Physical Transformation Through St.Germain

The Goddess and St. Germain keep taking us deeper and deeper into the new energy with continued clearing and integration of our DNA. During this channel, the Goddess began by speaking of all the transformations that were taking place during May. With the eclipses, the solar flares, the full moon in Wesak; there were powerful energies of transition. Part of what was happening included the coming up and releasing of old energies, old issues. I believe this deep releasing is what will allow people to integrate the higher vibrations.  

As we got into the All That Is, the Goddess began speaking of the core cells that make up our physical bodies. These are the cells that merged and created who we are in this lifetime.  We identified these cells and then the aligned with the DNA.  As we did so, St. Germain came forward again. This seems to be something he’s working with me about! As St. G spoke of our DNA, past lives and cellular memories, I could see how it was affecting us.  We then worked with clearing on this cellular, physical level.

Once that was cleared, we also worked to have the alignment cleared with the mental and emotional bodies. I have a sense sometimes that we clear out the energy that causes pain or problems in our bodies, then through the emotions or mental body, we bring them right back. I know it’s not intentional, but staying the emotional trauma, or the thoughts that supported the problem re-create the physical symptoms. This was therefore, creating a clearing along that level also. In the end, St. Germain sent his purple flame through everything clearing the known, unknown, conscious and unconscious. 


Nama sika Venia Benya   I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I welcome you to this time of together and I open up allowing each person who is here, allowing the energies of your earth, allowing the energies of the universe to all come together joining in for this time together. As you allow your energies to expand you can feel not only who you are in this now moment but you can feel the energies of your higher Self and feel the energies of your awareness as you move more deeply within yourself.

I find that this most recent time upon the earth has been even more exciting than the times that have lead up to it. As you recall during December of last year (December 21, 2012)  the earth itself created that shift to finally move into the 4th dimension. As that took place it then opened up the doorway allowing the energies of the 5th, 6th, 7th and even more to come down and be more fully a part of your everyday reality. Did this mean that every person was within those dimensions on a continuous basis - most likely not. But what it did do was create a stream of consciousness and a stream of potential that allowed you to bring more and more of your divinity down into and around your everyday life.

You as your divinity is the foundation for everything that is taking place within your life. You have chosen to have this lifetime in which you are living as an opportunity to experience a myriad of different things. For some relationships, for others the focus may be upon opening, experiencing self-love. It is limitless, the potentials and reasons why people chose to come in manifesting in their life.

You are more than the person that is living this life in which you exist. You are an immense being of light. You are standing here not only as the human being that you are but also as this divine breath of light-love energy and the essence of your core energy. Your continued ascension and living within the higher dimensions, 5th, 6th, 7th is what allows you the opportunity to live more of your divine energies. Or shall I say to manifest more of your divine energies into your everyday life.

I have heard so many of you feeling as if the month of May brought up old issues as if; people felt as if things they thought they had released were back again, as if the things had never released were more pronounced. There was a lot of frustration. There were many energies and events taking place out in the universe, such as the solar flares, the eclipses, the influx of the energies from the Wesak to mention but a few.

These energies came all together and on one level it was as if it cleared out a great deal of that old and stuck energy. But in the process of doing so, for many people it resurrected the old traumas or it recreated that sense of frustration coming up again. I hope that if that was the case with you that you were able then to move through it more quickly and I would say to you, be open that if you feel at any point stuck - be it new, old, whatever - that you can move through that process letting go be it fear, pain, frustration, anything at all.

Have the intention that you link within that moment .... phew and then you breathe, letting it go, letting it move past you; allowing yourself to once more bring in you, as your divinity, you as this immense expanded Soul energy. I can already feel a shift taking place by speaking of this at the beginning ... phew. I just send a wave of energy through everyone while you are still here grounded.

I spoke a little more than usual today, feeling that these energies needed to be discussed and that it would be an opportunity for each of you to make that decision or make that commitment - how so ever you want to speak of it - that you allow your Divinity to be here not only as your immense I AM Presence in the universe but also within your heart, within your physical body, your emotions, your mental, your light body and every part of you.

So, take in another deep breath sending that energy down into the earth, feeling those energies of the earth and then - as you breathe out - have a sense of reaching upward.  As you allow your focus to come back up within you, you allow your consciousness to expand, you shift into that space of the Higher Self. You shift, allowing your consciousness to align with this place that is the blend of you as a human, you as your Divinity but yet it is so close to you, it is but a short small breath away.

You can feel these energies. Within this space you may feel the alignment to the crystalline grid, the magnetic grid. And then I invite you to have a sense of shifting outward. Allow your consciousness to shift, moving you into the space of the Soul plane. As you find yourself within this space, look around. This is where the majority of your energy resides.

Even the perception that you have of your Divinity that is within this space is but a portion of who you truly are. Open up. You may see your energy as if it is walking toward you, you may feel it as if it comes up from within you. But allow yourself to reach out and merge, blending fully with your I AM Presence.

As you feel the energies move through you, you may have a sense of your consciousness as it expands so as to be able to acknowledge the alignment within here. I, the Goddess, come within this space. I reach out to each one of you. As I do so I embrace you as the person in this life, you as your Divinity and as our energies reach out towards one another and there is a blending you find that everything shifts into the space of the All That Is.

As you move here within this energy be aware of all that is present. This is where you come when you are creating; this is where you come when you work with other energies. It is used by multitudes of different people and conscious awareness. As you are finding your space within here let us take a moment and I invite you to have a sense of focusing upon your heart center. Everything that you are doing filters through this center. You definitely use your other energy bodies within you. You use your thoughts, your emotions. But so much of the transformation that is taking place has been your physical body.

Your physical body is the vessel you are using in this lifetime. For some of you it has been very powerful, very strong, has supported you in every way, every moment throughout your life. But there are many, many others that feel that disconnect, that feel as if they struggle with their physical body. That is another segment that we would like to speak about. Actually, let’s do that.

My intention is that I would like, once again, work with you on your cellular structure to infuse more light within your cell which is what will allow you to align within the higher, lighter dimensions. As you know, whenever I do these channels, not only am I gathering the energies of the universe that I wish to share, I listen to the energies and I listen to what each of you are conveying to me so that when we have these experiences together I’m tapping into not only what I wish to create for this next step in whatever your process may be but I can also listen to and align with you in what you may be going through right now.

So, let us take a moment and I invite each one of you just to have the intention of just focusing within yourself right now and then just create a space where you can clear out around you anything that may be hanging over you or anything that may be bothering you. Phew.... ok.

Now, I have a sense that some of you would like to put forth the intention that the light body, the illuminated light just move through your heart center and into your physical reality and let it do whatever it may do and you will be having the experience doing something else as I speak, and that is fantastic, I can feel some people shifting.

For those of you that would like to take a moment and allow yourself to come within in a physical manner I would like to work in this way. If you have a focus of intention it can create profound changes within you. It can do so in every level of your being.

Breathe down so that you may have the sense of my light, of my energy, moving within you. We’re going to move down to your blood stream until we reach those core cells that created you as the biology that you are in this lifetime. For some you may have a sense of actually seeing the cells, one very loose, loose image or illumination. It’s like a four-leaf clover, where these cells create the foundation; one for physical, one emotional, one mental and one spiritual. As two cells merge together and then split that very first time, that created the foundation of your cellular structure.

And this is what we have, that intention and that focus of aligning within. We find that cell which is the foundation for your physical body and as we do so as if we are moving into the cell, as if we invite it to open up in front of us. Of course it’s not molecular size, we create the energy of it, or the essence of it, so that it’s much more easy for you to create changes in alignment.

Within this cell that represents your physical body, have a sense of allowing your consciousness to stream through until you find yourself aligning once more with your DNA. You may sense St. Germain as he comes here within this group. For he wishes to continue that discussion that he began a few weeks ago. And I will shift the vibration over to him

St. Germain Speaks:

I greet you beloved family. I am so very pleased with the way that life is evolving upon planet earth. In one form or another I have been involved with the people on earth, I have lived upon the earth. I have had experiences out here in the universe, on your planet and on many other planets just as so many of you have, too.

I am here as a resource for you. I am here to work with your energy in such a way that you may open up to the next level of experience or level of awareness for whatever may come to you.

As I look around I realize that there are so many of you who are amazing evolved Soul energies. Everyone walking upon the earth at this time has done so many, many different times. There is a cellular memory of these experiences that you may have had. For so many people those cellular memories are latent or unawakened and they may remain so for your whole entire life.

For other people there may be something in the current life that you are living that took place that triggered those experiences or those memories bringing them up into your everyday reality. Many times this was to give you the opportunity to release, heal and let go once and for all for whatever that experience may have been.

Others of you have had a pattern in which you worked through, lived, experienced different things again and again and again. Still others have brand new experiences that you have never tried before and this is your chance to try it or experience whatever that may be.

Your biology is the foundation of who you are in this lifetime. It is also a link. A link to your past lives, to the universe, to the collective consciousness, to your family - some the family of origin, some the family of your current situation. All of this is integrated through your DNA. There is going to be a great deal that comes out about of this in years to come. There is even more that is already known that is just now coming to the surface.

You will find that there are ways in which people will choose to work with their DNA. There is no right or wrong, the majority is through intention. So find what resonates with you and allow that to open up and be your experience.

You aligned with that essence of your physical body and then I began walking a bit and it is as if that energy just very patiently waited for us to begin. As you now have a sense of linking with that cell that represents the foundation of your physical reality let yourself align.

For some of you there may be something within your DNA that set up a particular experience. As you have the sense of looking down the strand of DNA you may have a sense that there is part that is illuminated or there is a part that is either blanked or a part that is just simply not there. By blanked I meant blocked.

First of all have the intention of starting within your consciousness of your divinity of you as the immense divinity you are, of you as your I AM Presence and bring that thought, that consciousness, that awareness and let it come down through you .....phew! and send out like a ball of light that may roll through illuminating everything here within this space.

As you move through that automatically cleared out and shifted things that may have been either blocked or less illuminated. If you have something specific that’s going on in your physical biology take this opportunity to ask yourself where this show up within my DNA. And as you ask for that awareness some of you may have that sense of “whew”  ... going straight to that part.

Others of you may have a sense of seeing things just kind of flicker or twitch or shift. Allow yourself to find wherever it is where it was built into your DNA to have a particular physical experience and then breathe down light, breathe down energy and first of all ask, why?

If there is a lesson, if there is something in particular that you need to know, ask what that may be. There may be absolutely nothing because you do not have to have a reason. It may just be what it is.

But I invite you to understand whatever that may be and then as you take that information back within you, I invite you to use your own Divinity repair, illuminate, whatever it is, so that you can create a shift that that will no longer be a part of your cellular structure. For some you may suddenly see that strand as it becomes illuminated and then it’s a domino effect, more and more and more become illuminated as a result.

Perhaps there is something else within your physical body.

Allow yourself to go with the intention that you may find whatever it is you need to find. Breathe in deeply, infuse that space with light. Open and allow a shift to take place. I know we spoke of those four cells that represented physical, mental, emotional. We went in through that physical cell but there is an alignment. Once you align you with your DNA, it encompasses everything.

So, think about your emotions. Are there certain emotions that seem to come up again and again and again and again and that you struggle to let go? Follow that space within your DNA that may have set up for that experience in this lifetime.... phew! Clear it out.

Illuminated with light of your Divinity allow it to create a new strand for you so that there can be a greater flow of energy, a greater flow of light, move it through all your emotions so that as you live your life, the foundation is joy, happiness, laughter, love.

Reach out towards your mental body, consider beliefs, consider your thoughts, consider how much they too have an effect upon you. As you feel these energies moving within and around you, consider any belief that no longer serves you and ASK is there an alignment or a link within your DNA; there might be, there might not.

But this gives you the opportunity to create a shift on this very basic physical level for something that may be affecting your thoughts again and again and again. Phew... you clear it out and then once again you look down those strands.

Invite the energies or the knowledge or the awareness of what supports you the most physically, mentally, emotional, spiritual in every level of your life. Stand here in this moment with the intention that you are in that balance, with the intention that as you stream your consciousness throughout your DNA, your cells, every part of you there is a flow, there is a light, there is an essence that you supports you.

It allows you to live that life that you have been seeking to live. You’ve often times felt that it was there but yet, it didn’t manifest. And this will take you that much closer to being able to manifest.

I as St. Germain have often times been associated with the flame of light that is purple or indigo. I put forth the intention that that flame of transmutation and transformation gives an extra boost or an extra energy transformation so that anything that you may not be conscious of can also be transitioned at this time.

So we send that flame. Let it move through from this basic cellular structure creating change that allows you to now have that physical support or that physical experience that will assist you as you shift into these higher dimensions.

I believe each one of you is amazing. Yes, I believe you have the ability to heal your life in this manner. I put forth the intention and I am supported by God, Goddess, all who are here. You, with your entire I AM Presence that you have the ability to manifest change completely once and for all in this moment.

And so it is.

The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

It is I the Goddess once more stepping forth. St. Germain does like to be dramatic, does he not, with his exit? It’s all good. It makes me laugh, it makes me have that feeling of joy that each of you are seeking to bring within your life. He sent that flame moving through everybody from that very core essence of yourself down through your DNA, down through every strand illuminating all that is there for you.

I invite you to now take an opportunity and accept that indeed it can happen in this way. As each strand of DNA becomes illuminated in that very core basic cell that represented your physical body as indeed it also was also aligned to your mental, emotional, spiritual.

As these cells align with that cleared DNA illuminated with your highest potential, transmuted with that purple flame each cell begins to speak to the other. And as your blood is flowing through your body filled with millions and millions of cells, put forth the intention that the cellular structure of this cleared out DNA, of this DNA that is in the alignment with your best interest begins to move throughout your physical body.

As the blood is circulating throughout your body it goes into every organ within you. If there is anything out of balance within a particular organ you align with it with a sense of love, infusing it with these illuminated cells.... phew, letting go old energy, letting go, disease, letting go... anything. As it continues on moving through your ligaments, your joints, your skin, as each part of who you are as this physical individual, has that wash and that flow of these illuminated transformed cells, may it clear out everything so that you have the physical body that you have been seeking to have.

Your emotional body may have an impact upon these cells, are there emotions that keep pulling you back or pulling you down. As you released them from a cellular level outward it creates a change in your life. And for some of you may have to re-learn or maybe learn for the first time what it is to be love. What it is to be happy. What it is to be the most expanded person that you can be.

Your thoughts, your intention, your belief have a very strong impact upon you. Work with that. The illuminated cell structures that support thoughts, belief energies that allow you to create these changes in such a way that they are real, that they are complete, that they are permanent. Allow those thoughts to come up within you. And if there is resistance to that..... phew! Let it go.

Those are beliefs and thoughts that no longer support you. Perhaps there was a reason for them at one time. Not anymore. From a cellular structure throughout every part of your energy body create that alignment that supports you in beliefs, in thoughts, in every way.

And now coming in your spiritual body; your light body energies. Those are another way of bringing you the support of the universe that is bringing you the support of your divinity; that is creating the whole and complete person that you are. You are not alone in any of this. You are supported by your Divinity, you are supported by God/Goddess, you are supported by all the angels and beings of light that have that specific intention to be here in alignment with you.

Be open to receive. Allow these energies to support you. So many have felt so isolated and alone .... phew, let it go, let it go. Breathe in the love and the awareness. Here you are the whole and complete person that you are. Know that you are loved. Know that I believe you have the ability to create and manifest these changes that you seek.

As you take a moment, take a step back from the energies of that cellular essence of who you are. As you look around again here in the All That Is, become aware of the changes that have taken place. You may feel, see, sense these changes within you or it may be your perception of everything you see around you.

Have a sense of coming back together as a group. As you do so you may have that essence or that hologram of the earth that comes up within the center of you. As you perceive the earth itself have a sense not only of those transitions and that change that you made for yourself but as you infuse it into the earth send it out from you so that the people around you will begin to vibrate in alignment with this new you. Send it out so that the experiences that you have in your everyday life will be supported by this higher vibrational you.

Put forth the intention that as you fill this hologram of the earth, that you are infusing it with all the support that you need in your own life, but that creates the change for the earth, for the world and everybody on it. So as a whole the consciousness will shift, the consciousness will open up to the energies of love, light, expansion... phew. We could feel that as it moved through and this hologram as you look at it is filled with colors, is filled with energy... phew, and have a sense of letting it go.

As you let it go it begins to shift down, it moves to the space where your Higher Self resides, it aligns with the crystalline grid going out, creating that greater balance and that greater alignment between the universe and the earth, between the higher dimensional earth, the new earth and your earth.

And the core essence of that hologram continues to move down. It moves through the magnetic grid, it moves down into the core essence of the physical earth. As it does so, as it comes within this space it links with the crystals, it links with the magnetic energy and as it does so it expands out from there.

There is an adjustment and a vibration that more fully supports everything that took place within you. You may feel it as it comes up within your physical body. Every time you ground you have the opportunity to reach down and find that alignment once more that you are now anchoring within the earth. And as that alignment comes up within you feel it from that cellular structure outward, integrate within your physical body. Let it move through your mental body, let it move through your emotions and receive the energy and the support of your spiritual and light body energies.

Allow this to take place, accept it within you. You may begin to find yourself anchoring as you allow this focus to be within you. But let the residual of your consciousness come back out into the All That Is. And as you do so you have that awareness as you shift, moving from the All That Is to the Soul plane. As you move within the Soul plane find those energies of who you are, find those energies of your I AM Presence, letting all of that become a part of this space with You.

You’ve created a profound transition within this personal lifetime, so see the support that is here in your Divinity, that is here not only supporting you but helping you to take it to the next level and let all of those energies come with you as you bring your consciousness back you shift into that space where your Higher Self resides.  Phew.... ! Clear out any old energy within this space. Let it go, release it.

Allow yourself to stream back down into your human presence in this lifetime as if you let go that expanded consciousness you let it come back down within and around you and send it down into the earth, you easily link with what you’ve already sent up within the earth. You easily link with that flow of transformation as you anchor yourself. And as you breathe deeply feel yourself coming back into your physical presence.

Take a moment and re-iterate that you’ve created a change from a cellular structure, that as those cells move through your blood stream, it’s creating, communicating cell to cell to cell to cell so that your blood stream is illuminated with the expanded DNA, is illuminated with the physical body that fully supports you and that your emotions and your thoughts also are in balanced alignment with that cellular change.

Receive it, accept it .... breathe deeply allowing it to be a part of you. As these energies continue to anchor within you, I am open to receive any questions you may have.

Alright, beloved family. As each of you moves through your day I invite you to remember that you have made the changes. Just during this time that we have spent together you have made changes that can affect every part of your life; from a cellular structure to everything else within you.

Have the intention that you are in a flow of alignment and a flow of movement that your day falls into place -- with ease; that you manifest within your life what you seek to have -- with ease; that you are fully connected and in alignment not only with your Self, your Higher Self, your Divinity but with the All That Is.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.



bluefeatheryone 5th July 2013 4:48 pm

Ty for this loving message, Shelly. :smitten:

Shelly Dressel 6th July 2013 1:04 pm

You're welcome! I appreciate you sending a shout out. Sending love back at you~~~


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