The Energies of Ascension

What is ascension?? We have heard this word spoken more and more often over the past 20 years. While it is not the only time that someone has walked the earth after death, Jesus Christ is one of the more documented examples of this! On this day of his ascension, I wanted to chat for a few minutes. 

Ascension can mean different things to different people. It is the rising of the vibration and consciousness of a person.  Therefore, each person can ascend through their own process.  So too, the earth is ascending through the rise in dimensions that are available all who live upon the earth. 

At this time we are ascending through conscious awareness. As each person awakens they begin to look at their life and really choose how they wish to live. This can be from a simple perspective such as I will do no harm to others. Most people are raised with this belief system; therefore it is not a big step to take. However, when you begin to consider it throughout your day and you make a clear choice you are stepping out of what was entrained within you and into that which you choose.

Ascension is frequently described through experiences or examples. Here are a few.

  1. You become aware of whom you are, not just as this person living this life but that your soul lives on into eternity and you have access through your higher self.
  2. As you awaken you look at life differently. You may suddenly notice things that before you did not. You may realize you are very sensitive and receiving information from many sources.
  3. As your consciousness opens, you look at yourself and life through the ‘big picture’. What this consists of is you perhaps not getting caught up in daily drama or perhaps realizing that drama can be a diversion and it’s your alignment to source that is truly the foundation of your life.
  4. As you ascend, you actually change the frequency of your vibration. The 3rd, 4th, 5th dimensions all vibrate at different levels or to a different tone or different frequency. 
  5. We now have greater access to the 5th dimension and this is where most people choose to reside. The fifth dimension is based in love; love from your heart to all your life.
  6. The crystalline energies are flooding into the center of your heart.  
  7. All of your energy levels are changing from the simplest cell to largest part of you; physical, mental, emotion and spiritual.   
  8. Through the ascension process you may find many transitions. This may include friends, jobs, homes, locations, food – all aspects of your life.
  9. As you live in the fifth dimension your heart center opens. As your heart center opens you may feel it physically as palpitations, faster heart rate, feel light headed or as if you don’t belong.
  10. As you experience all these levels of consciousness there may be times you feel disoriented and question everything about yourself. If this happens to you, be aware that the more you move, the more you step into the flow then the stronger you will be.
  11. The more you live in the higher frequency, the more you will consciously disconnect from the collective consciousness. 

As you become aware of this transformation within your life the more you will find that everything around you transforms. Be open to the deeper integration of your higher self. Be open to the unconditional love coming your way. Be aware that you are your God source walking in your shoes!

In truth, we are still creating our ascension process. We are all divinely guided, we are not alone and we are recreating in a crystalline biology. What will the next step be??? I'm anxious to find out.



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