Merging Love Within Your Life

This channel has a little different energy. Some described it as a slow, deep energy that took them deeper than ever before. Others described it as deep and opening to new potentials. I felt as if the Goddess was reaching out towards a whole new group of people or energies.

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘No matter what I do, I’m still stuck in the same place’? Or perhaps ‘Another year gone and I still haven’t …………..’.  At the very beginning of the channel, the Goddess spoke of this and how sometimes we can get into a pattern or thought or emotion that keeps us from seeing things in their entirety. In particular, it may be a year ago you didn’t have something and this year you don’t either; so you think you’re still where you were a year ago. But everyone is moving and shifting energy even if it doesn’t feel that way. 

She spoke about releasing emotions in particular; depression, fear and anger. As people sometimes fall into these emotions (or others) it can create a pattern that keeps you in resistance or limitation. Then as you look at your life, it doesn’t seem as if anything is changing or shifting. But when you look at that same situation from a place of your divinity or love; you may notice that a lot has actually changed and the year brought other things your way.

Many times it’s your mental body that keeps you in these old patterns. In addition it may be your thoughts that point out to you the lack in your life.  During the channel the Goddess worked specifically with our mental bodies to merge with the golden light of our divinity as a means of creating change. It was as if people could then see potentials they had not noticed. In addition, they just felt better! 

It’s as if the Goddess took the energies of the last channel ‘There Is Only Love 11-17-13’ and showed us how to use it in our everyday lives to create a change. 


Nama sika; Venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, Beloved Family! I reach out to each one of you. I invite you from my heart to your heart to come and share this time with me; to come and have the experience of reconnecting on every level within yourself, to yourself.

As you were speaking, just prior to coming onto this channel, you spoke a lot about how the foundation of these channels are based in love, in releasing judgment – first and foremost of yourself, but also of others. Of allowing yourself to purely be the person that you are, and realizing that the foundation to everything that you do within your life is based in love.

Some people may say, “But that is not the foundation. My foundation is about acquiring something; is about being successful; is about living a life where everything I do is lived to the fullest.” Some of those reactions may seem on the surface as if it is not based in love. And indeed, they may not be. 

Just take a moment, while you are still here fully grounded in your reality, reach into your heart. Allow it to open up. Receive the love. Receive the love of you, yourself, your own divinity. Receive my love as God-Goddess-the All That Is. Allow yourself to feel unconditional love for all that may be happening within your life.

When you allow yourself to be open to the flow from the love of your divinity, it will create a change in your perception of everything within and around you. 

Emotions are very much a part of the human experience. Your thoughts, your beliefs have a deep impact upon you also.  You are not simply one or the other. You are the human expression of your divinity. And as you created YOU in your lifetime, you developed the emotions. You developed the thoughts and the beliefs. You created the experiences that have had an impact upon everything within your life. 

You were not plunked down into this life’s experience – well indeed, perhaps, some people are as you bring in higher amounts of your consciousness. But the vast majority did not arrive in this planet as an adult in that space that’s completely neutral or balanced. Everyone has had one experience or another or multiple or the same, time after time after time.     

Understand that as I look at you, I see you first and foremost as your divinity. And then right behind that, I see you as this person in this lifetime. 

I feel honor and respect for you. I understand it can be a challenge. I understand you get confused. I understand all the many things that are taking place within and around you. I feel love. I feel complete support for you. You are not alone. I am here, amplifying your own divinity in this life experience. 

I invite you to take in a deep breath and let yourself breathe down, sending that energy all the way down through your physical body into the earth, allowing yourself to feel the earth, to feel the energies of the earth as you link with that energy and it flows back up within you. 

As you do so, you then let go your consciousness of your physical body, as if you allow it to stream upward from within this physical reality.  

Allow yourself to shift into the space of your Higher Self. As you find yourself expanding feel what that is. Look around. Here within the space of your Higher Self, you have access to your divinity. You have access to your human reality. And as I’ve said before, it can sometimes become very cluttered. So take a deep breath in.  Whew! And breathe out, clearing out this space. As if you send a wave of energy and life, or light, moving through. Clear out this space. 

Most of you can already feel a difference. As you allow your consciousness to move within this space, it’s as if you get further away from the energies of the earth, and you allow yourself to become more of your divinity, or align with more of your divinity, as that supports you. Remember this in your everyday life. 

You then allow your consciousness to shift once more. You send it up until you find yourself aligning within the soul plane. As you allow your focus, or you allow your consciousness to move within and around this space, reach out towards your divinity. Have the sense of inviting your I Am Presence to be within your conscious awareness.

Some of you have a sense of aligning, as if you merge and you become one. Others have a sense that it comes up within you.  Howsoever, you find yourself aligning with your divinity, be open to the flow. Allow that to move within and around you. As you merge with your divinity allow yourself to be open to that conscious expansion that comes with your I Am Presence. 

I, the Goddess, move within and around you.  As I do so, I reach out to embrace you as your consciousness, you as your divinity.  And as my energies merge with yours, you may feel yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  

There is a transformation taking place within the All That Is. This is a direct reflection of the energies out in the Universe, the energies in your planet, and as they flow within and around one another. 

We are coming up on the conclusion of the first year or the first step that moved the Mayan calendar into the fifth dimension.  Now, you may say that was just a calendar.  It was indeed about the transformation of your physical earth into the expanded energies of the fifth dimension.  You may ask yourself, okay fine, what does that mean to me?  I’m still living life exactly as I was a year ago.  I thought life would be easier.  I thought I would have manifested certain things by now. 

I’m hearing from a number of you that year after year after year, you get to the conclusion of the year and you think, I’m still…. And you can finish that sentence. It’s a big challenge for humans at times. I can feel so much emotion coming up within all of you. Let it go.  Release the emotions. Release whatever they’re aligned with, so that you can move on in your life. 

Most people have one or two things, maybe as many as three, that have a tendency to be the focus within their life. In reality, there are many, many things that are taking place within your life, and they may be affecting those one or two things. But when you are considering your life, and this that I’m picking up from people saying, “Another year gone, and I’m still stuck here.” 

What that’s showing, or the message that it’s putting out from within you to your consciousness is that of judgment. It’s a message of not being good enough. It’s a message of perhaps depression, perhaps frustration. Sometimes it’s the emotions of the holidays that bring things up.  Sometimes, it’s the alignment of the constellations that brings things up. But no matter what the trigger may be, there are always times when people may go into retrospection, or they may go into the place that says, “I thought this year was going to be different, this week, this month, this whatever.” And then you find yourself in this place saying, “It’s still the same. It’s not changing. Here I am.” 

When you think of this, it’s partly the pattern that you have set up. It’s a pattern based on your desire, and then the response to that desire. And then the reaction perhaps of others to that desire. And then a judgment of it worked, it didn’t work, and then moving from there. 

As much as I would like you to say, “Let it all go. Release it. Forget it”, I know you won’t.  When you have been so diligent in your work upon yourself; when you have worked very deeply releasing old energy, releasing old patterns, and then you find yourself coming around again and there you are. I speak of this as I read it from your perceptions of yourself. Which is to say it is very often that human perception. 

Take a moment. Look at your life. You may have a long list of things that you look at; you may have one or two things that you look at. Be very open and conscious of looking at it from that perspective that you do in your everyday reality. Okay, now as if you take all of that out from you, take a deep breath down, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, whew! Let it go, or bring it up and put it on a shelf. Put it here beside you because so many people have those things that are just not going to go away, so bring it up; put it here beside you. 

Now then, allow your consciousness to open up and for some, it’s as if you are parting the energy. Even though you had already merged with your divinity, once more open up that energy, and let yourself feel the flow. Let yourself feel the alignment of your divinity.  

As you feel that consciousness of your divinity, you may have a sense of it just moving even deeper within you. Allow yourself to acknowledge what that feels like to you. Everything that you just took out from you that you put on that shelf or that you put over here to the side, with the eyes of your divinity, with the eyes of that unconditional love, look at it again. 

There have been great changes that have taken place over the past year. For some, these great changes have been over a number of different years. You are in a different place because you just spent the last months, or whatever time-space reality works for you, living your life. Therefore, as you consider some of these things that seem to be more of the focus for you than others, allow yourself to look at is not as the focus, but instead as the overall energy. By doing so, you can see everything that was taking place behind the scenes.  You can see everything that was also taking place that show you growing, expanding, moving through your life. 

Your ego or your personality or your mental body likes to keep you in a state of turmoil, or to keep you in a state that is questioning. This is your opportunity to let your mental body just come out, to open up your thoughts and let your mental body come into the forefront, and then immerse it with the love of your divinity. 

As if it’s washing completely through your mind, completely through your consciousness allow that unconditional love of your divinity to very gently merge with your thoughts because as you do this, your thoughts, your consciousness, your awareness becomes so much more compassionate. And those things that have been bothering you or kept coming up, you now can have a sense of looking at them, experiencing them, understanding that the bottom line is you’re having this human experience. You chose to come into this life and to have whatever these many, varied experiences would be, and now you’re saying, oh but no, no, no, that’s not what I wanted. 

So, again, absorb any thoughts, any judgment, any criticism of yourself into this unconditional love, this unconditional acceptance. And as you do so let it merge, let it expand, let it move through everything within your thoughts. 

Depression is something that I wished to speak of for but a moment. Depression can feel very heavy, as if it’s weighing you down. Depression can keep you in those thoughts that are limited. Depression may be focused upon as an emotion, but it can have an effect or be affected by your thoughts and your physical body. 

If depression is having an impact upon your life at this time, take a deep breath in, breathing deeply down within, going within not only your heart center, but your conscious awareness of who you are, and allow the vibration of depression to be absorbed within the love, the compassion, the caring that comes from your divinity.  

As it merges I can literally feel things lifting away. Whew! Let it go. I saw some of you lift away, and you grabbed onto it and pulled it back into you. Depression perhaps becomes, what’s the word, a security blanket, meaning it’s something that you already know; it may not be good for you, but you know it, so you keep it around. 

Allow your focus, your vibration, your energy to move all the way down, going all the way to wherever the core essence of depression is within you. Find that key, find that moment, find that cell and then allow it to open up and flow unconditional love into wherever that focus is – be it tiny or immense. Flow unconditional love within.

And as you go back to whatever that source may be, then it allows the love to go from there through everything that’s associated with the depression. Whew! And you let it go. 

Let’s talk for a moment about fear. So many people have fear within their lives. Fear that something may happen that makes you afraid. Fear that something is not going to happen. Fear that you are not good enough. Fear … you may answer that question yourself. 

Allow yourself the opportunity to breathe down deeply to wherever there may be fear within your life. And you move into that moment. You move into whatever that source may be. Fill it with love. Fill it up with compassion. 

You all have experiences within your life, as I mentioned at the beginning that have created the individual that you are right now within your life. You can rewrite history, so to speak. What I mean by that is that the impact upon you from whatever that experience was, is what can be shifted by realigning with whatever that moment was, allowing yourself to go to the very core, filling it up with the unconditional love of your divinity of Source energy. 

And as you fill it up, know that whatever it was that created that fear is no longer going to have that impact upon you. You are now creating a new reaction, a new experience, this time based in love, strength, acknowledgement that you can do it, that you can be all that you want to be. 

The other energy that I’m picking up on that needs to shift at this time is anger. How many of you find that anger is keeping you from moving forward in your life? How many of you might have anger as a foundation or anger as an experience, but it’s not in-your-face type anger. Perhaps it’s something underneath. Perhaps it’s something insidious. It may be expressed as frustration. It may be expressed as being derogatory towards yourself or others. 

If there’s any anger within you, have a sense of once more breathing down; breathing down into that emotion from within you, finding your alignment to your thoughts. Whew! And letting it go.

Amazing the differences that I see in all of you. If there is an old pattern, perhaps associated with depression, anger, judgment, fear, then you once more flow through your mental body, your emotional body, anywhere within and around you. Whew! And you let it go. 

If you have things that are happening within your life, or not happening, it’s time to let them all go. Let them go. You need not always analyze. You need not try to make something happen. You need only be in a flow of consciousness and awareness. Take a deep breath.

I invite you to open up and feel the flow of your Lightbody energies. Do you remember when we first came into contact with the Lightbody energies? It was as if it was something completely separate, off in the distance, that you had to consciously bring into you. Now it is so much a part of who you are. 

Therefore, as you open up to your Lightbody energies, you are opening up to that which is your crystalline foundation; to that which is your crystalline vibration; to that which is your Higher Dimensional Alignment. 

If you question whether or not you have these Lightbody energies be aware, you absolutely do. If you question, where are they? What’s their impact in my daily life? Then become aware that you may keep them at a distance or you may bring them in closely, and there’s an easy flow that moves between you and these energies.

With releasing those emotions that we just spoke of, and then allowing this high, light vibration to begin to consciously move through you, allow that to be what your divinity aligns with, so that as it’s moving through you, it’s moving consciously through your thoughts and your beliefs. It’s moving through your emotional body. It’s moving through the physical reality for who you are in this lifetime. Open to feel what that is. 

As you consider where you are today within your life, when you open up and feel that flow of your Lightbody energy, you are creating the vibrational balance that takes you into those lighter, finer dimensions; that take you into that space that you seek to have that is the unconditional love and awareness within your everyday life. 

The earth is always moving. You are always breathing, communicating, interacting with what’s around you. Therefore, there is always motion taking place within and around you. 

When you have that perception that there is no change, that year upon year, month upon month, whatever it may be, that you’re in that stuck energy look at it from this perspective. And you see that there is change around you. There is change that’s a potential.

You, as you open to your divinity, allowing it to flow through you; it’s there. And then that next step which is taking place with humanity, that is allowing the Lightbody energy to be that conduit of movement within your life; feel what that is.

I always invite you to reach towards what feels good in your life. There is only love. That is indeed the foundation of which everything else is built upon. And even if you don’t build a thing; even if you find yourself again and again, starting over, making a new beginning, making a clean break from something; whatever it may be. There is only love. That is one constant that will always be within your life.

I  heard people saying, “No, the constant in my life, something that’s different from love.” It may be that you think that there is only something else. But all of that is the clutter that comes in as a result of being human. And all of that is the distraction to pull you off center, or to pull you out of balance.

Make the choice to be in alignment with love. Allow yourself to recognize that there is only love, and it is now being expressed as YOU. Love is what comes into you from your divinity. Love is what you express out to the world. I know; some of you are not expressing that out to the world. But if you could, you would find your perception of everything would change. 

Be in the flow of love. Be in the flow of looking at your life from the eyes of compassion, of awareness, of unconditional love and acceptance. You are always, moment-by-moment, day-by-day, month-by-month, year-by-year creating your life.  I invite you to create from that place of love within you, being transmitted out from you, through your Lightbody, through your emotions, through your thoughts, through your experiences. 

You can change past experiences by changing your perception of what took place. You can change future experiences by recognizing your thoughts, your beliefs, your awareness is setting you up for your reactions to what may come. You may get knocked off balance. Have the focus and the intention to come back to balance. 

I so, so love each one of you. And I so very much want you to have a life that fills you up; that fills you up with joy, love, experiences that create happiness. Feel what it is to know in this moment, in this alignment. It can happen. 

As if you walk through a doorway, and you close the doorway, saying “I’m done with that way of expressing it.” You open up another doorway. You move through. “I’m now going to experience life from this perception.” Open the door that you may experience life with the foundation of love, joy, compassion, fulfillment; whatever those emotions may be. And then, you have your conduit through your Lightbody energies to create the alignment with which that will take place.  

Beloved Family, I invite you to get a sense of creating a group or coming together as an energy. And as you do so, take a moment, take a moment to really gather all of what your intention is for how you wish to live your life, or live your experience. And then send that into this, into the center of the group. 

And then, coming up within that space, you may see the hologram of the earth. I did that a little backwards this evening. What that shows you is there’s no one right or wrong way of doing anything. It all works. So as that hologram comes up within these energies that you put forth, infuse what you wish to have within your life. Infuse that direct alignment with your Lightbody energies. 

And the hologram itself begins to take on that energy. It’s as if it moves at a faster pace. And as it does so, there’s a movement as if it goes down within the energy fields.  It moves through the crystalline grid, going down into the earth; going out into the Universe. And it creates a balanced alignment that is available to you as you are living your life.

And as that energy goes down into the earth, it goes all the way into the center of the earth, coming back up.  And you may feel it coming back up within and around you.  Allow yourself to focus and receive the vibrational energy that is yours, that you may manifest this transition. Not only of letting go all those emotions that no longer work for you, but of also that movement through a doorway that takes you into a new experience. 

And then allow yourself to completely let go that hologram and that energy. And as your focus comes back up once more within the All That Is, you let go this space of the All That Is. As if you follow that route of the hologram, you move through the soul plane. 

Reaffirm for yourself that you are this expression of your divinity.  Reaffirm this deeper alignment with your divinity and allow that all to move through with your consciousness. Breathe deeply, allowing that focus and that awareness to come down within you. 

Allow it to come down, moving through your physical reality. You may need to expand your energy field. There’s always plenty of space, no matter what’s around you.  You expand your energy field so that you are comfortable with who you are. And that goes down into the earth, and you anchor it within the earth. 

Then allow it to come back up within you. As it does so, it comes back up, anchoring within and around your solar plexus; anchoring you back within your physical reality. 

As we bring this evening to a close, I invite you to once more be very conscious of having a direct focus, or a direct intention that at any moment your alignment to your divinity is open and the flow is moving through you with ease. That at any moment, you are merging your divinity with your thoughts, with your beliefs, with your emotions, with every part of you as the human, living this life. 

So that when you look out at the landscape of your life and your experiences, you do so from a foundation that is based in love; that is based in compassion, acceptance. Knowing that you are the divine individual that you are.  Knowing that you can have an effect upon everything within your reality. 

I am always with you and within you.   



Skyhawke8 15th December 2013 1:14 pm

Wow Shelly & Goddess of Creation!

This is a lot!
Very profound and helpful!
I am amazed at how this post shifted things for me today!
There is so much information it probably leaves most speechless.
It's a lot to read but I am so appreciative of this awareness today.
Thank you!

Shelly Dressel 1st January 2014 10:13 am

Hello Skyhawk!

I'm just finding this message. Yes, there was a LOT of energy in this channel. I've felt that way with a number of them during 2013. It seems to me that this one took what came through in 'There is Only Love' and worked with really integrating the energies.

Thanks for your comment! Happy New Year!



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