Solstice Energies Amplify Love

This meditation came at the perfect time! It was day two of a three day intense energy influx into the earth. There is a lot of chaos at this time in our everyday world and this channel gives us the opportunity to not only tune into the fifth-dimensional energy that is here but to amplify it.  

During the time in the All That Is, the Goddess emphasized for all of us that we have choices. So often in life, it may seem as if we are stuck or as if we do not have any options. How many are in a job they dislike, but it pays the bills? How many are in relationships just because they don’t want to be alone? With this brilliant, illuminated light and energy coming in, now is the time for a new perspective. 

The alignment of sun, moon, and earth for the eclipse is a part of what directly amplifies the energies at this time. The Goddess also spoke that now is a time to make a choice. You can no longer sit on the fence, you need to choose; to move into the light and love of the higher dimension or to remain in chaos and fear. This is going to make a powerful change on the earth for all involved. 

There is more light than darkness. I invite to you remember that in your daily life. When speaking of negativity or you see it; affirm I am light and I shine forth into all that I see sending love and compassion. 


Nama sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. I thank you for joining me in this time-space of creating balance not only within you but upon the planet.

Within this energy; meaning within the higher lighter vibration, whenever one person is creating a new space for themselves or an opportunity for themselves that energy flows into the collective and then everybody else that is doing the same thing from the same or very similar vibration then finds each other’s so to speak. So if you have all of these various impulses that come from each individual sending out, they all find one another, creating this huge block of energy.

This has been done in the past with the low vibrational energy that has pulled you down. We’ve now spent all this time, clearing out that space so that you can now be in this new higher lighter vibration, where you are working with this massive ball of energy that is associated with the high vibration, with the crystalline energies, with that of Ascension; living, being in balance.

The other aspect of what’s important with this is that you now understand that you are not doing it all by yourself. You are part of a group and this group contains billions of people, not millions, billions of people. The vast majority are consciously reaching out to that higher lighter vibration. They know they want something that feels better, they know they want something that supports them in life and that shifts them into a higher space; that energy goes out and is growing and growing all the time.

Your recent time upon the earth has had a great deal of chaos; this is pushing everybody to make a choice. Are you choosing to align with those individuals that support violence as a means of getting across what they want to do? In many of these cases, the violence is just for pure destructive, destruction. Is just there to be radical and create that burst of that low vibrational energy. Others are utilizing that to try to control people through fear, “If you don’t do what we say we’ll let even more rioters come to your town”.

And what does that cause the average person to do? Many may step into fear, especially if you’re in the midst of all of that; however, more and more and more are making choices. They’re saying, “I’m not going to support anything that wants to pull me down or hurt my community”.

People are going to be saying, “I’m not going to support anything that wants to tell me what I think and believe”. People are also going to be saying, “That I’m here to live a life that is rich and full of love and opportunities and potentials” and yes it is available to anyone that wants to step into that perspective. Yes, it is.

When you take the energy out of all that negativity and all of that control and all of that manipulation, what are they going to do? Will it come to armed warfare? Will it come to Civil War? These are the words that people are saying and it makes everyone very anxious.

As I’m looking at the world and at the earth, I remind you yet again that in the fifth dimension change is created through love and balance, so I ask you, in what dimension do you reside?

Okay, I can hear people say, “Well, I might reside in the fifth, but many, many do not”. There are many more that reside in a higher light vibration than the lower vibration because the lower vibrations, the third dimension, and all of that controlling and manipulating is what’s in your face, people think, oh there is nothing else there is only this, wrong.

The more predominant vibration and you see it coming in, in wave upon wave upon wave is that of the higher light vibration. It’s here. It’s happening and that now it is up to every person to make that choice; “Am I going to reinforce those third-dimensional beliefs and fears or am I going to say no and live in the fifth dimension, as is our entire world and therefore, I focus upon that”.

As I speak of this I can feel so many more people just relaxing. I can feel so many more people stepping into their own understanding of what this is for them. I hear so many others that are saying, “It’s not that easy. It doesn’t work like that; you’re just full of yourself”. Okay, everyone has their own opinion and it is just that their opinion. Be not concerned with what anybody else is thinking or saying, instead remember your focus is living within your heart, tapping into this massive energy and looking outward at the world through those eyes of love; pretty exciting!

Alright, take in another deep breath. Breathe once more all the way down through your energy bodies sending that breath of love and light and energy into the earth. As you send that focus and that breath of light into the earth, you are aligning with Gaia. You are aligning with the energies that are here. Breathe in what that is for you and breathe out any preconceived notion, understand that you are now connecting to the earth from that different perspective also.

Take a moment to look around, to experience what that is, and feel what that is for you.

There we go. Now bring the energy of Gaia and your alignment back up through you. It comes back up through that cord of light, circling in your heart center, and then you send it back upward. It goes out through your upper energy bodies. When you get to the space of your higher self look around at what you yourself are working upon at this time. You may see little pockets of what that is. If there is old energy, just clear it out ~whew~ a lot of people had some old energy, old things that are no longer working for them, and that just cleared right out.

You let that stream of energy continue up until you find yourself merging with your I AM Presence. This is merging with you as your divinity, this is merging with you as your soul, as the essence of who you are. Feel what that is. As if you are opening your inner eyes look to see all that is here. As you do so, allow yourself to feel, using your feelings you open up to even more perception of your divinity.

Look at that aspect of you that has been in multiple different lifetimes. Perhaps there is an aspect of you that’s been out within the universe.

The more that you have an intention of coming into this space and aligning with and receiving what this is, the more that you will be able to discern just exactly who you are as your soul.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out my arms to embrace you the human, you as your divinity. As our energies merge we shift into the All That Is. Look around; look around at all that is present within this space.

Take this moment and understand who you are. Whenever you consider a question like that, who are you, most people have a tendency to become analytical and they think in terms of the tasks that they are doing within their life. At this moment I invite you to understand or open up to understand who you are as the person walking upon the earth, also as the person who has a massive soul who’s lived many lives and that is here, that is here at this time choosing to be within this space to experience themselves.

I invite you to take a moment and consider your life from that perspective of the third dimension. With the chaos upon the earth the third dimension is quite evident, it’s in your face and each person that is has been alive has been a part of the third dimension. Some of you that have been around a little longer have been enmeshed in it; those of you who are younger came in during the time that we were already clearing out the old energies. Your perception of the third dimension will be different.

Within the third dimension the foundation is duality; either-or, the good the bad and people live without experience for the discernment. For some the more that you saw the negative the more that you struggle, the more that things were hard for you, the greater the appreciation when you moved into a different space that reflected the same experience.

One of the wonderful things about living on the earth is free will. Everybody has the opportunity to change their life. Not everybody is going to do so, but you do have the opportunity. If you listen in to some of the rhetoric and believe that one person does or does not; incorrect. As a part of humanity, everybody has the ability to choose. I understand there are some very dire circumstances where people might be in slavery, might be in situations where they do not have a choice that is clearly evident to them. 

Sometimes you might be stuck in a job and you have to be a job even though you dislike it for whatever reason it brings. Sometimes you are stuck in a relationship. Sometimes you are trying to get other people to change so that things will just work out. These are all the situations that gives an individual the perception that you have no choice, that you are stuck, that nothing is going to change. This is incorrect.

Life is movement, life is changing, life is always shifting. There is a flow and movement that goes through everything. You can be blinded to what is around you or you can pay attention. When you pay attention, you will begin to notice the very subtle aspects of things that before you had not realized. That’s exciting!

Here is another action. It can feel stuck in your life I invite you to take in a deep breath into this now moment, breathing in all the high, light vibration of the all that is and ~whew~ send that breath of light, that breath of energy into that situation in which you feel stuck. As you do so, trust or understand that bits and pieces of it will begin to unfold, it will begin to unravel. 

Sometimes it may be a sense of a glimpse of another alternative. Sometimes it will smack you upside the head so that you know inequitably, here it is. Howsoever that may work for you, understand that you have options available. Look for what they are and breathe in the courage and the determination to make a change and then step into it.

As I speak of this, I can feel so many people! I feel weeping, I feel laughter, I feel anxiety like the foot-tapping, howsoever you respond to change breath in deeply receiving your own burst of trust in yourself, and send it into whatever that situation may be.

Can you feel the greater peace that is now moving through? So often, when someone is stuck in that energy of what if, or if only; it can create a big challenge within you. This is not about trying to judge or discern, this is about understanding that you have options, that you have potential and that potential may be ‘I’m just to walk a block this way instead of my usual path’. That potential may be driving cross-country, getting onI an airplane, doing something huge. But whether it is small steps are big, you are listening to your heart, you are acting upon it and it is, therefore, bringing you back full circle. Which then allows you to recognize the choices that you make take you in the direction that most supports you.

Indeed, I could hear people saying ‘no, I oftentimes take those directions that don’t support me’. Perfect! Perfect that you recognize that. Because just as you have that option of going in the direction it didn’t support you, you also have the option to go in the other direction. Yes, you do. Yes, you do. You are supported you are not alone you are way bigger than you realize.

Now then, let us speak of the equinox (meaning the Solstice of June 20, 2020) and the eclipse taking place pretty much as we speak. Just as each one of you have been open to the choices that you make or recognizing them, let us talk about the world. Let us talk about the earth and the choices that every person is making every day of their life. Have a sense of, hmm, we can do this a couple of different ways, let me decide.

Okay, a lot of you enjoyed looking at the world as if you are in this space in the world is in front of you. I do like also when we have a sense of creating a circle and the earth is within the circle. Howsoever it resonates with you, I am setting up the space that both will work in the way in which I intend. You see, options!

As you are looking at the world in front of you, open your awareness, your consciousness to take in the density or the energy that has been stuck in and around the old third-dimensional vibration. Now for those of you that have been working on this with me for so long, you can tell a difference can you not? When you look from this perspective many of you will notice there is way more light in and around the earth than there was even several weeks ago or several months ago. 

As you look at the earth now, let us take this moment to perceive the residual of the third dimension which is related to the violence, the control, manipulation, the fear, the separation. See, experience that that is there perception and their reality.

As we focus upon the element have a sense of looking out into the universe as you see the moon and the sun and the earth as it is set up for the eclipse. The eclipse has already taken place in this now moment, however, we can tap into that energy at any point in time. So, we have this intention of seeing the alignment from the moon, the sun, and the earth in creating its balance; well, the moon, the earth, the sun!

In other words, the point is there is a massive influx of energy and as you see this alignment and everything that is cutting through what is within the earth I invite everybody; and there are many, many, many who are not conscious of being here; I invite everyone to have the sense of amplifying that alignment of the eclipse that it will burn off all of that low dimensional vibration, third-dimensional reality. ~whew~ it is like there is this impulse of light that is like a laser light that is cutting through. You can have a sense of sending that impulse yourself or you can have a sense of just sending that conscious, continuous flow. Whatever resonates with you.

Everyone who is here is amplifying that, as the eclipse is taking place and the general alignment of the solstice. So many powerful energies coming in here and we focus the attention that it is cutting out the lower vibration. It is clearing out that stuck energy, those pockets of stuck energy and we still send that impulse of light. This will go on for as long as it needs to go on.

We are going to shift our time so that as I send through a wave that is just clearing out the debris; if you envision rocks, and that thick heavy dense energy breaking up into pieces and you clear it out; shifting it out from the earth plane and it goes out into the universe and transforms.

And then you come back looking at the earth again. There is a difference. This is just one time at this moment that this group is focusing upon that. There are many, many other people that are doing the same thing. And everyone has that clear intention of Ascension. We keep clearing out those third dimensional low vibrational energies so that more of the fifth dimensional light can to go into every single person showing people that you have opportunities, that you have potentials. That you can make a change, you can choose the light, you can choose support, you can choose a change that will assist you in every way. Take a deep breath in, and breathe out.

Have a clear intention of sending loving warmth and support into all those people that have been so fearful and angry and stuck. Send that warm love and light so that they may feel that something is different and perceive the new opportunity. ~whew~

If someone says to you there is so much violence, there is so much anger, they are taking away our past; what would be your response? One option embrace the light and love of the fifth dimension. It makes me laugh because I can see people rolling their eyes saying “as if I would say that”. Okay, how is this? If someone is talking about all of the issues, how about if you say “I embrace change, I choose love”. In this regard you are doing the exact same thing is my first statement and just saying those few words can make a big difference. It may trigger in someone else a new way of looking at life. People will argue because they always do, I choose love, I choose love, I CHOOSE LOVE! And there we go. 

Now we have already been connected with the earth, we have already been in alignment with all these vibrations that we usually use to create that energy ball of light. Therefore, have a sense of just taking a step back, the flow from the universe into the earth is continuing. It will continue in this deeper intensity for a little bit longer. However, I don’t even know what to say. There is nothing to say!

The intensity will be there. Life upon the earth can be intense. But you can choose love. As you take a step back, as that flow continues, I invite you to have a sense of bringing your energies back around within yourself; disconnecting from everything else that you were connected to. 

Then let that come down within you, let your focus, let your awareness come back down flowing back into your divinity. As you do so, that stream of light comes with you even further. You then breathe it down into your physical body as you do so, begin to receive everything that took place. Receive love into every cell within your body. It goes into your physical body, it goes into your emotions, it goes into your belief system, transforming everything. And it anchors and anchors and anchors. 

As you are sending it into the earth, feel Gaia, feel how the vibration of Gaia has already shifted as everything was amplified and then tap into that allowing it to flow up within you. You are supporting Gaia as Gaia supports you. Just breathe gently and easily as you feel that flow as it moves up and down. Whew, there you go.

All right beloved family, friends, co-creators. Here we are at this super intense time upon the earth where the energy is here, it has manifested and now you are taking it to the next level of really expressing and making a choice. You are choosing love you are choosing balance; you are choosing support one another. Change is a snowball that is growing bigger and bigger and bigger.

Self while the illusion is that negativity is more prevalent, let the illusion go, let it be clear it out with this massive energy of love of balance of the crystalline vibration. As that becomes not only your truth so will it become the person next to you and next to you and next to you. This change is here, it is working, it is happening right now!

Beloved, you are never alone; I am always with you.




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