The Central Sun Clears for the Lion’s Gate & Eclipses

YES, the world is changing!  YES we have even greater access than ever before to our divinity, our potentials, our God source.  This channel takes us to the Central Spiritual Sun which is the soul of the universe and all omniverse.  This is a very powerful place to really rebalance and center within. 

The Goddess begins with channel with speaking about all the changes taking place this month; we have both a lunar and solar eclipse and the powerful energy of the Lion’s Gate.  We have all been working diligently to create a greater sense of peace and love upon earth.  During this channel, the Goddess takes us into a very light, loving energy and from there assisted with releasing the ego based intentions and desires. 

Once this was complete, there was a greater clearing and balancing that took place in the energy of the central sun.  Once you experience this clearing it is easier to release old patterns stuck in your ego.  In turn; you open to love and that which is your highest good. 


Nama Sika, Venia Benya   Nam Sika, Venia Benya

I am the one.  I am the whole.  I greet you and I welcome you to this time together.  We as a group energy are creating some amazing transformations, both out in the universe and here upon the Earth.  Every time that a group of people come together with an intention of either clearing out something old, or creating something new, there is an amplitude for that intention and that energy to take place.

There are many, many people that are paying attention to what is happening in their lives.  No longer is there that sense that one person, one group, or a small group of people need to protect the whole entire Earth or create the change upon the Earth.  Instead at this time space reality there are many, many faces so to speak, or many, many divergent means in which people are tapping into the energies of the Universe as they continue to integrate into the Earth.  Anyone that has that intention of expanding their life, of finding the balance that they seek to have, will naturally blend in to all the others that have a similar intention.  Therefore it spreads around the world by wave, upon wave, upon wave. 

Sometimes when you are feeling the distraction in your own lives it is because these divergent waves of energy may be bouncing you about.  Sometimes when you have worked in this energy or with this intention you have already created your own niche so to speak, and through that alignment these other energies may be coming in going through the place in which you are and it is coming from that unconscious place within you.

This month of August is going to be particularly powerful if you wish to look at it that way.  There are two eclipses, both the lunar and the solar.  The Lions Gate as it is called comes in with the full moon that is happening almost as we speak.  But more so it is that time between the eclipses that is creating an immense potential for transformation, and because the lunar eclipse will take place in the next 24 hours after that this recording you are right now stepping into that energy. 

There are also solar flares which are the impulses that are released by the Sun that can sometimes wreak havoc upon your Earth.  I therefore invite you to take the time in which we are here gathered this evening to create an even greater balance and intention for how you would like these next few weeks to work with you. 

The alignment of the Moon the Earth the Sun, the Earth the Moon the Sun, as everything is going in its normal rotation is also creating unique balances out within the solar system.  This is another reason why energies will be felt so intensely upon the Earth. 

Take in a deep breath where you breathe down intentionally moving that energy all the way through you.  Send it down into the earth so that you may take this time or take this moment creating that alignment and that balance with Gaia.  As you do so allow yourself to feeling anchored.  Allow yourself to feel the power, the pulsation, and the heartbeat of the Earth as it is moving up through you, through that breath of light and energy in which you anchor yourself. 

You allow that to flow up within you.  You then send that energy out through the top of your head.  As you feel that flow as it moves through you, you come into contact with your Higher Self.   Take a moment allowing your own energies to expand within that space.  As you look around at your Higher Self you may see you as you are in this everyday life, you may see you as you are as an immense divinity.  The greater your alignment within this part of you the easier the flow to your divinity.   

Everything we do with these teleconferences is about creating that open flow and alignment with your divinity.  The foundation for everything taking place in your life is your divinity.  Your way in which you can find the greater ease and balance within your life is through your divinity.  So take that flow.  Allow that movement and that expansion to blend even further, coming from that higher expansion down into your everyday life, and consciously allow that flow to move up and down.  You can close your eyes if that allows you to focus a little more, but feel yourself and your physical presence and then feel yourself as you expand upwards into your Higher Self. 

From within your Higher Self allow your consciousness to stream out even further.   As you do so that link, that thread of energy that anchors you to your Soul just allows you to go straight into that space in which the rest of your divinity resides.  Some people call it the Soul plane, some people call it a part of the All That Is, some people call it Heaven.  Some people will even call it a state of inertia or balance, or just a state of being that doesn’t have positive or negative it is just a state of being.  There is no right or wrong.  I invite you to learn for yourself what your divinity is to you.  As if you blend let your consciousness move within the space and it may feel as if you are stretching and every direction.  Allow yourself to expand. 

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you as your divinity, you as your consciousness.  As our energies blend together you automatically shift into the All That Is.  Look around at all that is here for you.  This is your place of creation.   Once again the transition that is taking place upon the earth is having an impact within this space.  Everything is having those subtle shifts in alignment.  So you may find yourself and a new space.  You may find even more energy available to you.  It may feel more comfortable to you.  Or for some it is if it is stretching you drawing you up into a lighter, higher vibration. 

Throughout the last several months I have spoken with you at length about you and the vibration that emanates from you.  That vibration has a particular frequency.  It has a particular tone and it is the reflection of who you are as a person.  When people seek to create change in their life their focus is upon what they seek to have.  We know many times people have followed the Law of Attraction that you create the vibration within you and then it manifests into your reality.  We’ve spoken at length about creating that balanced intention so that you can clear out anything that is keeping you from manifesting what you seek. 

Sometimes no matter what you do, no matter what you clear, no matter what your intention is, things still are not manifesting.  Sometimes the answer to that is there is no specific reason why it hasn’t worked!  Sometimes it is that your divinity and the Angels and Guides around you are seeking to bring in something new different or even better for you.  Therefore you had chosen at that level not to go on that particular path so as to be open to something else, but your human self didn’t get the memo.  You therefore feel frustrated, angry and disappointed.  Sometimes it’s about releasing control.  Sometimes as you are creating your reality in life those things that affect your vibration, your frequency, your resonance, you are actually kind of moving over that line and into that a space where you are controlling how this reaction comes out. 

I hear you.  I hear you.  Everyone’s like you just got done telling us that’s what we need to do.  Here’s a little bit of that what if.  Control something that comes from your mental body and from your human experience.  When you speak, or when you seek to have the vibrational frequency or alignment with what you said to have, that’s coming as an intrinsic, unconscious, vibration that generates from your divinity.  Therefore that communication that you have is here within your Higher Self and your divinity and then it flows through you doing anything that it needs to do in your reality.  As this is happening there maybe clues that come your way in your life.  It is those clues that can help you go in one direction or another.  It is sometimes not recognizing those clues for what they are that creates that separation within the individual and keeps things from manifesting. 

The reason I wished to speak of this this evening is that all of the things taking place in this month are here to help you clear that human control, that human intention and instead assist you with stepping into your reality.  So beloved come with me I am going to create this space or have already done so with your own divinity so that you may step into a different potential and reality.

For some it may feel as if you were going to the spa and you lay on that table to have a massage.  For some you may have that sense of going into your Sacred Space.  It is that environment that nourishes you and feels good when you are there.  Whatsoever the space is it is unique to you. 

As you allow yourself to find that space of relaxation then your Angels, your Light Beings that work with you come in and they going to begin as if at the top of your head, they are going to begin to work with the energy of your thoughts and beliefs.  They pull out and let go any control that you may have over making a situation work for you.  There’s another thought or another energy that comes through to you with that, we tap into that, ~whew~ you clear it out. 

Allow yourself to then be open to receive the flow from your own divinity as it moves through your mental body.  Within your physical brain those pathways that you have, that an intention begins and it moves through those pathways sending the information or impulse down into the rest of your physical body.  Let that move through.  They continue to work with your energies creating that shift in the frequency that we were speaking about earlier without you consciously focusing upon anything, but instead just receiving as they clear out your energy body. 

When you seek to have change in your life or you seek to have goals it is because you want something different in your life.  That want that you have tap into that and let it go.  We do this almost every time it feels like and yet people continuously hold back, come back to whatever that is.  So I believe a part of that transition that is no longer working for you is that whatever it is that you want needs to be transitioned. 

We have said it before about clearing out around whatever it is you want.  But I would like for you to just give 5 minutes or 10 minutes to just clear it out, let go of whatever it is that you want.  ~whew~   Let it go because people get stuck with not having what they want and that’s the problem.  ~whew~ let it go and immediately as your mind or your mental body starts saying but I want it, but I want it, but I want it.  We are going to interrupt that pattern and send a new impulse in, moving through you, that is that deeper alignment with your divinity.  It is as if we rewire your consciousness. 

Some of you will stay within this space for a period of time, but when you feel the time is right and you would like to shift your focus.  I invite you to join me.  We are standing in front of what is known as the Central Spiritual Sun it is not the Sun that circulates around your planet.  This is the Sun or it looks like a Sun, because it is so brilliant and it is filled with energy and light.  This is the space in which the Soul or the creation of the Universe manifests.  It may feel electric, it may feel discordant to you, it may feel as if we bask in the energy. 

But as you allow yourself to have this experience with the Central Spiritual Sun it will reactivate within you, from that deepest part within you; from that tiny cellular memory of who you are as your soul essence.  Let it burn away the disappointment.  Allow yourself to unconsciously realize these new pathways that you have just created within yourself.

As you are here within this energy of the Central Spiritual Sun, look within at your Soul.  Chances are you have had a lifetime already where you have mastered some of these experiences.  Chances are there is an aspect of you living in another reality that has already mastered these experiences.  You have the potential to tap into any part of that.  So allow this brilliant vibration and energy to illuminate all. 

Find the you that is truly you.  As you do so embrace those aspects of you that support you from within.  As you are looking at the many, many incarnations that you have had in your huge expanded soul, perhaps there is more abundance out within the universe.  Allow that universal light to flow into you supporting you.   

Look at your Earth as it’s moving through the transitions of this month.  As you do so open to the perception of how you are interrelated with everything that is happening.  As you are opening your consciousness to the Earth transitions you may actually see that there are threads of energy that come from you, perhaps and another time space reality, perhaps in another past life, perhaps in what you might call a future life, but all of those resources can help you as you live your life upon the Earth.  Let everything come into this now moment for you. 

As you bask in this energy you may hear a tone or a vibration.  Allow it to support you.  As it illuminates all that is within you look at yourself through the eyes of love.  Here within this brilliance there is only love.  So clear out anything at all in your reality that is a part from love. 

This alignment has been expanded from within your consciousness and therefore is going to be more readily available to you anytime you may seek to come within the space.  At this moment though I invite you to shift your focus coming back once more into the All That Is.  Look at the transformation in you.  It’s almost as if once you get away from that brilliance and more and more of your everyday reality you can actually see the difference.  This is about illuminating all that is within you so that that natural vibration that more fully supports you is able to be the predominant vibration within you.  Again take care of that human control.  Take out that human criticism.  Take out anything at all aside from this place in which you are in alignment with your Soul and the Central Spiritual Sun. 

As that illuminates all within your perception look around at that energy of what they called is the Lions Gate.  This month of August is the 8th month and 8 in numerology is frequently about abundance and prosperity.  Therefore as you are looking at your life look through the eyes of the infinite love. 

If you find yourself noticing the lack as if this illuminates all that you do not have it this moment, then again clear it out shifting it to the side.  There is only love.  There is only light within this space.  Therefore as you are looking at prosperity in your life from the space of love allow that flow of the unlimited resources as it moves through you. 

So too the number 8 is like the infinity symbol.  There is an infinite flow of life experiences within your divinity.  As you allow that to come down into your everyday reality circle above is your divinity and the circle below is your everyday reality.  Let that flow into the infinity sign of the 8th so that all that is here, that within the All That Is, can flow more easily into everything that is you in your everyday life.  There we go.  Again I can feel that movement flow through you and the image of the Lion’s Gate, with that brilliant power of the Lions, let that strength and their power be within you as all is illuminated.   

Your human consciousness need only need only focus on I accept, I receive, I accept, I receive and if you have to reaffirm that for yourself 50 times a day then do so.  You are accepting this vast, vast infinite amount of love, light, abundance that is here.  That is always ready for you.  You receive it into your physical reality.  Allow this to flow through you.  This automatically creates that flow of the crystalline vibration which makes up the higher dimensional Lightbody energy.  This is a large part of this new transformation for you taking place with the transitions and energies at the moment of this month.  It is cutting throughout, clearing out the old stuck energies, and therefore bringing in more and more and more of that which is of the infinite.  Feel what it is.  Receive what it is.  Be what it is for you.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group.  As everyone’s energy comes into this now moment recognize how much you have transformed.  Look around you through the eyes of your Soul and perhaps see things differently.   As you feel all of what this is for you may have flowed within and around you even more fully.  So within this group you see that Hologram of the Earth. 

The Earth itself has already begun releasing these energies that are going to transform throughout this month.  All of this is set in preparation for the equinox next month.  That is a completion of a one year cycle of very intense transformation. 

So as you are looking at the Hologram pay attention to what is already transformed and what is another way of anchoring upon the Earth that which is you.  So everything you’ve done comes through here.  That direct link with the Central Spiritual Sun is also infused in here.  As everything that has become contained within you see how it is expanded. 

You release that energy of the Hologram and as it moves down through it naturally creates its alignment out into the Universe, and it naturally comes down into your Earth plain.  As it does so it goes through the Earth.  It anchors within the center of the Earth and then it begins to expand outwards.  That Hologram aligning within the matrix of your own Earth.  It comes up filling up everything from within the matrix.  It’s clearing out your collective consciousness.  It’s creating the new potential of that direct link into the Central Spiritual Sun.  That direct link into everyone’s divinity.   Not only for the people upon this journey, but anyone upon the Earth.  It opens up that flow and that balance of the Lions Gate so all may tap into that expanded flow and abundance. 

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.  As you focus within yourself you draw up within you that anchor you created before the journey and then you also bring down the rest of your energy.  It flows from the All That Is back through your divinity, back into your Higher Self and down into you, and as this is all coming back and anchoring within you take a moment to once again release control.  Just let it go and immediately as your mind starts questioning again clear it out.  Allow your focus to be only upon that which is the infinite love from within your divinity.  It flows through you on every level, throughout every dimension, throughout everything within you of which you are conscious, and everything of which you are unconscious.  We illuminate all and anchor once more within you. 

All right beloved as you are choosing this time to come back into this time space reality.  As we are bringing this to a close have it very clear intention that you are open to the influence of the Central Spiritual Sun, that you are open to receiving that direct alignment with your divinity, that you are open to the knowledge, the consciousness, and the unconscious energies of all that is flowing within and around you.  Have the intention in the days and weeks ahead coming up that there is only that which is your divinity and that is how you will express all that is taking place within and around you.

Beloved family, know that I am always with you and within you.


QSUSA 18th August 2017 8:58 am

TY for this Very Powerful Message.

Shelly Dressel 19th August 2017 8:19 am

Thank you for your comment! This month has really been filled with so many energies~~ How are you doing? I appreciate you reaching out.


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