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This channel was the Sunday following the attack in Paris on November 13, 2015.  Many people around the world are feeling the impact of the attack. They are feeling a sense of fear, pain and suffering.  During this channel the Goddess spoke at length of the importance of shifting consciousness that is taking place. We have an opportunity to tap into this potential at this time.

When there is a situation that takes place especially one of trauma, many other people will reach out with prayers and thoughts.  If you align with a situation at the level of the trauma or fear, you are adding to the lower vibration.  It’s essential that you disconnect from the event and instead infuse the high light vibration of balanced universal love.

The Goddess spoke at length about conscious; how it can be defined, how we can be more aware and why it’s make a difference upon the earth. When you become conscious within your life you are aware of things on all levels; physical, mental – old beliefs and thoughts, emotional and spiritual.  If you are conscious within your life, you are making choices that align you with a higher vibration.

Once we each had the chance to create a change in our own consciousness, we infused all the energy into the collective consciousness of the earth.  It was as if there was a crack created in a shell and the universal light poured into this space.  It gave people an alternative place in which to align. 

You can only create change from a place of higher vibration and awareness.  I invite you to disconnect from the collective consciousness and open to a higher vibrational reality.  


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out with the intention of embracing each and every one of you who are listening to this at this time -- whenever it is that you listen or watch this video. But I also reach out to every single human upon the earth with the intention that I flow love, that I flow light, that I flow unconditional awareness for all that is taking place upon your planet.

We have spoken many times about the Ascension Process. Whether this is the very first time that you are listening to a channel like this or you’ve been listening for the past 15 years, the reason that you seek out information is because you are seeking to create a change within your life.

Whether you specifically call it Ascension, whether you call it finding something that feels better, whether you call your intention for knowledge or information something that allows you just to know, maybe, what is your purpose in life, where are you going, what are you doing, what is happening. These are some of the reasons why people might seek out this type of information.

In reference to the incident that took place a couple of days ago in France, (referring to November 13, 2015)  I wish to speak to you about what’s taking place, about what you can do and about some of the steps coming forth for humanity.

Let me begin by saying, I send forth my love, my compassion, my encouragement, to all who were involved in the transitions taking place. May I also say that I recognize that this is not something occurring only in France, only at this time; that this is something widespread in that part of the world, but violence, control, manipulation, anything like that can be found around the entire world. This is but another piece of that puzzle.

When there is an instance of something that happens, that brings up fear within people there is a surge within humanity of fear and as you know fear is energy.

You have been hearing about, seeing on your news, about the transitions of the millions of people leaving the Middle East; some because of the warfare, some because of the challenge with finding a living in that location. They are seeking something better. They are seeking a life that will support, sustain and allow them to expand.

You need not go on a pilgrimage across the world to have that same experience of seeking change, of seeking a better lifestyle. It’s something that happens to billions of people around the world. But with this group in particular because there’s that connection, the energy of fear and the energy of loss of control by those that might call themselves the victims create its own energy that then goes in merging with the people that are perpetrating the instances.

When I have spoken with you in the past about other things that have taken place, I always speak about shifting your consciousness so that you are disconnecting from the energy of what’s going on.

Throughout the world, control and manipulation are energies that seem to be tightening and tightening and tightening its hold upon certain groups of humanity. The lash back from that are those that seek to escape or move or get out or they feel    disempowered. These are all the convoluted energies that are part of this same existence.

You then have the other people that may not be directly involved but they read about it, they feel compassion and they want to do what they can to help. It’s not the exact same vibration but it’s still linking in to that whole mass of energy. You then have the people that read about that and they step into fear, “It could happen to me”, “It could happen in my nation”, “It could happen in my town”. Indeed that is always a potential but then as these people respond with fear it also adds energy into the situation which amplifies that which you were seeking to want to transform.

I have spoken before about how change cannot come from the midst of the problem. So too in this situation the long lasting change that is coming, that in many regards is already here has to do with the consciousness.

Everyone needs to disconnect from the energy and the emotion of what took place. It makes me smile because then I hear you saying, “Oh, but if I’m human, I care about others”. This is nothing at all about that. If you disconnect from the energy of the experience, you are saying, “I am not going to feed that energy, instead I’m going to choose to shift my consciousness and shift my focus and my awareness into something different”.

In making a choice like this what you are doing is creating a new potential that people can then tap into. Not only you yourself but anybody else who may just be saying, “Well I want to find peace, I want to find an alternative, I want to do something different”. Therefore the more people that creates a new reality around the situation, the greater the transformation will be. This is what we will do on this journey tonight. This is what I invite each one of you to do, whether it’s this situation or any other.

Consciousness can be a very complicated word because there are so many different perceptions of what consciousness is. As I speak to you, consciousness is about being aware of all that is within your life. What that means is you are aware of the thoughts that you are having, good, better, in between; they are your thoughts. You are aware that the choices you are making in your life have an impact upon you and most likely others.

Being conscious of what you do in your life recognizes that there is a collective that aligns every single individual upon the earth within a similar vibration. The collective consciousness of the earth has that which is the lowest vibration, the heavy dense energy of the third dimension going out to the most transparent energy, of say the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions; those may be just numbers to you, it may not make any sense.

The foundation of the fifth dimension and above is about the heart center. If you are living your life from your heart center it means that you are in a greater state of expanded consciousness and expanded awareness. It means that you live your life from a place of love, from a place of compassion, from a place of balance and from a place in which you realize that the foundation for all is love and that that love originates in each individual from their god source energy.

You are more than the human in this lifetime. You are a divine individual who is having this life experience, so that you may have the life experience.

The shift in consciousness that is taking place was very methodically planned out by the universal light beings and there are literally millions of you upon the earth who know and understand what this consciousness is. It makes me smile. You may not fully understand, but on some level you do. This is why you chose to be a part of civilization at this time; to be those anchors, to be that foundation around the world that is choosing life in which you live from your heart center, in which the choices and decisions you make come from the best of intentions.

Now, there will be things that happen in life, there will be things around you, there may be choices you make and you recognize, “Oh, I wish I had done that differently.”, “I’m sorry for what’s happening to this individual over here.” You can still work with people, you can still give off your time and resources, you can still be a part of society. I would say though, choose to be a part of society from that place of the highest light vibration. Therefore, if you find yourself in situations where individuals are trying to control the situation, you disconnect and then come back from that space of realignment within yourself.

It may seem that this is not really a solution or that this will not really work, but may I tell you from my heart to yours, the only way that earth will survive in the next millennium is for people to wake up to their choices and wake up to their consciousness.

I’m smiling because I’m hearing people say, “But I can’t make anybody wake up.”, indeed you cannot. If you were to try to control or force someone to do that you are in the same vibration of others that are controlling and manipulating.

What happens is that the more that there are people in that open consciousness of love and compassion and awareness then the less these other vibrations will be compatible.

I would say to you, don’t worry about the other. Let your focus be only on love. It may be challenging, indeed, it may be. There may be days in which you repeatedly go back around and say, “Let me breathe in love in this now moment. Let me do it again in this now moment. Let me disconnect, even more fully and do it yet again in this now moment”. Be gentle with yourself. Be loving and kind to yourself. This in turn will then reflect out to everybody else.

Indeed, I believe in you. I believe in society. I believe that love is the true balancer of all and there is limitless love available for each one of you and for your planet. At this time it is showering down on to the earth from everybody’s divine essence, from the angels and the light beings. Seek balance, seek love, seek acceptance.

I spoke quite a bit more at length than I usually do, but this is a different circumstance. I feel it’s an important conversation for people to have and I hope through your social media that perhaps people will begin to speak of consciousness and what consciousness is to them and how you can support one another through the knowledge, the awareness and the expansion that is taking place.

Allow yourself to center; breathe in, where you breathe down into your heart center. Again this is one of the reasons why every single time that we do these journeys we take the time to breathe into your heart center so that that flow and that energy may be open. Send it down into the earth. As you do so let it expand out linking with Gaia and then as that consciousness comes back up let it stream up through you and as it goes out through the top of your head, allow yourself to stream upward until you link with your higher self.

As you arrive within your higher self, take a moment to look around. Look around at the energy that is here. If you connect with this through intention and you’re really not perceiving anything just have that intention of clearing it out. Clear out the Clutter. Just as you may have clutter around your home, so too, you can have clutter in your thoughts, in your beliefs and in your higher self.

There is that cord of light that starts within you, that you follow up to your higher self, then follow that cord of light all the way out until you find yourself within your divinity. You may wonder, what is my divinity? What does that mean to you? Is it something that is there for you? What is the purpose? 

As your divinity, that is your soul that is that’s spark that is unique unto only you.

As your I AM Presence, the many different lifetimes of experiences that you have had have created this energy and every time we come into this space, we are tapping into it at that level of consciousness associated with your earth but you have had other lifetimes out within the universe. You‘ve had lifetimes as nonphysical energies. That is also available to you if you so choose. You need not wonder, “Where was I? What did It Mean? What Is the Effect?” You need only have that intention that as you reach out to that energy that it is available to you and you are open to receive.

When I speak with you about breathing into your divinity it is this stream of awareness that flows from you the human into you at your highest vibration. That is an alignment that cannot be severed no matter what. I smile because some people that have a perception that they are disconnected, it may be like that line is a zigzag, no matter how many twisted turns you are connected to your divinity.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst all who are here. I reach out to you. I embrace you.

I thank you for allowing my energy to be present with you to amplify your own.

As our energies merge we shift into the All That Is. As you arrive within the All That Is look around.

It may be that there are groups of energies that you may perceive who are focusing upon the earth, who are focusing to transition those energies of which I spoke. We let that all continue to do as it may.

Upon the earth you have free will. Free will is the intention that everybody has the ability to do anything that they so choose. Even though there is the collective consciousness, at the lower more dense vibrations people are less aware of that flow. As you raise your vibration within your awareness, you begin to link with the higher lighter vibrations in which you many times will feel the connection of others. You will feel, perhaps what one might say empathically, the energies and emotions that are coming about.

As to these recent experiences, people have been saying that they felt something was going to happen, they’d felt an impending doom.  It could have been related to this, it could have been related to something else.

As your consciousness opens up it is as if your filter is removed.

I invite you to take a moment and from this space of the All That Is, expand the energy around you. Push it out so that you can find w yourself with that bubble or that space of consciousness. 

I then invite you to have a perception of looking at your divinity as if you can look at it as if it’s third person, like you are looking at something separate, you can feel it inside of you, it may be as if it’s your mind’s eye and you are expanding and becoming bigger.

I wish to strengthen your alignment with your divinity so that you will know at all times the unconditional love from your source energy.  As if you allow yourself to relax. As if you open up your senses; become aware of feeling the flow of love, the flow of light, the flow of awareness.

Allow yourself to just bask in this energy. Recognize it for what it is; YOU. This is you amplified by your own divinity.  Have that intention if you need to of opening up the door   so that you may receive a greater perception; whatever that perception may be.

As you live a conscious life, take a moment and ask yourself what that means.  What I’m hearing from a number of you that if you live a conscious life it’s a burden to you. That it means you will have more responsibility; that if you’re conscious of things around you I your life, then you have to take action.  That is one perception.

Another thing that I’m hearing from people is that if they live a conscious life then they will be overwhelmed by the negativity, the consciousness, the harshness; as if they walk around with heart wide open and it will be continuously beaten so to speak.

Another thought I’m picking up from people as we speak of expanded consciousness is the fear of the unknown.  What does it mean? What will I do? All of these questions that I’m drawing from you are coming from the perspective of your ego.  Your ego is your human self; it’s that energy that makes up you and your physical reality. But it is also you as your divinity; therefore a part of this whole transition is about letting go the confines of your personality and instead bringing in the energies of your divinity.

I see people rolling their eyes, I hear people saying whatever.  I speak these words not to make it complicated or make it hard for you. I speak these words as means of attempting to clarify what is happening up on the earth and to give people an alternative energy with which to connect, rather than that which is filled with distress.

You as the human has your physical self, you have your thoughts and your beliefs, you have your emotions; you have your spiritual self.  The consciousness that you bring into this is that link through the spiritual self that for many people is unconscious, it’s in the back of your mind; when you say things you don’t know where it came from perhaps; when you take actions you don’t know why you took that action; there may be things that are coming from your unconscious and just happening in and around your life.  Perhaps creating a greater sense of disconnect.

You as the human has your physical self, you have your thoughts and your beliefs, you have your emotions; you have your spiritual self.  The consciousness that you bring into this is that link through the spiritual self that for many people is unconscious, it’s in the back of your mind; when you say things you don’t know where it came from perhaps; when you take actions you don’t know why you took that action; there may be things that are coming from your unconscious and just happening in and around your life.  Perhaps creating a greater sense of disconnect.

If the majority of the emotions in your life are centered around fear, depression, hopelessness, frustration; you are tapping into an unconsciousness that keeps supporting that.  Perhaps the emotions linked to the beliefs; this unconsciousness is building a reality for you that you don’t particularly like.

There may be physical experiences that you have such as illness, a disability; the physical body is not working the way that you would like it to. Unconsciously it’s feeding into a belief or an experience that says this is what you need right now.

I invite you to consider an alternative. Okay, I heard that. Someone was saying well how does your spiritual affect all this from your unconscious.  Spirituality for some people is a religion; which is a belief system. For some people spirituality is what they see in everything around them. It can be abstract or it can be rigid depending upon one’s perspective.

There may be a dogma associated with your spirituality that unconsciously is telling you ‘if you are spiritual you have to be poor’ ‘if you are spiritual you should not have things around you’ ‘if you are spiritual you have to give to everybody else and you come last’. Again this is expressed as a belief system so there is that woven interchange of all those things that make up your unconscious; this is but a drop in bucket of what is there.

If you become more consciously aware within your life, first and foremost you are opening up to your divinity.  You are acknowledging for yourself that “I am this person having this life experience, but my primary essence is way bigger than this’. That immediately puts you into all of this energy, this beautiful energy of the All That Is. It immediately puts you into alignment with your teachers, your guides, your God source energy.

That is what will help you to make changes within your life. That is what will help you to become aware of alternative that may have been around you all the time.

If you bring your consciousness into your daily life, you become aware of the situations in which you find yourself. Do you find yourself in situations in which you feel bad? Do you dislike some choices you may have made? Do you consider your life and maybe you were not always honest with yourself or others. 

When you become conscious you realize you see your life through different eyes.  Once again that foundation is your divinity; you therefore look at your life with compassion. As you do so you may realize certain relationships no longer work for you; you let them go.

As you look at your life with compassion and with the eyes of open consciousness, you begin to have a life that is filled with greater potential than you ever realized.

Let us speak of control.  Humans feel they need to be in control of their life. They feel that they need to control their decisions, they need to control the direction their career is taking; they need to control perhaps their relationship or their response in the relationship. They may go to work and be in a meeting with a group of people and they have to control their piece of that.

If you allow a more open consciousness into your life, you will begin to find there is less stress. Because, as you have the expanded consciousness that is bringing down your divinity it going to fill up those places inside of you that feel anxious and fearful. Therefor you are going to relax. Therefore you will find that things happen around you that may seem new and different.

How many times in life did you feel you had to have one specific thing? Perhaps a relationship, perhaps a job, perhaps a home, perhaps a child and that you had to have that and nothing else mattered so you became narrow minded or tunnel vision about it. As you allow your consciousness to expand within your life, you will find that those old thoughts, those old beliefs will go away, but they will still remain. That is an indicator to you that ‘I need to love and nurture myself because this is something very important to me that has not manifested’

As you expand your consciousness allowing it flow into your life in this manner, you will begin to realize alternatives. So consider in your life, that which has been the most frustrating or that has most eluded you. From my perception, many of you have just shifted it from my previous speak.

But, allow whatever that may be to come up within you.  Allow it come up within your heart, and then, as if you just fill it up with the  unconditional love of your divinity in this space as if you are just in the flow of love and light of your divinity; let it recognize that which you desire. Let it clear out cleansing all. 

And then, let go that old perspective that has not worked for you and allow your consciousness and your flow to create a new opportunity around whatever it is that you desire.

When you live your life from a perspective of expanded consciousness, you release judgment of yourself, you forgive yourself. You then look outward releasing judgment of others and forgiving others.

I would say to you, also be aware that very few humans can live their life upon the earth 24/7 with that expanded consciousness. Instead, have the intention that you open up, you allow it become a part of your life as much as is possible.  You may find sometimes its very evident and other times you’ll feel constricted, you’ll feel like things are not happening, as if there isn’t any flow around you. 

So you take a step back, breathe into your divinity once more, clear out the energies around you and look again…. Um hmm, how many times were you already doing this yet you were unaware? This is another definition of expanding consciousness; you bring that of which you were unaware, into awareness.  The things that you do, that DO support you. 

There is so much I wish to say to you! I’m conveying waves and waves of energy inviting you to be open to receive whatever that may be.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you look around you may see already a new perspective e as you look at the other energies of light who are here with you. 

As that hologram comes up within the earth, let us work with it in a different way. This hologram expands into a vibrational alignment with the physical earth itself.  There are many energies of light, many energies of awareness that flow throughout the earth that flow through the consciousness.

Let us have the intention as we work with this hologram that if need be, we send the bulk of energy that will crack open any shells or any solid heavy energy associated with the hologram of the earth, with the meridians of the earth, with the vibration of the earth on all levels.

Then as that opens up, I invite you to infuse into it expanded consciousness, open awareness, unconditional love. Let that all move through you in all that you’ve just opened up to and send that all into this hologram of the earth.  As this infuses into the hologram there may be specks of energy that dissolve or go aware.

I’m hearing from people that there needs to a balance of the light and the dark that the dark needs to be as much a part of the earth experience as the light. This is true, but once again I remind you that the dark from the ego perspective is different that the balance of light from the universal light perspective.

What we seek to infuse at this time is the universal light energy of love and awareness. It’s also an intrinsically balanced energy. We let that go into the hologram; we see it swirling around in all directions.  As you let that hologram go, there’s a stream of consciousness that goes out into the universe and the remainder goes down into the earth itself.

As I mentioned at the beginning with the occurrences of this weekend (speaking of the attacks in Paris 11-13-15) it cracked open some heavy density and we took that (crack) and expanded it even further. So now as that hologram goes down, it’s going into the center of the earth. It links with Gaia; it links within the center crystals and the earth itself.

It then comes up through the layers of the earth supporting Gaia, supporting the foundation as it comes up through the crust of the earth it’s moving through all the levels of the collective consciousness. We are clearing out anything which no longer serves the whole. ~whew~ ~whew~

We clear it out. 

We infuse throughout the entire collective consciousness the potential for balance the potential for unconditional love and the infused energy of the expanding consciousness that is that foundation of the love energy that is that foundation of your source energy that is that foundation of intrinsic balance and awareness. It moves through the collective consciousness, it moves up through each one of you finding its space, anchoring and balancing within you.

Breathe in deeply, let it clear out your thoughts, let it clear out your emotions, let it clear out your energy.

Allow your focus to back within that space of the All That Is where you were holding that space for yourself to let the hologram move through clearing out the energies.  Then bring all of your awareness with you, you then move through the vibration of your divinity. You may notice even more about your divinity at this time.

You allow that to come back, flowing within you.  You just gently send it down within you. As you allow all of this to anchor within your human self, let it mix and mingle within everything.  Let it anchor back within your physical reality.

Perhaps set forth that intention that as you live a conscious life you are receiving that constant flow of your divine essence. You are allowing that to support and nurture you in your everyday life. As you look out at the world and experiences you send forth love and compassion in all situations disconnecting from any energy that would pull you out of that and instead you send love and compassion into every situation.

Alright beloved family; as you move through your days I invite you to take time and be aware of all that is happening around you. Be aware of your thoughts. Be aware of your presence. Be aware of your actions, not from the perspective of judging one vs the other but instead with the intention of expanding your consciousness which is allowing the greater flow of your divinity to come within you. And then let that balanced energy of love, compassion, joy to be the way in which you look at the world. 

There is so much that is happening. There is so much available to you. You are never alone and we are always with you, within you and we love you dearly.


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