The Central Spiritual Sun & Solar Flares

This channel was given to us specifically to assist with the infusions of energy during August 2011. There are many times in which there are infusions of energy, solar flare and other galactic responses. So while this focus is about what’s happening right now, it can apply to any other situation.

Because of the intensity of the energy, the Goddess began by creating a spa. This is within the All That Is and it was an opportunity to feel loved and nurtured. She created a space where people could set up the energies of a massage, reflexology, skin treatment and more. There were a number of people who remained in the space the entire time of the journey.

Then there was a group who went with her to Central Spiritual Sun. We’ve been there before in other channels, so it was easy to find the way back. Within this space, she assisted each of us in finding a connection to the essence of the Central Sun. Each of us are a part of this whole, so if you look for your own energy, it will create an even greater alliance. Once we had acclimated, we were able to link with the part of it that is in alignment with the solar flares that as yet have been released.

From that point, we blended with the intended energy. It was very powerful and filled with the energy of the universe. Her intention in doing this was that it allows us to find the alignment before it comes into the earth so that when it does, we have little or no symptoms or resistance. In addition to that, the intention was that by already having this alliance, we would be able to use the energy to amplify our manifestations. I could see the focus and intention increasing through each person’s link with the energy.

She finished this journey with assisting everyone in grounding the energies. By grounding in this manner, it brought the shift from the All That Is, into your everyday reality.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. As I reach out to you I feel so many threads of energy just flowing through not only me but the Universe, and they flow down into the Earth plane and become available for each one of you.

I invite you to allow your focus to be within.

There have been a great many transformations taking place during this summer or winter as it may be upon your Earth.

During the month of July we had fun working with manifesting and allowing the focus to be upon money and I realize the majority of you have not got your million dollars in your account as you were seeking. But you should realize that you have done a great deal of work and it is impacting you in more ways than you can be aware in this moment.

When it comes to manifesting, it’s about the space and the energy no matter what it may be. So everything that we did, the steps that we were practicing, playing that game if you want to call it, or feeling that energy of having that amount of money in your account, created not only a space for that potential but it created a receptacle so to speak for abundance in many different forms.

When you allow yourself to be open to the flow without reservation you are in a space to receive opportunities, wealth, good health, many, many, many different things. I wanted to address this at the very beginning here because it has set up the energies for what is going to happen in this month.

The group of people who are here present on this call were speaking about the celestial alignments, about the solar flares and about its effect on people as they are living their lives.

I wanted to share with you that there is going to be a particular intensity of energy during what you might call the fifteenth through eighteenth of this month. I very rarely give specific dates but it was important to me to be able to share this with you so that you can have the intention, and so that during the journey this evening you would have an opportunity to allow this flow to move through you and allow yourself to be in the space of being open to receive.

All right. I invite you to take in one more deep breath allowing your focus to breathe down within you for this moment. And as you do so let yourself have a sense of anchoring these energies.

As you anchor your consciousness within, what you find can happen is that even more of your consciousness is then able to be released and come along with us on these journeys.

As you let go your physical body, feel as if you shift into the space of the magnetic grid. As you come here within this space, you feel the essence of your higher self. You may see everyone else as they are here within this space as they manifest. You may also take this as an opportunity to be open to receive any information that your higher self has been holding for you.

As for the magnetic grid, it has a pulsation and an energy associated with it. As you feel this you feel the essence of the Earth. It has shifted and changed so much during the last ten years or more. It is much less distinct than what it was when we first began working with these energies.

And the reason for that is the continued integration of the crystalline energies and the lightbody. So here in this moment I invite you to have a sense of reaching outward, allowing yourself to shift further so that you may move through the interlocking grid and into the crystalline grid.

Now here the energy is quite different. You let go the magnetic pull of the Earth; you let go that sense of moving from point A to point B. Here within the crystalline vibration and the crystalline energy it’s more a state of being and you could have a sense of sending that flow out from you and receive it back from every different direction.

Allow these crystalline energies to assist you in focusing in this moment. From here I invite everybody to have a sense of moving into the soul plane. As you arrive within this space, look towards or invite your I Am presence to come here and merge with you.

Some of you may have a sense of feeling this as an essence that walks towards you. Some may feel it as if it comes up from within your consciousness. Howsoever it works for you I invite you to open up, accepting and feeling an even deeper alignment within.

Your divinity is immense. It is here for you and it encompasses many, many different lifetimes and life experiences both on the Earth plane and out in the Universe. You have access to any one of those experiences and it is there as a means of assisting you on wherever your path may take you.

I the Goddess move into this space. You may sense me as a ball of light; you may sense me as a figure of energy. As I move here within I reach out to each one of you so as to blend, merging my energies with yours.

As we merge you may feel yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. This is our space; it’s where so much of what happens not only to you but with the collective consciousness upon the Earth.

It is a place of creation. It is a place of allowing. It is a place that you can come to and simply feel who you are and the unconditional love of your divinity or of God/Goddess and the All That Is.

I wish to begin the journey this evening, or at least this portion of it, by inviting each one of you to do just that. As you allow your focus to be here within this space I invite you to have a sense of reaching out and then opening up or allowing yourself to let in all the energies of love and support that are here for you.

There have been many times you have come here to this space and you feel it as your sanctuary. For this moment or any other time that you seek to come back here I invite you to simply experience these energies.

I feel some of you as if you are floating upon a cloud. I sense others receiving a massage. I sense others as if they are at the spa and they’re having foot reflexology, the gels and creams upon their face and skin.

Let yourself in this moment bask in these energies and let go; let go that analytical mind that can feel like it’s too much at times. And in place of that feel the warm, soothing energies of complete acceptance and complete support and love.

As you continue to bask in these energies, bring up your emotions. Are there any emotions that seem as if they’ve been particularly intense or perhaps you feel as if you are stuck? Let them come up here in this moment and then breathe out and just let them go.

I also hear from some of you about all the stuff that you need to do in your daily life. You are very busy, you need to accomplish various things, so let that go. Let go the stuff that you have in your life. As I look at you I see every one of you peeling off layers upon layers that you have accumulated and as these layers come off, you find yourself connecting even deeper within your divinity.

This is perhaps a sense of the residual and a bit about what I was speaking of at the beginning. But if you will bring up for this moment, while you’re in this state of relaxation, the essence or the residual of manifesting your million dollars. Let it come into this space while you are here in this place of being.

You make me laugh because some of you say ‘oh who wants to bother with that now, I’d rather just relax and enjoy’ so by all means do that if you would like. This is your time to do whatever you seek.

But because that was our focus I invite you to let go if there’s any disappointment or if there are any sorts of emotional or analytical reaction in regards to what we were doing before. You breathe in and you breathe out and you let it go.

What you are doing is releasing the emotions or the energy aligned with an experience and by releasing that energy you can feel it as if you are recreating a new alignment with whatever it is that you seek to have.

And what I’m looking at, what I’m seeing happening, is that that energy of being in the flow and receiving - which in this moment we speak of money - has allowed each of you to expand into a greater alignment with receiving and allowing that into your life.

What else do you want to have in your life, what else do you seek to manifest? I’m still laughing at the people who say ‘oh who can bother?’ Excellent. The more that you are in this state of relaxation, the more that you allow yourself to more fully merge with the energies of the All That Is, the more open you are to receive what it is that you seek to have.

I invite you to let these energies work for you. You may stay here for as long as you like or you may come back here in a little while if you so choose.

But for those who are interested in joining me, I invite you to have a sense of coming with me as we merge with the energies of the Universe and let’s go into the Central Spiritual Sun once more. We have been here before. This by many is considered the soul of the Universe. Simply putting forth the intention to merge with this space allows you to move inside.

We’ve been speaking about the solar flares as they come into the Earth or as they affect the Earth plane. You have been speaking of the other things that take place in the Universe and have an effect upon you.

I invite you as you merge with this energy to allow yourself to find an alignment with these flares as we call them that are coming into the Earth right now. I see people aligning with this in a very abstract manner where they simply feel the energy of those flares and they find an alignment with that.

I see others as they look at all that is here within this space and they find that the energy behind the flare is related to things that are happening within their life.

Look at this. Open to feel whatever it may be. As you allow yourself to come here within this space, you may have a sense of seeing your own life and the things that are happening to you.

As you create an alignment with whatever this energy is, what you are doing is creating an alignment that will affect or assist your physical body. As you open up to feel these energies almost as if it’s an introduction, let yourself know what it may mean.

As you feel this essence, feel this energy, put forth the intention that through the next several weeks you are in an alignment with these energies coming in and therefore you feel the energies as if it supports and nurtures you.

Allow that flow to move through. Is there something you are seeking to have in your life? Take this opportunity as you bask in these energies of the Central Spiritual Sun and really experience what that is. As you consider whatever this may be look at it with an even greater depth. From within this greater depth you have the opportunity to create exactly what you seek to have.

So many of you are open to the various potentials that are around you. And that is wonderful. I invite you to take a look at this and ask yourself if you are actually putting forth conflicting energies.

You want something but then you’re not sure if it’s going to happen or not so you’re putting on the breaks. You want something but if you get that how is that going to impact your life? Do you really want that impact in your life? You want something but if you get that you might have to step into the energies of being as big as you possibly can be and perhaps that brings up fear or some reservations.

Sometimes when these solar flares and even when other energies are very intense as they come into the Earth it works as a means of holding up a mirror for you. And as you’re looking in that mirror it’s as if you have to make a decision or you have to create the reality of what you seek to have.

This is what I seek to assist you in releasing at this time. Breathe deeply and as you breathe out let go any sense of lack within you. Let go of any resistance. Let go of anything at all that keeps you from that alignment. I can see as I’m looking at each one of you a very deep transformation taking place.

I see in each one of you as you allow yourself these alignments, that you are also allowing yourself an even greater link to the Central Spiritual Sun. Through that you are amplifying your own alignment with your divinity. Yes indeed your divinity can be found here within this space.

I invite you to reach out towards what they may be. For some it is as if you don’t recognize yourself because this is you in all of your immensity. For some as you look at yourself you may see that you are the master already that you are seeking to be in this lifetime.

The Universe and all the many stars and planets within it were created each as a representation of a different energy or essence. And yet through that uniqueness there is a deep and abiding alignment that moves throughout the solar system, it moves throughout the planets and it moves through you.

You are not alone. You are here within this space and you walk upon the Earth. You have other aspects of yourself that may be living sometimes other lifetimes upon the Earth, sometimes other lifetimes out here in the Universe.

When you are working with or aligned with your own divinity, it is as if every experience that you have had that comes back and blends with your I Am presence is alive and in motion. When you seek to create a shift for yourself and that shift moves back through your divinity it is as permanent and as profound as if you were living that life in that moment.

The more that you allow your consciousness to be here within this space, or in the Universe, in the soul plane, in the All That Is, the more alignment you create to all this knowledge, all this awareness and all of these experiences. When you hear people speaking to you and they say that your answers are within this is what they mean.

As you are living your life, as you seek to know whatever the information is that you need for whatever may be happening in your life, you can come back here to the Central Sun, to the soul plane, to the All That Is, or even out within the ethers and allow that knowledge or the information that you seek to flow through you and down into your everyday life.

Sometimes people have difficulty trusting this information. If you create the space as we have done in this journey, if you open and ask a question, then the information you receive is coming from Source essence.

If you ask the question then feel as if you have not received the answer, let yourself relax, let yourself be open and feel the flow as it moves through and the answer may come to you in something that you read, in a notice that comes through a billboard, you may hear it with your inner ears, you may just have a knowing deep inside of you.

I invite you to be open to all of it, to feel it and to accept that yes, what you are hearing and yes, what you are seeking you have found.

I invite you to once more let your energies shift into the space of the All That Is. The movement within the Universe especially as you are in these alignments is a very easy and gentle flow. As you gather together have a sense of that hologram of the Earth coming back up within you.

You work with this hologram all the time. You can feel it. You know what it is. As it comes up within this group I invite each one of you to infuse into the hologram your own alignment from within the Central Sun.

And what I see happening as you do this, it is as if the sun itself merges more fully within this space. It comes here within the All That Is and it creates a new alignment with that hologram.

As this is happening there is a sense of other impulses of energy from other parts of the Universe also creating an alignment within here.

All these energies infuse into the hologram and the hologram itself expands bigger and bigger. As this integrates have a sense of feeling the flow of energy as it moves through you and into this hologram of the Earth.

As the time is right it is as if it feels complete and the hologram begins to rotate and spin. As this happens you may have a sense of it shifting. It shifts through the space of the All That Is, it shifts into the crystalline grid and as it does so there is an essence that moves out to Ariellis or the New Earth.

There is another essence that moves shifting downwards through the crystalline grid until it merges with the magnetic grid.

As this hologram comes into contact with the magnetic grid there is an essence that expands as it encircles the Earth itself. But the core essence continues moving downward. It moves down into the Earth, it links with those crystals at the center of the Earth and as that happens everything that was infused within it merges and blends within the Earth.

As that reverberates it comes out moving through all the layers of the Earth, it comes out through the surface and it will come up through each one of you.

As it does so breathe in those energies, let yourself breathe them down into your physical reality and let it radiate out from there so that everything that’s happening in your life, your work, your family, your friends, your community, the world, the collective consciousness, from you as the individual person you are and expanding out through everything that is there.

See or sense that alignment and that balance as it moves through everything. There is also a sense of a golden light that emanates from each one of you and shifts outward.

Allow your focus to return once more into the space of the All That Is. I invite you to feel your radiance, or feel your essence as you are in this moment. Let yourself feel that flow of energy and take with you the intention of alignment for the next several weeks of these transformations upon the Earth.

Here within this space you can come at any time and feel the love, the support, the relaxation that is available to you. You may also choose to come here to feel the energies of the Central Sun, to feel the energies of the Universe and those many alignments that you have created.

You may also put forth the intention to allow as much of this as possible to come back with you into your daily life.

Feel yourself as you shift into the soul plane. You may have a sense of your divinity and while you bring as much as possible into your everyday life, there’s still the majority that resides within this space.

But you have created a new alignment, you have created a deeper alignment and through that there is an easier flow of information. Allow your consciousness to shift again so that you yourself move through the energies of the crystalline grid.

You may feel that flow and that balance as it supports you as your consciousness is once more creating another alignment this time with you as you are as a result of this journey.

Allow your consciousness to flow further, coming back down within the magnetic grid. You may stay within this space for a while or you may find yourself quickly moving through and feeling the flow of your energy as you begin to return once more into your physical body.

As these energies flow within you I invite you to breathe deeply allowing your consciousness to come back down with in you, let it go all the way down through your heart center, let it go into your abdomen, and send it down into the Earth, allowing yourself to feel the energies of the Earth, the anchor of the Earth and then it comes back up and remains within you.

Here in this space of consciousness I invite you to bring down in a very intentional manner what you were seeking to shift in the All that Is. Bring in that alignment to the Central Sun and feel it as it moves through you. Bring in your alignment with the solar flares and the other energies of the Universe and let it anchor within you.

Breathe in whatever it may be that you seek to have, allowing it to breathe down, allowing it to fill you up and then send it outward so that it may move through your entire life, so that it may move through your experience.

Let yourself feel what this is. Let yourself know that you are anchoring these energies within not only your physical body, but your environment, your life, your non-physical energies.

You are renewed. You are balanced. You are in perfect alignment to receive whatever you seek to have in your life. As you allow these energies to come more fully within you I invite you to come back within this room.

All right everyone, we thank you as always for taking the opportunity to come and share this time with us. As you are moving into these next days and weeks to come, or even if you are reading this and it’s already passed, be aware that there will always be surges of energy that comes into the Earth and you can create an alignment or an intention through this work with the Central Sun, with your divinity, or with putting forth that intention while in the All That Is.

Breathe down and allow yourself to feel this. Breathe down the intention of having an alignment that supports you in all ways so that you feel good, so that you’re filled with energy and so that you manifest what you seek to have in your life.

Know that I am ever with you.




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