The Solstice Assists the Integration of Timelines

We are hearing a great deal these days about time lines, over riding time lines, merging time lines and more. This ascension that we are in the midst of is unprecedented. I know I’ve said that before, however, as we get closer and closer to the completion of the integration, we will notice the contrast of time lines more fully.

The old energy is the 3rd dimensional vibration. This is duality, based in fear, control, manipulation and that life is about struggle. In fact, for those sensitive to energy, you can probably feel the difference. Once people become acclimated to the higher, lighter frequency of the 5th dimension and higher, it is even more noticeable when you get pulled down.

There are those who are awakened, who are tapped into their divinity and able to move easily in the higher frequency.  Then there are those who are shut down, who believe that we need to mask, stay apart, not communicate and that there is much to fear.  Then you have the majority of people who are somewhere in between.  There is a very noticeable contrast right now which is causing some to awaken.  So too, once people are in the higher vibration it is even more apparent when they are not, or people and situations are pulling them down.

During this journey, we had the ability to once again clear the past and open to the future.  We actually have a greater amount of potential than what we have known in the past. Therefore, we all need to learn how we can open to the unknown and reman in a place of confidence and potential. The less of an overlay from the 3rd dimension, the easier this will be.  Once this was completed, we all could see a strong steady flow of the light of the solstice flowing into the earth and creating this massive amount of light.  As it balanced out, people could then also stand in the flow and be filled with all the potential of the solstice.


Nama Sika, Venia Benya; I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours, I reach out to embrace you in all that you are, in all that you are feeling and experiencing in this now moment! Welcome to the solstice, welcome to this time of alignment with the universe this time of alignment within your planet.

You have those four times of the year; the winter and summer solstice the fall and spring equinox. These four times divide up the year so that you have quadrants in which not only do the stars align and amplify whatever may be going on but in which you also have the opportunity to not only clear out whatever has been no longer working for you and to set the intention of where you would like to be as you move forward in your life.

We have this opportunity today, because we are right on the solstice, in which you can align with the universe. When we get out into that space you yourself will be able to see it for yourself, experience it for yourself, and step into that balance and that energy.

I wish to say as we are all here and you are still grounded that it is particularly important for you to understand that as these timelines are coming together and merging into one, which is what’s been going on for the last several years, that you will be straddling between them. This will cause you to feel things much more emotionally than you have before, this will cause you to feel off balance or off kilter from time to time, and this will also make you even more susceptible to tapping into other people’s emotions, thoughts, and beliefs

More than ever, people’s belief systems are being called into, not question per se, but people’s belief systems are being challenged. Because as you move into this next level of consciousness things that you were not aware of before will now have an impact upon you. Therefore, since you’ve been in a certain pattern life has been moving in a particular way and now that’s coming to an end and you’re moving in a different direction; then yes, your thoughts and your beliefs are also going to have to move into a new reality.

So, everything that’s going on, as Shelly was talking about her computer’s not working, as she’s talking about setting things up and then arriving and things are not there, as she’s talking about the exhaustion that she’s feeling and that sense of struggling to get things done that she normally would; oh boy that’s bringing up emotion within her.  Many, many, many of you are feeling the same thing!

So, as we are still here upon the earth, I’m going to invite you to take in another breath and just breathe out and let go of anything at all that may be holding you down. As you let go, be it conscious or unconscious, just let go of anything that is going to keep you from being fully present in the moment.  There you go. There’s still that sense of clearing out and we will clear out as we move into this deeper perspective.

So, take a deep breath in again and this time breathe into your heart center and as you breathe into your heart have a sense of creating a ball of energy and light. As you create this ball you send it down, it moves down through your energy bodies and it goes down into the earth.

As you send this ball of light into the earth you are sending a piece of your consciousness so that it may anchor you within this space.  Feel the flow and the energy and the light of Gaia!

As it comes back up through that stream of light that you just sent down send that beam of light as if it’s a ball of light that moves through your energy bodies, it goes out through the top of your head until you find yourself within your higher self.

Look around at all that is here. This is where you come when you seek information or insight.  This is where your divinity merges with your human self and the frequency can be down close to you as the human or it can flow upward closer to you as your divinity. This is where some of those distractions may be so clear them out ~whew~ letting them go.

As you clear out this space allow it to find its intrinsic balance so that you may then send your consciousness. It follows just that stream of light moving up until it anchors back within your soul essence.  You are here as your soul. You are here as the human aspect that is you in this now moment, in this lifetime. As you allow your focus and your energy to be within this space, I ask you to consciously, as if you are peeling away, anything that may keep you from seeing fully what is around you.

Look out, your soul is that which is you.  Your soul is the culmination of the many, many pieces of you. And I ask you just to have a sense of just quieting your thoughts quieting your energy so that you may simply feel who you are. Within this space, you may be multiple beautiful colors and light. Within this space, you may see the actual lifetimes that you have lived. Within this space, you have that direct link into that central sun from which souls are created.  You have a direct alignment to the creation that has made you; you as your soul, you as this brilliant evolved individual.

As I speak those words, I notice that many of you are able to tune into the aspects of you that you might not have noticed at first.  You are limitless! You are vast! You are pure unconditional love!

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so I merge with your energy I merge with you as your soul and it moves us into the All That Is. As we move into this space, I ask you to just consciously open up your energy, open up your frequency so that you may vibrate at a level that allows you to perceive all that is here. ~whew~ clear out anything that may keep you from expanding your awareness.

I invite each one of you to take a moment in which you center within your consciousness. I invite you to have a sense of looking as if you might be looking back over the last six months or you might be looking back over your lifetime, and for some this may tap into multiple lifetimes. 

As you look at anything that is here, ask to know if you may have put forth an intention of what you wish to have; be it experiences, things that you wanted in your life, relationships, or personal growth.  For so many people I can see that there are literally burdens that sometimes they were intentions, sometimes they were disappointments.

I, therefore, ask you to take this moment and consciously look at your life. If there is anything that as yet has not manifested for you ask for it to populate.  For some, you immediately know what this is about, for others it’s almost like little things will pop up standing out from the waves of energy that is your life. What I am feeling is that there are so many of you that are carrying around these burdens and they’re just weighing you down.  So, as you look at your life, take whatever those burdens may be ~whew~ let them go.

Again, as you consider things that have caused disappointment for you, perhaps an event that took you on a totally different pathway than the one upon which you were going.  Every person at one point or another in their life has had disappointments.  So, those disappointments that you may have had just let them come up, bring them up, bring them up, bring them up, bring them up ~whew~ let them go.

As you release these experiences, emotions whatever it may be from the past you are able to step into that new space of creation for yourself.  Okay, when I said those words, I could see that many were looking towards the future and opportunity but there were still quite a few that still were holding on to the past for one reason or another. 

When you hold on to the past in such a way, refusing to let go of a burden, it will always keep you from being able to be or do or make the changes that you seek to have. You will then be looking forward from a place of limitation rather than a place of expansion.  By releasing these things from the past, you are saying ‘I’m no longer going to carry this burden’ it takes away that emotional connection.  In some cases, you may forget, in others, you may not forget however you won’t have that emotional hook that is pulling you down.

So, I invite you once more to just have a sense of letting go of the past that is anchoring you.  ~whew~ Okay, much better.

As we’ve spoken about the time in which you are living right now, we frequently will talk about the unique opportunity that you have. You are the ones manifesting the higher frequency on the earth.  You are the ones working with Gaia and the universe to anchor this into a new reality and a new truth.  This is also going to give you an opportunity almost as if to say ‘I have a new life moving forward. I am still in the same house, the same job, the same relationships’ but I have a new life going forward’

‘And within that new reality, I am going to vibrate and align with that higher frequency that allows me all of those new gifts and abilities that go along with the higher frequency.

So, what happens as you accept that or that becomes your truth or your reality. you then find a new connection in your relationships instead of one that has vibrated in a particular manner it gives you and the other individual the opportunity to come back in a new higher frequency.

It gives you an opportunity to look at the work that you are doing from that new higher frequency.  All of these are various opportunities that will assist you in manifesting the fifth dimensional reality.

I could feel the waves of love and opportunity moving through each one of you!

The higher frequency of what is termed the fifth dimension is based in love. It is based with an intrinsic intention that as you look at the world, as you look at your life, you do so through the eyes of love, compassion, awareness.

The other things that go along with that are telepathy, you will move in a way of teleportation, your consciousness will expand in such a way that you have a greater intrinsic knowledge of the universe and yourself. You will have an ability to tap into a greater understanding and changes will take place almost instantaneously. Rather than slugging through thick heavy dense energy, there is an easier light movement that takes you through.

This is what all of you are manifesting, many of you are already connected in and this is your life you’re already doing it. Others of you are still finding your balance opening up, seeking that new reality for you. 

You looked back over your life clearing out the old and the heavy and the dense. You are now understanding and this is but a part of it. There is so much more and your reaction your creation is going to be even more magnificent because it is your own! So, as you look to the future state your intention that you are open to receive that you are ready to step into those new potentials, that you are here in this now moment and all is manifesting for you.

There is always going to be that time when you seek to manifest, in which you are still living in what you have had. And this is why when I make a statement like that people are like ‘you’re wrong it doesn’t work’ because that’s what your past has been.  So, I invite you to step in to open up, there we go, and you can feel everything transforming.

As you become clear about what you seek to have for yourself, I now open up the space in front of you that you may have a sense of seeing the earth on one side and the universe on the other. There is, of course, it’s not a linear reality, it is multiple dimensional realities. But with the solstice the earth itself is in a place of receiving a direct influx of light and energy coming from the universe, from the sun, from all the various aspects that support the earth, they line up into a place of balance.

As I speak of this some of you may have a sense of seeing these impulses of light as they come through. If you are experiencing the summer solstice then you can revel in that longest day of the year, as everything is creating. If this is your winter solstice, then you hunker down on your shortest day of the year, nurturing, supporting where you may be.

Okay so now, I’m going to open up another layer. This has to do with showing you all that is being cleared from the earth and your universe at this time.  This year is the fruition of thousands and thousands of years in which we are clearing out the negativity, the low vibration, those things in balance with the third dimension, and those are what manifest as those that are have been in control in the past trying to manipulate following practices that are harmful to others.

So, all of that is being cleared out! And on this, the day of the solstice join with me to see that massive influx of light that illuminates everything and as it’s pulling out and clearing out all of that negativity and that control it seals off the third dimension so that it may no longer have an impact upon the planet! ~whew~ ~whew~ ~whew~

It was like I was seeing particles and energy moving back and forth some very, very quickly that is beyond what I could see, and things that were being cleared out are not only being cleared out of your planet and this universe but they’re going to other universes, other places that are in a vibrational alignment for those experiences. And as that takes place you can see literally the expansion of love. Love is a frequency, it may have a color, it may be an image to you but this just infuses everywhere upon the planet!

This influx with the solstice is helping to recalibrate so that the energies may come together and work in a balanced manner. Part of the challenges this past year has been that there are multiple planes of reality but in particular the third dimension and the fifth dimension that are separate realities that have been bumping up against each other. This is helping to clear out a lot of that old so that it will create a smoother gentler energy. 

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As we look at that flow of light that is coming into the earth with the solstice you can see how what at first seemed very fast and going in many different ways is now becoming a gentle, pulsing, beam of stability.  If you so choose you can step into that conscious flow.  And as you step into this flow of light it clears out everything within you it helps you to revitalize it helps you to just reprogram from cell to cell to cell all of who you are. You feel that flow.

You have a sense of stepping aside, coming back into that All That Is, and as you look towards the next three months and then the next six months, what are some potentials that are making themselves known to you at this time?  What can you do in this now moment that will help you to align? As you live, vibrate, experience everything from within this space; understand that the change is here, it is happening, and it will illuminate more and more and more anything that is discordant. 

This is that place of balance that helps you to just feel better. Breathe in and breathe out.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so because we were already so directly aligned you may have a sense that that column of light is still flowing into the earth and you as a group create a circle around it.  As you look at that, perhaps take a moment to look at the earth.  It’s as if you can see through the column or for some the perspective is the earth comes up within that column.

For those of you that have been following this, as you look at the earth it looks quite different from what it used to look in terms of the density. There’s a greater flow of light it’s as if it’s sparkling. Take a deep breath in. You let go of that hologram of the earth. It naturally moves down, again since that beam of light is already flowing into the earth, there is a greater ease in which the hologram connects. It still surrounds the entire earth.

The energetic field is in alignment with these higher vibrations is pulsating and becoming more and more predominant with the earth. The hologram goes into the center of the earth aligning and then it comes back up and out. As that does so, it is anchoring all these energies of balance from the solstice all of this high light frequency creating a greater balance that lets go the third dimension or deactivates it so it is less and less and less impactful upon the earth.

Your own energy comes back up within you from where you anchored into Gaia.  Every person has the potential to tap into this high light frequency of love and balance within the higher dimensions. 

You allow the remainder of your consciousness to come back down from the All That Is. It moves through the space of the soul plane; it streams back down within you until you anchor once more upon the earth.

As you continue to anchor, understand that you are assisting with manifesting change within your life. The change is going to happen because this is a universal change taking place.  By you making choices and stepping into that flow things will move easier and easier for you.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

So beloved family as we take this time moving forward moving through the next six months upon the earth, I ask you to be open to the flow, be open to the energy, be open to the understanding that this time of the multiple timelines is coming back together and blending as one in the higher light frequency. Let that become your awareness let that become your truth and recognize that you are love and that you represent that or flow that from you into all that are around you.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you



VAARRR 8th July 2021 12:09 pm

seek to return to be healthy is a burden?.....
after the guardian angels created this in mid-March........
why we are here ?..... to ascend in a physical body
need to be healthy in a pure body to have a direct pure connection with the soul,
in reality, not in astral or meditation....

Shelly Dressel 8th July 2021 9:41 pm

That is true! And that is exactly what we are doing. As we create a space of experience through our meditations, it manifests into the physical reality. I believe all of this is working together as one.


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