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The questions have come up to me recently; why do we want to link to our divinity and who is God or where is God. To me, our divinity is God. We are God. So as we strengthen our alignment with our divinity and find a way to allow that into our lives, we are opening to God. The other reason why the Goddess is always working with this is because the more alignment we have with our divinity, the greater we are living our lives in what’s our best interest--- no matter what that may be for each person.

The Goddess began by talking about the energies and the changes taking place right now. She spoke of how there’s such a strong increase in the flow of lightbody and crystalline energies that we have even greater potentials and ability than ever before. That is what will assist people in manifesting what they want, in finding how to release and then be in a place of accepting.

She spoke of how our vibration is what our physical body is doing but it’s also influenced by our thoughts, our emotions and the spiritual & lightbody energies around us. By looking at this from the space of the All That Is, each of us had the ability to look from the higher perspective and open to greater potential.

Life is about living, about allowing, about dreaming, about manifesting, about it all coming together! The more that you find yourself in the alignment with your divinity, the greater ease you will have in your life. I invite you to be open to receive!!


Nama sika; venia benya             I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you extending my love, extending my awareness, inviting you to be open and allow my energies to move within and around you.

There is so much transformation taking place upon the earth at this time. There is a lot that you’ve been doing; there’s a lot more that will be coming through. As I was there listening to all of you talking beforehand and as you spoke of feeling as if time was shorter in some instances and time felt longer or you tried to work with it in a similar way; these are but a few of the ways in which life is shifting.

As you join with me for these meditations or journeys, whatever you’d like to call it; it gives you an opportunity to just let go and I invite you to do that right now, let go, let go, let go. Whew ~~~ Oh…already I can feel the difference that’s taking place.

In your life, you have a lot that is happening. You have your daily activities, you have your relationships, you have your responsibilities, you have your hobbies, the things that you love to do and these are but to name a few. When you consider the many different ways in which you are pulled in your everyday life, sometimes it’s not surprising that you feel distracted, pulled, moved in different ways.

When I have spoken of the thinning of the veil, I’ve spoken of that that separates you from the higher dimensions or the other realities. In particular I’m speaking of the universe, the Omniverse, the soul plane, the All That Is and those many other planets and systems that are available to you. You in your everyday reality have a much greater ease as you reach out to any one of these places of consciousness.

I wish to have a conversation with you about all of this while you were still here on the earth plane so that you could be in a space of considering what it feels like, right now, in this moment.

I now invite you to take one more deep breath down, breathing down, sending that energy through yourself, through your physical body and down into the earth. As you send this down allow yourself to link with the energies of the earth and then reach up as if you are sending your consciousness out from you with the intention of aligning within the magnetic grid.

The magnetic grid is a part of the veil. It is also a part that has been transformed in many ways over the past 20 years. Here, the grid work is affected by the gravitational pull of the Earth. So you may have a sense of pathways that follow in a specific direction. They can always change direction, but an impulse goes from point A to point B and then it may go in whatever direction would like. Let your senses absorb all that’s coming through here.

I then invite you to have a sense of expanding into the crystalline grid. As you move within this space, you are letting go the gravitational pull of the earth and shifting into a space of consciousness. This is filled with many different levels of energy and it was not available to people until perhaps the last 10 years. Well, let me rephrase that; it was always available to people, but without the ease of consciousness or without the definition that it has right now.

So this is a result of all that energy work that the many millions or hundreds of thousands of light workers have been doing. So here within the crystalline grid there are levels of energy and when you send out an impulse be aware of how it shifts and spreads in many different directions as opposed to just the one direction from the magnetic grid.

As you allow yourself to become aware of all that is here, you may feel as if even more information flows through you. The day will come, and it is not so very far away, in which this crystalline energy will flow easily all the way down into your everyday reality. This is why it is so helpful for you to take the opportunity to experience it and to create your own personal alignment within.

I invite you to let go the energy of this space. Allow your consciousness to shift into the space within the soul plane. As you move within this space, allow yourself to reach out towards your I AM presence. This is your divinity. This is you in your entirety. This is the unconditional love and acceptance for you in all that you are, in all that you do.

As you reach out towards this energy allow yourself to merge completely and as your consciousness is moving within, allow yourself to feel the expansion of who you are. With the last teleconference, you integrated many of the different aspects of yourself that were ready to come back and blend into this full essence of who you are.

Some of those aspects were a part of your life. Some were aspects that you are less conscious of; but here within your divinity, all is included, all is balanced and all is available to you whenever you so choose. Therefore, the transformation that took place as a part of that journey allows you to have greater access so that you may feel the deeper alignment from the person you are right now.

I the Goddess begin to move in and amongst all of you. As I do so, I reach out and embrace each one of you. As my energies merge with yours you may feel yourself shifting into the All That Is. Every time people arrive within this space it’s as if you expand into an even greater awareness of who you are. It’s who you are in this lifetime, it’s who you are as your divinity, it’s who you are as reflected by myself the Goddess.

As I am gathering the energies of all who are present, I reach out to invite each one of you to have a sense of opening up a door within you, and by this I mean, open up so that you may have a greater clarity about who you are.

Many of you are conscious of other life existences. Some of them may be living at the same time this life is, some of them may be in the past, but you have that sense of being in different places and having different experiences.

As more and more of the crystalline energies, which are also the light body energies, become integrated within the earth you will have much greater access to the flow between yourself and your divinity or yourself and other potentials that you have created. So by opening up this door and allowing yourself an even deeper access or an even deeper flow within you, let yourself just feel the wash of energy as it moves through you.

I am taking this opportunity to assist you in clearing out anything at all that may keep you from being able to access within yourself.

In the conversation before this journey began, people were speaking of feeling the differences in time, sometimes that time was shorter, sometimes longer. Other people were speaking of feeling themselves in more either right brain or left brain and as if it was harder to have the two merge together. Still others, speaking of the inner knowing, the real true belief of other realities and yet not having that manifest for them.

All of these things of which I speak are examples of the way in which you are straddling multiple dimensions. For some of you, it is as if you are becoming very conscious of living your life throughout various potentials at the same time, almost as if a part of you is having the same experiences but with different outcomes. Others of you are feeling very stuck with where you are knowing in your heart of hearts that there is either something more for you or something different for you and yet when you wake up every morning it’s the same as what it’s been.

These experiences and these energies, of which I speak, create a sense of frustration within you and it creates a sense, in some regards, of depression. Some people may even go so far as to feel as if they are a failure. No matter where you are within your life or where you are within this spectrum of which I’m speaking, I invite you to just breathe down inside of yourself and as if you are scraping up every last little bit. Allow yourself to bring up anything at all that you may be feeling, whether it’s frustration, depression, irritation, sadness, anything at all. Let it come up now and you pull it up, pull it up, [Deep breathe] and you let it go.

I also heard from some of you say something along the lines of, “why can’t I have what I want? Am I being punished?” and if this is anything that’s having an effect upon you I invite you to focus upon that because this is based in your personality or your ego or your humanness.

And so, reach towards that part of you as if you are bringing it up. Bring it out from your mental body, bring it out from your emotions, bring it out if it’s stuck anywhere within your physical body, just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and let it go.

As we speak of these various things that I see you releasing, that I hear your voices speaking to me; as I’m listening to that and I’m speaking for all of you -- let yourself again just reach down towards any limitation even if it’s something of which you are not aware. Just reach down inside your consciousness, let your awareness go to work wherever it may go within you and then you’re going to bring it forward; bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and again you let it go.

As I look at each one of you, I’m seeing that there is a much greater opening or perception that flows within and around you. As you allow this to expand, you may begin by seeing it as a small point of light that gets bigger and bigger as you allow the expansion to come within your consciousness.

It feels as if there’s a great deal of emotion waiting to be released. As if people are holding on to any motion because if they let it go it’s overwhelming. If this does not resonate with you then let it go past you, but for anyone that’s feeling emotions, that feel too big, too much, too deep, too anything, allow yourself to reach for what that is and then let it come up, come up, come up ~whew~ and let it go.

It’s a fine line for people sometimes as you are living your life. There are times in which you are caught up in, perhaps thoughts, perhaps emotions, perhaps experiences in which you are unable to quit thinking about or feeling or analyzing. As a result of that it’s like you are going around and around in a circle, experiencing it again and again.

This is an opportunity for you to have a sense of putting out a stop point. I have to chuckle because I saw several of you where you put down a gate so to speak and then all of those things just kind of slammed up against it and it became like a damn that was holding back.

So let this gate, let this wall, let whatever is within you be there as an endpoint for that place inside that’s being going around and around. Let it be an endpoint, let it gather up everything that’s been stuck and then again you bring it in, bring it in and let it go. ~whew, whew~ And I swirl my energies through each one of you assisting to clear out all that is there, alright.

With what you are releasing you are also letting go of past experiences, perhaps energy. It feels as if there are many levels that have been associated with all of this. And so as you are letting it go, recognize that now within you, you are becoming more transparent, and by that I mean, you are able to integrate more and more of the higher vibrations or a deeper alignment within the higher dimensions.

So, have a sense of looking to your side and as you look to the side become aware. Perhaps it’s another part of your divinity, perhaps it’s another potential, but this is not only your light body energies it’s also a higher vibration of you in your current life.

I heard a few people say, “Why do I need a higher vibration? Why would I want to go there? I want to be able to get along with others and be in communication and life with other people.” That is a very valid statement for everybody living upon the earth.

The more that you integrate and feel that closeness and feel that awareness of these lighter finer vibrations it will also help you become more present in your everyday reality. It gives you more opportunities to align not only with your own self but with others.

And so allow yourself to reach out towards this part of you and as you reach out feel as if you embrace; embrace your light body energy, embrace your vibration. As you bring it into your consciousness it may feel to you as if it’s a swirling energy. Breathe deeply, breathe it down within you. Breathe and let yourself feel what it is to have this place opening and aligning within you.

As I see it merging within your consciousness I can also see how it’s moving through the various parts of your everyday life. So take a moment and think about that or allow yourself to align with it. Perhaps it’s relationships, perhaps your work, perhaps your responsibilities. Allow yourself to think of whatever that may be and then consciously invite this flow of energy to begin to move and swirl through you. It is as if it’s helping to illuminate all that is happening within your life.

If you feel as if you would like to do so, reach towards those thoughts that may have been stuck within you. Reach towards any part of you that’s been feeling uncomfortable, perhaps you have had some physical symptoms.

As you have this opportunity to consciously blend, not only your light body energy, but the parts of your divinity that are here in support of you are also moving through your consciousness and you can take this all the way down through your mental body, your emotional body, your physical body.

As you feel this consciousness flow through, you recognize how the light body and the spiritual are very similar to one another but yet there is that subtle distinction.

Be gentle with yourself, be loving with yourself, be accepting. Allow for all of this to wash through you and as it does so just so you are creating a new beginning.

As you are looking at all of these energies and as you are integrating, I invite you to send that stream of consciousness down, so that you allow your focus to shift from the All That Is back into your physical presence. For many of you, this may be very grounding to you; you may feel as if it brings you back from that space.

My intention is that you are able to continue to be in the space of the All That Is and yet allow your focus to be on the person that you are here on earth, so that you can create any subtle adjustments that may be needed as this flow of energy and potential is moving through you.

As if you are looking down upon yourself, send waves of energy out from you in every direction and let it clear out anything that may feel as if its debris, anything that may feel as if it’s blockages, let it go.

As you continue to breathe gently and easily you allow this deeper awareness to go into the aura around you and let it go all the way down within your physical structure. And by that I mean, go into each cell within you.

Your cells are the foundation of your physical reality but they are ultimately adjusted and fine-tuned through your vibration and that is in response to your consciousness. There is not one part that is completely separate from the other and while I am simplifying this to a degree if you allow your focus to be between these different parts of who you are as a human, you will begin to see how you can create changes in your vibration.

I also invite you to take this moment to see just how much your consciousness-- if you allow yourself to be as if on the earth looking towards the All That Is, look at how much you are able to perceive and so too, as you are in the All That Is looking towards your physical reality be open to what is seen and this is when I was speaking of as I mentioned the veil is becoming thinner, and there is more that you have access to.

You breathe in, gently and easily, and the flow becomes stronger and more available to you.

Allow your consciousness to once more return more fully into the All That Is. As you do so take time to integrate your perceptions that you just opened up to, from your earthbound into the All That Is. This alignment has always been there and available to you.

What’s becoming different and easier is your awareness of it and not only that but the ways in which you may work with it so that it strengthens you in your everyday life. Ultimately that is the reason for all that we do upon these journeys; is to assist you as you are creating in your everyday life, to assist you in manifesting, to assist you in being able to live your life in whatever way it may be that brings you joy.

If there is anything that’s been outside of joy then consciously let it go. You’ve already let go, the majority of that from earlier on, but as you come back around let go of anything at all that keeps you outside of joy.

I heard that, some people feel as if they don’t trust that they can find joy, they don´t trust that it is a potential for them. It doesn’t feel as if it’s something that can be a consistent everyday reality. Reach towards whatever it is that you can feel, see, sense and as you reach towards whatever that may be then allow yourself to take those small portions and let your focus be completely on that.

Right now within this space I see all of you in a place of joy, a place of awareness, a place of love. So let that be your template for your everyday reality.

I invite you to come back together as a group. Even though you have already anchored these energies within your own self, I still invite you to infuse this energy into the hologram of the earth.

As you do so, you see this earth coming up within you or this hologram, coming up within the group of you. As you open to this flow or this awareness, allow yourself this moment to infuse into it, that not only you in your everyday life but everybody else will be able to have a greater ease as humanity is moving through the integration of all this energy.

As you feel it, allow yourself to find that alignment and then recognize how by putting the intention for everybody else, that it’s going to even more so amplify your own ability to move through this time of transformation. Breathe in gently and easily and breathe out.

You release that hologram. As you release it, it moves down blending with the crystalline grid first and foremost shifting in both those directions going out to the new earth and down into your own earth.

It moves through the magnetic grid and it goes down until it anchors within the core essence of your physical earth. From there the energies of this hologram move out, let it move out creating a stability in the physical earth itself and from that stability people are able to find a greater ease within their life.

The energies continue to expand and you allow your focus and to once more come back within your consciousness, in your awareness, here within the All That Is.

Before you completely return your consciousness, I invite you to take this opportunity and consider; can you accept your greatness? Is, I suppose one way to say this. Can you accept that you truly are living between dimensions? That you truly have access to your magical ability? That you truly can be as big as you would like?

Again, here in the All That Is, it is sometimes easier so, send that belief down into yourself and as you send it within your physical consciousness, be open to accept it, be open to take those steps that will take you where you need to go. Be open to receive the messages, the support, the impulses; whatever it may be and from whatever source it may be. Take a breath in, and you breathe out.

Allow your focus to now come back more fully. You may feel your energies as you yourself move through the soul plane. You may have a sense of letting go some of the essence of your divinity but you consciously create that stronger alignment so that even more of your higher vibrations flow with you. They move through the crystalline grid, they move through the magnetic grid, and in doing so it creates within this space of your higher self a space, so that it’s more easily accessible to you in your everyday life.

Allow yourself to then create a greater expansion around your own physical energies. As your consciousness is coming fully back within you, already you can feel that shift from when you were here and had created a link from the All That Is.

So as you are allowing your consciousness to anchor back within your physical body, allow it to flow through you. It moves first of all, through all your energy bodies. It moves down through your physical body and into every cell within you. And as that happens send it down into the earth.

As all of this moves into the earth, it’s anchoring it, it’s expanding, not only your potentials but your balance in your everyday life. Allow yourself to be fully present. Allow yourself to be anchored. Allow yourself to accept that you can flow between or through these various dimensions and therefore create a greater reality.

Let it all come into place. In some it was as if it was like two pieces of a puzzle that snaps together. Let yourself anchor it, let it be integrated and allow for this new potential to be within and around you.

Alright beloved family; I send my love out to each one of you. I let it flow throughout the earth, throughout the various levels of consciousness and dimension

I invite you as you move through these next days and weeks to remember to find that place of ease, find that place of love, find that place of awareness.

And if your life is about struggle, then consciously let go the struggle, consciously ground those higher vibrational energies and let yourself find a new path, a new awareness and a new beginning.

I am ever with you and within you.



Mary Helen 14th May 2012 11:04 am

Always, always pertinent to my life as it stands in the moment. Thank you


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