Re-Alignment Through Your I AM Presence

There is so much taking place right now, that we all have the opportunity to create a lot of change in our lives. The energies are shifting with the influx of the crystalline energy and crystalline grid; this channel will give you a better idea of how you can work with that to create greater awareness. 

As long as the Goddess of Creation has worked with us through these channels she’s spoken of our I AM presence or our divinity.  We come from pure source energy or God Source energy and this is our I AM presence. During this channel we work directly with  the essence of our divinity so that we may have a greater understanding of who we are. In addition to that, she used this as a chance to experience the different aspects that make up who you are so that we could have a greater understanding.

The Goddess began by asking us to align first of all with the part of ourselves that is the universal light. This was amazing! It was a brilliant light and sometimes filled with vibrant color. From there, we connected to parts of ourselves that were holding us back; we then released that energy. So too we could align with the aspect that’s already abundant or has already manifested what we seek so that we can know what it’s like. It felt like a LOT of energy was shifting.

This was all then anchored within our physical bodies and the earth throught the crystalline grid. Our Lightbody energies are the crystalline energies of our alignment. So through this channel, you have the opportunity to create an adjustment within this part of us. 

I hope your feel a greater clarity and enjoy this channel.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I welcome each and every one of you to our time together. This is a time of amazing transformation upon the earth and it is with great joy that I am able to work with each one of you.

You come together as a group gathering these two times in your month. But indeed, what takes place is that every time any person goes back and listens to it again or reads it or has the intention of connecting with these energies once more everything that takes place becomes amplified and expands even further.

You are each upon your own journey of your life, whatever that may be. For some it is a journey of great struggle, for others great ease, but for the majority of people it is something in between. Where are you right now, upon your life path? Are you in a place where you can feel the flow of energy and light?

Are you in a place where you can look around you and recognize how much energy is here in support of you? Yes, there are a multitude of not only angels and beings of light but people, other people, other physical people upon your earth are here in support of you. Be open to accept whatever that may be.

I invite you to have the intention of taking another breath in. This time where you breathe in that energy and light of where ever you are right now letting that move through you, allowing it to go down into the earth, anchoring within the earth and then letting that energy come back up through you.

As you do so, you then let your consciousness shift. You allow it to stream up and out from within your physical reality so that you may find yourself in the space of your higher self. This is where you come on a very consistent basis. This is where you find the answers that are not always close to or around you. This is a place that as you look around and you take it in, is filled with the essence and the energy of you in your everyday life but also you as your divinity. It may also have your angels, your teachers, your guides, feeling up the space around you.

Take a moment to consider the various levels or dimensions that are within this space. When we speak of you living in the fifth dimension upon the earth, much of that is anchored here within the space of your higher self. There may be times when you find yourself shifting down into the fourth dimension. The earth itself transitioned into the fourth and fifth dimension last winter solstice or summer solstice for those of you in the southern hemisphere.

This is continued to be anchored throughout this physical year in which you live, therefore, while the energies may feel similar to third dimensional energies you are actually physically within the fourth and fifth and here in the space of your higher self is where you let your energy shift so that you may move into those lighter, easier places of consciousness if you would like to call it that. Take it in and feel what it is.

From here, I invite you to shift your focus once more, this time allow yourself to move into this space of the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane, let yourself feel how good this energy is. Its light, it’s filled with love, it’s filled with the essence of who you are.

As you look around have the intention that your I AM Presence comes within your consciousness. You may sense your divinity as pure light energy; you may see it as a figure of a person. Your perception of your divinity may be varied and it is what resonates with you. So open up and allow yourself to reach out, embrace and merge fully with your divinity.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I invite you to allow yourself to feel my embrace as I open up reaching out to merge my energies with yours. As I do so, I amplify all of who you are in this moment. It will also assist you in shifting into the space of the All That Is.

Look around. As we find ourselves within this space it is as if this energy of the All That Is has been moving through a transformation, just as each one of you have within your own life. Look around. There is an even greater expansion within this space. The dimensions, the level of vibration, the level of consciousness, is expanding further and further, because each one of you is expanding further and further within your own life.

The All That Is works in support of that with you, but it also gives you the opportunity of experiencing that type of flow and awareness within this space so that as you then live upon the earth, it becomes much more second nature to you. It becomes a part of your everyday reality.

There is so much that I would like to speak with you about this evening.

During our last journey (speaking of September 1, 2013 Releasing Distractions and Transforming DNA) we spoke of the distractions that you may have within your life. These may be put forth or put into your path as a means to cause you to consider even more of what may be happening within your life. Indeed the distractions may be, slowing you down, keeping you from what you may seek to have; but then ask yourself,  ‘is that truly what I wish to have?’ or ‘am I glad that slowing down, taking my time, looking around, I am perhaps finding something different’.

We speak often of the free will associated with your life upon the earth.  It is one of the pivotal aspects of being a human.  In every single day of your life you are making choices.  It makes me smile because so often I have heard people say ‘not my choice’, ‘not what I wanted to do’.

I invite you to consider your life, is that something that you find yourself saying? Another thing I hear from people ‘not my fault that that happened’.  I also hear I don’t know whose decision that was, but it’s affecting everybody.

There are many layers of energy that come into play with your life upon the earth. Let us begin for a moment starting with you, the person that you are. You are here in the All That Is; which is the space of pure divine energy. You are here as a means of experiencing your divinity; open up! Let all of the love, all the energy, all the experiences of your divinity flow within and around you, right now.

This is where you have that easier access to other lifetimes that make up who you are. For example, many of you have lived out within the universe. If you close your eyes for a moment, you may do this several different ways. Some enjoy seeing a big movie screen; some enjoy walking down a pathway. 

So whatever works for you, I invite you to take this moment and have the intention of moving from where you are in the All That Is and let your consciousness shift into a life experience in which you were perhaps out in the universe or in which you were pure conscious energy.

As I sense so many of you experiencing what that is for you, you have that sense of this is my divinity, this is me. You also have as sense of perhaps color, perhaps wave formation, perhaps there are distinct images. But you know that you are linking with that part of yourself that has lived out within the universe.  Perhaps you are in association with a star or a planet.

I just heard from some of you that you had a sense of wanting to move into that space, but it was as if there was something stopping you. So here within your divinity, here within the All That Is, you send a gentle wave of energy ~~whew~~ through each one of you. If there is anything at all that’s keeping you from being able to align with this essence, let that separate the energy.

Perhaps you prefer to open up the door; but let yourself move through and let that conscious stream – there we go I can feel you linking. As you allow this experience of alignment with one of your universal energies that are you; take an opportunity to ask a couple of questions. Is there a message for you from this universal light? Perhaps you wish to take this as an opportunity to strengthen that alignment so that you will have a more continuous flow in your everyday life.  Let that move from your consciousness, out into the universe.

As you look around, you may discover that there is another aspect of you that has been in another part of the universe. Each one of you has had so many life experiences! It’s all available to you. So, as if you take a step back, is there a particular time that seems to resonate with you? We will call it a time in history, but indeed especially within the space of the all that is; everything is alive and focused or conscious within this now moment. 

Is there a particular time that you’ve always been drawn to? Allow your intention, allow your focus to follow through, as you follow that stream of light and consciousness through your divinity; see what’s there. 

Perhaps you’ve had a phobia in this lifetime; perhaps it’s deep water, perhaps it’s falling, it may be any number of potentials. As you are here within this space, within this alignment with all of your divinity asked to follow that thought through and see where it may take you.

If you find that source, from here within the All That Is, from here within your focused awareness, send the energy of light into whatever that situation may be so that you may shift the energetic outcome that took place in the past and is having an effect on you now.  ~~whew~~ let go whatever that may be. One may say, perhaps you are changing history, maybe so.

But ultimately, become aware that it’s the energetic impulse of these other experiences that are having an effect upon you right now.  It is that energy that I encourage you to align with, see it for whatever it may be, and then ~~whew~~ let it go.

You may be seeking to manifest abundance in this lifetime, you have done it before.  As you breathe gently and deeply within yourself, allow that focus of aligning with the time in which you had limitless abundance.  Let your energy and your consciousness move through your I AM presence and into your divinity, follow that pathway until you align with that lifetime. As you do so stand in the energy of what that is. Look around, I invite you to feel the ease with which money flowed through your life.  

Perhaps abundance was felt in a way other than money, so allow abundance in whatever form it was. Look around, experience what that was for you. And in this case, if you so choose take the essence of that energy and allow it to stream back through your consciousness and let it move through in the consciousness of this lifetime. So that you may once more tap into and experience what will assist you in this lifetime.

These are some of the ways that you may work with your divinity in creating change within your life. Here within the All That Is, it’s the space of creation. Here within the All That Is, try it out.  See what you like. Keep what you like and let go what you no longer wish to have. It is a space that is fluid. it is a space that is filled with energy. It is the space available for you to use in whatever way resonates with you.

In your everyday life upon the earth you have the collective consciousness that is the energy or it is a level of consciousness that is common to everybody who is upon the earth. Some people may get caught up in this finding themselves being pulled down or pulled away from what resonates with them. Others may find themselves being lifted up to a new space or a new beginning; and these are the vibrations that flow within and around your planet being supported and influenced by the billions of people that live upon the planet.

You hear about how there has never been so many people alive upon the earth than there are at this time; there’s a reason for that: the conscious ascension of your planet through a peaceful transition. And I thank each and every one of you for participating and that experience.  It could not be done without all of you upon the earth. 

You were just aligning with these other experiences that make up who you are as your divinity and all of that energy has flown as a wave of energy and light through you, supporting you in this life. Sometimes people feel cut off, they feel isolated, they feel alone. Open up that door; allow this alignment with your divinity to always be there for you.

Living upon the earth is about diversity. Free will is a part of this diversity.  You still see a wide range of how people are living their lives. There are those still caught up in conflict, there are those who live a life of ease. The important thing to remember is that you have your choice. Everybody has their choice to tap into the trauma, the drama, the heavy energy that you may feel pulling you down.

When you say, but this is my life; how do I change it? What do I do? You begin to consciously take those stair step movements that allow you to align with your divinity, so that your divinity may flow within and around you. If you are caught up in a life that feels heavy and dense, then it’s keeping you at a particular vibration and while the light fine energy of your divinity may seem more distant, it’s still there.

Let the light energy of your divinity flow through whatever feels heavy and cumbersome in your everyday life.  With the choices that you make be they conscious or unconscious, it is affecting you.

As you are creating change in your life so as to bring in a greater amount of light this light fine vibration, you may find yourself constantly throughout the day, asking the question: “what am I choosing.  Why would I choose this”? And I hear again and again and again, “I would never choose this for my life”, “I would never choose this pain and suffering”. We know that you would not choose it in a conscious way.

But for whatever reason, most likely an unconscious way, you chose an alignment to have an experience; perhaps to be of assistance to someone else in their experience. Perhaps they are assisting you and you are the focus of their experience.  Whatsoever it may be understand that it was a choice.

Now as you begin to recognize every day; sometimes every minute, sometimes every hour you reassess “what are my choices at this time.” There may be certain things in your life that have a momentum of their own and you are drawn along with that momentum, so choose your reaction to whatever that may be. 

That may be the beginning of choosing a new direction. You choose how you are going to respond to what’s happening around you. You may choose to invite a flow of light and love to move through you and the situation without any specific intention, simply allow love to move through you and allow it to create a change.

And then maybe minutes later, hours later, you come back again, and you say “what do I choose in this moment.” You may do the same thing over again; you may do it today upon date upon day. You may find you do it once or twice and suddenly your day is transformed. It has the potential to create changes that will affect everything and it can be affected in a moment. Indeed, it is your choice.

The Other part of what goes along with this is receiving. Are you open to receive what you seek to have in your life? I hear people always saying “Well of course I am it’s what I want”. And there may be a part of them that is open to receive or wants to receive. But look inside, especially as you are here in the All That Is, as you consider are you open to receive is your vibration in alignment with what you seek to have. 

Look out at that picture. Look out at what’s around you from this perspective, and ask, “Am I in alignment to receive what I seek to have.” Are your thoughts in the space that is open to receive? Are your emotions, open to receive?

So manifesting, accepting, allowing and receiving are all affected by many different things. In fact, especially as we tap into this, it makes one wonder how does anyone manifest anything? 

I wish to bring it up in this space, so that you may become aware of all the various aspects of yourself. Not only the aspects out in the universe and your divinity, but the aspects of you in this physical experience you are currently within. Let yourself know that it need not be hard, you need not analyze, you need not overthink anything; you need only allow yourself to be in the flow.

I hear you, it’s as if I can actually see you some of you rolling your eyes and saying there’s that word again; “Being in the flow” this means something different to each one of you. Being in the flow is about making choices in your day that feel good to you. If you find that you are angry and frustrated. 

Then look for the little things sometimes that may  feel good; the brilliance of the color of the sky, the color of the flowers, the leaves, something simple and let yourself connect with whatever that may be and therewill be a flow of light and energy that goes through you. And you let that clear out, whatever is ready to be released and let go.

When your focus remains upon what really resonates inside of you, you are in the flow. 

Everybody is human, so there will be times in which you find yourself frustrated, angry, perhaps depressed. And there will be times in which you find yourself giddy, happy, excited. It’s not about judging one vs. another; it’s about recognizing that you are seeking balance within your life. And as more and more individuals seek to find balance within their lives, there will be less of the frustration, there may be less of that really giddy excited feeling; but there will be a much deeper sense of conscious alignment and conscious awareness. And that will have you in the flow and will assist you throughout your life.

It is that balanced energy that flows through the vibrations of the various levels of the collective consciousness that is creating change is upon the earth. Ask yourself how would you like your life to look? And then as if you are feeling the balance. Allow yourself to step into that space that truly allows you to experience life. 

Even if things are very hard and challenging for you that may be a part of being in the flow, because it takes you from point A to point B. If you find yourself though in a place that is very hard and challenging, and you stay there and stay there and stay there and stay there; that is, when you seek to look in another direction

As I’ve spoken of all of this, I invite you to once again, take a look around the All That Is. You have been creating amazing opportunities for yourself and you been experiencing them for what they are. As if you take a deep breath in, breathe in the balance, breathe in the energy, and let it all flow through you with the support of your divinity; let it flow through your consciousness and then send it down into you in your everyday life.

Life is an experience that you have chosen to have. As it unfolds for you, be open to receive the abundance of all the various potentials that are there for you. Reach up to your divinity as often as you think about it, because the more that you consciously allow for your divinity to align or merge with you in your physical everyday reality; the greater opportunities you will have.

As we look around the all that is, as you look at the essence of your divinity, I invite you this time to ask to know or see the alignment of your Lightbody energies. As you do so for some, you may have a distinct perception that the Lightbody is perhaps a matrix or perhaps looks like a human, or perhaps has parallel lines; whatever it may be. 

Some sense it as a pure energy, sometimes a color, sometimes a white light. But in this space, as you are reaching out with your consciousness to align with your Lightbody, take in what it means to you.

Perhaps that original essence of universal energy that was you from your divinity is a part of your Lightbody. Perhaps that is a steppingstone to your Lightbody. Your Lightbody energy is that which is of a crystalline vibration and it aligns you from here in the All That Is, from here in the universe, all the way down through your divinity, all the way down, aligning within and around you as a physical person and into the earth. It aligns with the crystalline grid that has been integrated. It aligns within your own DNA in those higher, lighter vibrations. So take a look around have a conscious intention that you align with your Lightbody.

As you do so, you then allow that to stream through you. We may come back together as a group, and as you look around at the others who are here, you may take in a perception of what the others look like, but more so open to the perception of what your own energies look like. 

Then from within this become aware of a hologram of the earth moving up within the center of everyone. This hologram is creating the space, is creating the place of alignment, not only with your Lightbody to the hologram, but the crystalline grid work that is becoming immersed within the earth.

So all becomes an alignment right now be open to the flow and consciously send the flow of your own energies, so that you may merge with this in such a way that it is always open and available to you.

As this feels complete, we have a sense of letting go, that hologram. It shifts, it moves down through the crystalline grid following it as it goes all the way down into the earth. As this energy merges with the earth, there is that sense of an alignment taking place. As it merges with the earth, it links with those crystals that are within the earth. They anchor this energy, and it comes back up. 

It moves out expanding through all the crystals it comes up through the grass, it comes up through the trees the rocks, it comes up through you, your own energies that you have been working with out in the universe have been transported down within the earth and they now flow back up within and around you in your everyday reality. Have a sense of opening to experience what that may be for you.

You then allow it to release, letting it go. Your consciousness may merge back within the space of the All That Is as you find yourself looking around. Take in any last-minute intentions that you may have for yourself. As you do so, then you shift once more into the space of the soul plane. 

As you find yourself within the soul plane you may have a greater awareness of those various lines of alignment that you opened up to create, that allows you to be in greater balance an alignment with your divinity. 

You then shift your focus, you move into the space of your higher self and you begin to allow your energies to flow back down into and around you in your physical reality. As you do so, allow yourself to become grounded within this space. As you ground your energies you may send all of that that you were just working with, bring it down as a beam of light or as a column of light that surrounds you. 

Let it flow through you, it links with that energy that you already sent down into the earth and bring it back up within you. You are here your physical reality. You are aligned with the earth, but you are also aligned with the universe and it is all flowing through you within this space. Feel what that is.

As you move through the next days, weeks, months within your life, I invite you to once more, be very conscious of the choices that you make. Be very conscious of the thoughts and experiences that you have around you. 

Know that you are always in alignment with your divinity. The question is, is the flow open to a trickle or is it open to and expanded amount? Be open to the flow and allow that to be whatever it is that supports you the most. 

Know that I am ever with you and within you.




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