The Vibration of Trust

Trust is a complicated emotion. Some people take it for granted, while for others fear may keep them from trusting. Trust begins within you and it entrained between your soul and human self. It actually is deeply aligned with the vibration of self love.

As the Goddess began this channel, she spoke of intention. Intention is something people have that can be both conscious and unconscious.  From there she spoke about how much you are controlling in your life asking the question; what do you feel a need to control?  What wads interesting is that many people felt they were controlling as a means of making life easier; not necessarily to make others do their bidding.

As the Goddess looked  beneath control what she found was fear. The primary reason people felt need to control was fear. She created a space where people were truly and fully supported by angels and light beings  and then began to clear the fear. She stated ‘control is the human form for getting things done; trust is the higher vibrational form for getting things done’. This channel weaves the energies of trust from your soul into your every day reality. 

As you trust in yourself you have greater confidence and you can relax into the flow of potential. 

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment, you as the person that you are, you with everything that is happening within your life. This is an opportunity for you to expand more deeply within your own self but also to expand all of your energy field, so that you begin to vibrate in sync within yourself.

You are the human; you are this physical person that is occupying the space of where you are. You also have your emotional body all around you. It goes within, so because you hold emotions within your cellular structure and it also is a nonphysical energy that makes up who you are.

You have your mental body, your thoughts, your beliefs, your reality and that too is felt within your physical body. It may manifest this illness; it may manifest these aches and pains. It may manifest by amplifying certain emotions. It is also a nonphysical energy that surrounds you.

Your spiritual body is you as soul, it’s you as God, it’s you as your source energy, and that’s the part that just kind of brings it all together. So when you take those deep breaths in you are breathing down that energy and it’s flowing through your mental, emotional and physical bodies. It’s like this big beam of light that comes down into you, that weaves through everything and then it clears it out.

We rarely stop to think about how much happens with the breath that you take in. However, when you stop and take a few moments to consider the many pieces that make up who you are you begin to recognize that you can clear one-piece and it will filter through to the others or you can balance everything and it will clear out bit by bit by bit.

The foundation for everything is your intention; the intention that you have to take in the breath and breathe out. The intention that all your energy fields are cleared out; the intention that you find that balance you are seeking within you.

Take it one more deep breath with the clear intention that you breathe down through your physical body. You allow that to move into the earth and as it does so it spreads out connecting with Gaia so that that may anchor you adjusting your balance or helping you to be more present in this physical way so that your conscious and unconscious energies can stream out to the higher vibration with a greater focus.

Each time we get together for these journeys you are experiencing everything that’s in alignment with the words I speak. You are also experiencing it at a much deeper level. As it moves through from your consciousness into your unconsciousness, it’s working on ways that may go back over past lives, future lives, various potentials, so that it may assist you in whatever is in your best interest.

You’ve anchor your energies into Gaia. You then have an intention that you send your thoughts, your focus, going up through your energy bodies out through the top of your head and it links within the space of your highest self.

As you find yourself within this energy, you may have a much broader perception of reality and truth. As you allow your focus to be fully present within your higher self, you recognize that there are conversations going on, potentials that are being worked out and opportunities available to you whether you choose to use them or not. If this is working for you, open to that flow. If it’s getting crowded in here ~whew~ clear it out.

As you clear out the space of your higher self or allow it to be in a greater flow you then can send your focus even further. As you do so it moves into the space of your divinity, the space of your I AM Presence. This is you as your God source. This is you as the pieces to all the many lifetimes that you’ve had and it’s a space where all comes together. This is you with unconditional love. This is you with the acceptance that no matter what is happening within your life you have potential.

Embrace your divinity. Recognize how more and more this flows up and down through you assisting you in your everyday life.

I the Goddess, walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you as the person, you as your divinity and as our energies blend we move into the All That Is. Here within the All That Is look around. Your Angels, your guides, the Ascended Masters, all are present here as a space of communication to assist you in your life.

As we look around the All That Is you may see some of those things that you have been working through. You may see parts of yourself that are seeking attention.

One of the things that I would like to do with this journey is to invite you to just have a sense of closing your eyes, resting back, letting go of that need to control things of the schedule of everything that needs to happen in your life. Just give yourself a moment to relax and as you do so, I the Goddess, the Angels, the Light Beings, all that are present and working with you come into this space and they are just going to beam their energies into each one of you.

Feel the flow. Feel the love. Feel the compassion.

It may be that you are very aware of who is working with you or it may be that it is all just coming from the space that is unconditional love, acceptance and awareness.

How often do you give yourself the chance to be in this now moment?

How often is your focus pulled in many, many different directions?

As you feel the love, the light, the essence for who you are understand that it’s not always necessary to be very conscious of everything.

As I speak of this I feel you going deeper and deeper into this vibration of nurturing love.

Do you feel it necessary to be in control?

As I speak that I could hear many of you saying, “Yes, things were better if I am”, “I’m more organized if I am”, therefore control already has a specific meaning for you and you recognize the benefit.

I invite you to open up your heart to trust. Will you trust me to work with you on control?

I find this fascinating. When I asked about control nobody got upset or tense, however you did have your reason for wanting it. It’s like a saw little beacons of light come up. When I asked you to trust me to work with you instinctively and maybe almost half of you, a barrier came up. Therefore let us work with trust.

As you breathe into your heart center as you are here in this flow of the unconditional love of I the Goddess and all the light beings that are here with you open up that doorway in your heart so that you may allow trust to come in.

As I speak of this I can feel within many of you fear that comes on the heels of trust. Therefore, open up your energies that you may tap into where ever that the fear comes from that has an impact upon trust or anything else in your life so that you may bring it up. I invite you to have that intention of bringing it up by the roots, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ clear it out.

As you release fear trust opens up.

I invite you to have the intention once more of going within yourself, tapping into trust, allowing that door to open up so that you will open up to greater trust within your life. Many, many more people are now opening to trust, however, there are still those and this time I can see that it’s actually not wishing to release control is therefore holding back their trust.

As you breathe into your energies, the light beings, the angels, your guides come into your energy, helping you to create a flow and a vibration so that trust moves through you on every level with greater and greater ease.

Allow trust to move into a cellular level within you.

As you consider trust let us take a step further. I’m going to put out some questions; they may or may not resonate with you.

Do you trust yourself to know that intuitively or consciously you will know the answer in any given situation?

Do you trust that you will have an understanding of the people around you for the times when they can be supportive of you and you supportive of them?

Do you trust that in any given situation you can rely upon yourself?

Now with that last question what I mean is that there may be times when you need other people to help you. There may be times when you are in long-term relationships and you’re part of that relationship, part of a family, part of whatever it may be. However, no matter what is going on in your life, can you trust yourself? So anything within you that no longer resonates with you that is keeping you from trusting yourself ~whew~ let it go.

This goes hand-in-hand with the independence we spoke about in our last gathering. You may place your trust in other people, you may place your trust in situations, you may place your trust in whatever it is that is happening in your daily life. No matter what that may be it always comes back to you. Do you trust yourself? There we go.

I heard many say yes and many say no. When you take trust to that next step if you feel that you cannot trust yourself, which leads to not trusting a situation or not trusting a relationship, you then step in with your human ego that is you in this lifetime thinking that if you will control it then that will take the place of trust. The difference is, control is a third dimensional-fourth dimensional reality; trust is also within those dimensions, however, trust comes from the divine. Trust comes from you in the space of the All That Is. Trust comes from those direct and open lines of communication between your soul and your human reality.

You are the person in this lifetime. You are living your life. You constantly have things that are happening in your life. Allow for trust to integrate and become a part of your everyday reality.

As you breathe in gently and easily, once again have the intention of breathing in all the love, the support, the vibration that is surrounding you in this now moment so that it fills you up on every level with your own divinity. Feel the trust flow through you. Have a clear intention that trust becomes the number one aspect hand-in-hand with self-love for who you are.

Everything that we have spoken about in these teleconferences it’s been about love, about support, acceptance. Trust is pivotal with all that is happening here.

As you breathe in with every deep breath breathe in trust, trusting the divine, trusting yourself as God, trusting the flow, the light, the love from your soul. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Ok, as I’m looking at you, I’m finding that some people would like us to go deeper. I therefore invite the angels that are working with you or your own divinity to weave the vibration and the pattern of trust into your thoughts, your beliefs, your mental body so that as you are living your life, as you are in that analytical place of your reality where control might jump in you can take in a breath, release control and then breathe in trust, trusting the divine.

I hear many people upon the earth that talk about God will save them, God will support them, God is looking out for them as if it’s a Third-Party. This is all about weaving that vibration and that energy of your own source as god because that is the direct link into the central sun; that is that direct link into that which is the source of everything. Let that flow through your divinity. Let that flow into you, so that when you trust yourself, you are opening to that vibration of your divinity.

So many of you have at least at an unconscious level, many, many threads of energy and light that weave through that part of you as the divine and you as the human. As you shift into a very conscious choice you will find that this moves through you in a different way. Trust that flow from your divinity and you will realize that as you live your life your perspective will transform. Trust that the more you flow the vibration, the light, the energy of your divine, the greater balance your life will have for you. With all of that you are supported not only by all these angels and light beings, but you are also supported first and foremost by your divinity. There we go. We weave that alignment into your consciousness, your mental body, your emotional body, your physical body.

Consider the questions that I asked before. Is there something in your life that you feel you need to be in control so that the situation goes more smoothly? As you consider that, now with this deeper flow of trust and the open vibration of your divinity do you receive a different perspective?

Ok, I’m seeing for some of you there is still that desire to control which is of course your human reality. Therefore send love, honor, respect into yourself as the human, so that flow will continuously move through relaxing the control.

As these energies move through, as the control transforms, open, allow trust in the flow of light from your divinity to support you as you transform into a higher light dimension.

I can see for many of you, your analytical mind is continuing to spin. Another way of considering how your life will transform as you trust yourself, as you trust in your divinity, as you trust in that flow of light from your intuition, your higher self, the source, it makes you confident. As you are confident in your life, there is an intrinsic understanding that the support you need will be there. There is an intrinsic understanding, the people that you might need to meet, that will enhance your life or a situation will be there.

I hear all of you saying, not all of you but many of you, “That never works, that never works, I’m still waiting, I’m still waiting, I still haven’t gotten …bla, bla, bla. whatever it is”; that is your reality that’s pulling you right back into the old pattern ~whew~ let it go. Allow trust to flow into that old pattern, into that old reality so that you may transform whatever it is that you seek.

Maybe you don’t want it anymore. Maybe it’s something you thought you wanted, however you really don’t when you go into your heart of hearts. Allow the flow of trust to open up the lines to your divinity, so as to strengthen the reality for who you are. Not about what anybody else thinks, what anybody else is doing this is a very deep direct link between you as soul, you as the human. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As you consider whatever that was that you were just hooked into, look at it again and see, are you letting go of that control? Are you allowing this new reality to come into you?

I invite everyone to join together as a group. You find that you easily shift your energy and you come together as a group and as I see it there’s all of you that are the humans. There’s a row of those that are your angels and your light beings and then there is a row of I the Goddess and all those that also work with you from a different vibration or perhaps some more expanded space. So, everything merges together into one big circle and this circle expands outward.

You see coming up within this circle the hologram of the earth. As this hologram comes up within the group it spins and it turns and it rotates. As it does so it’s taking on the energy of each one of you sending trust into this hologram. It’s taking on the energy and the vibration that when you trust yourself you are opening up the lines of communication and it all moves in to the hologram until you can release it, allowing it to move down.

It moves through the dimensions, it moves through the time space reality moving out into the universe and also moving down into the earth. It goes within the center of the earth merging and mixing with the lava and the crystals, the energies that are the core of the earth. From there it moves outward. As it comes up through the earth itself, it comes up into each one of you and you are anchoring your own energy.

It comes up through the grass, the trees, the flowers, the water, and we have a very clear intention that from the center of the earth all the way out through everything that is a part of the earth we clear out the collective consciousness ~whew~ clearing out control, opening up to trust. So many people within the collective consciousness are stuck in that control and we send the intention that each one of them may open to trust and that and an alignment with their own divinity. ~whew~

As you feel yourself anchoring you begin to feel the ways in which we wove together trust into your human self. Take a moment as you are integrating that to bring back the rest of your consciousness. It moves through your soul down through your higher self coming into you the human.

This time, I invite you to consciously weave through, trust into your human reality, trusting first and foremost yourself. If you trust yourself you are opening to your divinity. If you trust yourself, you empower your reality in everything that happens throughout your day.

Allow for this to move into you. You breathe in and you breathe out.

You breathe in trust and the high light vibration of your divinity. You breathe out control and the narrow perspective of the human reality.

Here we are, living our lives upon the earth, walking hand-in-hand with each of you as you live your lives, recognizing that there is the divine, there are the angels, there’re the light beings, some of them have walked upon the earth, some have not. But if they are working with you then they are walking on the earth hand-in-hand with you. You are never alone. They create support for you in so many ways. Allow that support to be there for you. Allow it to help you and recognize that as you are opening to the flow of trust and understanding that that is going to be the way that you can move forward.

That trust and the open flow of alignment will create a new reality and as your human self is integrating this reality understand that is the words you speak to yourself and others, it’s the intention and it’s the integration.

Integrating the divine is first and foremost as love and woven hand-in-hand with that is trust.

Beloved family know that I am always with you and within you.




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