Lightbody Integration & You've Arrived!

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This channel is truly a powerful integration of energy.  The Goddess spoke as we first began the channel about the crystals that are deep within the earth and their means of balancing the earth.  She stated some are just now becoming activated; other crystals that   have been in use throughout history are now vibrating at a higher level. 

During the journey, the Goddess worked with us at length in the All That Is so that we could discern the vibration of the crystalline or lightbody energies.  We as our consciousness had the opportunity to know how we looked, felt, sounded as our human self.  We then took in our perspective of our divinity.  Using the crystalline energy, the Goddess blended all of this together.  She then shifted all into the earth plane and wove the energies together from a cellular structure outward.

So many people feel as if they have to constantly change or they are not good enough until they reach a particular goal.  So too, people may feel driven until they accomplish a particular task.  During this journey, the Goddess encouraged people to accept who they are, where they are right now!  She specifically said ‘you’ve arrived’!  It was a relief to know we didn’t have to do anything.  We could move forward from a place of acceptance and allowing.  


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. As I flow my energies into and around you, I like to take this opportunity to just look around at everybody who is here. There is a great deal of transformation taking place as we speak of each time that we get together. But I would also like to take this opportunity and invite you to a little bit take stock of what may be happening within your life.

We’ve been speaking over the last several weeks of ways in which you can work with your personality or your ego in order to have that expand so as to assist you with integrating your higher light vibrations.

The more that you are walking upon the earth the more that you are going to seek to find or have that intrinsic balance within you.

I can hear some of you laughing saying, “well I’ve always wanted balance”, so perhaps how I should rephrase that is, allowing yourself to be in a state of balance will create greater ease within your life.

With the energies that are coming into the earth in greater and greater amounts the crystalline vibration becomes more and more and more integrated within the collective consciousness. The earth itself and Gaia have the potential to be completely balanced and integrated in every now moment and indeed she is.

That which you may see upon the surface of the earth, gives humanity the opportunity to be very aware of their environment and how the environment can affect them and how they can affect their environment.

As I speak of Gaia and as I speak of the crystalline energies that are coming into the earth, what’s taking place is that those crystals that were a part of the earth when it was first formed are now, some of them coming to life, those that have been dormant for eons and others that have always been there and have been emanating a vibration and emanating a balancing energy are now shifting as if they move into a higher level of consciousness.

This is in part why you are feeling so different upon the earth. Now, when I speak of the crystals within the earth it’s not those such as the small ones that people may use in their daily life, I’m speaking about the massive crystals that may be miles long and miles deep.

As I said that I could feel each one of you tapping into and feeling a bit of that eminence or the radiance of the vibration that is sent out.

I wanted to speak of this at this time before we went onto the journey so that you would be able to allow your consciousness to be open and aware of that which is in your daily vibration or your daily surrounding energies.

Alright, take another deep breath in, breathing down into the earth. Allow yourself to feel Gaia but perhaps even further have the intention of linking with some of those crystals.

As that energy comes back up within you, feel it as if it anchors you within your heart center and within those low energy bodies and then allow your consciousness to stream upward as you allow your energies to shift moving into the space of your higher self.

As you arrive within this space look around to see what’s been taking place for you. So many of you come into this space on a very continuous basis as you are living your life; it allows you to have that greater perspective that you may then take into you and utilize. Your higher self gives you the opportunity to try out different options that you may be considering for your life. So look around. Is this what you expected or are there some things here that you had not considered before?

I invite you to then shift your consciousness moving even further so that you may align within the soul plane.

Every time that we arrive within this space there is such a sense of homecoming. There is such a sense of just appreciation for how good this energy feels. This is you as your divinity. This is you where your intrinsic vibration is able to feel or experience who they are.

As you allow yourself to align with your divinity take a moment and feel the love, feel the depth of that connection as it moves through every bit of your consciousness. As it’s doing so, you may have a sense of your own consciousness expanding further so that you may take in what is here for you.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, allow yourself to open up and feel my embrace as I merge my energies with you, I enhance all of who you are. I assist you in shifting into the space of the All That Is.

As you do so, look around. Feel these energies as they move through you. Allow yourself to feel the joy, the familiarity, the sense of homecoming.

Within the All That Is, as you are very well aware, it is a place of creation. It is a place where you come often times in your dream state, in these meditations or even when you seek to reach out and align as you are seeking information in your daily life.

Within the All That Is there are a multitude of different dimensions and vibrations.

These levels of consciousness continue to expand as humanity expands. So you may ask; why does it seem different when I come to the same place? You may also perceive that as you continue to flow your energy into and around here you may be aligning within a different perspective.

And as many of you have already been noticing, there is a greater amount of the vibration from the All That Is that is able to stream into the earth plane.

As you consider this space and as you consider all that is around you, allow yourself time or a moment to know who are you in this lifetime. It is a little bit of a trick question.

What I would like for you to consider is you as your consciousness are standing here or sitting here, wherever it is that you may be within the All That Is. Your divinity has merged with you but you can have a sense of your divinity in all of its entirety as if it’s sitting beside you. You may now have a sense of you as that human that you are in this lifetime sitting beside you in another space as if you have one step separation so that you may be able to receive more information.

Consider yourself and your life. For most people it’s a mix; those things that they like, everything is going well, everything is happy, everything is divine. Those things that are a struggle or that you move from one struggle to the next, to the next, to the next.

Allow yourself to recognize that if there is a pattern in your life that no longer works for you it can be illuminated by your divinity and represented by that which is you as your humanity.

When you take in your divinity, it is a place of unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. You need only be and it’s enough.

As you consider those parts of your life that you feel you would like to change we can approach that in a couple of ways. The first thing that I would invite you to do is allow yourself to take in a deep breath aligning with whatever that is, that no longer suits you and you breathe in ~ whew ~ and let it go. I could feel some release without that but I feel like some of you are holding on still.

If you continue to hold on, even though your intention is to release, how is that serving you? There must be something inside of that that is still working for you. So again, we invite that unconditional love of your divinity to flow light and energy into whatever that situation may be.

Open up once more, taking a deep breath, connecting to whatever that may be and then bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ there we go, much better.

So again, as you consider your physical reality or this life that represents who you are in this lifetime allow yourself to be open, gentle and loving  and then we invite your divinity and that human aspect to weave together. And as it does so, feel that merging within you and again it is just encompassing all of who you are as your consciousness. It is also assisting to expand your energies even further.

As you breathe into this now moment with that blended energy, open up. Open up and allow what it is to be just who you are. And as you allow yourself to gently breathe in and out you may find that it’s integrated even more fully within you.

How many times have you either thought or made a statement, “Once I accomplish, you can fill in the blank, then I’ll be okay, or I’ll be done or I will have arrived or things will be good enough”.

I once more invite you in this now moment to take in a deep breath of that integrated energy, letting it move through your consciousness in every level and just accept, “I have arrived, I am there, I don’t need to constantly seek, I accept all that I am and who I am in this now moment”!

As I speak of this I can see each one of you integrating further, shifting into a space of acceptance and allowing. Allowing yourself to be who you are and then accepting that you are enough. Certainly you may still want to create changes in your life, let go this, add-in this, try it this way, move that way and that’s completely fine.

You will find that the more that you allow yourself to simply be who you are in this now moment, accepting that all is exactly as it should be and as it needs to be, transformation may take place with a much greater ease.

I’m calling in the lightbody energy. As you look around the All That Is, the lightbody or the crystalline energy is already fully integrated within this space. But when I say I’m calling in the light-body energy, I’m calling in that which is in alignment with each one of you so that you may reach out and create that deeper alignment within you.

As you allow yourself to just relax, being who you are, being the integrated person that you are; you then can look around honoring and recognizing that that light-body energy is flowing within and around you on a continuous basis.

As these crystalline vibrations move through you allow your consciousness to expand, adjust, integrate, whatsoever the word is that you need for it to be so that you may find that greater balance with your light-body energies.

Feel who you are, accept what that is. There we go. I felt the integration become complete.

As you allow for these energies to flow through you, as you look with your inner eyes or with your inner senses into that crystalline energy, have a sense of taking in what it is out here within this space.

Look at the rhythm. Look at the pattern. Look at the way in which it moves through or around objects.

As you look at your own lightbody energy put forth an intention. Send it out through the light-body and perceive what takes place.

You can see the difference in how the energy works within this space. Indeed, I hear some of you saying, “well the All That Is, is always that way, it’s not that it’s the light body”; that is indeed correct but the lightbody is also a vibration and an energy that is integrated into the earth, into the physical earth, into the collective consciousness, into each individual and into each experience. Therefore as you look at how it works and reacts out within this space it gives you the opportunity to experience how it will work and react within your own physical body and within your own life.

Again, consider something that you seek to manifest, and as you consider whatever that may be, allow it to move through your consciousness and send it out as if in waves and energy through this crystalline light, there you go, and let it go out throughout the universe, so that all the Angels, the guides, the vibrations, this energy will work with you from this perspective, assisting in manifesting what you seek to have.

Allow yourself to recognize how much this is already fully entrained within your consciousness.

Now as you allow yourself to shift your focus, we can do this a couple of ways. OK.

As you allow yourself to shift your focus have a sense of looking or perceiving that direct alignment that’s between you here in the All That Is and you as your physical person upon the earth.

Stream this consciousness of the lightbody energies down from where you are right here through that column of light that you have created and into the physical person that you are. You may find your consciousness shifting with you but I invite you to take this moment and just relax, allowing the crystalline vibration to integrate within you. It always moves into your heart center and then it moves up to the upper energy bodies and down to the lower energy bodies.

We will take a moment and just start at the top. Feel that lightbody energy as it aligns with your head center. From there it moves into your third eye, feel as if the lightbody energy is merging, blending with your third eye, so that it activates it, it allows it to be open and in balance with your physical eyes. Have a sense of a triangle where it goes from the third eye to the right, from the third eye to the left and then there is a triangle that allows it to go connecting your physical eyes with your inner eye strengthening and infusing the crystalline energies.

From there, that beam of light moves through you, moving through the pineal gland and in the back of your head this is where the light body energy is anchoring within you. So if it has not been activated on you before I activated it with you at this time opening up that center and this too will allow that crystalline flow to move more fully through you. It moves into your throat integrating with your throat center and then from there your heart.

We already merged with the energies of your heart, but we set forth that intention that once more it merges with your heart. From there it integrates with your solar plexus. Be open, allowing the crystalline energy to merge with your solar plexus so that it can integrate clearing out anything that doesn’t belong there, infusing that light vibration as it assists you in transforming. It moves through you sacral center. Again, you feel that crystalline light moving through and then your root center.

As each chakra within you has been activated. Of course these are just the major ones that we’ve worked with but we have that conscious intention that each one of them is in balance with the light body energy and from there it moves through every cell within your physical body creating balance, creating integration and allowing you to be comfortable. It moves through your emotional, your mental, your spiritual bodies so that every part of who you are becomes completely integrated with the lightbody energy.

Then you allow your consciousness to move upward once more. As you are here within the All That Is once again, some of you may feel that pull as if you are more consciously in two places but it is essential for us to remember to work with the hologram especially with something that is such a deep integration of the crystalline energies.

So that hologram comes up within all of you. You continue to infuse the energies of the lightbody into it and all that you yourself have done to create a transformation. And as you do so the hologram takes on a different light or a different energy and it begins to rotate. As you allow it to go from you, returning back into the earth you see it as it moves through the crystalline grid. There is that pathway of energy that moves out into the universe, into the new earth and it moves downward into your physical earth upon which you are living.

As it moves into your earth it consciously goes into the core of the earth linking with those crystals that are present connecting with Gaia, amplifying her own energies, clearing out anything that is ready to be cleared out and allowing that deep pulsation of vibration of the heart of the earth, to become integrated with this light fine vibration.

And that energy comes up through all the layers of the earth, then comes up through the grass, the trees, the water, it comes up within you and it’s anchoring you within this space in which you are located right now. All that you just integrated within your physical body becomes anchored, aligning you to the earth and yet you are of course still aligned with the universe. Feel that as it flows through you.

You may allow your focus to once more be up within the All That Is. As you bring back all of that consciousness; you move through the soul plane, you allow yourself to move through your higher self, you invite all of your consciousness to once more anchor back within you in your physical surroundings. Send out an impulse of light and energy clearing out whatever may be around you.

If there was one or perhaps two items or intentions that you would like to manifest send those out with this energy but ultimately allow yourself to just feel that sense that you can just be who you are; that you have arrived in the place that you have been seeking, that your life reflects that full integration of your lightbody energies.

Indeed, it brings up great joy within me because I know that you have been seeking this for quite some time and the vibration of the earth was as yet not to such a level that we could integrate to this degree.

Allow yourself to feel the balance, allow yourself to understand that you are changing from a cellular structure through every aspect of who you are.

As you live your life, reiterate; “I am within the balance. I am within the space. I am that I am”.

So beloved family as you are moving through these next days and weeks upon the earth; I invite you to really take the time to become very conscious of how you are living your life.

Become conscious of just being in a state of arrival, so to speak, as if to say, “I have arrived. I don’t have to do anything else. I am now going to just live my life day by day, knowing that all is in place”.

I also invite you to allow the energies of the crystalline to move through all that, so that it can be more anchored within and around you.

Let yourself feel the lightness of what that is. Let yourself feel the transparency as you begin to create changes and allow yourself to truly be who you are because you as this human as that beautiful representation of you as your divinity.

Beloved family, I am always with you and within you.




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