Open to Your Potentials

How are you feeling in your life? Are you in the flow from your divinity, into your reality, into manifesting? You have a much greater potential to receive what you seek when you are calm, in balance, open and receptive. This channel will help you to find that space.  More and more of the crystalline energies are integrating into this reality. As it does so, the way we live our lives are changing. It’s more important than ever before that we are clear with our intention, that we are open to our divinity and allow for that transition to be front and center in our lives. 

There is time during this channel when we are within the All That Is that we create a space to even know what we want. The Goddess assists us with clearing our consciousness so that we are open to receive. This creates such a deep level of peace, relaxation and open flow from our divinity. Sometimes people immediately perceived what is there’s as a potential; however when someone is stuck in a rut, it’s also important to clear out the old and start anew!

Lastly the Goddess worked with us to become aware of the many things around us that will support our new energy and new potential. Crystals are more and more important in our lives as we vibrate at the crystalline level. The earth, grass, trees, water any part of nature is here to support us and it supports us we are supporting Gaia. Therefore this is powerful and creates amazing changes for you! 

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours, embracing you in this moment, embracing all who are present and all who are here from that energetic space.

This time upon the earth is a time of transition; it is also a time of clearing out the past. How many times in your life have you felt yourself going through that cycle again and again that you sometime call that onion; where you feel it at one level, then the next level, then the next level, then the next.

As the energies and the light of the various vibrations are made present to you or made available to you, you are going to find that the transparency between those levels of the onion so to speak or the levels of whatever it is that comes up to you again and again are going to be happening in what you might call a simultaneous way.

What I mean by this, is that as your consciousness opens up to the next level of awareness and as you integrate that higher consciousness into your physical reality, you are living things in a multidimensional manner. To do this you may clear things at one level that affects the next level and the next. It has always been that way that you could clear one why and affects everything. The difference is, with this newer vibration or the higher vibration you become aware of this multiple level of transition.

So what does that mean to you? That you have the opportunity to create change in a very subtle way.

In the past it felt as if you were immersed in a heavy dense vibration and that within that vibration it took great effort in order to move forward or move out of that space and this may still be the truth in many ways.

I would encourage you to shift your focus in such a way that if something feels very intense or very heavy or overwhelming to where you say, “Stop a minute, stop, show me this from the higher lighter perspective” and what you are doing is you’re triggering a mechanism that is already within you, that has already been activated. It is working with your higher self to transform something that’s coming to you from the lower vibration into that which is the higher vibration. It may be that you get the exact same information or it may be that you can clear something, release something or understand the situation in a manner that allows you to either clear or move forward.

Beloved family, you’ve all chosen to be here present on the earth at this time.

I remind you to disconnect from that sticky stuck old vibration of the third dimension. Even if you get pulled down into that mess, as we will call it, have a conscious choice not to remain; instead say, “Nope, nope, nope, nope, I’m going to come back up.”

During our last experience, Jesus was speaking to you of the Ascension process. His whole intention with doing that was the reminder that you too are walking in that vibration. This is not about one religion or another religion. This is about the awareness that every single person has the ability to walk in that higher vibration. They have the ability if they transition to come back to earth in that higher vibration. It is through living with that, well, some people call it the hologram of your energy, some people call it your 6-7th dimensional being that comes from your I AM Presence.

Can you imagine as you move through your days upon the earth doing everything you’ve been doing; going to work, talking with others, having your family, having a social life, to be having everything that’s in your everyday existence and yet you can breathe, you can open to and feel the vibration and feel the presence of yourself at that higher vibration?

I heard you. Some people are saying, “That will be so distracting” and indeed some of the distractions that you are feeling right now might be that feeling of being in two separate places. The key is that as you integrate that energy it’s more so, working in the background to support you, in which case you may consciously make choices for your life.

I love you dearly. I admire every one of you and know you can always come to me through your prayers, your meditation and I am here for you.

Breathe deeply where you allow your energy to flow through you going down into the earth. Allow your consciousness to send that vibration or that essence so that it can spread out in different directions anchoring you upon the earth. The greater that you are anchored the more fully your consciousness can release. You then bring that vibration up within you into your heart center and you send another stream of consciousness as if it’s a beam of light that moves up from within you and then naturally blends with your higher self.

As you align with your higher self you can look around. Sometimes it’s as if there are projects that you have in this space, sometimes it’s those potentials you are seeking in your everyday life. You can pay attention to it or clear out what no longer works for you.

You then allow your vibration to shift even further. Your consciousness flows until you find yourself within the soul plane. The soul plane is but a dimension in which you link to your divinity or your soul.

As you feel yourself aligning you may see as if you see a figure that looks like you; it may be a blend of multiple colors and vibrations. Everyone’s perception of their soul is unique and their own. You allow your energies to merge so that your consciousness of this now moment is merging with that expression of you as your divinity.

Feel the essence of what this is. Know that you have access to the many, many lifetimes that you have lived through your divinity.

I the Goddess, walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you as your consciousness for the person you are right now plus you as your divinity. Feel how I can amplify for you or reflect back to you who you are, and as this happens we transition into the All That Is.

Look around. Look at what you have created within this space, whether your first time here or you’ve been here many, many times. You have your own place within the All That Is; it is where you come to create. It is a vibration.

As you continue to feel this energy, ask “what do I need to know at this now moment”?

As you ask that question, you may immediately have in front of you are moving through your consciousness a long list of what is happening in your life. Other times it may seem as if it’s blank, as if you’re looking around and there is nothing there.

Sometimes, when you go within yourself and aligned to your divinity there is an easy flow of communication that moves into and around you. Know that that communication is always there even if the perception is that there is a disconnect or that it is not.

As I look at each one of you there is so much in the vibration that is moving through sometimes it is about things in your everyday life, sometimes it is about something that you are seeking. Today, I am interested in assisting you with what you seek to have in your life.

If you will take a step back and then going from within your consciousness, I would like you to just clear out the space; in doing so, clear out the chatter that may go on in your mental body. It’s important to learn, how to say this, it’s important to learn how to find peace or stillness within you. Therefore, while here in the All That Is I invite you to, as if you are closing your eyes and as if you are going inside your consciousness:

Breathe in peace and breathe out any of the chatter that may be going on.
Breathe in tranquility, breathe out distraction.
Breathe in love, breathe out discord.
Breathe it in support that is you as your divinity, breathe out anything else.

For some of you, you may need to go a few more times, do this as often as you need to until you get to that space where your thoughts are in a space of relaxation.

Frequently when you go to sleep that night you come into this space of balance. I invite you to come into this space where you are consciously doing so while you’re awake. Breathe in potential, breathe out past intentions. Into this state of balance I invite you to now look at potential in your life.

As you open up this door to potential whatever it may be first of all feel the essence of it flow through your mind and your consciousness.

For some I’m noticing that it something you’ve looked at, worked with, experienced at times in the past. I would say take a moment and ~whew~ clear out whatever that is.

You then breathe in once more, breathing in potential and then you open up that door to see what it might be. If it’s the same thing there, you now know that it’s not just “habit” that brought it up because you’ve cleared away the old energy around what you seek to have. You now know that you are opening up to that which is the potential.

If you have a blank slate understand that that potential is just one step from your consciousness. You may therefore want to clear out again ~whew~. Then open up that door and invite your potential to come in.

Sometimes it’s as if it’s something you’ve never dreamed about. Sometimes as you consider with that potential may be you have no idea how it will manifest. In this now moment look at, sense, see the potential for what it is; a potential.

The All That Is is your place of creation and you are creating this in a very high vibration setting up opportunities that will manifest within your life. So again if you are very analytical get out of your head then breathe once more into your mental body ~whew~ clear it out. Each time I clear the vibrations your potential is either coming in closer and closer or is becoming more clear for you.

Feel what this is for you right now.

Often times, people seek to have more than one potentials in case you change your mind or move in a new direction. If perhaps there is another opportunity or something else for you to know about right now, let’s open that door again and ask for either more potentials or more information about the one you just received.

Truly as you live your life upon the earth is about living from potential to potential, or opportunity to opportunity; it’s about finding that fit that really works for you. Then allow that to come up within your everyday life. It’s important to understand that there is not only your mental and emotional reaction to whatever comes your way, there is this massive energy that is you is your divinity.

There is also that vibration associated with the fifth and sixth dimension that is available to you the more that you find that balance or that flow that will move from you in your everyday reality into this higher vibration. Okay,

As you are opening up to new opportunities consider be a conscious or unconscious, anything at all that may keep you from being able to move forward. Breathe down within yourself with that potential or possibility right there in front of you and then anything on any level of awareness that becomes a barrier; take a deep breath in connecting with whatever it may be and ~whew~ let it go. As we just did this I saw a wave that moved through everybody. So much is here.

As you consider your life you’ve now brought in a potential that comes from that high light vibration in this now moment. Consider your everyday reality and ask for any information that will assist you in either clearing out or opening up to something new.

Consider that rut that you sometimes find yourself within. What can you do to move out of that rut, filling it in and transitioning it completely ~whew~. I know that you are tired of the pain, you’re tired of the frustration’s, so anything else that all associated with your everyday reality that is no longer working for you bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~.

Then breathe down your reality, breathe down opportunity. Breathe down all of who you are.

In your everyday reality there are many ways in which you can find support. Do you have crystals that you keep around you? They might be something small that easily transports. It might be something larger that is always in a space assisting you with shifting energies. The crystals that you have around you especially as you shift your vibration into that higher level of consciousness will become even more critical in assisting you in your life.

Allow yourself to become aware of what you keep and perhaps new crystals may come into your life and you realize oh, that will help me to open up. Or that will help me to ground. Or that will help me to clean negative energies. Or perhaps it will be one of those crystals that will help to deflect other people’s energies.

These are going to become more and more a part of your society as some of them I used and even the tiniest minute particles to create alternative energies you’ve got there around you helping you in your everyday life.

Consider your environment. Do you have a place where you can walk in nature? It might be a small park or a massive backpacking trail. Every time that you have an opportunity to connect with nature; not only for grounding you, but it is also helping you to clear your energies assisting you as you make choices in your life.

The trees communicate with you. The grass is soothing to your feet. The flow of the water is a way of cleansing your emotions. Each time that you connect with Gaia in these parts of the earth, it helps you to ground and clear, it is also helping Gaia to clear the energy.

Everything in life is about flow that moves both ways. It’s not about one person always giving, giving, giving and the other receiving. It’s about learning to receive so that others may give creating that flow.

Are you in toxic relationships? Perhaps there is something about it that has served you either in the past or in this now moment. Whatever that may be, as you transition your vibration, opening to these new potentials; consider any relationships that have become toxic or no longer serve.

In all the many channels that we have done together my one primary intention for you and all of humanity is about love and opening your heart center. There are many, many, many ways in which this can take place. If you peel away the layers, the foundation of it all is you open to that which is your divinity and then through that integration of the divine, you live your life in a vibration of balance, of love, of compassion, of awareness.

Feel what that is for you. Open to and understand what that is moving forward.

Whew! There is a massive way they just moved through all who are present! It was the opening up of your heart, it was the acceptance of these bigger potentials, it is also the understanding that you have done the work and it’s now time to reap the reward which is the ease, the opportunities, the love and expression of your life lived in this balance.

I invite you to open up to receive. So often as you do that, you will find that there is more and more and more that you may give; however not from a place of lack, from a place of fullness.

I invite everyone to come back together, gathering as a group. As you do so, that hologram of the earth comes up within the group. Feel each other. Know that there are many Angels and light beings that are also here in support of you. As the hologram comes up within this space, infuse your potential into it. Infuse the clarity from all that is here knowing that it will activate not only for you, but for everybody else.

As the hologram becomes filled with this energy, you let it go. There is a sense of it moving it shifts downward, there is that part that goes out to the Omniverse and the rest goes down into the earth plane upon which you live. As that ball of the hologram moves in through the magnetic pull of the earth it clears out the collective consciousness and it moves down into the earth.

From within that space it anchors in the crystals, in the space, in the rocks. From there it begins to expand outward. As all of that energy is anchored and as it is moving outward it is filtering those energies that no longer serve. It comes up through the earth, and as it is doing so it is coming up through that cord in which you anchored your energy. Your own potential is coming up and anchoring within you.

It is also clearing out the grass, the waters, the flowers; it is clearing out everything. Again you are clearing out the collective consciousness from the higher vibration and then again from the earthly vibration. As you breathe gently and easily, you are breathing into this creation.

Feel as everything becomes balanced. You may find immediately in your reality there is a clearing out of all those energies that you have released. Take a moment then to let yourself ground. Have a sense of pulling back the remainder of your consciousness that was up in the All That Is. You let that energy come back within you, it moves back through the soul plane, your higher self, down into you the human. Feel it as it all moves through you, anchoring within you.

As this happens you feel it swirling through your heart center, you let it clear through the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual; you let it flow through all aspects of who you are. In doing so, bring down that Lightbody. Allow that crystalline vibration to flow not only within you, but through your energy bodies so that is another way of supporting you in your everyday reality.

Whew! Feel your heart expand, feel the love, feel the opportunities and know that there is so much here for you; here upon the earth, here from your soul, and here from all the Angels and the light beings.

As you continue to move through this integration of this next level of the flow of the vibration of the universe recognize that your everyday reality is going to be different. Recognize that you have choice that you can make; choose to look at things the way you always have or choose to look at things from the perspective of that which is new.

You are connected to your divinity! You are opening to new potentials. Create a new beginning and allow that to flow to you and through you assisting with all that is happening.

Beloved family know that I am always with you and within you,




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