Releasing Regret, Shame, Guilt and other Emotions

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I Am the One; I Am the Whole.

Greetings, Beloved Family; welcome, welcome!

I, too, was enjoying the image that you created of each of you indicating the state in which you live and how that state is illuminated with the light that you shine due to connecting into this conference. Take that yet a step further and open your consciousness to perceive how all around your entire globe, all the way around the earth, there are individuals who are tuning into this energy, be it consciously right at this moment, or be it through the energies of reading or listening to these channels at a later date. Truly the connection is more expanded than what you can even comprehend.

So taking it from that worldwide perspective allow your focus to come back as if you're standing, looking out at the state or country in which you live. I invite you to follow that beam of light down and see how you as the human are radiating out this glorious light and it expands to cover an even greater area than just you the human that you are. Each of you is having a dramatic impact, and all you are doing is listening and connecting to an energy that makes you feel good.

Allow yourself to feel good. Allow yourself to feel love. Allow yourself to truly breathe in while you are there physically present in this moment. It doesn't matter what may be going on in your life that you think perhaps is holding you back. Be aware that each of you are filled with light. Be aware that each of you is having an impact on your own vibration and the vibrations around you. It is just because you are you.

With that, take in another deep breath. Breathe in, allowing yourself to become very centered and focused. Then with your next breath allow yourself to release the consciousness of your physical body. Release the limitations of your human self. Allow your consciousness -- that is all of your consciousness -- to shift more fully into the energies of the magnetic grid.

As you shift into this space allow yourself to become aware of the space that you have created for yourself. Become aware of those interlocking pathways that flow all around you. You may send out an impulse of light, if you so desire. You may open and receive impulses from others, or you may receive coming back to you the impulse that you sent out. Allow yourself to work with this space. Let it assist you. Allow it to be a place in which you can play; in which you can communicate; in which you may expand in whatever way you so desire.

From here shift your consciousness, allowing it to release the energies of the magnetic grid. As your consciousness is shifting, you find yourself connecting with the crystalline vibration, the crystalline grid. As you perceive this grid work look around you. Feel or sense the various energies that make up the vibrations of the crystals. Allow yourself to perceive if there is one crystal in particular that you're drawn to, or if perhaps there is a vibration of a group of crystals that you feel drawn to.

From here call forth a column of light. As you invite this column to come into this space of the crystalline grid, you find yourself merging with it and shifting in such a way that you expand as you blend with the energies of the soul plane. As you emerge from this column, it is as if your consciousness is stretching out in every direction. Allow this shift to be as complete as it may be at this time.

Call forth your I Am Presence. For many of you, it was already here waiting for you. Through your focused intention, or your conscious intention, you are able to link at a deeper level within this space.

Allow yourself to know what this space means to you. I, the Goddess, now join you. I move into this space so that I may more fully link with each one of you. I reach out to embrace you, my beloved friends. Feel me as I link with you.

This will shift you into the space of the All That Is. Allow yourself to truly feel this vibration. Allow yourself to know what it is to have this space that is so filled with many, many different levels of consciousness; levels of awareness. You may expand and link at whatever level is best for you. This space is limitless. The more that you learn, the more that you expand, the more in which there is to expand into. Play with that concept. This is true for you, the humans, as you move through your life upon the earth.

There are a great many energies moving into and around the earth that assist with the transformation that is taking place. Many of these energies are generated by each of you. Some of them are generated by other individual groups of people that have their own particular way of working with energy. There is the collective consciousness of the earth that is also shifting. There are also a number of individuals who prefer to stay within their comfort zone. They prefer to stay within that which they know therefore they attempt to keep change from happening. You are very well aware that change is going to occur whether people block it or not.

I would like for each of you to look at your own self, and let's go even deeper than we have in the past when we have looked at some of these emotions. Be aware that many of you have brought into this lifetime in which you are currently living energies that have hung over from other life experiences. Some of those energies may have followed you lifetime, by lifetime, by lifetime. Others may have affected you at some point in the past and then it was not important for you to bring it forth. But then you chose in this lifetime to once again bring it forth.

There are also many of you who are shifting the energies of a certain consciousness for the earth. It may not be a personal energy to you, but it is one that you feel linked to and indeed you are linked to it. But the basis is more so assisting the energies of the earth as opposed to a personal experience.

Each of you has worked so very diligently on your own personal growth. So first of all draw into you and breathe in the knowledge and the understanding of who you are. You are this human walking upon the earth, waking up, moving through your days, sleeping, interacting with other people. You are also your soul essence, this expanded consciousness of who you are; your divinity. All of that is you.

Breathe that in. Allow it to be you. Therefore, from that space of awareness allow yourself to shift so that you may now open up to some different emotions. I invite you to open to the emotion of regret. Are there experiences that you have had in this life that you regret either the outcome; perhaps how you acted in a relationship with another? Perhaps you regret that you didn't do more, offer more, assert yourself more.

Along with the alignment of regret, you oftentimes will see the energy of guilt. How does guilt come into play within you? Is this something that you can acknowledge, yes you have felt, but it no longer has an effect on you? Or can you say that while you may have released something, either an experience, a relationship or whatever it may be; perhaps you still feel guilty about an aspect of whatever that may be. Therefore, how does guilt come into your life?

The next emotion I would like you to consider is shame. When the word shame is spoken to you, how does it make you feel? Acknowledge that this, perhaps is current, perhaps it's in your past, has been a part of your life at one point or another.

These three energies are very interlocking with one another. You may have felt one of them or all of them at some point in your past. The question to ask yourself is, "Are they currently in this now moment, having an effect upon you?" And if they are, allow yourself to tap into and understand what that effect is. If perhaps there is nothing specific that comes to you -- you just know you feel something within you that is linked to this -- then go into that space of whatever that may be.

Allow yourself to flow the energies of love and awareness into this space. Become aware that this is how you feel or this is how you have felt. Embrace and acknowledge that there was a reason for it; then release, let it go. Let it flow away from you to be transitioned. Allow yourself to recognize that there was a reason for you to feel it at that time, but it was based in judgment. Therefore, you may release the judgment. Let go the energies. Let go the effect that it has had upon you.

I feel that what we have done has opened up deep sorrow within some of you. I feel that in others it has opened up anger, or perhaps irritation. If it stirs up any emotion at all move into that emotion. If you feel sorrow in this moment, feel it, acknowledge it, and then from that space of self love and compassion release it. Let it go. So, too, with anger; anger will sometimes hold you back; it will sometimes move you forward. Anger is an emotion that has many, many different levels to it. Let you acknowledge whatever the situation may be; then let it go.

There are many, many other emotions that people feel. Sometimes even hesitancy can hold you back; sometimes fear. We could go on and on and on. Take this opportunity to look at your life. If it's important for you to know what it may have been linked to, then let that come to your conscious awareness at this time. If it's not necessary for you to know, then let it go. Let any of these emotions be released. Feel as if you are standing in the flow of love and the flow of acceptance. Let them wash over you, cleansing you; cleansing all of the energy fields around you. Truly let go of anything that may have held you back.

In this moment, I see you wide open. I see you filled with love and acceptance. Can you see that for yourself? Can you allow that to be your reality? Be aware that anytime you have an experience in which you are releasing deep-felt emotions, or energies that you can help and support yourself by flowing the energies of transformation into you; around you. And then, to circulate through the space in which you physically live.

So many people, in the past few weeks, have felt the surges of energy upon the earth. Through this experience, you can release those energies from within you that may have been enhanced or activated by those other energies that are going on in the collective consciousness of the earth. So, too, as you allow the flow in energy of allowing yourself to fully release anything that's holding you back, and then allowing yourself to completely incorporate this flow of energy; you will then assist in creating a change that affects the collective consciousness. Then others will have more of the energy of self-love and acceptance that they, too, may tap into. You are not doing this to create a change in the world. You are doing this for yourself so that you will be happier, so that you will feel good, so that you will be in alignment to manifest what you seek to have on earth. The effect of that is that it also places more and more of those energies of accepting, allowing and being in the flow to be a part of everyone's reality.

We speak often of the crystalline vibration. I invite you to link with either one or a number of the crystals that are out here within the universe. You may even find yourself aligning within the crystalline grid. There are a multitude of different crystals. Some of these are immense. Some of them vibrate at such a level that you may perceive an energy, but you don't perceive where that energy is coming from. There are many different types of crystals. You may have the names for them. There are also more that are coming into awareness as the vibration of the earth is shifting. Let yourself merge with that with which you are attracted to. Feel as if your full consciousness is blending, or linking, with this crystal.

This crystal in turn will create a shift in your physical reality. We invite that shift to occur with ease and gentleness. Through releasing the emotions and the energies that we spoke to you about just a few minutes ago, it allows your physical reality to shift into a vibration that is more in alignment with the crystalline energies. You may each feel a shift in your own vibration. You may have a sense of a greater clarity. Ask yourself what is this crystalline vibration doing for me? How is it enhancing my life, or how will it enhance my life in the days and weeks to come?

As some of you are blending with the crystalline energies, it is as if your physical vibration shifts in such a way that you become transparent to the people around you, or you may become transparent in the vibration in which you live. This need not be your reality, but if it is, utilize it as a means of shifting all of the energies around you so that they are in greater alignment. So as to experience this, I invite you to create a link from this glorious crystal consciousness. Send that link through your intention to connect with your physical self upon the earth. The energies of your physical body expand to accommodate this. You may also pulsate the vibration of alignment to this crystalline energy. This is a part of what is shifting the DNA of humanity. This is creating a shift in you from the cellular structure out. Allow for all of this to be in your reality.

Send the energies of love. Well, it is actually intrinsic within the crystalline vibration. But as you send the intention of love into your human self, you may find an even deeper blending occurs. Accept this into your reality. What is it to accept love, alignment and crystalline vibration into who you are?

Allow yourself to release that link to your human self. Allow your consciousness to fully return to that link with the crystal. Feel what it is. Know what it is to be the pure essence of love; to be the pure essence of crystalline vibration. At this point in humanity upon earth, you may not be able to accommodate the full amount of the crystalline vibration, so allow yourself to accommodate as much as is possible for you.

Release the energies of the crystal. You still vibrate and emanate that radiant glow of the crystalline vibration. You do have the ability to reconnect at any moment you so desire. Allow your consciousness to return more fully into the All that is. As you look inward and consider yourself; as you consider this essence of who you are in this glorious crystalline vibration, truly know that you are love; that you are glorious. Truly allow and accept that this is your reality.

As you are creating your reality upon the earth, be very conscious of what you choose. Choose to live. Choose alignment with love. Choose acceptance of who you are. Choose acceptance of who you have been within this life. Choose to allow all to unfold in whatever magnificent way is best for you. You need not control it; you need not fully understand how it all manifests. Simply allow it to come in, in whatever form will most enhance you.

Allow yourself to form a group. Allow for the hologram of the earth to come up within this group. As you first become aware of it, you may perceive that there are areas of darkness or heaviness that are being shown to you from this hologram. Much of this is linked with the energies that you released tonight. It is not only the release of you who are in the process of this moment, but it is the energies associated with it that are linked to all the other humans upon the earth.

So those energies of guilt, regret, shame, anger, fear, hesitation, restriction, anything like that is now being shown to you from this hologram of the earth. Each of you may now send in the energy of these crystals that you were just working with. You send it from your heart, or the heart of your consciousness, and it moves from you into the earth. As it does so, all those areas and all that denseness transforms, shifting into sparkling lights that are then released. Those sparkling lights leave behind pockets of energy that is now filled with the crystalline vibration; it is filled with love, with acceptance, with allowance.

See how glorious the earth can be. This is how glorious the earth is to any who choose to link with it in such a way. This hologram begins to rotate, shifting. It moves through the column formed by the energy of all of you gathered together. As it moves down towards the physical earth, there is an aspect of it that links with the magnetic grid, allowing for a shift and release to occur within the magnetic grid. The remainder of this energy moves further and further so that it moves into and anchors within the earth. As this energy anchors within the earth, it is almost as if a shift occurs within that can be felt by those who are on top of the earth. The energy moves out in waves of energy and light. It is linked with the grass, the trees, the rocks, the ocean; with all the humans as they move through their personal journeys upon the earth.

Let the aspect which is linked to you come up from the earth into your physical body. Feel the vibration of alignment. Let it perfuse you, your home, the area around you; your city, your state and moving out from there. This occurs whether you are conscious of it or not. So with your consciousness you can see for yourself how far these energies and these waves move as they vibrate through life, or through the space of your life.

You release those energies that linked you to the hologram. Allow your consciousness to return fully within your own energy of yourself. Through this consciousness allow yourself to shift that you may release the space of the All That Is. That you may return to the energies of the soul plane. This space expands as it accommodates you. It is the space in which you come to quite often during your sleep state and your times of peace and contemplation.

Allow yourself to shift further, releasing the energies of the soul plane. As you release these energies, you find yourself once more linking with the energy of the crystalline grid. You are much more aware of how much is taking place within this space. It is as if you have been creating this space through all that you are doing, not only you in this group, but all of the humans who are seeking to incorporate the crystalline vibration at this time. You are creating this space which is the link between that very high vibrational crystal that you linked with earlier and yourself on the human existence. Therefore, allow your consciousness to expand fully as you experience this place.

As you are ready to do so, move further so that you may once more link with the magnetic grid. As you move into this space, you once more feel the magnetic pull of the earth. You feel the energies of the earth plane, yet you also feel very strongly the energies of the crystalline vibration that you are bringing back with you. Therefore, this magnetic grid is expanding, shifting, in such a way as to accommodate you. Feel the shift that is occurring and yet feel the similarities to what you have always known this space to be.

Allow yourself to begin to ground. Allow your consciousness to move back fully into your physical body. You may expand the energy field around you. As you are grounding yourself allow this vibration in energy to flow through you perhaps moving down into the ground and returning to anchor within you; so that you may bring your consciousness fully back into this space and into this moment.

Then, as you are ready to do so you may return your energy into the space of this conference room. I invite you to ask questions of me if you so desire. I do know that Shelly has one she will begin with. As you come back into this room, you may press the star and 7 upon the telephone, so that you may once more speak.

Question: (Paraphrased) For the question she had put forth the intention of asking. What is the underlying meaning of what is going on in Zimbabwe and where this is it going?

Answer: I first of all link with the person who asked this question and through her I am able to see or sense the perception of what is going on. This part of the world is where some of the most ancient civilizations began. There are many other pockets around the world in different places where the energies within the earth, within the environment, within the social system, within all aspects of it go back to many many ancient civilizations. Therefore the cleansing that is going on at this time is in part reaction to some of these ancient belief systems. It is also a reaction; in part some of the fighting taking place in some parts of the world, is being prompted because of some of the energies being released from the earth at this time. Especially with this journey tonight, you could each feel what it was to be in the crystalline vibration. You can feel how it is incompatible or hard to have a balance of that vibration when you are in the midst of hatred, fear, anger, guilt and all of those emotions. Therefore, as the earth itself is shifting those energetic memories that have been within various parts of the earth are being released. This began 20 years ago or more in some areas and is accentuated right now and in the next few years to come. So in looking at this part of the world, that is what we sense is going on here; there are old memories being released and acted out upon by the humans living in that space. It is also the more that duality is released as crystalline vibration is brought in; people struggle to hold on to duality. Many of the struggles of duality are reflected in control and manipulation. This too is what we sense.

As to how long will this go on? Bringing it to our attention and having everyone within this group consciously focusing on it, sending energy of transformation and light into that area will assist in creating a change. It will create a lightening to the heavy dense energy that so permeates not only the country of which you speak but the whole continent. So, this light moves out in every direction. It shifts and allows for those pockets of energy to be released, to be consciously filled with love and transformation. How long will this continue to be upon the earth? I cannot give you a length of time. Know and trust in yourself, that what you are doing is having an affect. Know and trust that all of those who focus upon that continent and those countries with the intention of shifting into greater love, greater awareness, and greater acceptance; will have a profound affect and it WILL be felt by many. It is sometimes slow to see it manifest in the reality of society as a whole. But it is manifesting, it is having an affect. We also see where so many animals that are indigenous to that area are assisting in creating the shift and change. This is why animals come to the earth, they assist in different ways. Many have heard about it very definitely with the dolphins and whales, especially through this particular channel, but the elephants, the tigers, all the various animals of the world do have an affect in shifting vibration. So we thank this individual for reaching out. We express to her that he is not alone. We thank her for bringing this up.

Question: (paraphrased) Over the last couple of weeks I have had a great shift in consciousness regarding abundance. I finally conceive that it just is. That is really is just like breathing, you don't need to worry where it is coming from. This is awkward for me as I don't have hands on experience about this yet! But I have seen that this is the reality. So, my question is two parts. Part one is can you speak about this to clarify it. Plus lightworkers all over the world have struggled with financial abundance for a long time and all are ready to break through and break free from this paradigm into unlimited abundance. How can we explain this to others who have no reference?

Answer: As you said, there are many different levels of an answer that will be coming to you about this. You speak of this in reference to yourself, but it so fully reflects the consciousness of many many other people. We appreciate you for acknowledging that and in the way you phrased your question. Now, we want to say to you that you had already begun this shift in your consciousness quite a long time ago, but it has come to the forefront in which you created a shift in your vibration. Speaking of the last journey that we had (05-20-07) when you really consciously created a shift so that your physical reality vibrated with your expanded spiritual reality; that greater alignment in vibration allows for a greater flow to be recognized within your life. Even if you don't have the conscious dollars in your life yet, you do have the conscious awareness within you. Does that make sense to you beloved? (Yes it does. I realize that the dollars are actually just an illusion and the numbers just take care of themselves.) This is true. One can look in an abstract way that all of what you consider to be reality upon the earth is an illusion. When you step away from this lifetime it will all be non-existent. Therefore, you can look at any one moment and any given experience as an illusion that is being lived out in your current life as a reality. So, indeed we acknowledge that for you. What we wanted to say is that we have been working with each of you and so much of what creates resistance in people are the emotions that hold them back. Many of which they don't necessarily comprehend! Other aspects that they may know about, but didn't know what to do with it. The more that you have been focusing on creating alignment within yourself, creating the vibration, recognizing the abundance around you in so many ways; that is when you began to release the image of a certain dollar amount and began to just feel the vibration of abundance. This is when the shift occurred for you. It is happening to all of humanity. As for lightworkers, we will say two things. First of all when we spoke in this journey about how people have brought forth from other life experiences energies that are due to be shifted; one of them that was very prevalent is that spiritual people were poor. They gave up abundance because through poorness and poverty they could be more spiritual. That is a very old belief system and it does not work any more. There are people who may still have that experience in their life and if that's their choice, that is their choice. But those you speak of as the lightworkers, yourself, and the others in this similar energy, including those who call into this teleconference. You have been there and done that with all the poverty and now you are fully embracing the energy of abundance. But your vibrational bodies have still held on to that old energy of poverty. While you brought in abundance on one level, you have not letting it transform or move through all of you on every level. Therefore what you vibrated out to the world was still lack. Even when it would come to you and you would think about and you would realize you were focusing on what you didn't have, you would then shift it; there was still the vibration of lack within you.

So the second point to all of this is that by consciously focusing on what it is to have the abundance within and around you, and releasing the specifics about it, that's what allows for the greater flow. The other thing I've emphasized always is about doing what is joyful to you, doing what brings you love and makes you feel filled with abandon and excitement. And if you feel like you are forcing or pushing against something, that's the time to go in and recognize it and release it; come at it a different way so that it is fun for you. That is another belief system that is being let go: the fact that ‘life is tough'. No, life does not have to be tough. Let go that belief and embrace that life is about being in the flow of energy and light. Therefore, things manifest with ease and things manifest with joy. Does that make sense to you, beloved? (Yes it does. How do I explain this concept to others who are still in old, lack consciousness?) It's something that on one level, my initial response to you is you don't explain it. It's not something that you do not have to get others to see your way. People that are in that space of lack can only see lack. You can talk until you're blue in the face and they will not hear you. Just as for so many years, you were manifesting abundance and seeking to bring in abundance but it wasn't there, it was because you weren't in the vibrational awareness to be in the flow to actually receive it. If you find yourself struggling to talk to someone about it, just let it go and don't even try to explain it to them. For those that are in a place to more greatly understand or appreciate where you are coming from, you can simply talk to them about vibration, if you want to call it that, or can talk to them about alignment with abundance, or you can talk about energy because it is not something that can be explained with one or two different words. It is a multiple level of awareness and it is a multiple level of acceptance. You do have these answers within yourself. When you are in conversation with a particular individual, then take that breath in as you're speaking to them and let yourself let go of the analytical response that you need to give to them and let words flow through you. It may sound like mumbo-jumbo to the two of you, but there is going to be a vibrational energy behind it that that person will be able to receive. Does that make sense? (Yes. Thank you.) We thank you for bringing that up so we could talk at greater length about the shifting that is occurring with all of you and then that way that you can speak to others. So we thank you.

Question (paraphrased): I have several ideas for a new business to start, yet I'm not sure which idea to choose. Can you offer some feedback?

Answer: When you first spoke of that, we saw within you a great deal of creativity. It is unclear to us just how you will express this creativity, but we also saw... it was as if the initial reaction was the creative aspect of you and then a step behind that was the analytical, almost dogmatic aspect of you that is very good with taking care of details and taking care of focusing and getting the business aspect behind it. What we see is that you're actually trying to blend - and correct us if we're wrong - what we sense your struggle is about is really letting that creativity out of you because you have been so much of what one might call a left-brained person in this life so that as you are opening up and you have your moments and you are very creative and you have experiences with creation, yet to you, at least what we're picking up on, is that it feels like that's just my fun side, that's just the other side of me that when I have to be practical and I have to earn a living then that's over here and the two cannot be blended together; they have to be separate from one another. What we see you doing is that in which you are creating, we see you creating a business, or creating something where you are using communication skills and teaching skills and then you are also using that very analytical aspect and organized aspect as a means of getting it out to the world. Does that make sense to you? (Yes. However, I'm considering editing video, and I find myself not as interested in learning the technical aspects of it in order to do it.) When it comes to that, there is some of that you can release and let go, but there's also, due to this analytical aspect of you that feels it has to fully understand what you doing and then you have to go through the steps of the editing as you spoke of, and that is the tedious work that really cannot be let go of. But what we sense you can do to facilitate things is that you're not trusting in your creative aspect as much as you could be. If you would, either when you're setting down to work on a project or if you are trying to discover what the next step might be, if you really give yourself a chance to ground, focus and then allow your consciousness to expand while you stay very present and conscious in the physical moment, then you can allow for these greater ideas to come in that should allow you to maybe not take as many classes, to maybe move through the classes more quickly than you are anticipating, or to be able to receive the information in a manner you can receive it like the shorter version, the Cliff Notes version, instead of taking the longer version because there is a great deal you already know. You simply are not sure how to apply it in a certain situation. We also see that when you get caught up in that which feels tedious to you, you start shutting off the creative aspect. So consciously keep the creative aspect open and then as you are breathing in and as you are allowing your intuition, your expanded self to assist you in this, then you can trust more fully the information it's bringing to you. that's what we sense needs to happen with you is that greater amount of expansion and then trusting the information and the more that you're getting into that flow, or moving into that flow, then the greater the things will go with the editing with the analytical aspects of it, too. (Thank you.) So you are brilliantly creative and trust in that for yourself.

Question (paraphrased): Does the Goddess have anything to speak about relationships in the new, higher energies?

Answer: Relationships, of course, are on many different levels. There's the relationship you have, first and foremost, with yourself. When you are in new energy and when you're in this crystalline vibration, you cannot exist in balance without having a true and deep relationship with yourself. And when you're in a focused relationship within yourself, that's whether it happens now or once a month or once every six months or not at all - you don't need it - it's about letting go of those things within you that hold you back and those attributes that we spoke of earlier tonight are sometimes a way of draining your own energy when you've been in relationships with others; whether it's to children, spouses, workplace, family members. In many different situations, the feelings of guilt or regret or remorse - we're not speaking particularly of you, beloved; we're speaking of humans in general -- humans have allowed themselves to drain their energy as a means of trying to get along with or be in a relationship. When you speak of wanting new energy relationships, you first and foremost have that relationship within yourself. And when you are fully connected within; when you understand and trust and allow yourself to be who you are that will radiate out a vibration that will attract to you other people when, if it say comes to a romantic relationship, then you will attract to you an individual who also feels secure and confident within themselves so that you can blend and bounce energy and joy off of one another without one or the other having to drain the other individual as a means of creating a relationship that's going to work. We're aware that at this time there are a smaller number of individuals upon the earth who are in this energy and in this consciousness so you may have to work with others who may not be as open or as aware as you are. So the way to have relationships if it's family members or people in the workplace... it's much more difficult with romantic relationships or marriages when people are on two drastically different levels like that. When you find yourself in a relationship in which you are giving a lot to the other individual or it feels as if they're taking a lot or you feel as if you're giving away an aspect of yourself then that is obviously a relationship that's not going to be to your benefit. If it's somebody who's say a close family member and you choose not to totally disconnect from that individual then your response to that can be to once more go back within yourself; to once more reaffirm this inner connection to yourself; to once more really feel who you are within your own space. And then, once again, go out and connect with that other individual and you'll find that they won't be able to latch onto you. They won't be able to draw your energy. You will not get as pulled into their own trauma and drama; the vibration they are living. This is something that takes a lot of practice if it's people who are close to you and it happens on a daily basis, but a new energy relationship is first and foremost about you within yourself and then how that radiates out to other people around you. We feel as if we jumped around a bit here. Did we answer your question? (Yes, that's fine.) Very good. We thank you for that question because there is at this moment upon the earth a distinct change between new energy people and where the earth is being pulled up into right now. We sense that over the next six months or so, there will be a greater ease and blending of the energies. Some of you who are feeling it so dramatically in your lives right now - who may be feeling so separate from other individuals - will not be feeling that to the same degree you're feeling it right now. Thank you for the question.

Question (paraphrased from the same individual as above): Could you relate a message from the Ancient Ones to me?

Answer: They're saying to me that the recent shift you went through and the time you connect with them - we're seeing up on a mountain or someplace away, separate from people, an isolated place, very rocky and kind of different - that you went there recently and that's when they worked with you directly. They've also been working with you in your meditations and dream state. They're saying that you're hearing their messages loud and clear and the understanding and greater depth of what you are comprehending and moving into now are a direct result of these experiences you've had over the last few months. They're also saying that... for some reason it came across as a different language. Shelly, was just hearing gobble-dee-gook. Open yourself for just a moment and breathe in. It's as if they're transmitting to you a particular message at this time that she could not interpret or convey with words, and so now we have a sense of this vibration being transmitted to you, almost like an electrical bolt of light. There it goes. Now it's done. So continue your openness, continue to be in the space of joy and acceptance. Everything is going to continue to expand exponentially from where you are right now. They always send their greeting and their love. (Thank you.)

With that, we will bring this evening to a close. I thank you as always for choosing to come and share this time. I thank you each for being the humans upon the earth, moving through all these various emotions and energies. I find you each to be glorious. I find you to be such radiant light.

You are aligning more and more with these energies of the crystals. So let that become a part of your reality. Allow yourself to truly be in your true essence of who you are.

I am ever with you and within.




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