Step Into A Re-Birth in Life

I kept feeling such energies of alignment with our divinity before this channel. In addition, I kept hearing the phrase ‘I AM that I AM’; as the channel began to unfold that all made sense.

During this channel, the Goddess assisted everyone with creating an alignment to a deeper amount of their divinity. In doing so, it opened a door so that you could ‘see’ yourself more clearly. From there, she took everyone to the time before you were born. You had the opportunity to see the discussions that were going on and what the intention was for various things. In this knowledge, you have an opportunity to decide if there are things that are your life path or if the things happening in your life are a distraction.

For so many people, as you opened to the knowledge of who you truly are and what you have done in the past, it is as if you are peeling away the layers of the veil that separates you from your divinity. As these layers are released, you could see who you truly are and therefore step into your strength and awareness.

The Goddess finished by creating a greater alignment for everyone to their God self. Any time someone feels the alignment and seeks to strengthen it; they open and accept all of who they are. Truly, you have the ability to wipe the slate clear and start over! If you could choose, what would your life be like? Allow that to become your reality.


Nama sika: venia benya       I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I send out my thoughts, mu love, my energy, my light to all of you who choose to come and be a part of these sessions or these times together. It is because of you that we have this time together and these experiences.

It is because of you and your choice in finding out who you are, what’s happening in your life and where you are going that we all come together in this manner. Allow yourself to be fully present in this moment. Allow yourself to feel not only your energies as you focus right now but also the energies of the Earth and the Universe as they blend within you.

This year has brought about very dramatic changes in your world. There is such transformation taking place starting from the smallest of animals moving into individuals that are on this personal conscious journey moving into the collective consciousness and then moving out into the Universe and the correlation between the Universe and you the people on Earth.

This has been a consistent transformation that began taking place probably as many as 30 – 40 years ago but for this segment that you have been within it’s been very consistent for the past three to four years. For so many of you this year has been a culmination of what you are seeking to have and what you are seeking to do.

As you allow yourself to move into these last few weeks of 2011 I invite you to take an opportunity to embrace all that is happening within and around you. If there are certain particular holidays that you follow, embrace the holidays. If you are seeking to create alignments with other people be open to allow those alignments to manifest in many different ways.

I feel such love and awareness for each one of you. I am here for you, I walk with you, I work with you in your dreams sometimes, it is always about the joy, it is always about the experience. So take a deep breath in. Allow yourself to once more ground as you breathe in deeply send those energies through your heart center and all the way down into the Earth. Let yourself feel the essence of Gaia, the essence of the Earth itself as it grounds you and then let that flow back up within you as the physical person.

These energies then move through you consciously moving out and you find yourself aligning with the magnetic grid. As you arrive within this space you may have a sense of the impulses of light that move through here. These are created from your thoughts and your intention. It is a way that you may communicate with others.

Allow yourself to have a sense of comfort for being here within this space. You may then shift, allowing your focus to expand further. You set forth the intention that you align within the crystalline grid. As you let go the magnetic pull of the Earth you can feel yourself expanding even further.

As you allow yourself to blend, you may feel another form of energy or another form of communication that is flowing through here. This crystalline grid has only been brought into this space of being or this state of being over the last five years or more.

There was an energy potential that it represented that has been there for perhaps thousands of years you could say and it was gradually coming closer and closer to the forefront as people began to expand into higher levels of consciousness upon the Earth and that is what brings you to where you are right now as you are here within this space.

It is for you. It’s a means of amplifying your own energies. It’s a means of feeling the energies that flow through here as they represent the energies of the Universe. But I invite you to expand even further. Let go this space and allow yourself to shift into the soul plane.

As you arrive within the soul plane, feel what this is to you. Your divinity resides here within this space. Reach out with the intention to blend completely with your I Am presence. As you find this alignment expanding within and around you have a sense of looking around or maybe just let yourself feel things in another way.

Your divinity is that spark or that essence that is specific to you. Your divinity was created through the multitude of different life experiences that you have had. As you look around with your inner eyes let yourself feel, see, sense or know what those existences or life times may mean to you.

I the Goddess move here within this space. I reach out to each one of you with my embrace. As I merge my energies with you let yourself feel this shift that will take you into the All That Is. As you arrive within this space you may feel as if you can expand even further. As if you can let yourself go. Feel what that is for you.

The All That Is is the sum total of the consciousness that is in relationship with those of you upon the Earth but also with a blend into the angelic realm, the masters, the ray lords, and the consciousness of the Universe. There are actually even more energies that are represented within here but these are all the major influences upon this space.

I like for us to all be here within this space as we are creating in your life. The reason for that is because it gives you the opportunity to align with the many energies that are here that have either had the experience that you are seeking to have or that perhaps has some answers that you may be seeking. Perhaps you can even find that aspect of yourself that has already lived or experienced the potential that you are stepping into.

Every person that comes into the Earth puts forth an intention of sometimes one, sometimes two, experiences that they will live through, consider, work with, howsoever you want to look at it, but there may be one or two themes that will become the foundation of your life.

I invite you to consider your life. Is there something in particular that seems to come up again and again and again? And I invite you to be somewhat abstract as you look at this because it may be that you are experiencing many very different things from one another but what’s the underlying energy that comes up?

As you are considering what this may be for you I invite you to have a sense of opening up a door or reaching in to shift your level of consciousness of focus within your divinity. Have a sense of following your energies. You may choose to start from the point in which you are within your life and then backtrack all the way until you link with that time before you were born.

You may also just simply jump to that place before you were born into this current life and have a sense of the gathering that took place before you went into human form.

First of all I invite you to be very aware of your divinity. It may be as if it feels like your oversoul. It may be that you have a sense of talking with your angels and guides. There are many different ways in which one may have a perception of this time before they take on human form.

I invite you to take in a deep breath with the intention of having clear vision of what this may be. So here you are, you are getting ready to have a lifetime and one of the first things that was discussed with everyone was the potential or opportunity for transformation that was going to take place.

Many, many, many of you have ascended throughout many levels of consciousness and existence already prior to this lifetime. And yet you came in without that knowledge. It was there in the back of your mind, it was there somewhat hidden from your everyday life. But instead you had a focus or an intention that was maybe directed in a different way.

So you are considering your life. You are considering what you wished to live through and experience and you are having a conversation with your group. I invite you to have a sense of asking to know if there is a message for you in this moment about this life that you have.

Is there something that feels as if it’s been hidden from you? Now is the time to unlock that door, open up that treasure chest or simply accept the message that is here for you.

I am seeing so very many different potentials that it would be impossible for me to tap into them, but one of the things I would like to say because I think this is going to have an impact on a number of you - is it possible that the trials and tribulations that you have had in your life are there not as the focus but as a decoy to keep you distracted from manifesting your immensity? Is that a potential reality for you?

If it resonates with you then let yourself very gently and easily shift off to the side all that has been a distraction for you and consciously take a deep breath in and once more ground or feel your energies.

As you are looking back towards that time before you came into physical biology let yourself open to receive whatever the communication is about that, let it come into you in this moment. Let it wash over you and then as you look back over your lifetime send an intention of awareness back throughout all that time.

As you do this I can see how so many of you are clearing out what no longer works for you. I can see how there is even more that comes to light or comes into a greater state of being. Be open and allow that to come into you.

As you find this within your life I now invite you to have a sense of truly opening up to acknowledge who you are as your divinity, and as you the human walking upon the Earth. As you feel that alignment between these aspects that make up who you are in this lifetime I invite you to have a sense of clearing away the veil that separate you from all knowing.

As this veil gets cleared away, it’s as if there’s a flash of energy or a flash of light and then you as the human still take in whatever this may be for you. It may be as if there is no change from the moment before but as that veil remains gone and you continue to live your life you will find that you can accept even more the greatness of who you are.

You may find that the flow of energy moves even deeper through you. And as I the Goddess am here assisting you with this illumination, I invite you to let that help you in whatever form you would like but really look inside of yourself and follow that thought, that stream, that consciousness as it goes all the way back into you as your divinity and find your God source essence.

For some it may be as if it’s a brilliant white light. For others it may be an image. For others it may be a color. It may be a space. It may be a feeling without any form of definition.

I invite you to this moment open up to receive your essence as God. Your essence as Source. I am Goddess, the Goddess of Creation, I represent the energy that was the source that created not only humanity but the sparks of light and life out within the Universe and therefore I am you and you are I.

Every one is a spark or an essence that is unique and separate. That is the absolute glory of soul energies. As you allow yourself to explore your divinity the more you get into the bigger, broader more expanded space, that is where people have lifetimes that are overlapping.

Lifetimes of existence where various souls have lived the same experience. Lifetimes that you may tap into and learn from the energies of others. That is why God and Goddess are the culmination of the whole.

We are male and female energies of the same. I invite you to let yourself open up and just as you allow yourself to recognize the intention put forth before you came into this life that you now in this moment reach up and accept who you truly are. As you accept that, let yourself feel it and expand even more.

As you allow yourself to more consciously open up this alignment with your God source energy, think of how that can have an influence on your daily life. As you feel that alignment begin to flow in an even stronger manner, again continue to peel away the layers of the veil and as you do so get rid of those things in your life that are a distraction.

Allow yourself to acknowledge that whatever it was that was perhaps going on that was creating these situations for you can be let go. They can be resolved, they are done. And now you can make a new beginning.

In the past people have talked about walking in of consciousness. There have been experiences where two different soul energies have walked into and out of or stayed perhaps out of first so that a new one can walk in in that same biological body. What is more common of an occurrence is that each of you in your human existence have walked in or accepted in greater amounts of your divinity.

It has created a change in your vibration. It has allowed you to open up to new potentials. And in so many cases it’s as if you no longer even remember what was happening prior to the period of time. Which is why people consider that a walking in of a higher consciousness.

As you breathe in and out allow yourself to experience your source essence. As you breathe in and out accept a new beginning for your life. Accept a beginning that acknowledges the last number of years if not your whole lifetime as having completed its purpose and you are choosing a new beginning.

I invite each one of you to honor and respect yourself for what you life has brought to you up to this point. Be gentle, loving and accepting. As you consciously move through the next several weeks upon the Earth be open to accepting a new beginning for yourself.

Now when people make changes upon their life or within their life, it occurs on many layers. Some people do this in an unconscious manner and it then moves into their consciousness. Other times you may start with a conscious intention that then shifts down through all the levels of their being to that which is unconscious.

Do this right now if you so choose. Bring up the conscious intention of what you would like for your life and then let that move through not only your consciousness, your emotions, your mental body, all those aspects that make up who you are, but then let it also move through everything that is unconscious within and around you.

The next step for this, creation, is to acknowledge that yes this is now my reality. Yes, this is what I am choosing to have within my life. And then the final key is to accept that and then allow your vibration to do whatever it may need to do to bring this into a reality. That may mean that you allow yourself to make new choices in your life.

You allow yourself to experience how powerful you can be. You allow yourself to accept the abundance that is already around you. You open and feel the alignment that brings you into contact with the perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect mate or even the imperfect.

The reason I used the word perfect is because my intention with that is that it gives you the reflection that is your deepest desire. Life on Earth for so many people has been about what was denied to you.

As you integrate more and more of the crystalline energies or the lightbody energies, the next step for that is that you live your life from the space of your heart’s desire. You live it from a space of joy, a space of excitement, a space of understanding that you can have what you seek to have.

You may also find that in the pursuit of this that some of these things you thought you wanted so badly disappear. It may be that from a soul level there’s a part of you that realizes you either wanted that as a disguise for something else. Or you wanted it in such a way that it is no longer in your best interest so you open up and you say ‘okay, well if I don’t want that anymore, what do I want?’

Breathe deeply and I swish through the energy, helping you to clear out any old energies, old thoughts, so that you can more so stand here in the understanding and the reality of how you can truly reflect your God source energy in your life. It’s not a dream. It’s not something that is disconnected and distant from you. It is something that can happen right here, right now.

Take a deep breath in, feeling yourself open and soaking every bit of it up iwthin you. Allow yourself to express this in whatever way brings you the most joy. You take in a deep breath and you let it out. As you gather all these energies around you, be conscious of feeling as if you are re-born in this moment. Be conscious of putting forth the intention of what you seek to have as you move into the next several weeks on Earth.

And as you are bringing all of that awareness within this moment, I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. Look at how different everybody is around you. It is because you are different; you are in a more expanded state. And you are accepting this within yourself so therefore you see it within the others.

There is a hologram that comes up from within. As this hologram is coming up have a sense of seeing the Earth from this shifting dimension. As the Earth is moving more fully into these higher, lighter dimensions, it is reflected within this hologram. So it moves up as if it’s turning on an axis within this group.

I invite you to consciously send that flow of attention and energy into the hologram. Put forth your rebirth, put forth your intention and your acceptance. And as all of that infuses into this hologram, the hologram itself grows even bigger. It’s as if it sparkles and shines and it is showing you not only your own but everyone else’s energies. And you consciously release it so that it may shift. It moves down, moving through the various levels of consciousness and of the Universe.

And as it glides through the crystalline grid there is an aspect that moves out into Ariellis. And then the remainder flows down until it comes to the magnetic grid. As it’s here within the magnetics there is a flow or an energy that moves out around the Earth itself. And the remainder of the hologram goes down until it is moving within the core essence of the Earth.

As it is here within the core essence, there is an alignment that takes place. This alignment then shifts outward and each person who is living upon the Earth that has sent a conscious intention down here within this space becomes a magnet for all that they are creating.

And as that energy comes back up it links with you in your physical reality. It continues that process of clearing out what is over and done. Clearing out any distractions or illusions. Clearing out everything so that you may be reborn in this moment with that clear intention of a higher vibration and that clear intention of where you seek to go in your life.

You let your focus return once more into the All That Is. As you do so you become excited about returning down into your everyday reality. You shift once more into the soul plane. Again as you are here within the soul plane, let yourself reach out or acknowledge your God source energy.

You can feel it even more strongly now that you did at the beginning. Once more that energy shifts, you allow your consciousness to move down as if you are moving through the magnetic grid. Actually you move through the crystalline grid into the magnetic grid. And then as you feel that magnetic pull of the Earth let yourself feel it even more fully. Allow your consciousness to stream back down into you and your physical reality.

Be open to allow this transformation to take place and as you allow it, you can then more fully accept a new beginning and a new reality. Feel as your physical body continues to shift, creating an alignment with this new you.

Okay so with that we will bring this session to a close and we thank everybody for their awareness, their choosing to come in and be a part of this experience tonight. Again we invite you to let this be a new beginning for you. Choose consciously to have what you seek to have in your life. Allow yourself to be open to receive howsoever that may come into your life.

You are direct Source energy so allow that energy to be very present in your everyday life.

Know that you are never alone.

I am ever with you and within.





omitunde 21st December 2011 3:12 pm

...amazing this is what I have been feeling and doing my best to sort out. Every word almost is verbatim what has been moving through me every day. As I spend time alone or when I am active, every moment, every thought, every movement has been calling to me to see my rebirth from the beginning of this life and before! I am grateful to have been motivated to read this all the way through.

Life has been challenging for the past two years and has become more and more a rebirth in every way to the person I know.. I AM

omitunde 21st December 2011 3:27 pm

Can you share about Ariellis....and the crystalline grid

Shelly Dressel 1st January 2012 1:41 pm

Hi Omitunde,

This is the first time I've had to check for messages here! Sorry for the delay in responding.

Ariellis is a name that the Goddess of Creation has given to the 'new earth'. This is a new planet, well, it's not new but it's coming into awareness through the ascension of our planet. It has many of the characteristics of our Earth. It has gravity, all the lush landscape, the water, the animals, people etc. The difference is that people have to be of a certain vibration to live here. Many people are in that vibration for periods of time. It's where you transcend many of the ego based resistances like fear, control, manipulation, etc. On Ariellis, people can be pure source energy or they can manifest a physical body. I've channeled a lot about this, you can read it in my archives on my website:

The crystalline grid has been created because of all the lightbody and crystalline energies that are coming into the earth. It's pure energy. It's a link consciousness to move through. It's a place where you can shift energy.

Hope this helps!


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