Releasing Barriers and Shaping Vibrations

We are all seeking deeper connections within ourselves.  We are all seeking greater abundance, joy, life, potentials than what we currently have.  As we seek to expand our awareness, it's always a good idea to release any barriers you may or may not be aware you have.  We are filled with layers so even if you've released barriers in the past, it's a good thing to do so again from time to time.

Once you have cleared your energies of any barriers or resistance the Goddess assists you with shifting your energies.  She works with you the shift into the energies of the angels and guides who are present.  Some people even shifted into an animal totem.  One may ask why you would want to do this.... There are many reasons but the first is to receive a different perspective.  If you were to look at yourself from the perspective of the angels would your perception be different?  If you were to soar through the sky as an eagle, what might you learn?   This channel will assist you in opening to greater awareness in unique ways ~ Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family! I’ve come forth to share this time of communication. To share this time of alignment as each one of you takes the opportunity to merge within your own self, you find that you are able to align with those aspects of you. As you allow yourself to reconnect let your energies merge within so that you can feel yourself as you expand and blend more fully, simply with being who you are. The times of transformation continue, the times in which the impulses of light and energy come more and more rapidly with every day. As you allow yourself the opportunity to connect let your energies feel as if they flow with ease.

There is a lot of energy and shifts taking place right now and the link, we think it's probably a technical thing, does not feel as strong and so that's why things are as stopping and starting a little bit as we begin this journey. But for everybody who is present, if you’ll take an opportunity and once more just within your own consciousness express the words “Nama sika; venia benya”, I sense that it will assist this group in coming back together. (There were technical issues from the website and the phone.)

Nama sika; venia benya.

What would you like to see happen in this year that you are experiencing? How are your manifestations working for you? Do you feel as if you are connected or in the flow of all that you seek to have? These are some of the questions that I keep hearing from you and allow me to say that as I look out and as I see each one of you, I see that there is an even greater amount of divinity within and around you than there has ever been before. If you feel as if you're not sure, as if you are wondering, then take in a deep breath and with that deep breath allow yourself to open and feel the flow of light and the flow of love.

There is going to be a continuous amount of transformation taking place. We know that there has been a great deal of concern, especially with the most recent earthquake. (Speaking of the earthquake in Haiti January 12, 2010) There is so much light and energy shifting as a result of that experience. As a group in this moment, I invite everyone to just take this moment and flow from your heart into the location of Haiti; compassion, love, awareness, strength and support. As you allow these energies to flow through you, you find that you are opening up even further within yourself. It also creates a vacuum or a sense of flow that is even greater than what is already being transmitted to that space. These were two things that I wished to speak of to you before we began our actual journey.

I invite you now to have a sense of releasing your physical body. As you do so, you allow your consciousness to shift outward. As it does so, you move into the magnetic grid. As your focus aligns with the magnetic grid, have a sense of feeling your energies link with your higher self. As you come into alignment with your higher self, you can feel the expansion that immediately takes place. As you look around, you may see the interlocking pathways. I invite you to take a moment and perceive how these pathways are transitioning more and more.

There is a greater integration with the energies than there has ever been before. The magnetic grid is expanding outward so that it may create a greater alignment with the crystalline grid. As this occurs, there will be what you might consider a blurring of the energies from the magnetic as they blend with the crystalline. Even so you may have a sense of shifting your focus. Shift your focus in such a way that you allow your consciousness to move outward into the crystalline grid. As you merge fully within this space, you may have a sense of feeling the release of the magnetic pull of the Earth.

This release creates a sense of expansion that is becoming more familiar to you on the earth, but right now it is an expansion that you feel when you are out here within this expanded consciousness. Allow your focus to shift once more. This time feel your energies as they move into the soul plane.

As you arrive within the soul plane, you may have a sense of your divinity, either coming towards you or coming up from within you. As you align with your divinity, feel your consciousness expand as if the consciousness that makes up you this human, in this life that you are living, as if you now become aware of the many other life existences that have created your soul essence.

You are so much more than you have ever realized. You have had many life existences here on the earth plane, out in the universe, some as pure consciousness and many of you in the angelic realms. All of these experiences come together and create your divine essence. This is why I say to you that you are more than you have ever realized.

I the Goddess, move into the soul plane with each one of you. As I do, so I reach out and enfold you in my arms. As I embrace you, I am embracing you as the person in this life that you are living; I am embracing you as your divinity. You will find your energies shifting into the All That Is.

I am taking a moment to just feel the presence. So many people in your daily life get caught up in everything that you are doing. Most of you have family, work, commitments, responsibilities and all of these keep you busy as you are moving through your days. When you add to that your intention and choice to be in this moment, it is as if you are pausing to take a breath or as if you are pausing to link with that moment or that space between the breaths.

Take in a deep breath and as you slowly breathe deeply within yourself, really open to know who you are. As you consider your life that you are living, do you ever question your abilities? Do you ever wonder how big you truly may be? Do you ever have doubts about whether or not the path that you are on is the path that is best for you? These are the types of questions, thoughts and feelings that make up who you are as a human. Therefore it is completely normal or typical that this is what you feel coming out of anything that judges you, you create barriers of resistance around yourself.

So take this moment and ask do you have barriers that you have placed within or around you? If the answer to that is yes then I invite you to take this moment and as if you are sitting down, perhaps writing things out, perhaps listing things howsoever may come across to you; allow yourself this time to consider why those barriers are in place. Was there a time in which you needed to protect yourself? Was there a time that you felt out of sync, either with yourself or your situation or your community? And as you consider whatever the reason may be that originally brought this up, then ask yourself; is it still necessary to have these barriers within and around you? There is a part of you that knows, everything is fine and there is absolutely no reason for those barriers to be there as a part of you.

When you consider where you were at that time in your life or perhaps it was as recent as yesterday, when you consider where you are that you have that feeling or that need or that desire for any barriers, then take this as a moment to acknowledge what it's like to be without any barriers of any sort. Here within this space, you have the opportunity to be completely free of anything that would hold you back to look at your life. Look at your life as a wide open energy.

From this perspective, you may have a sense of looking at yourself as if from a space of detachment. This place of detachment gives you the opportunity to see your life with alternatives. I'm feeling amongst some of you as if there is a bit of resistance of these barriers or whatever it is that you have been looking at for yourself. I can still feel where it remains in that space, as if it's still the barrier or as if it's bigger than who you are.

So let us call in the lightbody energy. You may feel it as it moves through this space. It comes in as if on a wave. This wave of energy and light moves throughout and each one of you already has your own alignment with the lightbody energies. So allow them to become amplified by this energy that is now coming through. Take another look at your life. Are you now able to see it from that expanded perspective? As you are now looking within yourself from this space of this lightbody energy, you could have a sense of sending it through you as if it goes through your consciousness, but also as if it goes through all your energy bodies and send it forth so that it may transition anything that is happening within your life.

Those of you who have been working with these energies are already very familiar with what this is. So if this is your first time working with the energies or if this is your hundredth time, no matter where you are in your alignment, reach out with a conscious intention of blending fully within the lightbody energy. When you are in a state of pure consciousness, your vibration is light. There is always a flow. Especially within this space, you are vibrating at a high level of awareness.

As you consciously breathe within your perception, the vibrations of the lightbody energies have a sense of becoming more and more transparent. Look around and see what is surrounding you, some people may have a sense of other people; some may see angels, teachers, guides. Others have created a sense of structure. If you as yet do not perceive anything, then I invite you to create something that will give you a perspective.

Alright, as you look at whatever it is that's around you, you may see it or sense it from within your consciousness. As you go within yourself and you feel the flow of energy within you, discern any subtle differences that may exist. Your consciousness is you; it’s you the human, you the divine essence. And whatever else it is that you are looking at, is something outside of you, different from you.

As you take the time to notice the differences, let that perception simply flow through you without a conscious analysis of what they may be. Now then, as you come back within, as if you are once more looking within your consciousness, breathe in and find the vibrational alignment to your light body, and consciously feel that as it flows through out your consciousness. It may flow in a pattern, it may be just as effervescent particles of light, and then as you look out at whatever it is you see beside you, put forth a conscious intention to create a vibrational alignment with whatever it may be.

When you have that sense of an alignment it may be almost as if there is a click or is if you lock in within your perception. From that space allow the knowledge to flow through you of the differences between you and whatever this object was. Many of you are aligning with one of the angels or the guides, something that has a consciousness. So as you create the alignment you feel that there is something that is in rapport and yet you are able to discern, whatever it is that might be different; as if you are fine-tuning the frequency of your vibration. Put forth the intention to create an exact alignment with this angel, this object, whatever it may be. As you do this, there is a sense of letting go of the distinctive images and aspects that make you different from whatever it may be.

As you let that go you feel a flow of the energy and emerging as if there is only one energy; as you merge and blend together, feel the pulsation of your heart. If you link with another individual, a tree, a mountain, an animal, no matter what it may be, open and feel the beat of their heart. And here within this state of consciousness, you can find a means in which you know who you are and yet you are fully and completely blended with this other essence.

In this manner you are able to shift your consciousness and this is the first step of shape shifting. You may practice this, time and again, until it happens with ease. As soon as I said the word shape shifting, fear sprung up amongst many of you. There were also, quite a few that leapt with excitement. But let out your excitement let out your inner excitement and let go of any fear that you may have around you.

This is your choice; it is your free will. I simply create an experience that you may choose to have for yourself. Having said that, allow this flow to once more move between you and whatever it is, feel this essence and recognize that you can learn something from whatever it is with which you blend. So take in as if you are drinking in this experience. Have a sense of separating from whatever it was with which you blended, feel yourself as you come back within your energies and within this moment. You are still here in the All That Is; you are still in your state of expanded consciousness. You now have the increased awareness from having blended with or merged with this other essence.

You may ask yourself, what it was you needed to learn from the experience. For many it was simply that you have the ability to do this. For others it may be that by blending with an angel or a guide, you were able to transition something that you've been working upon. When you take the time and create this for yourself, you will find that it is always there and available to you, as with anything that you learn, it always becomes a part of your consciousness and your memories.

How would you consider that you might do something like this simply for the joy and the excitement of doing so? Let’s take for example, an animal. Perhaps you have a totem, perhaps you would like to merge with a dolphin, an eagle, a deer; what so ever it is, take a moment and bring up the essence of this animal.

As you see it in front of you, you once more, have a sense of expanding your awareness. And as if you reach out and create an alignment, you find yourself shifting your vibration in such a way that you become transparent. Then from that space of transparency you are much more able to find an alignment that blends with this animal. It may be that you have a sense of hearing thoughts, but most often, you will simply have a sense of perception or awareness. You may then choose to run or swim or dive or fly or whatever it is. As your consciousness blends fully, you can feel it in every part of you, feel the beating of the heart; feel the water rushing past or the wind rushing past. Know that in this moment, you are that animal.

I again invite you to gather back within this space of the All That Is. You may have a sense of letting go or disconnecting. Indeed, in this space of the All That Is, within a moment you are separated and back within your consciousness. I once more ask you, if there are any barriers or resistance within your life. I now find that almost 100%, you are able to see past or beyond, what any, whatever or what any barriers there may be. You are able to step into a new potential for yourself. Let this potential be filled with you as a fully connected and aligned individual, let it be you walking through your life with strength and awareness. Let it be you, feeling, sensing, knowing that you have all that you could want and is here right now.

What does that feel like to you? What does it look like? Accept that this is your life and this is your opportunity. As you find yourself coming back within this group, I invite you to create a circle. Within this circle, you are able to see or sense the other people around you. Your senses may be even more open than normal or as is typical for you. You may pick up on or sense bits and pieces about everyone, but I would say especially in this state, there is no intrusion or overstepping boundaries. Everyone is able to be in their state and in the presence of who they are, and from that space, anything that might be intrusive, would just float past them.

Here within the center of the group receive the hologram of the Earth. This hologram comes up and it rotates. There is a flow, an essence that you see the energy as it moves through and around the hologram. I invite you to infuse within your sense of oneness, your sense of balance, and also your sense of becoming transparent or aligned with anything else that is within and around you. And as that becomes infused within the earth the hologram shifts and spins and turns. Feel or see how the hologram itself becomes illuminated. This energy is then released from this group, it moves downward, it moves through the crystalline and the magnetic grids and this hologram moves down until it blends within the core essence of the Earth. It aligns with the crystals, it aligns with these vibrations and as it anchors there it then reverses and it moves outward. It moves out trough the many layers of the physical earth. It comes up through the grass, the trees, the flowers, the lakes and the rivers. It comes out through every aspect that makes up the earth. You, within your human form, have the ability to bring it up within you and anchor it within.

You can once more shift your consciousness out into the All That Is. And as you are doing this, you have a sense of releasing that space, moving once more into the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane, you may have a sense of letting go of this larger portion of your divinity. As you let go and you allow your consciousness to more fully move back down, you feel yourself merging with the crystalline grid. Take a moment to consciously create an alignment that goes deeper than what you may have created in the past. As if you are in the All That Is, reach out link with the crystalline grid and almost as if you are feeling the consciousness within you, merge blending with it. It may give you some information, it may anchor or align your vibration, be open and allow. From there as you come back towards the earth plane you merge briefly with the magnetic grid and you feel that pull of the earth.

As you follow that stream of consciousness, you find yourself coming back within your physical body. Your consciousness comes back down through your head center, the back of your head, your third eye, through all your energy bodies and anything outside of that, flows around you. As you blend within yourself once more open up your consciousness and create an alignment within yourself that will allow you to have or to be, whatever it is that you are seeking. If you want to change your physical body, then feel the alignment with your body as you see it or as you want it to be for you. You'll have the opportunity to transition illness in this way, weight, anything that holds you back.

Truly feel every level of consciousness and feel the alignment from your space of being transparent. The light body is not something that's outside of you and it comes in to create change, although that is the way we've been using it, but the light body is also you. Begin to open to that belief; you are the lightbody energies. As you manifest within your life, you are manifesting through the lightbody energies. Experience this, be, sense, feel and allow it all to unfold for you.

[Deep breath] And with that, I invite you to breathe deeply within as if you were breathing down within yourself, anchoring within yourself. Anchor these energies that are you from this higher vibration and as you come back within this room, I invite you to press *7 upon your phone and then we will be open to receive any questions that you may have. There will be a continuing flow of energy as everybody finds themselves manifesting back within their physical body. Your intention to ground will assist you.

Question: Hello Goddess. (Hello, go ahead.) I have a lot of things I would like to manifest this year and yet I am having difficulty getting inspired. How do I get inspired to action?

Answer: All right beloved, if you will take in a deep breath and allow me to fully merge with you. Let me see what insights I can get. Some of these things that you are seeking to manifest in these years have been on a list you could say, for a while, for several years. Meaning that, they are not new and different. It is the same stuff that you have wanted before. So some of this lack of motivation we are picking up on, as a belief, or an old energy - that it hasn’t worked before so it is not going to work again. It feels as if there is another part of you that says, “well no - I have been working on things, I have been opening up, and I am ready for these changes, so I do not understand why they are not manifesting”. So we sense this dialogue going on within you, and as if because of the dialogue it is slowing you down, and it is making this kind of inertia around you. Does that resonate with you?


Okay, so what we would like to do is see if we can’t shift some of those energies with you, and for you. We would like you to close your eyes for a moment and as you take a breath in consciously bring up the times in the past that you have tried to manifest whatever these things are that you want. As you bring that up in your heart have a sense of taking yet another breath in and as you breathe in deeply consciously let those go as if a flow of energy comes down through you with your breath of air and breath of light. Consciously let it clear out these energies, let is clear out those past experiences, let is release the times in which it didn’t work. Because that was in the past; the times were different; you were different; the situations were different. For whatever reason it didn’t happen, it just didn’t. So let go that old experience and let yourself feel cleansed, and feel as if you are starting anew with this year and with these energies. As we say that, we have a sense of seeing, like debris, like old energy just kind of flowing away from you and being released. Then as you come back and look at this year we would encourage you to have a sense of breathing in that lightbody energy that you just got done working with, and breathing it down into your physical body. Then as you consider these things that you would like to manifest have a sense of letting that energy flow into what you seek to have. Right now, as we say this, we see it as if it is a distance from you as opposed to something right there in your energy field so have a sense of drawing it to you. It is as if you let the lightbody energy flow down through you, and it goes out to what you seek to have, and then as it comes back to you. You create an outflow and an intake, and an outflow and an intake, and that is how you are shifting the energies and creating more of the vibrational alignment for what you seek to have. We feel that part of the resistance that you have had in the past has been a lot of different reasons. It feels like there has been a great deal of struggle. So if you can acknowledge that that is the past, that that’s what it is then, and be open to new opportunities we see that there are different ways that these can manifest around you. Through those different manifestations, it is as if we see step-by-step things unfolding for you. Does that all make sense for you, or can you feel that difference now?

Yes it’s perfect. Thank you very much.

Ah, you’re welcome and we want to share, not only with you, but with anyone else who reads this or is on the call here. We can’t stress enough how important just doing that type of breathing in and releasing, how effective that can be for you. Because even if it doesn’t seem like anything is changing around you, it does, it always 100% of time, it changes the energy. You may go back into the old energy but for that moment, and for that time, you have shifted your energy and that is what opens you up to the new potentials and the new opportunities.

Thank you very much.

You’re welcome

Question: Hi, I have become quite sensitive over the last little while and I have actually been communicating with an energy. I communicate with it by, like I’ll ask questions, and then it will move my head if I am able to ask yes or no questions. I was just wondering who is this energy, what is it, where does it come from? Do I have a connection to it outside of this lifetime?

Answer: We see this energy around you as you speak and the yes and no question and answers that you have been getting are like the beginning portion of the opening up to what it will eventually be. We see you having full conversations going back and forth, not only with this energy, but with other energies. This energy feels like, it feels to us like it is a blend. There is an alignment that feels like your higher self and at first when we were looking at it we said oh you are talking to your higher self, but there is enough that is different from you that we have a sense that is like one of your guides, or teachers, that are around you. It feels less like archangel type energy. It feels more like a personal guide and the reason that it is coming in, and it feels in the way it does to you, is because it feels like it is more so an energy that is used to working on the earth. Does that resonate with you?

Ah, sort of. So it has actually an embodiment on the earth.

Oh no, we hear what you are saying. No, it has had embodiment upon the earth in the past, but currently it is a consciousness that is in alignment with you that is not in physical body yet. I mean right at the moment. What’s happening is that you could call this, I guess partly where I am kind of splitting hairs here, is that to me as I look at people and the energies around them, like a personal guide is often times someone that has walked upon the earth, but is not necessarily of the angelic realm. They just move back and forth and assist people because they are closer to the earth bound energies they’re very easily aligned with people so that they can help them in their opening up process to be able to discern non-physical communication. This energy feels a little bit like a masculine energy to us. Does it feel masculine to you also?

Yeah it does.

Okay, so while it is coming through in this way to give you that sense of recognising that, “well I don’t think I am just talking to myself, I think it is something else”. So yes it is a guide. It is someone who has been around you, not only in this lifetime, but in other lifetimes. It is coming through and is telling us that it is the stepping-stone for where you are going to be going. It feels like, he is calling himself a runner, or something that sounds like runner to me and basically he works with a lot of different people as they are opening up. He is just very good at flexing his energy vibration so that it is at a level to make it easier for people to feel his messages and communication. So having said all that, we think he has been in communication with you for a lot more than what you realize, a lot more than just your yes/ no times. When you have been thinking, “of gosh where did that insight come from”, it has been coming from him. You said at the beginning that you are much more sensitive and so through that sensitivity you have actually been in a flow of light, not only from your own divinity and higher self, but kind of amplified by this essence. Does that all make sense to you?

It does, It does. Do I see him, because I am starting to see stuff like flashes of light, or shadow, or movement Is that him or other non-physical beings.

It feels like it is him for the most consistent part of it, but we also have a sense that as you open up you are actually seeing the fairies, the divas, and the angels, and that you are seeing all these other essences that are always around people on the earth plane. So it is all part of your opening process, and the more that you believe in it, the more that you accept that it is a reality, then the greater it will flow and the easier it will become to you. So we see this as just being exciting and fun. So that is how we would encourage you to look at it as just something that is really fun and exciting to do.

Thank you I do. Okay thank you very, very much.

You’re welcome. We’re so excited for you. It is great step and we see that this is a big focus for this year, and where you will be at the end of the year is quite a shift from where you are right now.

Okay thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question: Hello, Goddess. Thank you for the journey tonight. (You’re welcome.) My question has to do with, I have learned that I made a promise to my ancestors in a past lifetime that I would clear the family history from our DNA in this lifetime, and I intend to fulfill that promise, and I’ve been working on self-healing with the Violet Flame, intending to release. And so, my question is, have I successfully cleared the family history for all my ancestors from the DNA.

Answer: We have a sense that yes you have, but it feels like there’s something else that’s not quite transitioned. We think that by the way in which you’re working with the DNA and your intention that it flow backwards through the ancestors and through everybody that’s been aligned with you, that that is having an effect, but we have a sense that there is more that needs to be done. And we think working with the lightbody energies as you work with your DNA, if you will then draw into you the lightbody energies, because basically the higher vibrational forms of the DNA are the lightbody energies. But if you will ask them to, or ask that part of you, or that expanded essence that’s come through in these channels so often, to then become a part of this process, we have a sense it will assist in doing this final step of completion. Because as we look at you and talk about this, we have a sense that you have felt like there was something not quite finished. Is that correct?

Well, I was uncertain because I had declared a number of times that I was complete with this. And but yet I have the doubt, so the doubt is probably the problem.

Okay, that is absolutely possible that when you doubt something like that, it can create another resistance, it can create another blockage in the DNA. So it is coming from that space of perception. But anyway, we sense that focusing, it gives you an opportunity to work with the lightbody energy, and this focusing upon that clearing, you can say for now, for past lifetimes, for future lifetimes in every direction, every dimension, something along that line will clear it in such a way that your human self will accept it. And then as your human self-accepts that it is cleared once and for all, our sense is that niggling doubt within you will go to sleep.

So then it really will, I will have fulfilled my promise.


Well, that’s wonderful. That’s great. Actually I have been working with my lightbody, but I’ll continue to do so.

Well, it feels like we have a sense just to say that if you will maybe work with it in the way that we merged with the energies this time, it feels like it’s something that just needs to expand either to a slightly higher degree or to a different aspect, and that in doing that, if we had to give it a percentage, we would say like two percent is all that’s left, or three percent. So we’re talking a very minute amount, and let it go with the intention of working with releasing any resistance so that it can be done once and for all.

Okay, well that is wonderful news. I thank you so much.

You’re very welcome.

Question: Hey, hey, hey, how you doing, Goddess? (Hello.) Hey, Goddess, how you doing? (I’m fine, thank you.) Hey, this is Sam, from down in Texas. I want to ask you . . . a quick question . . . I feel like I’m being guided somewhere, you know, and I always wanted to know . . . what my spiritual guides are saying (Mm-hmm.) and where I’m being guided. You know, I was always curious about that for a long time.

Answer: We feel that there is a great deal that is happening around you. There is an openness, like a sense of joy or a sense of presence, almost even a sense of innocence is how it comes across. And through that there is this constant opening within you that allows you access to the angels and the teachers and the guides that are all around you. (Yeah.) And in speaking of this, we have the sense of this female angel, almost as if she’s the one that you work with most consistently. And Christina is this name that we’re hearing, we don’t know. (Christina.) Yes, Christina, and our sense is that this is just this angelic presence that you’ve worked with and it feels like she’s been with you almost from the time that you were born or when you were a child. (Wow.) And she continues to work with you. She is guiding you, but the key here is that you are listening, so not only is it your angels that are guiding you, but you yourself are opening and allowing your higher self and your inner guidance and your inner wisdom to create the path that you are taking in life. (Oh, my . . . ) And so, trusting in yourself, trusting in your belief, trusting in whatever feels right and feels like it’s in alignment is what directs you in whatever place you are moving towards or wherever you are right now.

Oh, that’s . . . so you’re saying Christina is my angel?

Yes, she is one of your personal angels and it’s also about believing and trusting in your higher self.

What about spiritual guides?

There’s a group around you and these feel like Jesus is one of them. We feel Mother Mary. (Ahh!) We have a sense of feeling Archangel Michael and Gabriel. Those feel like they’re kind of a core essence, and then there are a couple of other personal guides that we also see around you. So it feels to us as if it’s a group of about, like, say, five to seven angels or essences.

Wow! Wow! . . . Last thing because I don’t want to hold you up. I want to make sure everybody gets their turn, is I heard my name called more than once, like when I’m falling into a deep sleep, I keep hearing my name called, Sam. You know, that’s my name, Sam. I keep hearing my name called.

And this is how they reach out to you, especially when you’re going into sleep, because whenever people are sleeping, their consciousness leaves their bodies, so to speak. And that’s when you go on journeys. You have healing, you have experiences, you are with your teachers. So that’s very typical that people will hear it at a time like that. I guess, again, trusting in yourself and whatever feels good and feels right to you will strengthen that.

What I hear is so amazing. And my multi-dimensional self, too, right? Because I know I seen my multi-dimensional self, right?

That is correct.

I knew it! I did see that, right? I did see them, right?

That is correct, yes you did.

Oh, I knew it, I knew it! Hang on . . . too long . . . I want to thank you for this opportunity. You take care of yourself, hear?

Thank you very much. And we appreciate you joining us tonight.

It’s a pleasure. Take care now.

Alright. Bye-bye.

Question: Goddess? Concerning shape shifting, the aspect of entering an animal, a bird a dolphin; understanding that we all are one and getting the enjoyment of communicating with an animal or experiencing what they are experiencing would be fine. But the idea of shape shifting to me….. on Monday morning I may be tempted to enter a co-worker. How does that work with other people? Where is the justification for that?

Answer: That’s a very good question! It’s talking about ethics. It’s talking about the choices people make with their lives as they are living their lives and what they are doing with this. There is a umm, for example if you wanted to merge or blend with a co-worker perhaps you had an intention of doing so, so that you would have a better understanding of them. Then it is something that would need to be undertaken with permission going back and forth between two people. When we were in the All That Is you were reaching out and blending with the angels and animals the understanding was already there of acceptance. But especially when it comes to humans and it comes to creating a link or bond for that kind of communication or awareness I guess a better way to say this is with a souled energy. Animals have a soul, but it is a group soul, so you are quite often blending with the group consciousness of that animal. When you talk about humans, they are each individual souls that are separate from one another. That is one of the differences right there. You cannot fully blend with another souled individual without cooperation between the two. You can create a link and you can connect higher self to higher self as a means of creating a communication that goes back and forth. You can fully blend with another individual. But in terms of you just saying ‘this guy’s been bugging the heck out of me, I’m going to go blend with him to tell him to get out of my face’. Something like that would not necessarily work because there would be the natural barriers of the human in place. Does that make sense to you?

Yes, I understand that. When there is a blending on that level, there is an aspect of love that is also incorporated in that feeling of blending. We are all one and there are not two of us here, so to speak. I understand when there is a blending there is an aspect of love that is experienced. I understand that with an individual. With an inanimate object, does that work as well?

Yes, if you wanted to blend. It’s extremely hard to blend with say furniture, walls, things like that. But if you wanted to blend with trees or, grass; different things like that that have a life force to them. With anything like that, you can blend. You may ask yourself why you would want to blend with them, but it’s a very grounding energy that creates a link within you to the earth that allows you to draw on the energies of the earth so you can work with those energies. It will come more fully into you and assist you in more fully experiencing your life.

So the idea of shape shifting is to incorporate or get that experience.

Exactly! Another way people may want to shape shift is say someone who has a disease in their body and they want to shift into a body that is without disease, someone who is seeking to lose weight, someone who is seeking to heal a broken bone; it can be used in a multitude of different ways. The other thing about shape shifting is that as you allow your energies to merge and blend in such a manner sometimes it may be you are lowing your vibration, but especially when you get to the aspect of raising your vibration it allows you to in your everyday life see, sense, feel, connect with those angels and those energies that are of the 5th, 6th, 7th dimension. Alrighty, does that answer your question?

Ah yes it did, the aspect of shape shifting. I could shape shift into something that is a part of my imagination or my creativity, like a better body or a muscular body and then shape shift into that?

Everything beings by moving through your imagination or your creativity.

Okay, thank you!

Thank you~~~

Question: Goddess? Hello. Hello, I was driving and a voice, so incredibly clear that it was a thundering voice said ‘the cells’ just those two words. I looked around everywhere because it was so incredibly real. I had taken just an amazing journey. I understand it came from inside of me, not outside. I’ve known my whole life, I’ve had a feeling there was something I was supposed to do. I’ve been trusting beyond trust that, ummm exactly what it is I’m supposed to do; I’m at the door. Does this make any sense to you?

Answer: It feels to us as if you are disjointed. It feels as if a lot of your consciousness is out in the universe and ungrounded. That is why we are having a bit of a struggle or time understanding where this is all going. We would invite you to take a deep breath in with a conscious intention of breathing down through your lungs, breathing down into your heart center, all the way down into your abdomen. As you do so you are consciously anchoring yourself. With the next breath in, invite us to come in and be a part of this blending with you so that we can have a better understanding. Are you asking us what is going to be your journey or this thing you are going to do? Or are you asking us the reality of the phrase ‘the cells’ that you heard?

What is it I am here to do? I trust and I would love an affirming of the phrase but I feel like its right here, right here and I’ve been saying yes as completely as I can. I am trying to release and be open and honor and all those parts.

Okay, alright. As you are speaking of this an as we are looking at you and your life, we have a sense that what you are to do has many different levels to it. You are here as a communicator, you are here as a healer, you are here as a symbol, you are here…. Hang on we downloaded too much. It is as if you have had a life of many different experiences. In some regards you have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. You’ve been very analytical, left brain, caught up in dogma and old beliefs. Then as you’ve chosen to go upon this path and this journey, much of what you’ve chosen to do is about letting go of other people’s beliefs, letting go of outside beliefs and realities. Through that letting go you have been allowing yourself to get in touch with and learn who you really are. What that means to you with what you are going to do is that this journey is priceless, but it is something filled with excitement, joy, abundance; all sorts of those types of energies. So we see you in your daily life working with people in such a manner, that they may find their own connection within themselves, their own life purpose within themselves. Much of what you’ve been experiencing gives them something they can relate to or they can align with. Oh, life coach that phrase just went through our mind. It may be something along the line of a life coach but that feels a little limiting to us. It feel like you are going to be working with people and shifting energies. Again, it feels like you will be talking to them and that you have been trained as a healer, is that correct? (Yes) That’s why we say we see you doing thing in on many different levels. That training as a healer is also going to assist you as you are shifting the energies. It feels as if there is a part of you that felt you had so much to do to transition. Now what we would say is the biggest part for you to do is to acknowledge or accept, you’ve already done it, it’s complete. Then as you accept you don’t have to be on a path of always learning, learning, learning you can be on a path of doing, doing, doing. We’re not sure why we had to say it in such a way, but that feels like it’s the difference. Does that resonate with you?

It’s the artwork that has opened up for me. It’s angels. I has happened in a way that I could have never ever imagined. It does seem to really touch people.

Okay, that would explain it. The angels you are creating with your artwork; you call them angels but in many cases they are actually the individual’s divinity. We see you looking at people and what you see around them in what you think is an angelic form is actually their divinity. It gives an individual a means of seeing themselves from a different perspective. And so what we see, indeed sometimes they are the actual angels or of the angelic realm. We sense this next step is about sharing in this soul expression, it’s called soul expression or something like that.

Thank you. Maybe I’ll be accepting of it. It’s been so immense and such a long time coming. Maybe it’s just hard for me to believe it’s finally arrived, that the success will be there. The outside world has not changed to bring it in so I think is there something more? Is there something I should do?

Well, we feel steps you can find to take for yourself like advertising, setting up a program or setting up a show is telling the world ‘here I am, I’ve arrived’. Then people are going to begin to turn around and see you or notice you. We see you’ve talked about this and you have shared it with close friends. It has to of course be you being 100% comfortable with it. As you begin to reach out and look outward as if to say to the world ‘I have arrived, here I am, this is what I have’, then we see you creating art displays, talking to people 1:1 and as you talk to them you are drawing pictures. This is how things will expand. The art work is definitely important, but it feels like you do more than just the artwork when you are with people.

Yes, that is what happens, it’s been said it to me. Thank you, thank you so much!

You are welcome. Just as with that other individual we spoke to, we think that so many of you have been upon your journey for so long and it has always been about learning and learning and learning. Really the vast majority of you are ready to step into the ‘being’ in the moment and being in the presence and to begin to shift your beliefs to fact that it’s not about just learning but also about experiencing it; in whatever way makes you happy and excited. You are still learning but you are also in the moment of being who you are and sharing that with the world.

Okay, thank you.

You’re welcome.

Okay, so it has been quite a long time on the, on the channel tonight and we know that we have not been able to answer everybody's question, we're sorry, we do, we do the best we can each time but if your question didn't get answered, then I invite you to just to reach out with your intention to link with, without the Goddess and then through your dreams or through your meditations or the days to come allow yourself to open up and see or feel or sense the answers as they come to you.

[Deep breath] All right, so my beloved, beloved family, as you continue to move through your days upon the earth, continue to allow yourself to open to whatever is present within and around you, to open and feel who you are, as your divinity and as a human. Feel the essence flow through you, so that your days can be filled with an awareness and a purpose of whatever it is that you seek to have.

I am ever with you and within.



johneblums 4th February 2010 10:27 pm

Sam, Archangel Chris-Tina is a divine complement of Io-fiel (Jo-fiel). This is just one aspect of the incarnate female you also know as Magdalen aka Nephytes, Kamereren Nebty (Re Chefren), Lady Rowena(Herothwin) Ardath Lil (Fleur d'Elys)and many more. She is also know as the Lady She-kina (She-China) and is also known as a Holy Elder of the Holy Chalice( Gra-dal) Realm, called Paradise, Sheran, Avelon,or the Cradle of cosmic Life. She may also appear as a Solar Lioness(Ola, or Sher)/Eagle(Iolair)re the Sph-in-X, or simply as a female 'clothed' with the 'garment' of the Great Central Sun Universe (San-Gra-Dal): "K-HAT" Messier M104 in Virgo ). Her main astronomical star-sign or celestial human persona is as Coma (hair) Berenices (victory). That is one of the reasons why Mariam Mag-dal-en is portrayed with long golden(amber)light hair (C-row-n/Aure-ola). "She" and "I" are "O"ne !


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