Releasing Limitation

How many times have you been seeking to manifest something and it doesn’t happen? It came through very clearly in the channel the ways in which energy is aligned. When people have been wishing, praying, seeking to have something in their life, it creates an energy or a pattern. When you are within that pattern, it’s very difficult to change and it keeps you in the rut of not receiving. The more you are aware of what’s not happening, the stronger the walls or the deeper the rut. As you experience this channel, you will be able to shift out of that.

As we arrive in the All That Is, the Goddess encourages everyone to create the space that they want to have. It can be filled with many physical things, relationships, places, etc. From there where you know what you want, she then invites you to bring up what you seek from the earth perspective. Suddenly, there is a great deal of narrowing that occurs. This is I believe what happens in people’s perception. We as human can only comprehend through our earth bound awareness.

She then directed everyone to look at the earth and the universe. We could see how as people sent out desires of their intention; it was reflected and bounced back to them with multiple results or potentials. From these potentials, people would have the opportunity to choose what they want. We could see how the opportunities were there, but people’s focuses were in a different place. We could also see people reaching, but not stepping outside of their comfort zone, thereby staying in a place of lack.

During this channel you clear all that out. You clear out your old patterns. You learn how to understand what the ‘essence’ of your desire it. From that, you may be open to more potential.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. As I allow my focus to come here within each one of you, allow yourself to feel my essence, to feel my energies.

As I align with you in this space in which you are as you are here on the earth plane; I can feel my own energies as they move throughout this plane of existence. It is something that was new, just a few short years ago; it is something that has now become even more deeply attuned within the earth.

I feel such love and awareness for each one of you. I feel how much is happening within and around the world at this time.

There is indeed immense transformation taking place. Some of this transformation is affecting people in such a way that the things in their life are either coming to a head or are shifting into a new direction. As you allow yourself to become aware of what’s happening within your life, you will begin to have a greater understanding of not only your effect within you and your relationship to yourself but also within you and your relationship to everybody else around you.

I want you to take this moment and just experience where you are. If you have distractions, if you have a lot that’s on your mind, if there are things happening, then take a moment to acknowledge whatever that may be and then let it flow away from you. Let it go so that you may allow yourself to become more focused and aware of where you are right now and centered within yourself.

As a group we express the words “Nama sika; venia benya”. It is a way in which all of you come together as a whole but it is also a way for you to create a deeper alignment within yourself and then opening it up to your divinity, to I the Goddess or to any of those energies of a higher light vibration.

As you allow yourself to become more focused within, send a stream of energy down into the earth. This will anchor the energies for you and then you allow your consciousness to shift as you move into the space of the magnetic grid.

As you find yourself coming within this space you may feel not only your expanded energies but the means in which the energy moves through. You may have a sense of impulses of light. You may have a sense of other individuals. At this moment, allow all of that information to simply flow through you establishing a means of expanded awareness.

From here, I invite you to shift your focus. Allow yourself to move into the space of the crystalline grid. As you find yourself moving into this space, you let go of that pull of the earth. You may have a sense of feeling as if there is a stream of awareness that moves in different directions.

You may have a sense of this as a pathway or as a highway of movement of energy. With that crystalline foundation, the essence of the energy creates a movement that allows you to experience perception and information in many different ways.

I invite you to shift your focus into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within this space, allow yourself to expand as you reach towards your divinity. You may have a sense of your divinity as coming up within you. You may have a sense of reaching out and embracing it. Howsoever it comes through to you allow yourself to just become your divinity.

You as your I AM presence is limitless. You have had more experiences than you could ever count; some of these upon the earth, some out in the universe. Each experience created who you are as this individual that is your spirit, your soul, your divinity, you, as the unique individual.

This is your place of unconditional love. This is your place of acceptance. This is the place that you come to sometimes in your dream state, sometimes in meditation, when you need that sense of self, that sense of unconditional love or that sense of being that you may sometimes be seeking.

I the Goddess, move in and amongst all of you who are here. As I do so, I reach out to embrace who you are. As my energies merge with you allow yourself to shift into the space of the All That Is.

As you feel yourself moving within this space, allow your energies to go in every different direction. I invite you to take this opportunity to create a space that feels to you as if it’s a place that is nurturing, that is fun, that is supportive in which you can allow yourself to completely be who you are.

I have to smile as I’m watching you. I find that some people are creating a place as if out in the woods. Other people are creating lounging sofas. Other people have just a pure conscious energy.

Allow yourself to dip into your imagination and bring more into your space, more of what you desire, more of what makes you happy. Allow yourself to go to a deeper depth so to speak.

As you feel these energies flowing through, as you allow yourself to create within this space, it’s almost as if you have to remind yourself that you can be without limitation, that you can truly have whatever it might be that you are seeking to have within your life.

I see each one of you adding to this space more and more. This is one of the things that I would like to discuss with you this evening. As you look around this space, filled with various things that either makes you feel good, you find them beautiful, warm or nurturing allow yourself to become even more in tune with all that is your desire.

Now consider your day upon the earth or perhaps your life upon the earth. Are there things that you would like to have that have not shown up as yet? I see, probably in every single one of you that there is at least one thing, if not a long list of things. Each of you are very aware that here in the place of limitless creation, you have to actually in some regards push yourself to truly expand, to truly consider what your space would look like, what your life would be if it was limitless.

As you become comfortable with this awareness and you then turn around and look at your life upon the earth, ask yourself the question. Are these things that you would like to have in your life not present at this time because of what you put forth for yourself or because of circumstances?

Now as we consider circumstances. What is your perception? Are you waiting for somebody else to make a decision and then you can move on with your life? Is there some other situation of which you have no control that is keeping you from taking the steps to move in a direction that you would like to go?

And as I am speaking this I’m seeing some people wishing to live in a different location. I’m seeing people changing jobs. I’m seeing relationships transitioning. I’m seeing families moving from one perception into another. This is not something that’s limited but these are the many things that come up within your daily life.

As you are here in this space of the All That Is, look again at the influences in your everyday life and I have a sense of looking at everybody and removing a veil or removing a layer that may be keeping you from seeing clearly the circumstances around you.

As you consider the various experiences that are happening within your life, I now invite you to ask yourself the question. Is this something I truly want within my life in the ways that I’ve always wanted it or is that a habit from a long-standing desire?

Consider in your life; just bring up the one thing or a series of things that may be intertwined with one another. And as you’re looking at this now there is a sense of seeing how there has been so much movement within and around the earth over the last several, well the last six weeks in particular, but also over the last six to eight months.

As you are, considering that in this moment and perhaps it would help you if you have a sense of looking out from the All That Is and taking in the earth. For some, I have a sense of you looking at the universe and its relationship to the earth.

I know that people would use the phrase, “the universe sets up or creates a design and you step into it”. Another phrase is about “the universe supporting you in what you are doing”. Indeed, the universe is always supporting you in everything that you do, it may not be apparent but it is there.

Therefore as you consider these various things that you have been seeking to have within your life, become aware of how transformation is shifting within and around you. What I mean by this, is that in a number of these cases, as I’m looking at you, it is as if I see what you are seeking to have in your life and what you feel may be missing is at a particular level or degree.

As I’m looking at the earth and the universe, I see the movement and the alignment is at a different degree or a different space than that which you are seeking to manifest. Therefore, open to that perception, that what you have wanted has perhaps been out of alignment.

I invite you to have a sense of letting the energy wash over you, let it wash over you; let it wash over what you seek to have –whew-- and let it clear out everything that’s here, everything within your perception.

I invite you to have a sense of looking out at the universe from here within the space of the All That Is, in which you have everything around you that supports you; that you would like to have, that makes you happy.

As you look at the universe, you may see only the stars, the sky, the energy; but look as if with your inner eyes, and there are pulsations of light. It is as if the intentions of billions of people upon the earth a bounced off these various places within the universe.

It is as if there are places that are reflective, say for example, stars, planets, more so as every person upon the earth puts out an intention of what they seek to have. It as if it comes out into this vast universe and with the natural physics it finds the alignment that will fulfill that desire.

It creates a relationship so to speak and then comes back into and around you.

As you are as if a third-party observer, look at yourself upon the earth and see what impulses you repeatedly send out to the universe. Sometimes, when it’s the same impulse, rather than it being a sharp bright light it just adds to the previous impulse and then it adds it again and again and again until it gets to the point where it becomes more solid so to speak, instead of light and fluid.

As you consider your life, if there is anything at all that has that sense of becoming solid without fluid movement to it, take this as an opportunity to kind of reach down as if you are just going to wrench it out of your life, as if you’re going to connect with it, dislodge it from that stuck place. WHEW Let it go, let it go, let it go, there goes.

Allow your focus to come back here in the space of the All That Is where you are. For many of you, as you have let go this desire that’s been so constant with you, it feels almost empty or aching or as if something is missing.

Reach around you and fold yourself within the energies of the All That Is, so that it may more fully support you, clear out that old vibration and you can remind yourself what it is to be in this space of what you truly love and what truly makes you whole. Look once more at yourself upon the earth. What do you want to have within your life?

If you immediately go into the same tone, the same pattern, stop it immediately, -- whew – let it go.

Indeed, you may still want to have the same things that you’ve always wanted, but this is an opportunity to shift your awareness. So, what is the essence of what you want? A home that makes you feel happy, safe, secure. A partner that is in a similar vibration so that you support one another and you grow together. A job that pays you an abundance that you can enjoy and appreciate while you enjoy the work itself.

Good health, abundance, whatever it may be that you are seeking, the essence of what you seek to have is a feeling or an energy. Reach towards whatever that may be. As you do so, consider a new perspective of how this may come into your life.

As you look at the earth, look at yourself as you now send out that impulse of that energy or that essence of what you seek and you send it from your core being. Whew-- Let it flow from you, let it move to wherever it is that it may need to go, let it go, let it fly and then look at what moves back towards you.

You may be asking for only one or maybe two things but there are a dozen or more things that are now lining up with you and moving back into and around you in your place upon the earth.

By seeking the essence of what you wish to have in your life, you are opening up to potentials beyond what you in your human form is able to recognize. So look around the All That Is, there are changes that have taken place here within this space.

As you look around, you may have a sense of more potentials or more things that are a part of your creation. Creation, divinity, your I AM presence, the universe; all of these things are more than what your human consciousness is able to create for you.

When you take on human form your mind is a brilliant part of who you are. It gives you the opportunity to analyze, to calculate, to think, to conceptualize. It’s essential in your everyday life. In most people it is also limiting when compared to this space.

Your emotions bring another part of you as your human experience. Your emotions play out in many different ways within your life. They support you; they give you dimension and depth. They also may hold you back, because your perception of your emotions is coming through your mental body of your human experience.

Your personality, your ego, that which is you as the human, which also includes your spiritual body, the physical body, are all interrelated to one another.

As you are here within this space of the All That Is and as you are looking from this hugely expanded awareness at the relationship between you upon the earth, you in the earth, in the universe; you in the All That Is you can see, sense, feel the subtle differences that are taking place.

Allow yourself to open up, allow yourself to feel the flow, allow yourself to perceive that when things happen upon the earth there are many different things that come into play. Some is beyond your control, so let go trying to control it, take a deep breath in and –whew-- let go of control.

As you are living your life upon the earth, there may be something within you or around you that is in a place of comfort or is in a place that it is used to the pattern. So as if you are consciously breaking down that pattern, let go those walls around you, consciously step into a new place. If your physical reality is uncomfortable with that shift, then reach out here in the All That Is and bring more of your divinity into your awareness.

You can do this in your everyday life in the same way. If you are uncomfortable stepping out of your comfort zone, as they say, allow your divinity to fill in those spaces.

Have a sense of letting go of that perception or that open window to the universe and you on the earth and instead take this moment to let your focus be completely here within the All That Is. As if you allow yourself to move from place to place, have a sense of opening to take in whatever changes may have occurred as you shifted your perception.

As this awareness moves through, open up your consciousness as if you are making a choice to see things in an even bigger perspective as that change is taking place.

There is a flow of the lightbody energy that begins to move within this space. It has always been there; you’ve already been working with it, but at this time allow yourself to become even more conscious of how it’s working here with you.

The lightbody energy is that pure crystalline energy. There is an easier flow and alignment with it. Be open, invite it to move through you and your perception so that you may see how that becomes even more a part of all that is here.

I invite you to gather your energies so that you may come together once more as a group or you may perceive coming up within the center of everyone a hologram of the earth. Each time this hologram comes up within you there is an energy that represents the new earth and an energy of your present earth.

As you infuse your new perception and awareness into these holograms allow it to flow with ease. The holograms have a sense of taking on almost a sparkling energy. This is but another way in which you are working with the earth, with the universe as a means of manifesting within your life.

You infuse your intentions, your transformation into this space, and then it flows from you, it moves down as it aligns with the crystalline grid there is an energy that moves to the new earth and an energy that comes down within your physical earth. As it moves here within this space, you may have a sense of the hologram as it goes down, continuing down into the core center of your physical earth.

As it does so, it anchors within the crystals and within the energy that is within your earth and from there it radiates outward. It comes out moving through every level of the earth itself. It moves through the energy of the collective consciousness. It moves through everything. It’s clearing out the energy that was a part of your stuck old space, allowing you to find a new alignment with what you are seeking.

As it’s moving through everyone and through your space, you allow your focus to shift once more, coming back into the All That Is. I see many of you are not eager to return allowing your consciousness to once more move down within your physical reality, but I am also noticing how some of you are creating new alignments.

It is as if you took a moment to perceive how all of that was affecting you in your reality. So you are now making changes already saying “no, this is what I think I prefer”, “no, I am still limited over here, so let me expand that perception”. Allow for all of that to move with you.

As you let your focus come back, you stop for a moment within the soul plane finding yourself once again aligning with your divinity, from there your consciousness shifts once more moving back within the crystalline grid. As you feel this alignment of the crystalline grid, open to the ways in which it has expanded. You then once more feel the magnetic pull of the earth as you come back within this space.

For some it is as if you feel the density of the earth. It may be as if your perceptions are once more shifting, going back to that old way of looking at things.

So make this conscious choice as you are once more anchoring back within your physical reality to allow that alignment that you have just created to flow down through you. Let it move through your physical body and then expand outward into your emotions, your mental, your spiritual and then your light body energies.

Let all of that move through you and send it out in concentric circles that move in every direction clearing out that old belief, clearing out that old energy and allowing you to fully integrate what you seek to have. It’s here from a new beginning, it’s here as a new potential, it’s here.

Alright beloved family, as you move through these next couple of weeks of integrating your energies and of working with the new reality that you have created for yourself; remember once more of a new beginning from a space without limits, of a new beginning as you look around at the world around you and allow that to create your daily life.

Know that we are ever with you.




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