Messages From the Masters

During this Channel, the Goddess began with inviting everyone to sit in an Amphitheatre.  We have done this in the past and never know what may happen.  There was a group on the stage including the Goddess, St. Germain, Metatron, Archangel Michael, Melchizedek, Yeshua and more.  They all wanted to share messages with us about how we live in the highest vibration possible PLUS remind us that we are just like them.

So often people think of God, Jesus, the angels and light beings as being someone of a completely different makeup and therefore unattainable.  During this channel, we are reminded that we truly are not so different.  They maintain the balance of love, self-realization and the gifts that they have.  We as humans get distracted in life and get pulled out of the heart center.  

Metatron spoke first about how society is changing.  He made mention that there are changes coming to government, big businesses and churches.  He reminds us that we are ready for change and we are in the flow of this energy. 

St. Germain spoke next about alchemy.  He spoke about how he could convert anything in his life especially as Count St. Germain.  He mentioned that when he is converting something he’s in a huge flow of the universe and that ego or personality keeps people from believing.  

Archangel Michael spoke about the fact that they all walk beside us and that our vibration is equal to theirs if we allow the flow of source. He reminds us of looking up and looking out to the potential without getting caught up in the everyday reality. 

This is just a portion, there is so much more than they did!! The energy is light, filled with love and potential. 


Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya

I greet you, beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace you in this now moment, whenever that moment may be.

As the Earth continues its movement and transformation I invite you to just gather everything that is happening around you.  There are potentials that you have never considered in the past that are coming your way.  You have an opportunity to choose, in a very focused and conscious way, where you want your thoughts to be.  You have an opportunity to learn how to clarify and focus your intentions through your breathing.  We have spoken of these many times during these Journeys. 

With the wave of energy that is currently integrating into the Earth more and more people that have been in the unconscious mode are moving into the conscious mode.  You may ask what does that mean and where are we in that process.  There are many of you who have chosen to live your life in a conscious way.  Meaning you think about where your thoughts are going on a regular basis.  You think about your intention and how you interact with people every day.  You are open to feel the vibration of the Higher Energy, the Angels, the Light Beings and your own Divinity so all that may come into you and become a part of you in your life.  These are some of the ways in which people experience the ascension process. 

The other thing that is taking place is that your bodies are changing.  You may know exactly how it is changing and what is going on, or it may be that you just feel different.  I invite you to embrace just feeling different.  The energy behind that different feeling that you may have is that from your cellular level all the way through your solid bones within your body.  This transformation is taking place in that there is a greater amount of oxygen that is getting into each cell.  That greater amount of oxygen raises the vibration.  Or one could say that as you raise the vibration a greater amount of oxygen is going into the cells.  It’s like a catch 22. 

Indeed there have been multiple dimensions upon the earth from the time with which the Earth came into a conscious process.  When we speak about the 5th Dimension opening up what it is saying is that that consciousness of humanity has aligned or expanded in such a way that they are now able to tap into the frequency of the 5th Dimension. 

Therefore this is your opportunity to put forth the intention that you live consciously in the fifth Dimension.  It may seem easy.  It may seem like a simple way of going about it.  However, as you declare your intention you’ve put out that vibration that’s reverberating out from you into the Universe and the Universe will give you various opportunities to more fully integrate this expansion. 

Alright, I invite you to breathe deeply; once more breathing through your heart center sending that energy down into the Earth.  As your energy goes into the Earth allow it to expand in different ways.  There are massive crystals within the Earth.  Many of these are a part of this activation experience.  I, therefore, invite you to reach out to one of those crystals as a means of anchoring your energy. 

As you are ready to do so you bring that focus and vibration back in within you leaving that anchor that holds you connecting to the Earth.  You send that stream of your consciousness up out of your head.  It flows upwards until you encounter that space of your Higher Self. 

As you are here within the space, look around.  It may be that you need to cleared out.  Send a ball of energy and light moving through.  As this energy flows through you and through your Higher Self you expand your consciousness so you are more fully aligned within this space.  You then send your consciousness even further.  There is a cord of light.  There is a thin, thin, thin stream of energy that connects you the person with your soul essence. 

By following that thread your consciousness just stream straight up and into that vibration.  As you connect with your divinity feel your consciousness as it expands outwards. This is your opportunity to have that blend, so that you may move back and forth blending with your divinity, which is your God source; it is your I AM presence.  This is you in the purest form of who you are. 

Allow that knowledge to just move through you.  Feel your own energies as you expand.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so I reach out to embrace you exactly where you are right now.  As our energies merge everything shifts into the All That Is.  As your energies flow within this space there is a call that is summoning people to come together.  No matter when you listen to this, and when you re-listen to it, you are always at that moment when that call is being placed. 

There is that sense of going up in tiers and then we see myself, I am up on what would be a stage.  St. Germain, Melchizedek, Metatron and Archangel Michael are all here present with me; they’re flanking on either side of me.  

I feel each one of them have messages to give you.  I’m not sure whether we will listen to all of them or whether you will receive some of these straight into your unconsciousness.  At the beginning, Metatron would like to speak with you and I, therefore, take a step back and we allow him to come through to the forefront.

Metatron Speaks:

Greetings beloved friends and family!  I am Metatron.  Some refer to me as Lord Metatron.  I speak with you today as the keeper of the Souls.  I have within my keeping a little piece of the soul of every single person that was incarnated upon the Earth at this time.  I take this job very seriously because indeed it is.  Not only am I able to look at the world from my perspective and this vibration.  So too I can experience the world through those tiny particles and pieces from each one of you.  

I made knowing my desire to come and speak with you because there is so much that is taking place right now.  The old is in the process of moving out, the new is in the process of coming in.  The old has to do with the old paradigms of what is considered your truth or your reality.  The old is the belief system of how government needs to work.  In some cases religions, finance, all the various aspects of your life. 

You will recall that was the total eclipse in August there was a wave of energy that went through the entire Matrix of the Earth cutting it, one might say in half, but indeed it was just cutting through that energy so as to assist with the release of the old.  As these old institutions, as some of you may call them, transition some of them will go away; meaning some businesses or the way that businesses performs will not work.  Some will transition into something new.  There will be new things that will come to people’s attention for you to consider.  This is why you have all undergone such a deep and intense transition; in particular the last 6 months, but also the last one or two years. 

With this transition you are the ones who radiate the energy, meaning the vibration and the frequency that will allow for a new way of living upon the Earth to come to fruition. We have spoken of this for many years.  You have wanted it to take place for many years and now it is.  I invite you to remember that you are very well equipped to move through anything that happens. 

Whenever there is a transformation that takes place there will always be a degree of fear.  The fear is within those that are stuck in the 3rd-dimensional reality.  However, it can become pervasive through all the dimensions. I, therefore, invite you to spend time, it need only be a couple of minutes a day where you refocus inside of yourself, where you breathe deeply, experiencing either meditation or transformation that will not only ground you into the earth but open up your energies to the universal light. 

I speak of this not to create anxiety amongst you, but to remind you you’ve done the work.  You are well equipped.  It is now the time for things in your life to shift into something easier.  I, therefore, invite each one of you to just close your eyes for a moment taking stock, are there things that you are struggling with right now, and if so bring that up, bring that up, bring that up, ~whew~, clear it out.  So that once more you may breathe into this balance of who you are.  As you move forward in your life be open to experience yourself and others from a new reality.  

I did not want to spend a lot of time speaking to you I just wanted to make a connection with you.  I am here for you.  I invite you to reach out to me anytime that you so choose.


St. Germain Speaks:

Greetings it is I St Germain.  I speak to you this evening about the transformation.  I have been upon the earth in a multitude of physical realities.  I remember what it is to be have the physical body, to have the mental body; to know when you’re in that feeling of lack, or that feeling of constriction, or that feeling of sorrow when things are not happening quickly enough within your life. 

As St Germain I was known as the Alchemist, literally working with straw and metals transforming them into one to the other.  This is possible in your current day.  When people speak about the Bible and they spoke about serving people with fish and fish just multiply, the loaves of bread just multiply, that was just a transformation.  When I would create money from straw I recognized that it was all energy and I, therefore, held whatever I held in my hand and infused it with the energy of the coins that I wish to create and they were therefore created.  I would tap into my universal light energies and it is that vibration moving through me that caused the transformation to take place. 

You can do this right now in your everyday reality.  You have been able to do this all along.  I, therefore, ask you the question is there anything in your belief system that is preventing you from doing exactly as I speak.  Indeed just about every single one of you say that you would like to believe, but yet it is difficult to believe. 

As we live in the 5th Dimension the foundation is all about living from your heart center.  Your heart sees yourself with unconditional love that is supplied by that flow of energy from your own divinity.  It is there 100 percent of the time.  I then invite you to say do I always feel love for myself?  Do I feel unconditional love and my life?   This where the answer becomes no or not all the time, or sometimes I’m pretty good and other times I’m not.  What this illustrates is your ego or your personality interpreting what is happening in your life. 

As you interpret your life existence or your life experience, you have that natural tendency to judge.  This is where you get those pieces of the puzzle that say I’m not smart enough.  I’m not good enough.  I don’t have all the education I need.  That person is really good at this, but it doesn’t work for me.  Therefore in this now moment, I invite each one of you to just close your eyes for a minute.  Align with your heart and ask if now is the time to receive a transformation within your heart? 

That transformation is going to represent your heart, your mental body so as to manifest to change in your thoughts.  ~whew~ clear out old beliefs.  Open to receive new potentials.  Open to receive thoughts and beliefs that are non-judgmental, completely accepting love from your divinity.  Just see yourself in the flow that everything moves through you. 

I thank you for allowing me to share some space with you this evening and I will step aside.


Archangel Michael Speaks:

Greetings it is I, Archangel Michael.  My part of the discussion for this evening is to share with you how the Veil is gone.  You are all in the habit of praying to God, speaking to the Angels, asking for assistance if you need it and we have been available to you, most often from a much higher dimension, yet we do our best to shift the energies in and around you in answer to your prayers.  

I have on occasion walked upon the Earth, although I have never had an entire lifetime upon the Earth.  For me to walk upon the Earth I needed to lower my vibration a great deal so that I could walk amongst people and talk with them. 

Consider when you are living so intrinsically within the Third Dimension.  We were even further away from you at that point.  However, now you can very easily move into the 5th Dimension.  We can flow our energy down into that dimension with a much greater ease.  

I am therefore here to share with you that as you continue to move forward in your life we are no longer way out there disconnected from you attempting to assist you with your life.  We are right beside you wherever you may be.  We walk hand in hand with you.  More and more people are opening up to this understanding. 

I have my sword that I am so well known for.  I use it all the time.  It can be a sword of Light to illuminate what is happening in your life.  It can be a sword of Truth so that you can tap it upon a person and know if they speak the truth.  That also includes if you want to know the truth within you.  You need only energetically hold myself and ask to see the truth in a situation and it will manifest for you.

I am here with you right now.  If some of you will look around with your inner eyes you may see me with greater clarity.  You may feel me in your space.  I would like for you to know that I and some of the other Archangels have been a part of a group of individuals who very consciously are working on these stair steps to make it easier for you to have access to us and to debunk that sense of we are better than you.

I would love for each one of you to know that within your heart of hearts you are magnificent.  You may have challenges within your life.  You may feel frustrated.  You may have pain.  You may have turmoil.  However, ask to have me to come in as if I surround you with my wings and I hold you so close and let it go.  ~whew~.  Let it go whatever you were struggling with it this time and know that is not just in the All That Is, it is not just in the Higher Vibration, it is also in your everyday reality.  ~whew~ 

If you have not yet received one of my swords I offered to you.  It is yours.   I stays in the ethers and you need only think about it and it is in your hand.  I invite you to use the Sword of Michael to illuminate your life allowing you to see, know and understand who you are and that you are way more than you ever thought you were.  I see you.  I believe in you and I know you!  


 The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

It is the Goddess and if you look around the stage you will see that it is filled with many more than those few that I mentioned at the beginning.  There are many more who have come.  Some of them are your own personal Guides.  Some of them are other Star Beings.  Some of them are you from others incarnations.  Understand that as we disperse we will go into the crowd that have gathered and we are here to spend this time with you. 

As these Beings of Light move in and amongst each one of you, it sounds like a party.  There’s a great deal of talking.  In one section there is a place set up where Yeshua walks in and works with people on healing.  Part of the reason why he can heal is the same as St Germain.  He is the ultimate flow of perfect balance and life, therefore everything that he touches transforms into that ultimate balance and life.

With each one of those individuals there’s not one second or millisecond of doubt in what they are capable of doing.  This is a big difference between them and you in your everyday life.  Is it again going back to the Ego?  It matters not.  Do not go into analysis.  Instead realize that you can be in this space with them and you can learn from that experience of just absorbing who are they are, what they are doing. 

There are some of you that choose to go and sit with Jesus so as to experience a healing from his hands.  As you feel what this is like for yourself be open to experience a truth for your reality as seen from your Divinity.  You may wonder what that does mean.  Your Divinity looks at you, sees you with that unconditional love.  If you can transition your own thoughts, working with your mind as a human, you can also receive those loving thoughts. 

When Jesus comes close to the Earth he emanates wave, upon wave, upon wave of energy that is that unconditional love and balance.  I invite you to be the love.  Also, it is not about feeling love or about seeing it in others, but it is about actually integrating love into every cell in your body.

I understand there are many, many, many people upon the Earth who are nowhere near integrated love into their hearts. I understand that there continues to be strife and turmoil and that there is a lot of lying that is going on. 

Each of you have that opportunity to be then a pillar of Light, to be that anchor of balanced energies.  So when you do see things on your television, or on your computer, you can detach from that.  Open up to that column of unconditional love from your Divinity and let that flow through you into whatever situation you just read about. 

So take a moment with me in this now moment where you just simply allow yourself to be that love.  Yeshua, Mother Mary,  Lady Magdalene, Quan Yin, Buddha,  the Angels there are so many that can teach you the same lesson.  Receive from whomever you resonate.  Perhaps indeed it is your own Divinity.  Breathe it in.  Feel who you.  Accept what is happening.  Experience all that is here. 

There has been a great deal of talk from all of us this evening, but with each person that has cleared away layers of old energy, you opened more fully into this love and this balance; so that as you move forward in your everyday life you can experience life from the space of love.  Feel the flow.  Experience it.  Allow love to be the foundation and to be in you in every level of your existence. 

You can feel the wave, upon wave, upon wave as love moves through.  Not everyone that is here, but everyone upon the Earth. 

I remind you not to get caught up in what may be happening on the media.  I remind you when you have turmoil in your life to come back to that space of balance within yourself.  Know that I feel such love for you. 

Gather together with me as we create the circle of Light, this Circle of people and this circle of energy.  You see coming up within the center of the circle that Hologram that is of your Earth.   As this Hologram arises within each one of you, or I am sorry within the circle of each one of you, send into it your own place of balance, your place of love, your place of healing, your place of transforming; your sword.  All of the gifts that you received this evening send them into this Hologram. 

As you do so you not only strengthen your own energies, but you strengthen these gifts that have been given to you. 

As everything flows Into the Hologram you take a moment and you release the holograms.  It flows down moving towards the Earth.  There is that part that goes out into the Universe creating the balance in the Universe that counteracts the balance that is infused into the Earth.  As it goes down it goes into the center of the Earth expanding outwards and it moves through the energy that is within the Earth, the Crystals, the Rocks, the gases and it moves through all, adjusting to the balance; so that as it comes up into the Earth you are here in this now moment remaining upon the Earth.  Do so with that flow of energy and light coming up within you. 

As this anchors take a moment to close your eyes and breathe gently and easily.  Allow your own vibration to adjust, not only clearing out the energies you have cleared in the All That Is, but also clearing anything else that you consciously choose to release.  You let that move through you.  It also comes up through the water, through the grass, through the energies.  It moves into the collective consciousness of the Earth integrating, clearing out and transforming all that is within that space. 

You then let that go, allow your focus to come back within yourself and you let your consciousness stream back up to the All That is and allow everything that was left within that space to flow back through you.  It moves through you Divinity, you Higher Self.  It comes back within you the human.  It washes around you clearing out your energy, but also anchoring within the energy body within you and moves through all of who you. 

In your days of weeks to come I want to bring this to a close with that reminder that you are love.  You are your Divinity.  It’s not something out there or up there in the ethers.  It is you and it is within you. 

So whenever we speak about this opening up it’s really about opening up your consciousness way.  Your unconscious already knows it is there and works with that energy. 

However, as you are choosing this life of ascension and this life of movement, and this life of experiences this is another one of the ways in which you must may experience that for yourself.  Be open to the realization that Archangel Michael, Metatron, St Germain and all the other Light Beings are walking side by side with you.  Be open to understand that you have such power within you and that power is anchored by the love of your own Divinity. 

You are that you are.




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