Movement Into Love & Life

I considered several different names for this channel. I think the clearest subtitle is ‘A Cosmic View of your Life’. It really gave you a new perspective of what is happening in and around you. When we got to the All That Is, the Goddess had each person create a screen in front of them. In doing so, it created a detachment from their lives. This is a wonderful tool to assist when looking at your life and opportunities.

Once the screen was established, the Goddess encouraged everyone to look at what is most prominent in their lives. She then worked with the energy around the whatever it was so as to release any limiting emotions or beliefs. From there, we were able to get a new perspective. He suggested opening to a shift, then integrating it. So in the end, you could see where you are, create and change and integrate that change. It’s a very powerful tool.

Lastly, due to this being the month of February, the Goddess suggested opening to love in your life. There is such a focus upon it from the media, people, etc. By reaching out to the energy, you could tap into it as a power to assist in your life. She suggested working with your energies around self-love and awareness. Whether it’s right when this is happening or at a later date, you can tap into the energies of Valentine’s Day to assist in creating change within your life.

This is the year of movement, so open to movement within your life and see how things begin to happen!


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you sending forth my love, sending forth my awareness, sending forth my energy so that we may create a space of alignment.

I love and appreciate how so much more of my energies are able to come closer and closer into the Earth plane. Part of the reason for this is because more people are in a space of alignment with their divinity so too as the Earth continues its ascension process, it allows for the higher vibration to have an easier flow into and around the Earth.

Feel my energies as you are right now and put forth the intention to reach out to me and feel my energies at any point during your daily life. I am here to be of assistance to you. I am here in support of you. I am here in love with all of you.

I invite you to have a sense of breathing down, breathing deeply one more time, allowing that breath to flow through you; let it anchor within you. And then as you are ready to do so have a sense of letting your consciousness shift.

Allow yourself to move into the space of the magnetic grid. You may feel this energy. You may see or sense the interlocking pathways as they move around the Earth.

This is a space where much of your higher self resides so reach out to your higher self. Invite this part of you to come in closer within your consciousness. Have a sense then of letting go of the energies of the Earth plane. Let go the gravitational pull and allow yourself to shift into the crystalline grid.

As you arrive here within the crystalline grid you can feel the energies, the flow, the vibration that emanates from within.

As you breathe gently and easily, have a sense of looking around at what this space is to you. You may find that there are energies that seem to emphasize support for whatever it is that you may have going on within your life.

Allow that to come out and to be present within and around you. I invite you to let go these energies of the grid work. Have a sense of reaching towards the soul plane. As you allow your consciousness to merge within this space look around as if you are looking for the entirety of your divinity.

As you become aware of your I Am presence, open and allow for that alignment to become strengthened within you. As you allow this flow to expand your perception, feel the unconditional love, the awareness, the acceptance that is here for you.

Allow your breath to assist you in anchoring even more deeply here within your divinity. I the Goddess move within this space. Allow your focus to look outwards so that you may have a perception of my energies as I come here reaching out to each one of you.

I reach out to embrace you as the human, you as your divinity, and I invite you to accept my energies. As we blend, merging together, I have the ability to amplify all of who you are.

You may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. As you arrive here within this space, feel your energies as you expand even further. It’s almost as if you come into this place and you’re pushing out whatever limits you may feel; you push out and expand even further so that you may feel even more fully who you are.

I always love our time together. I find that there is an intention that I may have from speaking with your energies, and then we come together, whatever the group is for that evening, and sometimes there is a subtle shift and a focus may shift.

My intention with these journeys is to give you the assistance or to show you how you may become empowered in your daily life. There are many people upon the Earth who can offer assistance if you need that within your life. There are many different ways that each person can go through their opening up or their ascension process.

Ultimately the focus or the intention is that each one of you decides for yourself who you are, what your focus is or your intention is for this lifetime, and how you would like to experience that.

Free will creates amazing opportunities for people. Free will offers everybody the unique opportunity to make changes in their lives if they so choose. Free will gives each one of you the opportunity to express who you are as your divine essence within this life.

It’s important to recognize that everybody is just intrinsically a beautiful, glorious, soul essence, filled with light, filled with love, filled with potential. All you need to do is look around you within this space and you see what I see.

One of the reasons I always bring everybody into this space is for that very reason. That you may have the opportunity to experience yourself in this beautiful energy, this expanded state of awareness.

As you are creating in your life upon the Earth, most likely it is a continuous process. There are times in which people become immersed in the energy of their lives. They may get caught up in the actions that are taking place. They may get caught up in what feels as if it’s resistance. People may also get caught up in the flash or the joy or the boundlessness.

What I would like to do first of all is to take the opportunity to acknowledge the things that are taking place in your life. So here in this space of the All That Is have a sense of creating the monitor or creating a space where you can look objectively at your life.

Sometimes what happens is that you become focused in the everyday experiences of your life. This will give you the opportunity to look at your life from the grander, bigger picture of things and it will therefore create a greater opportunity for you.

So here you have in front of you your screen. Let’s first of all bring up your perception of where you are in your life. For some of you I see you as part of family is the first thing that comes up, for others it’s housing; it’s many, many varied things.

This is your opportunity to bring up first and foremost that which is most prevalent within your perception. As you see it on the screen like this it probably comes to you in the way you most strongly feel an attachment. Let it flow. Take in your perception. And then have a sense of shifting the framework so that you still see it but it’s less distinct.

Perhaps you may have a sense of being superimposed; perhaps it’s a totally different frame. But now take in a moment and put forth the intention of where you would like to be, or perhaps what you would like to manifest.

As you see this image, perhaps you just sense the energy, feel the emotion, you may have a perspective that is based on your desires, that is based on everything that’s happening in your life right now.

So I the Goddess am going to walk through here. I’m going to move into and around each one of you and see if I can’t shift the perception. You already see it in the way you would like it but perhaps there’s an alternative. Perhaps in order to manifest it you need to come from a different angle. Perhaps it is simply not the right time in your life.

So here in this moment take in a breath and blow it out and as you are doing so, allow your focus to shift. Has it changed what you seek to have? Is there something that needs to be done that is standing in the way? Allow your energies to take in whatever this may be. And then allow yourself to let go whatever may be standing in your way.

Okay. I invite you to let go the perception of how what you want to manifest is coming in. That’s not saying to let go your desire; it’s saying let go any preconceived notion of how it’s going to happen. So breathe in deeply and phew! Let it go.

As you look back over your lifetime you may also have a sense of looking back over past lifetimes. But as you do so, is there anything in terms of a pattern or in terms of experiences that is having an influence on what is keeping you from being able to manifest what you would like to have?

Look into that pattern with an openness or an awareness so that you may acknowledge and shift whatever that may be. You do this again; but this time I invite you to sit quietly for a moment as you are here in the space of these higher potentials and as you do that let go once more and then open to the potential of either something different or something even better.

And as you are allowing your energies to be in the flow of something that’s even better for you, stop and take a moment to consider what you might have put forth for this lifetime.

Have you noticed that there is a pattern that seems to repeat itself in your life? Have you noticed that there are one or maybe two particular things that seem to come up again and again and again?

In this moment of this space of love and compassion and awareness, reach out to whatever those may be. As if you are reaching towards an event or an emotion or an energy, have a sense of reaching out and as if you bring it back to embrace within yourself, feel the energies.

Feel what this is. Feel how you can let go from an emotional level and then through letting go that energy aligned with it, open up and allow your thoughts and your beliefs to shift in such a way that they too are in alignment with a new beginning, with a new acceptance.

Have a sense of looking back towards that big screen once more and I’m going to shift it in such a way that we clear everything out for the moment and then again as you look up at this screen this time look at your life as a whole.

Some may see it as compartmentalized. Others may see it as just one big picture. But look at your life as a whole and see that which stands out most to you. And then next have a sense of looking, sensing, feeling the other parts of your life that you can bring into focus or bring into deeper alignment so that it will allow you to manifest more quickly.

I also invite you to take this moment as you see how things are shuffling around or shifting to ask yourself; what is your vibration right now and what is the vibration of what you seek to have?

For so many of you I saw this immediate blending take place. Allow that to amplify where you are right now. For others there was a sense that things were very close and harmonious but then lacked that open alignment of balance. So clear out anything at all that keeps you from that space.

Now have a sense of stepping into that screen that you’ve been looking at. Have a sense of jumping, leaping, stepping, whatever it may be, but allow yourself to merge with these energies that you have been creating and that you have been working with from this detached perception.

As you step into this picture, just casually relax. Casually let yourself feel comfortable within this setting. As that happens feel how an even deeper alignment is created.

When I speak of you as the creator of your life, of you with the opportunities before you, I see opportunities as limitless. I see potentials as more numerous than you can know. I see that sometimes people are going around and around in a circle, walking past what they seek to have time and again.

This year is a year of movement. It’s a year of stepping into what you’ve put forth in previous years. So with everything that you were just working upon, step into the movement of your creation.

Allow it to move from a still picture and let it be the movement of your life and feel the flow of energy as it moves through you. Feel the movement of potentials. Feel the movement of your energy. Feel the movement of everyone around you as they are moving through their own life.

There is a rhythm that is beginning to pulsate throughout everyone that is here. This is a rhythm of the Universe. This is a rhythm from your soul essence that beats for you. As you feel this flow of energy let it expand.

During this month of February, there is a lot of focus upon love. Most people think of it as love between them and someone else, that’s what the holiday is so often a focus on. But let us each take this as an opportunity to focus upon the love that you have for yourself. In some of you I can feel that that kind of ruffled your energy; it didn’t sit easily with you.

So let’s shift that energy once more. Love is a very powerful emotion. Love can induce you to make changes that you might not have considered before. Love can be an emotion that aligns you with other people. And sometimes it’s the emotion that ties you together through difficulties and ease.

Love most often is an emotion that feels good when you think about it. Love is limitless and immense as it flows within you from your divinity. Here in the All That Is you are your pure divine essence. Allow the consciousness of your human to open up further and then as if you take a deep breath in allow the wash of your love to flow down within you.

This is truly unconditional love. You need not do anything. You need not prove a worthiness. It is that it is, meaning it’s yours, it’s available to you, you need only allow it into your consciousness and into your life.

Sometimes during this month the immense focus on love causes people to feel as if they are separate, as if they are alone or lonely. If any of those energies are moving through you, take this as an opportunity to breathe in deeply, acknowledging them, phew, and then let it go!

Let go any feelings of sadness, let go any feelings of separation, and instead, breathe down and fill yourself up with the love, with the compassion, with the awareness of who you are. I can hear some of you and they’re saying - ‘But it’s not enough. I want more. I want to meet someone. I want to be with someone. I don’t want to be alone anymore.’

Absolutely, I too want you to be with someone. I want you to have the fullest, richest life you desire to have. Breathe in all of my love, all of my awareness, letting that flow through you and let go, phew! Any sense of separation, any sense of being alone and then from that space of fullness look again around at your life.

Who is there? Who’s an opportunity for you to meet? What can bring this more quickly into your life if this is what you so choose? There is a wave of energy that is moving through this space right now.

I invite you to throw open your arms and accept this wave as it moves through. Accept it as a means of taking you to your next level, whatever that may be. Accept it as an opportunity to expand into potentials. Feel the energy and feel the flow right now.

I invite you to once more have a sense of separating from that screen that you’ve been watching and that you merged with and as you separate from it you turn around and you look back. Once again, what is here? What do you see, sense, know?

Allow for all those energies or experiences to expand into your consciousness so that it may support you even more.

I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. As you do so, allow your focus or your consciousness to look towards the center. The hologram of the Earth comes up within the center of everyone here present. And as it does so I invite you to first of all infuse within it all the work and all the transformation that you did upon yourself.

Next I invite everyone to infuse into this hologram love. Infuse unconditional love and acceptance. Infuse love from your divinity. Infuse love as its focus with you.

As all of that moves into this hologram, allow the flow to become even more amplified through your intention. And the hologram itself begins to pulsate as if with a heartbeat. A heartbeat of the Earth, a heartbeat in alignment with all of you.

This hologram shifts in its movement. It moves down flowing through the crystalline grid. It moves through the magnetic grid and down into the center of your physical Earth.

As the hologram is anchored in the Earth it spreads out, it sends forth the vibration of everything that you have infused into it and in particular it’s sending directly to you the alignment and the transformation that you have been working on during this experience.

I invite you to have a sense of taking a deep breath in and feel it as it moves through your physical reality.

That love that was infused in the hologram also emanates out, it moves through and it works on many, many different levels as it comes through the Earth and then it moves out throughout all the dimensions and all the levels of energy that are upon the Earth.

This flow expands. Allow your focus to shift once more. Feel your energy as you are here within this space and as you do so begin to allow yourself to shift as if to return back within the consciousness of your physical reality. As you move through the soul plane you may pause and take a moment to expand or to open and realize the greater perception that you now have of your own divinity.

As you move through there you once more find your alignment with the crystalline grid. Feel the energies of this space as it supports you as you flow your energies through. From there you have a sense of coming back within the magnetic pull of the Earth. Allow yourself to feel these energies of the Earth, allow yourself to feel your own perception of who you are.

As you allow your consciousness to come back within this space, be open and sense the transformation that has been taking place as a result of this journey. How does your physical body feel? As you consider the things happening within your life, what is your perception? Be open and allow the flow of energy, of information and awareness, let everything just swirl around you, let it move through you and consciously feel that anchor with in you.

Create the alignment to manifest all you seek to have and then be open to the flow of love and feel that love fill you up. Sense how the love assists you in creating a transformation in your life.

Let the love of this month of February amplify everything that you do. As millions and billions of people on the Earth focus upon love, tap in to that energy and use it to amplify your own.

Again, you are love. You are divine.

All right, so as we bring this channel to a close we once more encourage you to be in a space of movement, create movement in your life in a physical way, create movement in your life in regards to your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs, so that you may have what you’re seeking to have within your life.

May you tap into that love of this month and allow that to also emphasize or amplify all that you are doing.

I am ever with you and within you.



LordJesusChrist 24th February 2012 5:13 am

The Good Force be with you!
Hi, Goddess and Shelly! Many thanks for your message! Let us love our everlasting life in our New Earth! This is God's free gift to us because He loves us.
Live forever and prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:


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