The Earthquake in Nepal, April 25, 2015

As a part of the earth’s evolution, there will be times when Gaia creates a dramatic change.  In particular, this past weekend there was a 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal. This earthquake ran through the mountains and Katmandu – the largest city in the country. 

At the time that I write this there are over 5,000 people who’ve transitioned as a result of the quake.  Whenever there’s a large number of people to transition as the same time there is a HUGE transformation that’s taking place. Now, I do feel compassion for all the people experiencing this and I know it’s very challenging. Please know, I take nothing away from their experience. The Goddess and angels have told me time and time again that no one transitions unless it’s their time. I know this is the case with all who are involved here.

Two things are interesting to me. I was a part of the Transformational Council on April 17, 2015. (See past blogs for more details) and it just happened we were working with the chakra’s of the earth. The Himalayan Mountains contain the Head Center Chakra. This is where the higher, light vibrations are coming into the earth. It’s the highest vibration of the earth. With this influx of energy, the vortex of the chakra needed to balance. We worked with it to create as great a balance as possible. I know there are many other people who are also working with the energies in this way. 

Every year with the Full Moon in May there is what’s called the Wesak (Visak) Festival.  There are several calendars that have differing ideas of when this festival is celebrated; but Nepal recognized the first full moon in May (if there’s more than one moon in the month). This takes place in the Himalayan mountains where Shambhala is thought to be. It’s actually celebrated all around the world, but it’s thought this is the birth place of Gautama Buddha. The Goddess has channeled these festivals many, many times. This is a time when Buddha & Christ return to earth to manifest in physical form. They return to remind people of unconditional love and balance.  

I sense that this event has already released a great deal of old energy. It’s a time that will bring the world together in support of Nepal. And the huge amount of source energy flowing in created an amazing vortex of light.

Link to youtube video video with the Interview


kitegirlcoach 1st May 2015 1:32 am

Shelley, based on what you're saying about starting with the 7th chakra, do you expect each chakra around the world will do a similar balance eventually?

Shelly Dressel 2nd May 2015 10:38 pm

Hi Kitegirlcoach!

What a great question this is! In fact, I had not thought of it before. I went in to ask the Goddess and she says, no you should not expect this reaction at each of the chakra's. Many of the other chakra's have already been balancing themselves. There may be disturbances, but we can defuse potentials by linking with each area and assisting with balancing the energies.

Thanks for reaching out!


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