The Super Moon Illuminates Your Life

Every so often we have what is called a supermoon.  This is when the moon is closer to our earth, therefore looks bigger than usual.  Sometimes it can be very profound, other times it can be subtle.  This full moon is coming at a time when the last several months have incorporated huge changes.  The integration of the crystalline energies are moving very quickly now.  What this means to the individual is that their physical body is changing.  This in turn affects their mental and emotional bodies so it’s all of you that is moving through this transformation.  

The Goddess took the opportunity of working with the energy of this moon to assist us with re-balancing our bodies.  We always start out the year with many intentions of what we would like to accomplish.  So we, therefore, tapped into what our intention was at the beginning of the year and where we are now.  We can still clear our old patterns and complete the year in a balanced place.  

Even though you are tapping into this after the actual super moon; it’s there and available for you access. Time-space reality is moving quickly.  Open to this change allowing it to support you.  


Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all who are present during this journey this evening. 

This is a time of celebration upon the Earth.  It is a time when sometimes people become lost in the midst of trying to do too much, or trying to be something for everyone, and they get disconnected from what is their true purpose in life.  This is a time when families get pulled in many different directions; when people make plans and decisions that may or may not come to fruition.

This is a time upon the earth when all that you have put forth for the past year is coming up for you.  Giving you that opportunity to accept and understand what the year has been, or to move forward creating a new beginning as we come up onto the Winter Solstice, or the Summer Solstice, or whatever it may be.

As you are gathering your energies preparing for this journey allow your focus to become specifically on you, letting go of other thoughts, letting go of the other situations that you may have happening in your life so that your focus can be within your heart, so that your focus can be within you; allowing every breath in to fill you up with consciousness and awareness for who you are. And with every breath out you’re clearing away debris.  You’re clearing away past problems and history.  In doing so, you become even more open and centered within.   

I invite you to take another breath in where you breathe all the way down into the earth.  As you do so feel the energies of the Earth.  It is as if you merge with Gaia.  As you allow yourself to feel this energy, or feel what this is for you, know that you are setting up an intention or setting up a link that allows you to anchor wherever you may be in your daily life.  As you then allow your consciousness to stream out from you within your physical body you allow that energy, or that vibration, to connect with your Higher Self. 

Your Higher Self is that place that is you, it is you from your physical reality in which you find yourself merging with you as your Soul.  By bringing in the energies of your Soul it raises the vibration of your Higher Self so that it gives you the opportunity to look at your life, or experience your life from that big of perspective.  Look around and clear out old energy ~whew~  that no longer serve you. 

Within your Higher Self you have the opportunity to express you in this lifetime. You have the opportunity to express your Divine Essence in human form. 

As you’re ready to do so follow that thread of light that moves from your Higher Self expanding into your Divinity.  As you arrive within the space of the Soul Plane it may be as if this immense energy is right here in front of you.  You may see it.  You may sense it.  You may hear a vibration.  Everybody has their own perception of who they are as their divinity.  In truth this is that part of your Soul associated with the Earth. 

You have strands of energy that may connect you with the Omniverse, or the Universe, or the Galaxy and which you live.  However, the predominant of your Divinity, your Soul Essence, that is right here with you is that of you the person associated with this Universe, this Galaxy, this Planet and all that interrelate.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so our energies merge together and it is what shifts us into the space of the All That Is.  As you arrive within the All That Is you may recognize this for that place in which you frequently come to create within your life.  You may recognize it as a place of leaping off for other experiences.  Whatsoever your perception allow your own energy to be the focus, or that clarity, give you that clarity for who you are and for where you are. 

As you find the space that resonates with you take a moment and notice which Angels and Light Beings are here with you. 

Each of you has a team that works with you.  For some you may have one or two energies that have been with you from the time you were born.  For others, it may be a group helping you through a particular experience.  The importance of this moment is to recognize that you are fully supported, not only as your divinity but as the person living your life. 

Yesterday, today, you are right in the space of what you call a Supermoon; meaning that the moon appears bigger than normal; meaning that you are somewhat closer to the Moon than you might be in other months.   

I, therefore, invite you to go within yourself.  Go within your consciousness and as you remain within the All That Is bring up what your home looks like so that you may find that alignment to your home.  For some you may prefer to bring up a place that is sacred land or is a sacred location that is of importance to you. 

As you find yourself with that thread of energy that connects you to the Earth have a very clear intention that you utilize this as a means of putting forth the clear intention that whatever we do here in the All That Is is reflected of your life upon the Earth and also interacting with your life upon the Earth.  So, therefore, see before you the super moon. 

The All That Is is a dimension.  It is a level of consciousness.  It is a place that has been created throughout all the millions and billions of people that worked with their I Am presence, and while you may have a sense of it in terms of a linear fashion it is actually up, down, in, out and expanded outwards.  Therefore as you have that intention to see the Supermoon it is here in front of you.

I invite you to first sit or stand as if you simply feel that vibration, or that essence that comes off the Moon and into and around you.  The Moon is a pivotal part of the Earth experience.  The Moon creates the tides.  The Moon creates clarity.  The Moon frequently will represent the feminine as the Sun represents the masculine when one is seeking balance.  The Moon is a physical planet and there are people that live upon and within it. 

For now, we simply seek to stand in the vibration of this immense Moon allowing it to be here, not only in front of you but as if it’s directly in alignment with the Earth. 

I invite you to take this moment to consider this year.  As I say that it may be that your thoughts go back to the past January, or it may be that your thoughts immediately go to another experience sometime within this calendar year as you call it.  As you stand here in the vibration of this magnificent full Moon allow the essence of the Moon to illuminate all within and around you.  As you do so look around at whatever part of your recollection is coming up as pertinent to you. 

As I’m observing people I see some standing there and then in circles around them are various points of experience from this year.  I see other people focused on just one or maybe two experiences. I see other people who have cleared everything as they have moved through the year so that they can stand now in whatever the place is. Yet others use this Moon as a means of really looking deeply within themselves.  This is what I’m going to ask of you. 

First of all allow your consciousness to be very deeply centered and focused within you and then as you stand in front of the Moon, feeling that vibration of the Moon as you stand there and waves of energy just wash over you and through you.  Ask to know what is it that is in your best interest to know in this now moment.  Leave the sentence wide open so you may be open to whatever it is that comes up for you.  As you consider that energy it may be that you immediately know what it is or it may be that there is something in your unconsciousness that will come up in hours, days or weeks to come. 

As you allow this Supermoon to illuminate you and your life the first thing that we are asking everyone to do is to align with your physical body.  I know that you have heard about the recalibration of humanity.  Some people say, “don’t really understand what that is. It is not important.  It’s just a pain.” 

The reason that humanity is recalibrating on a physical level is that you will continue to live upon the Earth.  Gaia herself has shifted through an evolutionary change that allows in more and more that crystalline vibration.  Therefore, your physical body needs to be able to handle this higher light vibration with ease.  Some of the symptoms that you may be feeling is a respiratory congestion.  You may feel chest pulsations.  You may have digestive upsets.  Your joints may be achy.  Your bones may hurt. 

When I speak of recalibration of your physical body it means that at a cellular level cell to cell to cell to cell.  Each cell is changing to be able to hold a higher vibration.  There is more water within your cells so you need to drink more water.   Or be in the water, be it swimming, soaking, whatsoever it may be.  You need to be incorporated into water in a much greater way than you were before.  As your cells keep changing they will vibrate with that crystalline alignment. 

For many, the crystalline vibration is just an abstract theory of which you have no specific understanding.  So as to understand the crystalline vibration one may think about what it is associated with.  The fifth dimension or higher, which if you take the next step out it means a more transparent vibration within and around you in your environment.  If you want to take that another Step the 5th Dimension is the dimension of love and living from the heart; living with compassion for the world and yourself. 

As you consider the recalibration taking place in your physical body your lab results may look different from what they usually do.  It may be that you have even greater focus or clarity with anything that you do in your life.   Your sleep state is even more important to you as you continue to integrate this vibration.  Many, many people will find that they moved to more frequent sleep instead of one long extended sleep. Be aware that there will be certain times when an energy comes in, you need to listen to it immediately and just follow through.

 As you incorporate more crystalline energy within your life it may be that you find crystals, and those crystals mean something to you in your everyday reality.  It may be that they are simply located around you in your environment and they are doing what they need to do in a very unconscious way to the human manner.  All crystals are alive.  They continue to communicate and vibrate messages to everyone with whom they are associated.  Therefore as you are integrating crystalline energy physical crystals around you can assist you. 

As your physical body is recalibrating allow yourself to understand that your eating patterns change.  Perhaps it will be that the foods you liked you will no longer like and the flipside is that the foods that you did not usually care for are now very appealing to you.  As people integrate further and further into these next vibrations or dimensions the eating habits will transform in such a way that natural and organic products will much better suit you.  I do not say one has to be a vegetarian or eat a specific type of diet.  With all the billions of people upon the Earth you know what you need to have for yourself.  You make get this information from me speaking, or others like me or you may find this information as you go about your daily life and things appear differently. 

Some of your responsibilities will change.  Sometimes you will have to do things differently and by this I mean eating and drinking may be different, sleeping may be different, friendships may be different.  However, through it all you are becoming more and more and more your authentic self which leads us to the next part. 

Do you know who you are as your soul essence?  Have a sense of looking before you at this immense beautiful Moon.  As you look at it allow it to illuminate all that is within so that you may understand who you are.  You are more than the human.  You are more than the Divinity.  You are more than a life on Earth.  You are more than the food you eat. 

Therefore coming to understand who you are, what your goal is going to be, is all about getting in touch with in yourself.  As you get in touch within there may be things that you have always liked to do, but you no longer allow yourself to have that experience.  Bring it back, because when you do things that you enjoy you’re in the vibration and the flow of who you are as your authentic self. 

As you continue to look at this energy asking to know who you are as your authentic self take a moment to look at your life as it is here in front of you.  Allowing that Supermoon to infuse you and illuminate for you the key points of this lifetime.  As you consider those points perhaps there is a message for you.  Think about a time in your life that was pivotal. 

As you consider your life, thinking about the work that you may do, what brings you joy and happiness?  For some of you I find that joy and happiness is way over here and what you do every day of the week is over here in the mud or the muck becoming camouflaged.  It is essential that you open to this experience or this expression allowing it to unfold in whatever way is best for you. 

You take a step back from that Supermoon looking back at these experiences of your lifetime.  After shifting them in the very physical manner is there anything that seems to float to the surface that comes up as indicator of discussion.  See what that is.  As you feel this energy for whatever it may be have a very clear intention that you now look at what is within you that no longer serves you.  Let that come up, phew, and clean it out letting it go.  As you look at your life through the illumination of this Moon are there particularly happy times that come up for you.  As you look at what that may be also look at, or see, or sense what you were doing as a part of that experience. 

This energy is becoming more and more intense.  If you find yourself in a situation where frustration is becoming more prominent then use that intensity, instead of something which is frustrating and holding you back, to clear out.  Let it cut through whatever energy maybe around you so you may clear out at a greater level. 

As you continue to live your life you can always step into the Moon.  It can always be a mirror for you or something to help you to understand what is happening within your life.  As we did all this clearing so too we can access the energy of the Supermoon to really bring an imprint in for what you would like to have in your life?  If you had everything exactly as you wanted what would your life look like?  As you consider where you would like to go in your life.  If it is old energy let it go, clear it out.  Start brand new illuminating everything that is a potential around you.  

I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you do so, you may see each other within this space.  From there recognize that the Moon is illuminating you in relationship with others.  So too it’s the perfect time to speak to those around you, give them a compliment, admire something upon their person.  Express something of what they mean to you or their appreciation for them.  As you do this you notice within this group there is a much greater openness that is the flow and the energy of everyone around. 

See coming up within your group the Hologram of the Earth.  As this Hologram comes up within you each one of you are infusing into it all the transformation that you have just gone through.  Feel it, know it, understand what that is.  What you also notice is as you infuse energy within the Hologram it finds its natural balance.  You need not worry about that yourself.  As this Hologram becomes infused you release it.  You have a sense of seeing it move down into the Earth, a part of it goes out into the Universe and as this Hologram comes into the Earth it moves through everything, through the center of Gaia connecting to those crystals, or that place that is the center of the earth, and then everything moved out expanding out from there. 

As it moves upwards you begin to find energies as they go through.  The energy moves through all the levels of the collective consciousness creating new potentials.  The energies move up through you so your own perceptions and balancing of your recalibration comes up through you settling within you so that you feel better in your skin and in your life.  So too it nurtures the grass, the trees.  It nurtures everybody who lives upon the Earth so that they have that opportunity to transform also.  Most likely not in the same detail, but it is the vibration which many people are working with unconsciously at this time. 

As you continue to anchor yourself feel how you are bringing even more of your own divinity back into you and your human self.  As you look around your anchoring that energy within you. 

Consider your life.  Consider what would show up for you if you illuminate your life with the super moon.  Consider what you seek to have within your life.  As all of these things kind of float around you or within you let this energy just move as if in waves so that your physical body can do what it needs to do to move forward.  So that your physical environment reflects all of who you are and what you’ve done.  So too this will also allow you to create in your everyday life that which you seek. 

Then if you continue to feel yourself pull back, or continue to feel the same of frustrations, recognize that this is an opportunity to clear it out, let it go.  If it’s for the first time, or the 10th time, or the hundredth time just recognize that it is what it is and then clear out the past so that it is open for the future. 

These are very pivotal times in which you live upon the earth.  Change is here, it’s going to happen no matter what.   I would, therefore, encourage you to choose change, to choose a new reality, to choose the life that you seek whatever that may look like to you.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.





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