and their consciousness expands so it is as big as this Portal. Allow it to unfold with whatever way resonates with you.

We will speak of the influence of what this is for the Earth plane. It is always called the Lion’s Gates because Leo is the Lion, and it is something that comes in this eighth month upon the Earth. The eight is a very powerful symbol, it is the infinity. The number eight is about prosperity. The number eight is also about considering the ways in which you go through a process within your life where every year, one to nine, has the numerology that is associated with it, and there is lots that one can say about the number eight.

What I am tapping into at this point is that if you consider the series and the cycles that take place during a nine year, or nine month, or nine day one could do, as if each part of it is creating for you the whole. Therefore, eight is about preparing to step into something that really supports you in a form of completion. During the number eight it is as if you are fine tuning what you seek to have within your life. You are letting go what didn’t work; you are amplifing what does work for you so that as you move to number nine; you are moving into that which is the completion of the whole.

There is a wave of energy that just moved through everyone who is here within this Portal. We are going to step back, but as I have been speaking each one of you have been receiving downloads. I invite you to be there, or stand, or have that sense of receiving that continuous flow of the Crystalline Vibration as it’s coming into the Earth.  As you look around this space with your inner eyes open to notice if there is something of particular awareness for you. Feel or see what that might be.

We are going to shift back now that you have made this alignment so that we are once more and next space that is part of the All That Is. You still are in the alignment and the flow from this Portal. However, it is a little bit easier to work with that energy and vibration when you come back within the space of the All That Is. There is not any limitation. However, because this is where you have been so long it gives you a space in which you can work from that is more in vibration with you. There we go. There we go.

Okay, as you consider your life, I invite you to first and foremost consider something; perhaps the first thing that comes to your consciousness has been a process or something that you have been seeking to manifest and it has been slow to manifest for you. As you allow for that to come up within you take a moment to consider whatever that may be almost as if it is illuminated from behind or as if you were looking at something and it is illuminated from behind. Take note of the energy around what this is. In some ways it is as if you are opening up to a completely new perspective. In other ways it’s confirming something that you might already know.

As you consider the number eight, and as you consider anything that may be needed in order to bring this to completion, we will begin by asking ‘is it something that you might be ready to let go?’ Is it in your best interest to let it go and if so, ~whew~, let it go?

Frequently what happens is that you are letting go the anger, frustration, the disappointment and now look at whatever you seek to have, and as we bring in the energy of the number eight, or that Infinity, open up and allow that to give you even more information. This may be about something that is, throughout your infinite timeline, from your past lives. If that has any sort of an influence upon this and if it is something that is holding you back, ~whew~, let it go.

If there is something from your past lives or something from that deep, deep, deep, essence of your Divinity that comes from the infinite let that amplify, enhance and fill in the spaces not only of what you seek, but of every part of your life.

As you are in this flow and in this space open up to the knowledge, the vibration, the essence of what your infinite life is about. As you feel this flow from the infinite life of your Divinity, I invite you to open up and let that vibration of the crystalline essence, which is the higher dimensional vibrations that are coming into the Earth, amplify all that is within you. ~whew~

Allow it to move through into every cell, not only within your consciousness, but also every cell within your body, your energy bodies, your physical. In doing so you are opening up to this next step, this next experience that is available to you. Ah it feels beautiful, it feels deep, it feels sublime.

As you consider your life and as I began this fine tuning getting ready to come to completion of a cycle what does your life look like to you now. Is this integrating something new.

I will shift gears a little bit and move into the vibration of abundance and prosperity. In part as you clear out and better define what you seek to have, or to be, or to experience it also creates the vibration for much greater abundance to flow within and around you. As you are infinitely connected within you it is as if you can shift that vibration and let it move out from you.

In essence the image that I am seeing is that you loop up here to the All That Is and your Divinity. It then comes down looping through you in your life and it crosses over to the space of you and your Higher Self looping back up to your Divinity. So that trick is that the infinity sign is what links you as the Divine with you as the human experience.

Take a second or take a moment and consider that you are shifting the access of that. As if you are linking that around you and sending out there something you need, or something you wish to manifest, and it loops around that and then it comes back to you. So that who you are; what you have done; everything about your vibration becomes a part of the infinity symbol. That which you seek to manifest becomes the other part of it and then there is this flow that moves back and forward.

I put forth specifically the vibration of abundance. May it be abundance of friendship; abundance of opportunity; abundance of love, joy, excitement; abundance of money. Abundance is a vibration associated with many, many things not just financial abundance. Send that flow of abundance through the world around you letting it circle in you going back out through the flow and circling through you. Just have a sense that you are setting up the intention that the infinite flow will align you. We shall specifically say with anything of the highest and light vibration.

There is no need to send that flow into anything that will pull you down. We therefore clear it out, ~whew~, and we are very clear that as you were doing this that you have set it up that only that of the highest, light vibration that fully supports you, and that infinite abundance becomes the vibration that is compatible with what you seek to have. The vibration which you let go of is lack. The vibration which is just barely enough is cleared out and instead you vibrate at a level that is infused with opportunity, with potential, with flow. You feel it as it moves through you. You send it out and then you bring it back.

As we remain within the All That Is you have created these very strong alignments, not only from within this high vibration, but down within the vibration of your everyday life. It is here. It is for you. It is your opportunity. There was a wave of energy that just flowed through everybody.

I invite you to come back as a group. You create that space where the Hologram of the Earth comes up within you. As soon as this was created and the Hologram was there. I could hear the tones and the vibration, and the pulsation, of the Lion’s Gate as it infused, amplified everything that you just did. It infused that energy into the Earth. There is a tone that you can hear. There is the vibration that you can feel. This Hologram as we look at it is infused with sparkles and light. There is that aspect that goes out into the Universe and the remainder comes back down as it moves through the essence and the levels within and around the Earth.

As that Hologram is moving through it goes through the Magnetic Grid. It is clearing out the Collective Consciousness and infusing with the Collective Consciousness that infinite flow and that essence of the Lion’s Gate. It goes through everything, going down and anchoring within the center of the Earth. As it anchors within the space it integrates with everything. Coming back up it comes up. It comes out and it is clearing out from the earthly experience the old energies, the old vibration, so that as this Hologram integrates within you are also feeling the pulsation from the Lion’s Gate as it creates balance within everything. Feel how that is integrating within you. Everything that you have done. Everything that you are experiencing.

You bring back the rest of your consciousness that has remained in the All That Is. It is as if you are feeling that flow that moves from the All That Is back to your Divinity and it comes back down through your Higher Self until it anchors within you in your physical reality. Allow that to flow up and down through you. You are anchoring within Gaia and also from within Gaia. You are bringing up from within you everything that came through from the Hologram.

Allow your vibration to expand outwards. Allow it to move out in such a way that you are able to fully integrate the infinite flow of your Divinity; the expanded consciousness for you the person that you are. There is such love associated with this. There is such abundance in everything; potentials, experiences, flow or love. It is here. It is within you now.

All right beloved family as you have this opportunity to work with the Lions Gate this evening, and in the days to come, and even if you are looking back on this from some point totally disassociated with this date you can still tap into this vibration. You can still be a part of this energy. So, I invite you to just breathe it down, let it be within you, and then allow the flow and the motion of infinite light and potential to support you, to expand your energies, and then allow for that movement to be within your life.

Beloved family I am ever with you and within you.




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