Stepping Into Ease Within Your LIfe

This channel came about in part because so many people have been talking about how challenging life is and that what they want is not manifesting. I think that is the one thing that comes up again and again; I want ‘….’ But I just don’t have it! There becomes an energy around what had as yet not manifested which is based in resistance.

So, the Goddess worked with us on the earth plane to come into contact with these energies, then also from within the All That Is. As she helped people come into contact with what the really wanted in their lives, they could then release the energies; it was shifting out of ‘stuck’ into a new fresh perspective. If there is anything in your life that you have been seeking for some time, take this opportunity to link with it and let it go. You may not get rid of the desire, but you are getting rid of the old energy and creating something new.

She then created an alignment that allowed for greater flow from All That Is into your everyday life. This flow was teaching people a technique to use that would assist them in their everyday life if they got bogged down. She speaks of ‘turning’ to the side and opening to a new perspective. She also spoke of always moving towards what feels good. When your life is a struggle, you are against the flow. Consciously breathe deeply and look towards what will feel good.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you, sending forth my love, my attention, sending forth to you where you are in your everyday life with my embrace that it may move through you and you may feel my energies.

As you allow yourself to focus on your breathing, on every breath that you take in, as if you are creating that alignment with your consciousness, you can find that it centers you down within.

So take one breath in, breathing in that centered and focused way and let all of your consciousness come together within you and then as you breathe out let go any tension or stress; let go anything at all that may be holding you back.

As you feel your energies have a sense of taking stock of what is here at this moment in the forefront of your thoughts. Do you find that while you’re still here and grounded upon the Earth that your energies are filled with thoughts of your everyday life, or are you still filled with the energy and the essence of what you seek to have in your life?

Take note, allowing yourself to simply be aware of what ever it is that your attention may be. As I look at you while you are still here within this space, while you’re still fully grounded, I wish for you to know that I see you as the beautiful essence that you are.

I see you and if there are struggles within your life and you’re questioning things, know that I flow to you the essence of complete belief in who you are and what you are doing. If you are in a place in your life where everything feels as if it’s right on track and you’re just cruising along, then I flow to you the energy of support and good will for a job well done.

You are not alone. There are many angels and guides that are available to you in an ongoing basis but more than that you are completely connected to your divinity.

Allow that connection to move through you. I invite you to have a sense of letting go of the Earth plane, let yourself feel as if you are reaching towards the energy of the magnetic grid. As you are here within this space, feel the impulses as they move not only through you but through everyone else who is here.

As this flow continues to move through you, you know that you are aligned with your higher self, you know that you are aligned with the other people upon the Earth. This can be a means of communication if you so choose.

I invite you to let go of the magnetic grid, let go of the magnetic pull of the Earth. Allow yourself to shift into the energies of the crystalline grid. As you arrive here within this space, let yourself simply bask in the flow of energies. You may feel as if you’re in the flow of energies and dimensions. You may feel your own personal expansion.

I invite you to take one more step this time allow yourself to shift into the energies of the soul plane. As you arrive within this space, reach towards your I Am presence. As you reach towards your greater divinity, let yourself feel the expansion that takes place within your consciousness.

Reach out and allow your divinity to blend fully with the consciousness of who you are in this lifetime. You can feel the energies as they expand. You can feel your divinity as it opens up and welcomes you back within this space. This is you. This is the culmination of the many, many lifetimes that you have had.

Chances are as you look towards or feel inside of you for information about your divinity, that you may feel some information but it may not all be clear to you. I invite you to shift with the intention that it may all become clear, that you may receive the answers that you are looking for.

I the Goddess begin to reach out to each one of you, I feel as if I’m walking in and amongst a huge group of soul energies. I reach out to each one of you with love and with my embrace. As our energies merge together you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

Look around you. This is a place of your creation. This is a place where you come as you consider the many things that you are creating in your life. For some it is as if everything is clear. For others it is as if you are opening up and feeling the flow and the energy of even more than you have even considered.

This is a place completely without boundaries and without limitation. Anything at all that you are considering in your everyday life can be experienced here within this space, giving you an opportunity to fine tune different parts of it.

As you look around I invite each of you to create a space that you will use at this time. I wished to speak of the energies that are continuing to come into the Earth.

There are influxes of the crystalline energy; there continue to be flares and other shifts that are taking place out within your galaxy. There is as always an increasing amount of opportunity that’s available to people through the dimensions within and around the Earth.

You may be wondering what that means to you. You may be wondering if it has to mean anything at all or if it just is that it is. As each of you continue along this pathway of integration and ascension, you will find yourself in a multitude of different potentials but some of the predominant paths will be as follows.

There may be influxes of energy that will sometimes peak and sometimes ebb, but the flow is always moving in and around the Earth. You may feel this in a very sensitive manner in which you feel as if everything happening is amplified.

At other times it may be that you are going about your business, living your life and you do not feel any discernible difference of any sort. It all feels equal day by day.

Others may find that what you seek to manifest comes in an easier manner than had anticipated. These are but a few of the predominant pathways that I see not only around everybody here on the call but those of the collective consciousness.

The call to wake up is becoming stronger and stronger in people’s everyday lives. Some may hear it and simply begin that quest of trying to figure out what it means to them. The biggest thing that I would like to speak of at the moment is about the times in which there is struggle.

As you continue to integrate these energies I invite you to again reach towards ease. And by ease I mean reach towards the path of least resistance, reach towards an everyday life in which you find yourself moving with ease. Reach towards decisions in your life that will stimulate you and excite you but yet also feel as if they are part of your flow.

Take this moment and consider what you have been seeking to have in your life. For some of you it may be a long list, for others, one or two things. But what is it that which has seemingly been impossible to manifest. It feels as if it’s a huge mountain or as if it’s just not there.

As you consider this in your life, from here within the All That Is, consciously take a deep breath in and look at it with an openness to a greater understanding. Sometimes you may see that there are either hurdles or blocks that you previously were unaware of.

Whether you are conscious or unconscious of any hurdles or blocks or anything at all that keeps you from your goal, I invite you to consciously breathe in and I breathe out an energy to clear out anything at all that may be there in your life that is no longer working for you, that is no longer serving you.

And as you clear that out and allow yourself to once more look at your life, what is your perception? Is it all still the same as what it was? Is there something else that now is in your way? It may seem as if there are times in which you do this exercise again and again and again. Be at ease and allow it to repeat as many times as you deem necessary.

As you consider whatever it is that you are seeking to manifest, I invite you to take a moment to let those energies come up within you. In this regard, I ask you to choose say perhaps that which is most important to you or that which is strongest in your desires. Have a sense of bringing it up.

As you think about whatever this may be, I invite you to go inside and ask yourself why are you seeking to have this, what is so special about this, is there something more that you should know about what you seek to manifest?

As those thoughts are going through your mind I hear many saying I want it just because I want it. That’s completely fine. Having desires is a very large part of being human and having this Earth-bound experience.

As you continue to contemplate whatever this is that’s in front of you, can you feel your energies tightening up, perhaps you feel as if you’re closing down.

Because you are stepping into that energy which is about desire, which is about wanting, which is about seeking to create or manifest completely whatever it is that you seek. As this all continues to move through you, take this opportunity to once more feel your energies.

If only for this moment let’s remove whatever this is that you seek to have and what I mean by that is I invite you to let go whatever this is as something you seek to manifest.

As if it’s not even in your thoughts, or not even in your vibration. What would your life be without it? As you are looking at your life in this manner and considering this alternative, it is possible that you would like to move into this space more completely?

I find myself smiling because I hear ‘no, no, no, no’. That is as I expected. When people want something within their lives they do so because of whatever those reasons may be. If it does not manifest in an efficient manner or whatever that individual thinks is efficient, things become very intense.

Sometimes you find yourself spiraling into the lack of what you seek, sometimes you doubt yourself and your abilities. Sometimes you doubt the energies of the world to provide. So whatever that may be, let it all come up inside of you now, come up inside, bring it up bring it up, phew, and let it go.

As you look again at what you seek to have, it begins to shift in energy when you are reaching towards it from a place that has diffused the energy of intenseness or the energies of lack.

You may choose to do that exercise with every single thing that you have on your list. You can put the whole list together as if it’s one bit item and shift out all the energies about what it is that you seek to have.

I can feel the flow and I can feel almost as if I see debris shedding off of you that each one of you are letting go of that intense energy or that desire that becomes as if you are strangling what you seek to have.

As you breathe into this moment let yourself connect to your divinity. You need only open up and feel that flow as it moves through you. You are here in this space that is the essence of your divinity. As these energies move through you find yourself able to integrate even more fully with your I Am presence.

I wanted you to move through this experience so that you would have the opportunity to feel your essence and to feel the differences between when you are struggling to find something or to make something happen and when you are in the energies of allowing.

You still may want to have one or more of those things that you just released. Let it come back to you now in this moment. As you consider what you seek to have, be open and feel a new relationship within yourself. Within this new space let yourself feel the flow and be open to consciously receive anything that will assist you in finding what you seek.

Again if you find yourself back in that place that struggles and feels the lack, breathe in and release it, let it go. Turn your energies to the side and move in a direction of greater ease. As you move in this direction of ease look around at what is here for you.

There is perhaps a different way that you may manifest what you seek to have. It may come from another source. It may come in another form. It may be that you have already met what you seek to have and yet you didn’t see it. Look all around you with the intention of being open to the flow and feeling the ease in movement.

Especially when you are in the higher dimensions and you try to force something to happen, you create a roadblock. If your life feels like it’s a struggle from the moment you wake up until you go to bed you are creating one roadblock after another. If you are looking for something new, something that will have a greater ease, then let that flow.

I hear people talking about how what happens up here is always easy but when you’re on the Earth plane and your consciousness is in your everyday life is when it becomes difficult. So my message to you is that in your daily life, consciously breathe down this essence of the All That Is. It may be when you wake up in the morning you take one or two deep breaths.

And with those breaths you breathe in deeply, consciously inviting the All That Is to merge with you and be a part of your day and then you breathe out struggle. It may be that you are stuck in traffic and you find yourself getting so frustrated trying to get to work or an appointment or wherever it may be.

So you consciously breathe down the All That Is and this place where things feel like they happen with ease and you let that shift your energy of frustration and you let yourself relax for a moment and then as you look around at the traffic it may all be there exactly as it was before but you are no longer connected to that which is so frustrating.

If you are trying to manifest abundance and yet the lack thereof seems to be all around you with unpaid bills, with a feeling of a mountain perhaps of debt, or with the desire to have a place to live, food on your table, let those fears and that lack come up within you for this moment…phew, and breathe out!

As you breathe out you let go your fear, you let go any other emotions that may be associated with that and then consciously invite ease and the All That Is to come down in to your reality.

It may be that everything is exactly the same after you do that but the difference is that you feel better. You will have let go the tension, you will have let go what feels awful and you will have breathed down within you these moments of being in the All That Is and the moments of ease.

When you do that again and again and it becomes a habit for you, you will begin to notice that money comes in from unexpected places, perhaps the job that you’ve been looking for, perhaps the place to live that you’ve been seeking. When you are in the place of ease and when you are in the place that is the flow of the All That Is, you see way more easily the potentials that are around you.

If you are seeking a relationship, you’re tired of being alone, you feel lonely, it feels helpless, it feels like it’s never going to happen, bring up that sense of helplessness, bring up that sense of loneliness, bring up anything at all that has to do with finding perhaps a partner, perhaps just a friend, whatever it is in relationships that you are seeking.

And as this comes up within you, breathe down the essence of the All That Is. Let it move through you and let it move through your emotions so that in this moment you feel the companionship of all who are here. You feel the completion within your own self.

In doing this you will also begin to notice other people around you. You will begin to notice there is a greater opening to the flow of people moving in and out of your life. Let that be your experience right now.

As you move through your days, as I invite you to seek the path of least resistance or the path with greater ease, I invite you to consciously breathe down into yourself into all your energy fields and let go anything at all that is outside that feeling of feeling good. Breathe in and out, feeling the flow of energy and feeling yourself as you are.

I invite you to come back together as a group. Feel as if you are looking around and you notice all the other people who are here. Perhaps those friends or partners that you are looking for are here within this space. Perhaps the people that can share with you the vibration of abundance are here within this space.

You are not alone. You can always reach out and experience this moment and move through these energies.

As you come together have a sense of feeling, seeing, sensing, the hologram of the Earth as it comes up within the center of this group. As you look at this hologram be open to see or sense the energies that it is already emanating. These are the energies of the Earth. These are the energies of each one who is here and they are the energies of what is currently the essence of the Earth.

So infuse into this hologram the intention of creating a life with ease. Send forth into this hologram what it feels like for you to wake up and find your day unfold with ease, that no matter what the energies that infuse the Earth at any given time, you can find a place of ease.

Let all of that move into this hologram. It becomes a brilliant white light and you have a sense of releasing it. As this hologram shifts from this group you see it aligning within the crystalline grid and that aspect that is appropriate for Ariellis shifts off and moves in that direction and the vast majority goes down as if into the space of your physical Earth.

It moves through the magnetic grid, it moves down into the core of the Earth. As it does so it links with the crystals that are there and that core essence of the magnetic pull.

This intention of a greater ease in the energies and a greater ease in people’s lives moves throughout this space and then it moves outward from there. It is as if it is coming out from the Earth. It is as if it goes out through the water, the trees, the grass. It moves through everything.

And it comes up within you in your everyday life. As you feel your energies allow yourself to open to a greater flow and a greater ease. Take another moment and consciously let go of any resistance that you may have be it conscious or unconscious. You clear it out and you let it go and you breathe in even more of your awareness and your choice that everything flows with ease.

From there let your focus come back once more into the space of the All That Is. Take a moment from within your consciousness to observe your life upon the Earth. Look at how the energies are shifting as this integration takes place. Look from this perspective to see if there is any information that will benefit you to know.

As you continue to feel these energies moving through you allow your consciousness to shift once more. You move into the soul plane feeling the energies of your divinity. Feeling the energies of who you are. You shift into the crystalline grid and there is a flow that just moves down through that grid until you find yourself with the magnetic. As you arrive here within the magnetic grid let yourself feel those energies. They continue moving through.

As these energies flow through the magnetic grid you can find yourself again in that flow of the Earth feeling the magnetic pull of the Earth.

As you find your consciousness and your energies coming back here within the Earth let your physical body create an adjustment that allows your focus to expand.

As you bring back with you this greater amount of your divinity, as you bring back that expanded consciousness, let it flow through you. It is as if it comes down through your body, it goes down to the Earth, anchoring in the Earth and it comes back up to settle within you.

Feel this flow as the energies move through you in your human space. Again affirm the choice of finding greater ease within your life. Affirm the energies that support you in this manner.

All right beloved family, as we bring this session to a close this evening just as with these questions I invite you to spend the next week or so trying to find the ease within your life; reaching towards the ease.

Sometimes as if you have to consciously move your physical body in a 90 degree angle, look for something different, look for new opportunities and allow that all to flow within your life with ease.

This is going to continue on. This is only the beginning. And as you are living within the crystalline energies, the sense of allowing for things to unfold is what will move you along with greater ease. When you force something or try to make something happen it will keep you in a place of resistance.

I invite you to open up and allow your life to unfold with ease at any given moment.

I am ever with you and within.



EarthAngel339 19th October 2011 3:19 pm


It would be more helpful to actually assist those who are struggling with these issues, on a direct basis. Most of these healers, channelers, psychics, etc do not help people with actual connections to those who can and will help them. A channeler should know how to connect the needy with those who can and will be charitable to assist them out of their pain and suffering and traumas and it does not appear to be so. I teach my students and clients to make sure they are dealing with real compassionate, generous, kind people.

Namaste, DEVORAH


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