The Choices You Make

This channel has some really amazing energy in it!! Today is a couple of weeks after the solstice and the Goddess was referring to energies that were coming in, particularly around that time. There continues to be more and more of the light vibrational energies and this is what allows us to flow through the dimensions with greater ease. 

To many people, this may not make much sense. My take on it, is that the light, higher, finer the vibration; the easier it is to manifest and we feel good. But if are stuck either between the dimensions or we manifest with a lightness, but remain in doubt and fear, we’re stuck between what we want and where we are. During the channel, the Goddess created a space that allowed us to become more aware and through the awareness, we could shift.

This took us into the central spiritual sun, our soul star, the Milky Way and much more. The Goddess also assisted in shifting in particular fear; fear that we may have in our lives, fear of the collective consciousness. Within the sun, there was only white light. This light is unconditional love. As we stand within the energy, it flows through us with great ease and acceptance.

Repeatedly during this channel the Goddess spoke of choices. Everything in our life is a choice.  She spoke of how some people feel they’re just dragged around by others, but in truth; you still have a choice. You can always choose how you view a situation. You can choose how you react to someone. You can choose how accept and allow within your life. You can choose which direction you would like to go. So no matter is happening; it’s ultimately your choice.

I invite you to allow the energies of channel to clear everything out for you so that you may have the clarity and the best of your intentions no matter what your choice. 


Nama Sika Venia Benya  I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I send forth my love, my light, my awareness. I invite you take this opportunity to give yourself a chance to be  loved, nurtured and supported by the Universe.

You are here in your life walking down the street, going to your work, interacting with friends and family, doing those things that make up your day. There is also a part of you that is your Divine essence, your expanded consciousness; and this part of you is also interacting with you, living in this awareness. But it is also living in dimensions and light areas - so to speak - that are outside of what may be your normal day.

This is a part of the transformation that is taking place upon the earth. People are walking between dimensions with much greater ease. People are able to align with their Divinity and receive information in a heartbeat or in a moment. You have the ability to communicate with your angels and light beings with a greater and greater ease than ever before.

Yes, this is all available to you no matter what is going on in your life, no matter where you are, no matter what’s happening. The question may be -- are you in an alignment that you receive these messages, that you hear the response of what you may ask for. Are you aware of all that is available to you?

With the recent solstice there was another shift in the vibration of the earth plane. There has been a very continuous rise in the vibration for one thing. There has been a continuous flow of the universal light that’s coming into the earth and you as the human walks between these spaces. You have the unique gift of being very conscious of things that are happening but also of having choices in everything that happens in your life.

You may think you don’t. You may think that you are stuck in a rut or that other people are making the choices and that you just ride along with them. No matter what the situation, it’s your choice in how you respond. It’s your choice to push against what may be happening, it’s your choice to reach out and bring to you light energy or beings. It’s your choice to look for alternatives of what may be potential around you.

As we have this experience of this journey tonight, I invite you to keep that in mind, that everything is a choice and that everything is about the energy that you are bringing in and the energy that you make available to you.

Take another slow and easy breath in and this time as you breathe down send a beam of light down into the earth so that you may have that sense of grounding yourself. As that beam of light aligns with the earth you can feel the earth’s energies, you can feel Gaia, you can feel the vibration. Allowing that to anchor you, you just breathe it back up so that it comes back up within you anchoring in and around your solar plexus.

By grounding yourself in such a manner you it allows you then to release your consciousness. And as you do so you allow yourself to shift into that space of your Higher Self.

As you arrive within this space, look around. This is where you blend with your Divinity and your human self. Sometimes there may be more of your Divinity appear, other times perhaps more of your human self. But look around, it may be similar to the All That Is, but in a dimension or an alignment that is closer to the earth.

As you look through this place, I invite you to open to the awareness;  is it cluttered, is it full of energies that are not your own, is it full of uncompleted thoughts, potentials, questions? Is it full with opportunities that you never brought down into your life? Whatsoever it may be have the conscious intention of flowing through a wave of energy or a wave of light to clear it out, clear it out, clear it out.... phew! You may find that you need to do this from time to time.

As you anchor yourself upon the earth and then you create this space of clarity with which you align it will open up that flow and it will allow you to much more fully be within this space. Take a moment to recognize that your Divinity is here, your human self is here and there is balance.

Have a sense of shifting once more. As you allow your consciousness to reach out let go this place of your Higher Self and allow yourself to move into the space of the Soul Plane.

As you arrive within the Soul Plane, look around you may feel, see, sense your Divinity. You may immediately move into the space of alignment with your I AM Presence. But allow yourself to open up. Your Divinity is YOU in all your many, many, many, many life experiences. Your Divinity sees you and supports you with unconditional love every time.

You have the ability to tap into experiences that may or may not be supportive of you in where you are right now. And what I mean by this is if you are looking for answers that will help you, you can come to your Divinity. If you are looking for answers for things that seem to be constantly pulling you down or dragging you back you can come to your Divinity. So you have the opportunity to release what no longer works for you and enhance and embrace that which does.

As if you reach out to embrace this energy allow yourself to merge. As you merge with these energies you may feel yourself expanding into all that you are. You may feel the energy as it flows all the way through your consciousness and you may sense or see an even greater amount of who you are. I, the Goddess, move within and amongst each one of you. As I reach out to you, I embrace who you are. And as I open my arms and I feel, see, sense your energy, we merge, shifting into the space of the All That Is.

Look around at all that is here. This is your place that you have created, this your place to try out various opportunities so that you may decide what works for you. I am considering several different topics of what I would like to work out with you this evening. As I feel or sense your energies, I believe I will begin in one direction and then you may find that we shift gears a little bit.

As I spoke before we left the earth plane there is a great deal of transformation taking place within the dimensions and energies of your earth. Here within the All That Is, I invite you to have a sense of looking at that from this perspective so as if I am opening up the energy or as if I am creating the place that you may view. I invite you to look at what’s happening upon the earth.

As you have a sense of looking towards the earth it may be that you see it as a ball that looks like the earth you’ve seen in pictures, it may be that you see it as an energy. For this moment I invite you to just become aware of the earth itself.

As you have this perspective and from this distance I invite you to have then a sense of the Milky Way Galaxy, to have a sense of the planets that work directly with earth and as you do so, I am going to shift the energies in such a way that I invite you to become aware of the flow of energy that’s moving back and forth.

Not only is it what’s happening upon the earth is affecting the Universe. But what’s happening in the Universe is affecting the earth. There is a flow that moves back and forth. We have spoken and spoken of the shifting in the dimensions of the earth. It seems it was just the third dimension and then it was the fourth and now it’s actually more so the fifth which is where the energies are going to settle for the time being. And by having that become the collective consciousness what will happen is that each of you will have the opportunity to flow to the sixth, seventh or more (dimensions).

So as you look and you can have that sense of the flow of energy it’s almost as if it’s the infinity symbol that is aligning your earth with this galaxy. Become aware of the flow that is taking place.

Now, I so dearly love you and being in this space allows me such a great perception! I have a sense of some of you becoming very analytical and looking at particles and stuff. I have a sense of others such sitting back and receiving the rebound of the flow of energy. So, whether you’re abstract or specific allow yourself to simply become aware of the transformations taking place.

And as we become more closely aligned with your earth plane take a moment  and connect with the earth. It’s as if it shifts in this picture window - so to speak - and you are less aware of the galaxy and you are more so aware of your earth.

Within the earth are dimensions within the earth are crystals, rocks, gases. There are many things that have created the earth that you have. And all of this is shifting as that influx of energy has been coming in.

This is what causes the flooding, the unusual high and low temperatures, the unusual earth quakes. In essence, Lady Gaia, the Soul essence of the earth, is creating a transformation of the earth itself that’s a result of everything else.

This places people in fear sometimes, what’s going to happen to me, can the earth survive this, will there be nuclear bombs, will there be bio warfare? And some of these fears are brought up as a means of control where people try to manipulate. But it also gives one the opportunity to let it go.

So this is what I invite each one of you to do at this time. Have a sense of aligning with the consciousness within you as your I AM Presence. And as you think of your daily life, is there fear within your daily life. Is this fear something in response to what’s going on globally? In other words, are you picking up on an energy that is not necessarily yours directly but is a part of the consciousness?

If there is any fear in within your life and you bring it up you ask that question. Reach out to any part within you and as you bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ... phew, let it go!

It is so beautiful to see the ways in which each one of you transform as you let go of fear. A number of you are realizing it wasn’t your own to begin with. Let’s do that one more time. And this time, as you allow yourself to align with fear I am going to reach out towards the earth itself and anything within the collective consciousness of the earth that has to do with fear... bring it up, bring it up, bring it up .... phew and let it go.

And in the place of that I invite you to open up and breathe it down your Divinity, you are here in the space of your Divinity so all you have to do is open up and allow it flow within you. As you allow yourself to fill with light, to fill with the essence and the energy of the love of your Divinity, allow it to move through everything within you as it begins to move around the earth, moving through the consciousness of the earth.

As we look at this, I invite you to take a moment and consider your thoughts. What is your belief about these various dimensions that are becoming more and more integrated on the earth? Do you believe you have the opportunity to flow between dimensions? Do you believe in your daily life you ARE flowing between the dimensions? That’s where I see the change. You believe you CAN but do not believe you ARE.

So here we are in this space of all this energy of the earth, I invite you to reach down inside. For some of you that’s visual for going up in your mind and in your head when it comes to your beliefs, reach inside your mind, reach inside there and if there is anything, any thought, any belief that keeps you from moving easily between the dimensions, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up..... phew and you let it go!

I can and do move easily between the dimensions in my everyday life! I invite you to accept that new belief. Because I am able to move more easily between the dimensions I find that everything in my life falls with greater and greater ease. I invite you to accept that new belief.

So very often people say that they have been looking for something, looking for answers or trying to manifest but it’s not there. Creating this greater ease in flow puts you in the alignment to more readily manifest what you seek to have.

Your Divinity, your angels, I the Goddess, all the other beings of Light when you ask for something, it is given. You’ve heard that many times and it’s true. Therefore, if it’s given, but you don’t see it, sense it, know it, then you are in one space and what you are seeking is in another. So as you draw that energy to you do so from this space of love and awareness.

Take in a deep breath and have the intention of being very centered within you and see a very conscious flow in the vibration and movement around you. We have been working a great deal with the cellular level in your physical body as a means of creating change. You can work with that energy to create change if you have a disease but you can also work with that energy to illuminate more and more from a cellular structure outward, from the very DNA that makes you who you are outward by illuminating it with light.

Indeed there may be specific things that you seek to change and it is done. But perhaps all you wish to do is create a bigger shift in your life that will allow you to become aware of the many other things that are around you.

Illuminating your cellular structure outward is one of the ways in which that may happen. Illuminating your thoughts and your beliefs will create a shift. Illuminating your emotions will create a shift. Have a sense of that earth kind of shifting away. You have already created that alignment that will help you in your everyday life.

And now have a sense of looking towards that part of the universe that is the central spiritual sun. It is indeed the sun that warms your planet. And so as we have a sense of shifting and allowing that perception to come within that window that we are working upon, have a sense of your consciousness of flowing in such a way that you step into this sun and as you do so you find yourself going through the sun and into a space or a dimension. This is pure white light, it’s Soul energy, it’s your consciousness, it’s the consciousness of the universe and it is even more amplified because you have moved through the sun.

As you arrive within this space I invite you to feel what it is. Allow this energy to move through you. Some may have a sense of shifting into your Soul Star; some may have a sense of shifting into that space which is Source for you. Everybody began as minute particle of potential and from that minute particle you grew, and grew and grew and grew and grew until you are who you are right now.

Here within this brilliant illuminated light allow it to fill you up. I can hear people saying, if there is so much light there must be darkness to balance it. If I am pure while light than I am nothing else, there is nothing else. How do I become human, what is human, what does this all mean to me? You are that you are.

Humans or life on earth was created with a specific timeline because it allowed you to have a perception of time. It was also created with judgment and from that judgment in an effort to balance there was good and bad, light and dark, happy sad; everything that you have learned within your life has been about the balance.

This is part of 3rd dimensional thinking. As you allow yourself to live in the 4th and 5th dimension you are living much more in this space of the central spiritual sun. You are living that pure conscious awareness of who you are.

Let go of judgment. Recognize that as the individual that you are it’s all simply a part of the whole. If you consider judgment within your life are you harsh with yourself, are there things you wish you would not have done, things you wish you had not said, is there anything that you are still carrying around that you wish was different.

In the light of this pure unconditional light of your Soul Star, your Soul essence, your Soul energy, take it off. Take it off your shoulder, take it off your back, take it out from where ever it may be inside of you and get rid of it. It is a human perception and it came from that balance that is more suited for 3rd dimension.

And as you now allow yourself to live in the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions it is living from your heart, it is living in balance, it is living in this illuminated light.

I can hear people saying, but within the light there must be contrast is the darkness not the contrast. There is light during the day, there is darkness during the night. It’s not that one is good or bat, it’s that they are. Indeed, look at your life in that way.

You had experiences that pulled you down, you had experiences that caused you regret, I could go on and on. Allow yourself to simply see them as what they are, experiences. They brought you to the place where you are right now, therefore they have value.

You are choosing how you wish to live your life. It is your choice to recognize everything that’s gone on in your life that brought you to where you are right now and then choose to move in whatever direction you would like. If you feel a need or a desire to do so, step into the space of the central spiritual sun, feel this illumination, feel the light, feel, see, sense, absorb everything that is here for you. I feel such emotion being released, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow.

You may have a sense of once more shifting back into the space of the All That Is. You have created that direct alignment with the Soul of the sun, the Soul of the universe, the Soul of who you are, or your Soul Star. There is so many different words that people use, whatever it is that works for you.

Know that you can feel the sun upon your face and you are there. Know that you can create it within your imagination and you are there. Once you have created an alignment it is there for you to use as much or as little as you so choose, again going back to the choice.

We’ve been speaking so much about the crystalline energies coming in or the universal light coming in and there are many different ways in which people are feeling this essence or this energy. I invite each one of you to take this as an opportunity to reach towards the stars, the planet, the galaxy from which you came.

And if you have no idea, then open up to this flow of the universal energy.  And if you allow yourself it’s as if a wave of energy that’s moving through. And as you allow yourself to align with that put forth the intention, where did I come from? And immediately your consciousness will go to where that is. Some of you may hear the answer; some of you may sense or know the answer. For others it may not even be important.

But as you allow yourself to experience your life upon the earth by creating this direct link from that which is Source to you, you can open yourself up to vibrational alignment that most suits you.

Indeed, I am hearing some of you need not go back to that from which you came. Some of you need only shift to the vibration of the alignment that is necessary for you to take this to the next step or the next level. And that will assist. As you are seeking this alignment you are now also opening up to the more light fine vibration of your light body energies.

This is that energy or that aspect that will assist you in your flow of energy in your everyday life. It’s your light body energy that assists you in flowing into the Soul essence of the Universe. It’s your light body energy that assists you in having more and more of your Divinity within and around you. Open up and feel that flow. Feel as it moves within and around you.

As you take this time and you create this greater clearance in your energies take a moment and look around. Perhaps - as you do so - there is something that’s happening within your life that you would like to work on within this space or consider; work on is not a good phrase, let’s erase that! Is there something within your daily life that you are seeking to transition or perhaps manifest more of. Let it come up within this space.

Do you have a new perception after you have created these new alliances with the Universe?

So often your life is a particular pattern and that pattern keeps you doing the same thing again and again and again. Perhaps you like that; it’s what strengthens whatever may be going on in your life. But it can also work against you.

So as you are considering what’s going on in your life, what is it that is the core or the foundation of what you seek to have? As you look at that, is it here within your life? Perhaps it doesn’t look the way think it does, perhaps it’s coming up from another perspective. Be open and look at the foundation of your life and then - if you so choose - infuse your energies into and around whatever that may be.

And as you infuse your energies allow that brilliant white light to fill in anything that needs or is open to or will benefit from the illumination. Take it to the next step. As you look at your foundation then what will enhance that which is either your core desire, or core belief, or the core essence.

I can see some of you get out your scroll again and you’ve got your long list! I invite you to let it dissolve, let it go; get rid of it... phew!

And now come back again and bring in those things that will add to what you seek to have as your foundation that will enhance it. It may be the exact same things from that list but you may find that many things are left off because you realize, no that was just clutter getting in the way and keeping me from seeing other things that I would like to have in my life.

Take in a breath and breathe out. As you again see all of these things that are a part of you that you seek to have in your life, then ask yourself the question: Is this what I choose for myself? And if I do choose it,  will I accept if it actually comes in bits and pieces or comes in a slightly different form or a drastically different form but yet the essence is there?

There is a swirl of energy that moves through all that you seek and you as a consciousness. Have a sense of letting that flow in and around you and may ask yourself the question: Does this vary - depending on what the dimension - I look at it? Does this vary on how I am living my life if I’m flowing between various dimensions? Does it change; is it what I truly want? Be open to receive.

Here within the All That Is, we once more invite the whole group to come together and we invite that hologram to come up of the earth. Because we worked with it so specifically, as you look at the earth that hologram, you may have a new perception of how it all looks. Perhaps you may see the dimensions more easily; perhaps you see the various levels of vibration. Be open to how much information is here for you.

And as that hologram comes up infuse within it the intention and all that you have done this evening - we’ve gone many places - you’ve created a much more definitive perception of what you seek to have. You’ve also integrated much more fully your light body energies. So let all of that fuse into the hologram through your intention as you flow it through your heart center.

And then the hologram itself shifts as it moves down. You may have a sense of it flowing down through that crystalline grid through the energy of that Milky Way, through the energy of the Universe. And as it does so it goes down to the center of your physical earth.

It links with the crystals that are there, it links with those energies that are magnetic. And then from there it flows outward and it comes up through the earth, it comes up through the water, the grass, the leaves, the trees. It comes upward so that you create an energy vortex, or that you create the energy that supports you in all that you are seeking to do in your life.

It comes up into you in your physical reality anchoring there as you anchor yourself to the earth. We let go that sense of the All That Is and you allow your focus and your consciousness to move back it’s as if you move to the Soul plane. Look at your Divinity for just a moment and perhaps there is even more of that, that comes to your awareness than prior to the time in the All That Is.

Even with everything that you discern your I AM presence is bigger and bigger and bigger. But you have access to everything. Allow your focus and consciousness to shift again, allow yourself to move back to that space of your Higher Self. As you come within this space - once again - you look around, create an adjustment if you need to so that it is even more so in the flow with you and with what you seek in your everyday life.

As you allow yourself to once more ground back within your physical reality you may feel your streaming consciousness as it comes back in and around you. Allow it to expand even further. You may have a sense of it, of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual light body energy; you may feel all of that around you and just breathe gently and easily.

Breathe with the intention of sending it further down within the earth so that you can anchor the lighter, finer vibrations. As that happens have a sense of feeling your energies as they shift in vibration to a much greater balance within and around you. And if you so choose, go all the way down into your cellular structure as you breathe in this finer, lighter vibration, breathe it into every cell within your body. Feel it as it moves through you. Circulating, creating a shift, creating the physical body that supports you.

As you consider what to manifest in your life allow all of those energies to once more be here and present with you. Choose that that makes you happy. Choose what brings you joy. Choose what allows your heart to expand with love, compassion , excitement and awareness. Choose a life filled with balance.

Alright, beloved family, as I gather the energies once more and bringing everyone back, back into this now moment, I invite you, as you go forward in the next days and weeks, to come to be very aware of your thoughts, to be aware of where your focus may be and to be very aware of what you are choosing to do with your life and what choices you make about whatever decisions there may be. Be open to the flow of all that glorious energy that you are aligned with tonight and allow that to come in and be a part of you in your everyday life.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.




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