Releasing Distractions and Transforming DNA

This Channel is really filled with some amazing energies!! First of all, the Goddess spoke of the many changes that are taking place in our lives.  There have been several huge influxes of energy over the past several months, plus we are now more and more opening to our Lightbody or Crystalline energies. 

When we arrived in the All That Is, the Goddess began by asking us to consider what we want most in our lives.  As we did so, she then spoke of the energy around whatever that may be.  She was focusing in two particular ways.  First of all, do you have a goal you’ve been seeking and find yourself getting distracted and that it keeps you from achieving whatever that may be?  The second was, are you focused on something in a particular manner without changing your focus in any way; yet distractions are giving you alternatives?

She had us experience both alternatives as a means of shifting out of where we are, so that we could move into what we seek.  She never tells someone; don’t want what you want; she just is assisting in re-aligning so that you can manifest more easily.  

Once cleared, St. Germain came through and spoke once more of our DNA.  He keeps going deeper and deeper into these energies.  The essence of St. G who came through this time was different from usual; I felt it was a higher vibration.  He spoke with humor but he also gave us a very clear foundation for how to look at our DNA and then clear any blockages we may have.  This time I ‘saw’ the DNA differently.  It was as if the 2 strands we usually see, were aligned with a total of eight; all in pairs of two, all aligned with each other.

St. Germain also spoke at length about how the higher strands of DNA are our alignment with the Crystalline grid and this impact upon us. This is our potential for creating change. This is our means for aligning with the higher vibrations. This is our link to our divinity and the universe.  It was truly amazing to see and feel the transformation taking place!!


Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out to each one of you, I invite you to come and join us for this time of sharing, for this time of community, for this time of being together in a place that is filled with light, in a place that is filled with energy. It is for you. There has been a dramatic transformation taking place throughout your world.

The energies of what’s happening upon the earth is reflected out within the universe. The energies of the universe are reflected down into the earth. Therefore when you find yourself in a place of transition or in a place where you are seeking to make a change in your life become aware that you may reach out not only to your Higher Self but to the angels, the guides, the universe, to all that is present and who are there to be of assistance to you.

The higher the vibration rises upon the earth, the easier the transition between you and the angels, between you and the universe. Recognize what that may mean to you. I invite you to take a moment and let yourself breathe down, breathing all the way through your body, sending that energy down into the earth. As you do so you can feel the essence of the earth. You can feel those energies that will assist in grounding you in this moment.

From there you let go your physical body and have a sense of streaming your consciousness. Allow it to flow from within you, from your physical body and align with your Higher Self.

As you feel yourself within that space take a moment and look around. This is where you will often times move through as you seek guidance or transformation in your everyday life. It may become cluttered. There may be energies that are here relating to other people and it’s stuff that you have taken on but is not your own. Phew.... clear it out, clear it out and let it go.

Have a sense of consciously allowing this space of your Higher Self to be directly in alignment with your physical reality. From here allow yourself to shift expanding further. As you do so you step into the energies or the space of the Soul plane. As you move within this space be aware of all the energies that may be present. But there is a magnet that allows you to find that alignment with your own Divinity.

As you feel this connection, I invite you to take a moment and before you actually merge with your Divinity have a sense of what it looks like to you. As you observe what this is take a moment to breathe deeply and follow that stream of consciousness that is the alignment of you in this lifetime as it is a part of your Divinity. For some you may have a very distinct perception, for others it is as if it is all just one energy. Of course there is no right or wrong.

My intention as you have this perception of you in your current life and your Divinity is that you are actually an immense Soul Being. You have had numerous life experiences, some of them out in the universe, some in other stars and planets, many upon the earth. All of that is what has created this essence that is your Divinity.

As you look, see, sense what this is, I invite you to take this moment and then allow your energies to merge and become a part of this whole. As you do so it is as if you blend becoming one. For some of you, as you find this alignment to your Divinity it is as if you’re coming home, as if that that place that you have been seeking to find or know for yourself is right here, right now. And you are bringing all of your consciousness into it at this moment.

You have the opportunity to strengthen this alignment; you need only find this place in which you may link your physical reality in this lifetime into your Divinity. From there you may stream into other life times; some of those lifetimes currently living. They all are a vibrant consciousness that can be in support of you.

I the Goddess, reach out to each one of you. As I do so I open up my arms and I embrace all of who you are. As I align with your Divinity, I assist with illuminating all that is here for you. As my energies merge with yours you may have a sense of feeling a shift that will take you into the All That Is.

Indeed, the All That Is continues to expand more and more and more. Become aware of what this place of creation is for you. Become aware of not only what you seek to do or to have or to experience but also that you have access to other lifetimes, other experiences that will also be of assistance to you.

You have each been upon your path of evolution. Some for many, many years, for others it’s as if it’s a new beginning for you. Here within this space become aware of whatever it is that is of most importance to you. It makes me smile because so many of you get out your lists, those long scrolls and you’ve got numerous, numerous things that are most important for you.

It’s all good. May I say to you though, that there are times in which your energy becomes cluttered? It becomes cluttered with other people’s expectations of you. It becomes cluttered when you take on another person’s problems as your own. It becomes cluttered when you get distracted by trying to do so many different things that nothing gets accomplished. So in this now moment, let’s clear it all away...  phew......

Immediately some of you reach out and grab back, taking back whatever it is that you want. So I invite you to perhaps take another opportunity, let this go, clear out the clutter and then again allow your energies to come back into focus. As we are upon this journey this evening we’re going to speak once more with St. Germain about DNA. But before he comes into this experience, I feel I need to speak with you about the ways in which you get distracted in your everyday life.

Consider what is going on with you. Are there particular issues, meaning problems, illnesses, emotional upsets that seem to come up again and again and again? As you consider what this may be I invite you to look at the energy underneath it. As you consider whatever it is that is coming up for you in this moment; recognize that the distractions in your life can be there for a couple of different reasons.

First of all, distractions may be there to keep you from moving in a direction that you might truly wish to go but perhaps feel insecure so you get distracted, it keeps you from making the changes, it keeps you from moving on. Sometimes you may be in a very dedicated focused direction or moving in that direction and you become distracted. The distraction keeps you from being as focused as you have been.

These are two different examples. In the first one distraction can come in and it can keep you from doing what you want to do by bringing subtle or powerful things into your life that may seem as if they have great importance to you but in truth it just muddies the water.

Let’s take a moment to consider that in your life. What is your primary intention or focus right now? That may be different tomorrow, it may be different in an hour, it may be different in ten minutes. But in this now moment what is your primary intention?

 As you consider what that is allow yourself to find that alignment where you can see, sense, feel, know that it’s manifesting. Here in the All That Is you are in the place of creation, you may create anything that you wish to have. It’s here, it’s present, it’s yours. You need not defend it, make an excuse, it is because it is.

Therefore, when you once more bring up that primary intention or focus look around, take in what it is that you seek to have. And then, as if you take a step back, have a sense of looking what may be between you and what you seek to have. For some, this may be the distraction that I was speaking about. For others you may see the steps that are needed to take you from where you are in this moment to manifesting what you seek to have.

Here within the All That Is, is your opportunity to create what you seek to have. Here within the All That Is you are your Divinity. The consciousness of you in this lifetime is very evident with all that you are creating because that is where the focus of your awareness is within.

But, you have your Divinity; you have all those other experiences all around you. You are looking at from the perspective from limitless opportunity. Therefor whatever you seek to have is here, it’s yours, it’s now. Whew ~~Take a deep breath and breathe that down within you.

Coming back around to those distractions, many of those come from the place of your ego or your personality; that which make you human. It is that part of you that perhaps does not comprehend all that you know to be true in this moment. It is that part of you that perhaps has underlying fear, perhaps has underlying limitation or one of the many other energies to keep you in a space that it knows and is comfortable with. So are these distractions that you find within your life coming from within that energy?

As you take in what that answer is for you, from here within the center of the consciousness from this lifetime, the center of your Divinity send a flow of unconditional love and acceptance into those distractions.  Send it down into your human reality. Send it down into all of who you are in this lifetime.

As that flow of light and energy is moving through, you may begin to see some of those distractions going by the way side. When your personality or your ego begins to expand and stretch into even more it then becomes that helps you and nudges you forward rather than distracting you and keeping you from accomplishing what you seek to have.

You may flow this love, this energy with the intention that it expand your human self so that you may be in greater alignment with what you seek to have.

On the other side, consider your life. Have you been focused and working towards something for perhaps a very long time, perhaps a short time; but your focus is only on what you seek to have but nothing is there. Perhaps, and in this case, you may also find distractions. Perhaps the distractions are coming in to invite you to re-think what you are seeking to have. I would never say to you that if it is something you want to not want it because whatever you want, you want and it is all good.

Would you say perhaps, that your intention of how you manifest what you want to have is very constricted or in a particular pattern and you are just very focused and going in that direction. And in this regard, distractions may now be coming in to tell you look at it in a different way. Perhaps there is something else that will give you even greater joy. Perhaps if all you do is just turn a little bit to the side then suddenly you have been seeking, rather than going the long way, you take the short cut.

Distractions can keep you from manifesting what you seek to have. Distractions may also come in and give you new opportunities. So, of course, be open. Allow yourself to be very honest because this is just between you and you. So be very honest. Are these distractions here to give you a new opportunity or do they keep you from manifesting what you truly seek to want or seek to have?

As I speak of all of this.... phew, phew..... again. I help to clear out a lot of those distractions that you may find around you and I also send a flow of energy and love to expand and support all that you seek to have.

Now, of course, there was a reason why I wanted to do all of this. We have spent a great deal of time over the last several months talking about your DNA, working with it, speaking about your consciousness and I wished to be very clear in what may be a distraction and what may be real so when St. Germain comes in and speaks of DNA you will be able to have that clarity within yourself.

I am going to step aside as St. Germain comes in to speak with you again.

I greet you, beloved family, friends, loves ones, partners. I know you well! I have walked upon the earth. I know well about distractions. In fact, in some of my lifetimes I spent entire lifetimes that were nothing but distractions. When I returned back to Oneness and I would look at my life I would have a good laugh. Saying, “well, how about that”!

There were other lifetimes that felt as if they were just bitter, bitter trauma one step to the next, to the next. I got back to Oneness and I looked at that life and said: “why”?

The answer to both of these is because; because those were the decisions I made in those lifetimes, because I was sometimes not as open and in alignment with my Divinity. Sometimes I simply chose to have lifetimes of challenges for the benefit it would do to my I AM Presence. But now, here I am coming to you speaking to you from the person that I am; I AM that I AM, St. Germain.

I am working on many, many different levels with humanity to assist in this transformation taking place upon the earth. I was there at the beginning. I have been a part of some of some of the major transformations that haven taken place throughout the many millennium that humanity has been upon the earth. I will be here as a part of it going forward as you look at it in your linear timeframe.

Time is not linear. Time is a spiral that moves upon itself so that you may tap into what you may call a past lifetime create a transition in that lifetime and it immediately affects you in your current lifetime. So too, you make changes in your current lifetime that immediately affect other lifetimes, perhaps you might consider your past, perhaps what you might consider out in the universe, perhaps simply here within your Divinity.

We’ve talked for so long about the transitions taking place upon the earth. Everybody knows there is a transition taking place upon the earth. What does it mean to you? What would you like it to mean to you? It is your opportunity to do as much or as little in this lifetime as you so choose. And the glorious thing about that is you will be embraced, accepted, loved 100% when you return home.

This is why the Goddess brings you to this place, again and again and again so that you can know for yourself what it is to be in that unconditional love; so that you may remember to let that stream down into you in your everyday reality. This is not something that you take time to go into at random periods of time. This can be a continuous stream of consciousness every day throughout your day.

You have worked with the crystalline grid for many, many years even prior to when you were working through the Goddess. With her it’s been - I don’t recall - seven or eight years or more. I invite you to take a moment and consider your first perception of the crystalline grid.

Now, many people throughout the world have had many different experiences of alignment. What I speak of right now is, as the Goddess was bringing it in, the energy of the group was able to conceptualize immense crystals that were out in the universe and in the earth. But it was as if they were separated and unto themselves.

There has always been a pattern of light that streams from without the universe through the earth and in other directions and dimensions. So it was about the perception that humanity was able to tap into at that time. Now each time that you consciously align with the crystalline grid you have that sense of a pattern. You have that sense of what streams out from your physical earth to what was called the new earth which is indeed, greater dimensions surrounding your earth.

It also has created an alignment to another planet that mimics the earth but yet, is different. The hologram is as if it’s many interwoven pathways. The matrix, the hologram, the flower of life, the kabala, there are many different terms that speak of similar patterns. Indeed, they are all tapping into this crystalline grid in one form or another.

You have a cellular structure that makes up your physical body and these cells move through your bloodstream, your bones, your organs through every part of what makes you the physical person you are in this lifetime.

Your DNA is associated with your blood streams as it flows through you. There are aspects of the DNA that create the alignment to other humanity. For some it’s what creates the community with whom you feel an alignment. Each one of you though, have that which is unique and only your own.

As we speak of your DNA in this now-moment I invite you to begin to let your thoughts, your consciousness shift and I will create a space that will assist you in shifting as if you go within the heart center of your physical being but indeed it’s here within your consciousness. From within your heart that focus, that attention that awareness moves down from there into the blood stream until you can find that moment of connection that goes into each cell and then you stand there as if these are immense cells around you and you ask to know your DNA.

As you become aware, I infuse a bolus of light into you and illuminate even more. So look around, you may have that sense of the helix, you may have a sense of the parallel lines - you have two here, two here, two here - and everything works together.

A great deal of this is as yet not evident to the human eye or microscope. Here within the All That Is you have access to everything. Therefore, as you align with your DNA and you have that intention of expanding and opening to the greater perception, I’m going to ask you to see what comes to your awareness as I ask you a few questions.

In looking at your DNA ask to know that which represents your family line. Some may have a sense of a particular color, some may see something become brighter, it may be something totally different that comes to your awareness. Your family line is quite often the foundation within each individual DNA. Another way we can approach this is; ask to know which part of that DNA is what makes you human. Again, you have that perception.

As you look at the DNA ask to know which part makes you male or female. There is a part that affects your race. These are but a few of the basic foundation of what makes you up as the human in this lifetime. And as you open to this perception of the DNA you may see the various parts of it that are illuminated.

Coming back around to the distractions the Goddess spoke to you about a little bit ago, what are those distractions and is there anything in alignment with your DNA that’s giving it a physical foundation. For some there is, for others there is not.

Are there physical experiences that you are having in this lifetime that you no longer wish to experience? Look down the pathway of your DNA; ask to have it become illuminated for you at this time. And as you look at that, perhaps you have a sense that there’s light on one side, light on another side and nothing in between. Or perhaps, it’s as if the light by-passes a blockage. Whatsoever it may be, have a sense of going within your consciousness asking to know is there a reason why my DNA looks like this, is shaped like this, is created like this, is there a reason I need to know.

Take in that reasoning, for some you may choose to leave it all alone but if you wish to make a change then infuse light, energy, love into that space and phew... clear it out, shift it and allow the impulse of light and energy to create the change that will give you that physical structure and support.

Is there something within your DNA that’s affecting not only you, but your family? Is there a particular illness, is there particular trait, is there particular experience; something that you can say, this is in my family. Let your focus go into that space; ask for it to be illuminated as you find it, perhaps there is a message for you to receive. Open to receive that message and then.... phew ~~ Clear it out!

Your DNA is a type of memory that moves through your entire body and all energy fields as a reminder of your intention in this lifetime. By creating changes in this manner you may complete a cycle, you may complete whatever it is that needs to be completed so that you can move in another direction. If there is a family tendency or trait then connect to that which is the whole family and then offer to create a healing or transition that can affect the whole family, it can go out in waves. Of course, the other family members may or may choose to receive but it is there, it is available, it is a potential.

As you flow within this you begin to discern that there are differences in perception of the DNA. Some of the higher strands - the higher numbers as you would call them - are more transparent than that which is part of your basic DNA.

These more transparent strands are what align you with the higher dimensions. They’re also what align you with the crystalline grid, they’re also what align you to the magnetic grid, earth bound grids. Therefore, as you seek to shift your vibration into something that is an expanded consciousness, that is in a higher vibration you may do so by either working with your DNA to clear out or illuminate as much as is possible and then from inside you reach outward knowing that this is going to align with the grid work.

You may also work with your perception of the higher lighter vibration knowing that they will automatically create a blend or an alignment with your DNA.

So therefore, although your DNA starts in that basic cellular structure it expands going through all of your energy bodies aligning with the light body, crystalline energies of the universe and of your earth. Open to this flow, open to know what this is for you.

It’s exciting, the opportunities are limitless.

I invite each one of you now to have a sense of pulling your consciousness as if you take a step back from what I created as your perception of your cellular structure and your DNA within it. From here, within the All That Is as you take in everything that’s available to you, look around again. Perhaps you are now aware of the finer more subtle energies that have always been here but until you created an alignment with it you were not aware.

This is what happens in your everyday life. Many energies and opportunities are around you but you are focused or distracted or in a different place and you therefore are unaware. Have the intention to be aware of all opportunities that are here in support of you.

I, St. Germain, am very pleased to have these opportunities to be around you. I will be even more present upon the earth. I am always available to you, I AM THAT I AM.


I, the Goddess, return. I love his energies, I love his presence. I love when he chooses to come and share this time with us together. He brings with him a vibration of the earth that I am unable to manifest because I have never walked upon the earth. I have never had the opportunity to communicate with the people upon the earth until these last 12 to 13 years. You have done a great deal of energy work this evening and it is going to flow through your life in many many ways. I invite you to be open to accept receiving whatever that may be for you.

The grid work is in place, it has been for millennium. There are always patterns, whether you call it sacred geometry, whether you call it lines within dimension; whatever. There have been patterns of alignment that allow planets and stars to circle one another that has created your universe and the omniverse and all as it relates to the earth. This is evolving and it is doing so through the human evolution that which is assisted from the universe and that which assists the universe as the earth expands.

I invite everyone to come back as a group. As you do so pay attention to the hologram as it comes up within you. This hologram has even more definition than it had before and it is because you have expanded the conscious awareness within your DNA that, yes, its foundation is within your physical biology but there is a direct alignment also within your consciousness and this is where you are within your consciousness and your Divinity.

So you look at that, you experience that. It all moves through on every level and then you let go. As a group you allow that hologram to be released, it flows down, some say to that crystalline grid, that magnetic grid. It is indeed that, but it is more and now you have the opportunity to take in the many subtle parts of what that is.

As it moves down, it moves into the center of the earth aligning with those immense crystals that make up the center of your earth. And then from there the energies radiate out, it comes up and it comes up within each one of you of your physical reality. It’s coming up when you anchor yourself into the earth, you’re anchoring into these energies and accessing that which allows you to feel it, it moves up through all of your energy bodies, moves up through your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual light body, everything. It’s expanding and aligning your DNA and all of that which aligns you with everything within and around you.

So as you see all of that anchoring allow your focus and your consciousness to shift once more. Feel once more your energies as you move back into the space of the Soul plane. Look at your Divinity. Become aware of the greater amounts of your own Divinity that is here and present for you. You aligned with it before, it was there before but now your perception may be open to recognize what this is.

You then have a sense of releasing that energy and allow your consciousness to stream back down. As you arrive in the space of your Higher Self you recognize that a lot of your Divinity remains up on the Soul plane but you’re bringing with you as much as you can. And it stays here within your Higher Self.

Then you stream your consciousness back down through your physical body. As you do so you let your physical body also expands. You bring that consciousness back. Take in a deep breath breathing down into your lungs, your heart center; send it into every cell within your body so that you illuminate all that is here. So that your cells expand and speak with one another and so that your consciousness may flow through you with greater ease. Allow yourself to adjust to what this is.

As you move through the next days, weeks, months to come be aware that everything you did this evening was creating a foundation not only for the days and weeks to come in this current lifetime but affecting past lifetimes, future lifetimes and expanded awareness.

You have an amazing ability to create within your life. Let go of distractions, embrace all of who you are!

Know that we’re always with you.



mahashakti 17th September 2013 12:34 pm

Hi Shelly,
You are astute. St. Germain is no longer with us. His energy stream was absorbed by Source end of 2012. Yeshua has taken over and that is who this info is from.
Blessings, MM

Shelly Dressel 22nd September 2013 8:20 pm

Hello MM,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I have to disagree. I have worked with Yeshua/ Sananda and St. Germain for many many years and while my alignment to their vibration continues to transition; St. Germain is absolutely who I'm channeling. I felt a large shift take place last year and this has continued on throughout this year. So while there may be an aspect that has returned to source; St. Germain is still very present and involved in our evolution.

I always welcome people's perceptions, so I appreciate you sharing yours.

Much love,


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