The Sun and Moon in Balance

This channel uses the sun and the moon to represent our masculine and feminine energies in creating balance within life.  Through clearing and balancing within the energies of sun and moon you can create a new perspective.  In addition, Venus is in retrograde right now which is an opportunity for anything keeping your from love to surface and resolve.  Ultimately, the balance, support and energy that people seek in life comes from or through your divinity and this creates a greater alignment. 

Many people consider the left side of the body the feminine side and the side through which you receive.  So too the feminine is associated with the Moon.  During this channel there was huge full moon in front of us associated with the Blue Moon of July 31, 2015.  This was the energy that assisted in creating a shift.

The right side of the body is considered the masculine side and side through which you send energies.  The masculine has often been associated with the Sun.  There is the sun that we rotate around as a planet and that we feel the warmth from.  This is what we aligned with in clearing masculine energies. 

We are also in a time of Venus Retrograde (July 25 – September 6, 2015).  What this will do is bring anything that been hidden or unconscious into the conscious so as to have an opportunity to release.  Once we’d created the balanced energy, the Goddess brought in the energies of Venus Retrograde which really cleared out old patterns, frustrations and angers around love.  Everyone was then infused with the love of their divinity. 

It’s a powerful channel to create change on many levels in your life. 

Nama Sika Venia benya: I AM the one,  I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family!  I reach out from my heart to yours; I reach out and fill this space wherever you are in your physical location with the energy of light, the energy of my acceptance, love and acknowledgement for who you are in this lifetime.

As was spoken before this journey, I also wanted to take a moment and affirm for you that no matter where you are in your life, no matter what is happening around you I want you to know that in this space and in every other that surrounds you I am here to flow the energies of the goddess and God; to flow the energies of the universal light, to flow the energies that will enhance your divinity so as to support you within your life.

Life is filled with so many different potentials, opportunities, and experiences.  You may be living in two separate dimensions at the same time.  It can cause you to feel disoriented.  It can cause you to feel as if you know that something is happening and you know that something is there but yet when you turn around you don’t see anything.

This is one of the reasons why is more and more essential that you take time to ground yourself be it on a daily basis, be it 50 times a day.  Whenever you feel as if you are questioning what may be happening or you are wondering why things are moving in a particular direction when you open up and allow yourself to expand that alignment with your divinity letting it flow through you and down into the earth; this will ground you.  This will assist you in recognizing that where your consciousness and your focus is right now is what will enhance your reality.

There is another good question, what is your reality?  The experiences of your past that have created who you are and what you are in this now moment?  Or is your reality something in which you live and vibrate and express the energy of your life in a manner that you seek to have.

There is no right or wrong answer to this; it is only that there are multiple variations in reality.  Therefore, if you are not happy with what your reality is shift into another variation.  Shift into something, anything that will assist you with feeling happier or better within your life.

Take in another breath where you breathe down into the earth, sending your energies so that you link with Gaia, so that you may link with the elementals. And then let all of that energy come back up within you and release your consciousness. Send it up as you follow that column of light, you find yourself within the space of your higher self. 

As you arrive, look around at what is here within this space.  This is that blend of your human self with your divinity.  This is where you many times will come seeking answers or information.  Expand the energies of your higher self so that it will more fully support you.

From there you stretch out allowing your consciousness to move even further out.  It follows that column of light until it connects with your divinity.  As you come into this alignment with your divinity take in all that is of your perception.

If you need to, have a sense of stretching out the borders.  Allow your consciousness to expand further so that you may more fully align with your divinity.

I the Goddess walk in amongst all of you.  I reach out to embrace you as your divinity, you as the human, you as this individual in this lifetime.  As our energies merge there is a shift that moves everyone into the All That Is.

As you look around this space even this can create a pattern or an energy that is expressive of what we as a group have been doing but also about what you in your individual life has been have been doing when you come into the space of creation.

So I invite everyone to close their eyes for a moment and as if the big wave of energy comes through ~whew~ clear out the All That Is.  I have a sense of like sparkling energy replacing some of that old energy or these old patterns that no longer work for people.

When we come into this place of creation I really appreciate how each one of you allows your consciousness to expand in such an authentic way or in such a way that allows you to really experience yourself.  The flow between your divinity and your consciousness of this lifetime moves with greater and greater ease.  Therefore, I invite you to open up to a new relationship with your divinity. 

Your I AM presence is created with speck of essence that is you, the unique individual that you are. From there it grows and expands exponentially by all the multitude of different lifetimes and experiences that you have had.  Some of these are out here in the universe, some are other lifetimes upon the earth, some are upon some of the other planets.  It creates a diversity; it creates a substantial essence from which you may draw in your creativity, your daily experience and opportunities.

Upon your physical earth a couple of days ago you experience what you call the blue moon (July 31, 2015), the second full moon in a month, in your calendar month.  Also according to your astrology the energy of Venus is retrograde.  And there are some other astrological changes that have come in to support a unique opportunity.

The energy of the moon is always very powerful.  It creates the tides, it creates a shift in energy that affects everyone is a human.  The moon is many times associated with the divine feminine, whereas the sun is oftentimes associated with the masculine.  Both of these are in balance to one another.

Venus has for a long time been associated with the energies of love, of romance, of experiences that have to do with the heart.  It comes as no surprise that during this time, meaning this time upon the earth of Ascension, where everything is now focused or the foundation of life is about living through your heart center; that this time with Venus is allowing things to come up that can no longer be hidden.

I invite you as we look out at the universe to have a sense of taking in the moon which is just beginning to move beyond complete fullness; but I invite you as if you see in front of you the full moon with the extra impact and the extra energy of being a blue moon.  As you breathe in, be open to feel the flow, the essence the unconditional love of the feminine as it moves into you with this move.

As you consider that which is within you that is feminine take a moment and just let the essence of what the feminine is move through you.  Are you physically female in this lifetime?  Is the feminine about being open to receive?  Is the feminine about giving?

So many of the energies of what is masculine and what is feminine are now blurring in peoples reality upon the earth.  Therefore, if you bask in the energy of, allowing it to watch over you and clearing out any old energies, old beliefs systems that have to do with the feminine let that happen. ~whew~

Many people associate the left side of the body as being the feminine that you receive into you.  And the masculine on the right moves out from you.  For so long the feminine was intended to be the nurturer; the one who put everyone else first and themselves last.  And still many, many people will do this upon the earth with masculine and feminine, but it was considered a feminine attribute to do so.

As you stand in front of this moon allow yourself to just be washed in the energy of the moon and let it strengthen and support all that is feminine within you.

Have a sense of turning around so that you can see the balance opposite the moon, you see your sun.  As the sun is there in front of you allow yourself to feel the warmth, to feel the glow.  Take a moment to recognize that the sun itself is oftentimes associated with masculine energy.

So as you consider within yourself what essence of the masculine is within you?

They were oftentimes the one to provide the support for the family, meaning more of the financial.  The masculine is oftentimes considered the doer; it’s that part of you that pushes you to go and do things, that pushes you to keep moving.  It’s that part inside of you that may feel a need to find those segments of your life and create a puzzle that fits together.

Many people will consider that the earth is imbalanced on the side of the masculine energy with all the experiences that people are having between war, rage, anger.  Are those based in an imbalance of masculine?  Or is something like that based in the imbalance of energies in general; of all energies that are associated with the earth.

So as you stand here in front of the sun let it just burn off, or clear off anything that’s old energy be it belief systems, experiences; whatever it may be just old energies that has to do with the masculine ~whew~ clear it out.  Clear it out of your energy bodies and again this is associated with the right side of your body; you let that all go

I invite you to now have a sense of turning so that you have a sense of the sun on one side of you and the moon on the other side of you.  As you stand in this midst, there is a flow of energy that moves back and forth between these two.  With the rotation of the sun and the rotation of the planets, there are times when one might be closer to the earth and other times that you can see the earth itself suspended between these two or you can see yourself as the individual; with the sun and moon setting the vibrational pull from either side of you.

As you live your life, I invite you to be open and let these two energies just fill you up in such a way that you are completely balanced.  That doesn’t mean you will now be androgynous!  That doesn’t mean that you will no longer have those feminine of those masculine attributes.  The intention of this experience is to create a flow of balance so that your energy including your thoughts and beliefs; your emotions and your physical body and the reality around you can be experienced through that balance of the  masculine and feminine.

There will be times when your feminine side will be more forward, there will be times when it’s your masculine.  There will be times when you consciously invite that in, but most of the time it will be a natural flow that moves back and forth.  So be in the flow.

Allow yourself to feel the balance and know that it is always available to you.

As a balanced individual consider how the planet Venus is in retrograde right now.  As it is, it’s as if all flow and all the energy from Venus was moving in one direction and then suddenly it stopped and is rushing in the opposite direction.  In doing so, this ruffles the energy, and it brings up those things that may have been dormant within you or perhaps those energies that you thought had already been resolved and perhaps they are indeed resolved. But if it’s coming up, then allow yourself a moment or allow yourself the time to consider “okay what does this mean to me? What do I really want when it comes to love in my life?”

 As you breathe down inside of you and you feel yourself as this balanced energy, is there love that is that foundation within you?  What does love feel like to you?  Can you love yourself?  And along that line accept yourself?  Can you receive love from other people around you; friends, family, loved ones.  Is it enough?  Or do you feel a need or a desire for more?

As you feel the flow of love within and around you be open to see your life clearly.  If you have desired a relationship that hasn’t manifested, let it come up; the disappointment, the frustration, the anger whatever is associated with that.  Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ let it go.

If you have wanted children in your life and it has as yet not manifested, bring it up.  Bring up the disappointment, the sadness, the sorrow, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ let it go. 

This does not mean you no longer want the relationship or the child or anything else that I have as yet to mention; this means that at this time will Venus is retrograde is the prime opportunity for you to just rip open the scab, rip open that energy, and if you look inside and say “it’s all clear everything looks great” high five to you.

If you were open that scab and you look inside and you see either old energy or that same old pattern percolating around or moving around, now is a wonderful time to reach inside and if it’s about loving and accepting yourself for who you are, then bring it up bring it up bring it up bring it up ~whew~ and let it go.

You do not need to do a single thing within your life.  You need only allow and accept the energies of your divinity to be within you.  This is the balance of masculine and feminine.  This is the unconditional love, acceptance and awareness of your divinity.  And then the many, many, many, many ways that you express it in your life are exactly that; expressions of you the balanced individual, you in the flow of love, you in the flow of your divinity.

When you’re in this space and it is everything that is moving through you at this time; it is enough. 

So often humans always seek more and more and more which is fabulous, I love that about humanity. I would say to you, be content with who you are or shall I say accept who you are in all your divinity in the space of balance. And then as you seek to have more and more and more let it come from a place in which you are filled up with the love and the essence of who you are.  And then all of these things and all of these experiences in your life are but new and additional ways in which you can experience yourself.

Absolutely, go out, seek to have more, seek to experience everything to the greatest potential available.  Absolutely, have a beautiful expanded, prosperous life.  Absolutely, be who you are in this now moment and everything else will flow from that.

Out here within the universe, it feels natural. It feels like this is exactly what you want upon the earth. This vibration or this dimension is different than the dimension upon the earth, but you can also create the same exact experience upon your earth.

I have to smile because as I say that I can hear   lots of people saying ‘oh no, doesn’t work that way. Not for me, maybe for someone else, but not for me. I’d love for this to be my reality but it’s nowhere near’. So there are lots of people that feel that disconnect.

Therefore, as you experience your everyday life, remember this moment and then breathe it down into your physical reality. As you do so, then as you look out at those things in your daily reality that may feel discordant; you can look at them and as if you merge together and shift, look at it from a new perspective.

I’m hearing people say ‘I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work’. If you’re in a pattern of driving a particular way to get to work or run your errands or to live your life; go in the opposite direction.  Physically, in your car, go in the opposite direction. If you’re used to walking or exercising at a particular time or in a particular place, flip it around and go in another place or another direction.

If you’re used to being at home without going out and meeting other people, find an event to go to; a lecture, a musical event; whatever it is that catches your interest. Again these are all the things that I talk about you doing and that is because as humans there’s that masculine energy of doing that is so integrated within you. 

So part of the difference is that you start by being who you are and accepting that balance of the masculine and the feminine; accepting that expansion of your own divinity. Then as you do these things, then as you shake things up then as you continue to live your life, it will be from a new perspective.

When I say that there is so much love for you that love is first and foremost from your own soul essence, from your own divine energy that creates your I AM presence. And then the angels, the guides, the teachers; we are all here for you as a support mechanism.   We are not living your life; you are living your life.

We are here like the teacher that you bounce your ideas off of. We are here to flow that love and support to you and perhaps give you ideas and perhaps give you a nudge to go this way. Be open. Be conscious of where you are, of what you’re doing and where your life can shift.

It is as if there’s just a rain of energy and light just flowing into this space and into each one of you. It’s just as if each one of you is filled up with that energy assisting you in your reality.

I invite you to look around, to come back together as a group. As you come together within this space you may be aware of each other, you may be aware of the angels and all the other beings of light who gather at this time of working with the hologram.

As you perceive that hologram as it comes up within this center of this group, have a sense of consciously infusing that balanced energy of the masculine and feminine that balanced energy of being open to ones divinity. Let that move into the hologram and as it does so, let us have the conscious intention that within the hologram this balance expels out anything at all that is outside of balance; that it moves in and diffusing that energy so that there is only the balance within this space.

As you are looking at the hologram you may see it takes on red, yellows, blues, greens; it takes on vibrancy and color that emanates out from the hologram!  You allow that to then be released.  It moves down into your physical earth, as it moves through the crystalline grid, it moves in every direction out into the universe. 

As its moving down into the center of the earth, it connects to the crystals, it connects to the magnetic energies, and then it expands outward.  As it comes up to the surface of the earth, you have that conscious intention that it clears out imbalance.  It releases the old stuck energies and patterns.  It releases all of that which no longer serves humanity. 

It replaces it with a balanced, loving energy that moves through every level.  It comes up within every individual, it comes up into the collective consciousness and it creates a greater balance and stability for the earth.

The waters, the grass, the trees, the rocks, the animals, the people; everyone is open to that potential of the balanced shift in consciousness and energy.  We have that intention that it moves through clearing out the imbalance and replacing it with the balance. It moves through stabilizing everywhere around the world and on many different dimensions and levels of consciousness. 

This will also help you in your everyday reality when you are saying “where’s the change where’s the new” tap into these energies so that will also help you in your physical reality.

You allow your focus to come back within your consciousness that has remained within the All That Is.  Gather all of that which you worked with this evening and let yourself shift back.  You find yourself enveloped in the hug and the love and the embrace of your I AM presence.

Your consciousness streams down and you find yourself in that space of your higher self, clearing out that vibration and energy.  And then you are moving even further down coming back within your physical reality; as if that place in which you are right now you open up your energy fields, you open up to feel all of that balance coming within you.  It comes down into your energy bodies and expands out through your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and Lightbody energies.  So that you in your everyday life can manifest all that we did during this journey. 

You allow that flow to move within you.

As you begin to move through your days with that focused intention of balance, be open to recognize how that flow will shift and move within you.  Be open to allowing an even greater amount of your own love, support, and acknowledgment of your divinity.

Be aware that life is a creation and that your creation is coming from that foundation of balance.  Allow balance to be reflected within all aspects of your reality within your life.

Beloved I am always with you and within you!


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