Merge As One Within You

During the channel, the Goddess worked with us on several levels for creating alignments.  It began with us as we are here on earth. She then expanded into our higher selves, the soul plane and the All That Is. This we do each time we get together, but this time she created a space where we could have a functioning method. Hmm, what I mean is that we each have a stream of energy that aligns us our divine self with our human. The stream of energy or light can be expanded or contracted as you need it to be so that it functions fully for you. 

Once in the All That Is, the Goddess invited everyone to bring up what is most prominent in their lives. For some, it was very thick and dense, for others it was quite organized. She then began to work with everyone to sift through what’s happening in your life. How much of it is old energy from past experiences? How much is the clutter we keep around us, sometimes as a distraction?

Once cleared out, we shifted the focus to what we seek. Some of what people have, moved immediately into that side; for many others, it was different. Once aware of this alignment, each of us could create our new more balanced intention and manifestation. 

From there, we worked with the lightbody energy to create our part of what links with the hologram of the earth or the crystalline grid of the earth.  This is what allows us to move up and down smoothly through this column of light. There was also a sense of people shifting into higher dimensions because they were filling their bodies with light and greater flow.

As you seek to manifest, do so from a place a balance.  Do so from a place of flow and alignment. In this way, all will open more easily.


Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out my heart to each one of you; I invite you to come with me to join with me, to share this time of coming together.

As always, there is so much that is taking place upon your earth. We spoke in particular about the shift in energy that took place with the recent equinox. (Fall/ Spring 2013) There was a releasing of old stuck energy. There was an opening to the new flow of light, to the new flow of the crystalline vibration.

Every time that a transition  takes place within your life, you have a sense of consciously letting go what no longer works for you, as you invite to come in a new process or a new way in which to live your life.

It is as if every day has the potential to be a new beginning. It is as if you find yourself in a particular pattern and sometimes that pattern works for you, sometimes it does not. So you have the opportunity to fine tune, make new choices of where you would like your focus to be.

I hear from so many of you that you keep asking ‘when is it going to be easier’, ‘When are things going to fall into place for me’, ‘what do I have to do to be good enough to receive what I’ve been seeking to have’. The answer is, right now!

Right now the flow of energy is within you and around you. Right now you are good enough to have anything you seek to have! You do not have to prove yourself from the perspective of God/ Goddess and the All That Is. Therefore, you as the human are oftentimes that which is getting in your own way.

The flow of energy is there, open to see, sense, feel it within and around you. You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody; open to accept that belief within your life. For some of you, that’s a challenge. But while we are still here grounded upon the earth I want to be very clear and perhaps come through a little more strongly that all is well, that all is present. And you already have so much at your disposal.

I send a wave of love ~~whew~~ and energy out to each one of you. Allow it to move through, clearing up whatever may be standing in your way. 

I invite you to take one more deep breath so that you may send that breath of light and energy all the way down into the earth. As you do so, link with the earth itself so that it may ground you and allow those energies of the earth to come back up within you and then they anchor within you around your solar plexus.

From there you have a sense of releasing your breath and releasing your consciousness, allow it to move from you until you reach the energies of your higher self.  For some this may be a very defined space. For others it may be an intention, a place where you go through your intention.

As you allow yourself to move within this space, look around so that you allow yourself to really experience what it is for you. Your consciousness streams up and down from your physical reality, into your higher self on a very continuous basis. Be conscious of how much of that is available for you. As you look around, create a place that makes you feel good to find.

From there, you have a sense of releasing your consciousness and move out even further until you align with the soul place. As you move through the soul plane, this is where your divinity resides. The soul plane has many levels within it. These are levels of consciousness, levels of perception; it may move out into infinity.

Your divine essence, your God self, your I AM presence is immense.  The energy with which you connect is that which is available to you through your perception of where you are right now. Sometimes that perception may be in a place of limitation. Sometimes it’s in a place of great expansion.

The last time that we were together (Re-Alignment Through your I AM Presence, September 15, 2013) and speaking of creating change, you were able to align with the various aspects of your divinity that represents the various lifetimes. Have a sense of going in and as you look around, what do you see? 

I invite you to practice allowing your consciousness or focus to come within this space so that you may have a greater ease with which to connect to your divinity. I the Goddess, move within and around each one of you. As I do so, I reach out to embrace all of who you are as your divinity. As my energy merges with yours, be open and feel the shift as you move into the All That Is.

Look around, this is a place of creation. It is filled with amazing energies that are all here for you. You are very much a part of the creations taking place here. So too you can reach out, tapping into resources available to you.

I wish for each one of you to begin this evening of creation by looking around at some of the things that you are seeking to manifest within your life. Now, some of you I see you have it listed as if on a scroll, others of you may be visual and you see pictures of the various things. Others still sense energies without a formed picture.

My intention is that each one of you have that perception as if a half circle is spread in front of you so that  you may really know what it is you are working with in your life. To one side of you, I invite you to have those things that take up a lot of your time, a lot of your energy and a lot of your focus.

Okay, I see for some of you that you it’s not just what fills up a half circle, it moves over to the other side. I invite you to bring it back into proportion and then it moves out from you as far as it needs to. As you have a perception of all that’s taking up your consciousness and your focus, are there certain things that really stand out from the rest?

Allow that to come over perhaps and it takes up one position. As you look out again, is there any one thing that is dominating your thoughts, your emotions, your life right now? For some of that, I invite you to ask yourself ‘is this just busy work, or is it something truly meaningful that is taking place’?

I invite you to have a sense of sending a wave of energy ~phew~! Let it get rid of the clutter that you keep around you that is really not supporting you.  As you let go that first layer, then allow all those other things to come up and spread themselves out and for some of you, you have a greater clarity.

I now invite you to look at the other side of that half circle. Within here, what would you like to have within your life? Or, what would you like for your life to look like? Invite all of that to come within this space. Now there may be things that you’ve already been working with that may move over; that’s fine.

This is an opportunity for you to be very clear about your life. As you get up every morning, is it with a sense of anticipation, excitement or joy? Or is there heaviness, dread? As you are looking at these two sides that you have created; that which is very conscious, that which you seek to have. Take a moment and open to that understanding ‘how do you feel every day when you wake up’?

Here within the All That Is, allow the clarity to move through what you have created. If there are things within your everyday life that no longer suits you ~phew~ let them go. Now some of those things may circle back around and once again be a part of you, but let them do so from a new beginning. So for any past energy, past alignment ~phew~ let it go.  Now I could really feel the greater release.

Once again even more clarity is being created on the side of you where you are bringing up your everyday existence. As you look to the other side, did any of that transform as you cleared out that which IS in your life?  Be open and allow for even more creation to flow within the energies in front of you that represent what IS and what you would like to have.

The reason I invite you to be open is to understand that as your human experience, you do not always allow yourself to be as big as you can be, to be as expanded as you can be, to have as much as you may want.

Here it is all limitless. There is immense abundance and potential. Feel, see, sense what that is. And now as you again look at that which you seek to bring into your life or you seek for your life to be like as you participate in it; look around, be open and allow. Allow it to begin to move through into that which is your life or your perception.

As I look at you, I see some of you holding on very tightly to something you do not wish to let go. If this is you, I invite you to ask yourself –Why? Why do you feel a need to hold on so tightly? Look beneath the surface. Allow yourself to relax your hands, relax your arms. Allow whatever it is that you were holding onto so tightly to just move a little bit away from you.

You need not give something up permanently, but if you let go of something that you were just holding onto so intensely, it lets you relax. It lets you take in a deep breath that will take you to the next level. If it is a person, a place, an experience that you seek to have and it is that important to you, it circle back around. It may be it’s a loved one and you’ll see them in 10 minutes; but let go what no longer works and open up to a new beginning, whatever that beginning may be.

Look around, in this space of the All That Is, you are completely supported. Whatever you want to do no matter how crazy the idea may seem, let it come in, play with it, work with it; experience it to see whatever it may be for you.

I ask you again to consider for yourself when you wake up in the morning and you open to these energies that you are now creating for yourself, how do you think you would feel? What is it that would give you the opportunity to arise every morning with joy and anticipation? What is it that would sustain you throughout the day so that you can feel re-invigorated, so that you can greater amounts of energy and that you can be aware of manifesting what it is you seek to have?

I’m gathering the energies and I’m sending an impulse of light out and into each one of you, inviting you to take it as an opportunity to be open and receive the support, the energy, the nurturing the love. Here within this space, it is your opportunity to understand that it is here, this is where you can come, this is where it’s open and available to you.

You may ask or think, this is what I hear; but how do I get from here in the All That Is into my human every day experience? I also hear that the energies of these journeys are just sooo wonderful and I feel really good; and then I go back to reality. I would invite you to have the intention of living your everyday experience from the All That Is. This is becoming easier and easier for you.

You started this journey tonight in your physical reality. You expanded into your higher self; you expanded into your divinity, and into the All That Is. It was as if you went through stair steps that took you from one place of consciousness to the next.

Those stair steps created a column of light around you that never goes away.  That column of light can be open as small as a single thread, or it can be as wide open as it’s bigger than you, your physical self. For some, it can be even bigger than that, even bigger than a room or a house. The more that you work with this column of light, the more that you can create a fine attunement, that it can expand and contract as need be.

So begin by starting here in the All That Is.  You’ve created in front of you a layout of that which is taking place in your life that which you seek to have and you’ve created a flow that allows them to merge with one another. If you so choose, you can create a space that is your intention that you always come to ‘this space’ when you arrive in the All That Is.

Now that you’ve made a space for yourself, know that you will always step into that energy but then allow it to expand or move into whatever is in your best interest each time that you arrive. You may shift from one side to the other at various times.

We’ve spoken a great deal about the crystalline grid. Some have a sense of it as a matrix that not only surrounds the earth but goes down within the earth and then out into the universe. Some have a sense of this matrix as the flower of life. Some have a sense of a Kabbalah. There are many different words that speak of a structure of energy. There may be one that you know or you use and it is the same.

What I speak of is that which creates a space in which the flow of energy can move very easily from you as a part of yourself in the All That Is into you the human being having your life experience.

Invite your lightbody energy to come here within this space as we speak. And as that lightbody energy flows within and around you, allow your consciousness to just bask in what energy is to you. THIS is the crystalline energy. This is that light flow that moves within and around you in your daily life and out here within the All That Is, it’s very easy to find that alignment.

As this energy flows within you as your conciseness, send it out into all that you have created as far as what you are manifesting within your daily life.  Allow the lightbody energy to flow through on every level. As it does so, you may again see that some of those things flake away; be it that which has been cluttering up your everyday life or even some of those things that you thought you had to have.

Perhaps you let them go and allow in something even better. So let the lightbody energy move through, clearing out so that there is a greater awareness within your consciousness and within this alignment.

As this finds its own balance, you then allow that focus or that awareness to be within that column of light that moves from this space and goes down into you’re the individual. As the flow of your lightbody energy moves through, have a sense of it moving through the walls of the column. It moves through the center so that your consciousness, your intention, your creation can all flow through there with an even greater ease.

As that crystalline vibration comes down closer to the earth, you may have a sense of feeling it around your physical body. For some it may feel like you get bigger, for others it may feel as if your body is creating an adjustment. Perhaps you feel it as it creates a biological change within you. Many feel it as headaches, blurred vision, digestive changes; perhaps that flow of energy as it just goes literally through your skin.

Let it move through you. As it does so, it clears out anything that is getting in its way. WHEW! Very good, very good we saw in some it would actually bounce over obstructions and go on its way. So that may be what’s happening with you. But if there’s anything at all that is ready to be released, it easily moves through, clearing it out.

That column of light continues down into the earth. It moves down so that it can connect up to and align with those immense crystals within the center of the earth. But also with that core dirt, gas, that which makes up the earth itself. That crystalline energy moves within it spreading out and anchoring even more of that grid.

Every time that you have that intention, it strengthens it for you. So then you let that energy of the earth flow back up through you and PHEW, many feel it as if it’s a direct route; you’re connected to the earth and whew you’re connected to the All That Is. 

When that column of light is wide open and there is an intense amount of energy to flows through, it can be overwhelming at times. So you gently bring it back into something where you feel comfortable. Perhaps if you are in a place that’s over stimulating to you, you need to bring it back down to that thread of light. Then when you get to that place where you can allow yourself your comfort zone, that which feels best for you, have an intention that it expands and contracts in an easy flow of energy and light.

How often do you feel that people are intruding upon you, they don’t recognize your boundaries, they feel like they have the right to always be either within your space or making your decisions whatsoever that may be? Many times if that column of light is too wide open it’s inviting that energy to come within. So gently bring it back into a space and feel that solid column of light within and around you and it will gently nudge out anyone else that you would not care to have close to you.

Send your consciousness once more up into the space of the All That Is and you found how easily you could move. Once you have allowed this flow to be set up so that there is that ease and movement you can let go - so to speak - that space because it does anchor you through that alignment to the earth.

So if you want to step aside from the column or compact that column into something smaller it will never fully disconnect from you. So know that it’s always there no matter what your intention is but you do have  the ability to step to the side and then look around.

I wish to have a sense of clearing out the All That Is.... phew. Any place in which people create you have a trial and error. You create this you don’t like, let it go. You create this, you live with it, don’t like it, let it go. So even in a space such as this it can become cluttered with that which you are releasing and with that which no longer works for you from the very beginning.

I invite you to look around within this space. As you look around invite the part of your Divinity that is aligned with the universal light to make itself known to you. Bring it in, experience it. You have lifetimes out here within the universe of immense transformation; there are lifetimes of stillness in which you are nothing but a still point because that too gives you a sense of perception.

There is a balance from within the universe to the earth. Therefore you may reach out to that energy of your universal essence and bring it more fully into your consciousness. This may feel similar to your lightbody energy, it is indeed very similar. It is similar to the energies you were creating a balance within The All That Is.

But push out the boundaries of your consciousness gently pushing further and then receive. Receive the messages from your universal self; receive the conscious awareness that is here for you. Perhaps you have a particular question that you have been seeking an answer for. Send it out to the universe and allow it to come back in. You are more than your human self thinks you are. You can do and have what you would like in your life. Open to receive.

I invite you to have a sense of allowing your focus or your consciousness to come back more within this space of who you are. You spent a great deal tonight on expanding your column, diminishing it, so too with that alignment with universal light you can expand it and diminish it so that it is a comfortable flow for you.

If ever you feel you have disconnected you have not. It is simply that you have compacted down to a very tiny amount of that openness to the flow, so expand it whenever you feel a need to do so.

Take a moment to breathe down and as you do so let your consciousness come back even more fully within the space of the All That Is. And as you come together as a group you may see coming up within the group that hologram of the earth. As the hologram moves up within and around each one of you - that was very interesting how I said that.

Most often the hologram comes up within the center of the group but this time, as I mentioned within and around, you with that alignment you created a little while ago to the crystalline grid actually allows you to become a part of the hologram as you work with it. Infuse into the energy that which is the balanced life and All That Is, earth and universal, the intention to live a balanced life. Send it into this hologram.

If there is anything else you would like to infuse send it into the hologram. And then allow that hologram to be released, it moves down. You may feel your own alignment as it moves with this hologram. As it finds that more distinct wide expansion of the crystalline grid you have a sense of shifting, moving out, expanding even bigger so that it surrounds the entire earth.

That energy that is in alignment with the new earth or the higher dimensional earth moves in that direction and then the rest goes down moving into core center of your earth. From there it anchors and moves back up through the surface of the earth. It moves within and around each one of you, once more, through this anchor creating that alignment. Creating that ability or giving you the resources so that your life will unfold in this balanced manner.

You let it go and then allow your consciousness to once more stream back. It moves through the essence of your Divinity on the Soul plane, it moves back through the energies of your Higher Self and it begins to stream down coming back within and around you in your physical reality.

You may have a sense of adjusting your physical body. As your consciousness continues to anchor back within you take a moment or so and experience the perceptions of your life. Experience the intention of that balanced life that you are seeking. You’ve created it, it’s here now, have the intention that it manifests completely in highest way possible for you.

And so with that we will bring this evening to a close. As you move through your day I remind you that you are this physical being, you are also your Divinity. Allow that flow to be open and easy within and around you. As you seek to live your life upon the earth remember that we are in new energy, we are in higher dimensions, so allow flow to be very much a part of your day.

As you seek what you would like to have within your life, allow balance to be that foundation. You are creating your life moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, year by year. And you are the powerful being I know you to be.

I am ever with you.




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