The Wesak Frequency

Every year during the full moon in May Buddha & Jesus return to a high meadow in the Himalayan mountains. This is in part because it is the birthday for Buddha.

This year was very powerful in several different ways. First of all we were very close to the energies that were taking place! There are always people who sit moving up the side of the mountain, but this time there was a large group of people were in the area where they arrived. These people were able to really feel the flow of energy they created. As they both arrived on earth they stood across from each other and an infinity sign was created. So too the Dalai Llama was to one side with Metatron across from him. They too created an infinity sign. If you can, visualize and infinity sign coming from four directions and creating a balance. This then rose up and became a ball of energy with a hologram specific for the earth. This ball went around to everyone prece.

This infused everyone with joy, light love. Through this there was directly communicated to each per a person message from Jesus and Buddha. It was very powerful and people received a new beginning and healing.

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all who are here in our time together for these sessions of integration that take place during these channels.

I sometimes feel as if there is so much that I wish to talk about, but I do not know where to begin. This evening one of the things I wish to discuss is the fact that so much transformation has taken place, in particular during the last year, that has allowed for each one of you the opportunity to open up so that you may communicate directly with I Goddess, your own Guides and Teachers, or anyone else that is within this realm. Even if you can’t say specifically I’ve done this, or I’ve done that, or this is changed; you are still in that vibration of expansion so that this awareness is present within and around you.

Here you are. Look around. Know that you the human have opportunities available to you every minute of every day. Sometimes you will step into those opportunities. Other times you will say, “Not right now. I’ll get it next time around”. Or you may just have that conscious choice to say I’m good with where I am right now. The amazing aspect of the human mind is that you need not even think about it. All of this processing is going on in the various levels within both your conscious and unconscious minds. You may therefore allow your focus to be on a particular frequency of vibration. This in turn will assist you.

As you open up to this reality take in a deep breath where you breathe down into the Earth, feel the energies of the Earth. Allow your consciousness and your awareness to spread out so that it begins to anchor you. Allow that vibration of the Earth, or your own grounded energy, to come back up within you. It then swirls within your heart center and then send it reaching up.

It moves up through your throat, your third eye and your head center. It moves out until it aligns with your Higher Self. As you feel this vibration of your higher self it may be very comfortable and a place where you are much of your life. It may be an unconscious alignment that connects you at this time. Clear out your Higher Self. ~whew~

What I see as I work with humans is that everybody has compartments within your mind and within your space of creation. Some of them are very open and there is an easy flow that moves through. Other times it is if you get stuck even within your Higher Self in those segmented compartments. So clear it, ~whew~ Break down the walls and open so as to experience all aspects of your Higher Self. Feel it open to your perspective or your perception.

As you find this alignment balancing within your consciousness allow your flow to move even further out. As this strand of energy that links you to your Divinity is present for you that flow and that energy just naturally flows into that which is your Divinity; that which is the Divine.

We come into this space every time we get together. What is your perception of your Divinity? Are you able to discern even more the levels of consciousness that created you as your Soul?

I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you as your soul; as the human that you are on all levels of your conscious awareness. As our energies merge everything moves into the All That Is.

I had a very interesting vision as we moved into this space. It was as if there was an Amphitheatre with the stairs going down and as people we’re getting ready to go down the stairs they were jumping up and down, they were talking and laughing. It gave me the sense of when you on earth go to your concerts of the various artists that you like and everyone is trying to get down to their seat. The good news about the All That Is is that every seat is exactly perfect for you. So it doesn’t matter where you sit. There is always that alignment that takes place.

Everyone is gathering. There are many of you who live upon the earth that are part of this audience. There are many that come from other places within your Universe and a few even that come from other universes or the Omniverse as it is called.

Yes, we are going to experience the Wesak festival. It is not quite the exact timing, but as you know time is non-linear. Therefore, we choose to come at this time and if you are listening, or reading, or watching this months and months down the road you are here with us in this now moment.

There is music that has been playing in the background. When I speak of frequency music is one of the best ways to create a change in the frequency of you and your reality. The vibration that music puts out, or toning; it could be a drum or a crystal bowl. Whatever it is there is a particular frequency that it emanates and that frequency is here with you adjusting your own vibration at this time. Not everybody will have the same exact frequency. You will have that which is in your best interest.

I walk; I stand in front of you at this time. I create for you that space within the Himalayan Mountains where we always experience the Wesak festival. As I open up the door, or as I open up the veil, you see before you the High Meadow.

I invite each of you to allow yourself to move to exactly where you would like to be. You are no longer in that Stadium. You are now in this field. Sometimes you may notice other people. Other times it is as if you were alone.

The Dalai Lama, other monks, other beings of light are here preparing the space for tonight’s experience. If you allow yourself to, you can listen to the tones. You can hear the music. This is assisting you with this experience. Some of you may find yourself sitting on a rock, sitting in a tree, part way up in the mountains, sitting on the ground, or perhaps walking amongst those who are here.

There is a particular alignment that takes place as everyone is waiting for that alignment for Buddha to come through first of all. The music stops. There is a gathering of the energies as everyone takes a deep breath in. You begin to see the descent of the Buddha. Some have a perception of a flash of a light and he has arrived. Others have a sense of a slow descent that brings him into your space. Look around. Feel this essence. Know what it is to you.

Buddha walks to those who are gathered. They align with one another communicating. He holds out his arms and it is if he levitates off the ground and as he does so he brings in his brother the Christ Energy. Just as there was that arrival of the Buddha, for some were flash and some were slow descent, the same is true for the Christ Energy.

As they are both here within this field there is a new tone, or a new frequency, that emanates from each one of them. They stand facing one another. On one side is the Dalai Lama on the other side is Metatron. They create a space in which the vibration moves back and forth between Buddha and Jesus and then back and forth between the Dalai Lama and Metatron. As each one; it it’s as if there’s an infinity sign. It goes around one and then around the other, and it crosses in the middle so that there is an infinity sign that holds the two together. So too the other two the Dalai Lama and Metatron that infinity sign is holding them together and at the point in the center where those two threads of energy combine it is creating a ball of energy, or a ball of light, that is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

They placed within this ball of light the vibration and the intensity, or the intention, of balance. It is the communication of this these two which brought these changes to the world. They are by no means the only ones. However, they are the two that have worked together every single year bringing back this vibration. This ball of light and energy continues to raise its frequency and its vibration until it gets to the point where it rises up above them and it is released.

Yeshua and Buddha now stands side by side and they work with this ball of energy and it begins to go into a circle around that first group, and then a bigger circle with the next group going around and around and around. It fills the entire meadow with light. It expands the vibration in such a way that there is an intrinsic awareness.

For everyone who is present that ball of light goes into your heart center expanding out. Allow it to heal anything at all that no longer serves you. Allow yourself to open feeling that unconditional love of the Divine. It moves into you moving through every layer of who you are shifting your frequency, changing the very biorhythm of your physicality. With every beat of your heart your body realigns.

As you allow yourself to adjust to whatever this new frequency is for you it begins to go into every cell within your body. As you breathe within allow yourself to merge becoming one with this vibration.

Buddha and Yeshua have turned so they face everyone within the field and up the sides of the mountain. Feel the rhythm. Feel the pulsation. You are Divine. You are in the soul of who you are and it is balanced and amplified by Jesus and Buddha. As their vibration continues to anchor within you, if you have a question to ask bring it to your heart and ask that question whatever it may be. I asked you to accept the unconditional love, the unconditional healing and balance that moves through with this experience. Open to any new ideas or potentials that may come your way.

We are beginning the next eon of transformation that the Earth will experience. They are sowing the seeds for what that may be at this time. Had it not been for all of you and the experience that you have had, the choices that you have made, this would not be possible. As they seed this meadow you begin to see flowers or trees and other things of the Earth that are beginning to create themselves.

There is a star of the crystalline energy that comes down and as it hits the Earth it goes out in every direction integrating the crystalline vibration so that each one of you may have what was within your life. Allow it to wash over you moving through your emotions, your thoughts, and beliefs moving all the way down into your physical body so that every cell is infused. So that every cell receives that illumination from within and that speaks to the next cell and the next and the next and the next until the crystalline vibration moves throughout your entire body. As that integration moves through you cell to cell to cell there is a natural balance that takes place within your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs and within any part of you.

Those people in that inner circle move throughout the meadow. They communicate with all that are here, sometimes with an embrace, sometimes sitting quietly and having a conversation. Receive what that is to you. This meadow is sacred. Sometimes people try and find it in the physical reality, but it exists in the fifth and sixth dimension. Invite the fifth and sixth dimensions to be a part of your everyday reality, because this feels good does it not.

Within the higher dimension there is less of the pull of duality and there is more the instinctive vibration of balance. Breathe in deeply breathing in more of that balance within you. Breath out clearing and releasing anything at all that no longer serves you.

Yeshua and Buddha come back together. You see such a transformation not only in them, but in everybody else. As they come together they stand side by side. Metatron on one side and the Dalai Lama on the other and all four ascend returning back into that higher vibration.

As their energies release the rest of you who remain within the space now have an opportunity to focus upon the Earth that you may ground your integration into the Earth. You blend with Gaia so as to integrate throughout all of your energy bodies. However, also supporting Gaia giving her the energy that she needs to move forward. She will integrate that energy and it will always be there for you. When you vibrate at particular frequency you will automatically be within that space. If you find yourself struggling in may be that you have asked for that space so that you may shift into it and feel better.

Receive who you are. Know that you have received the blessing from the Buddha and from the Christ. Know that their blessing is something that you perceive as outside of you. However, your own Divinity is also showering you with that space. There is a sense of this energy kind of coming together in that ball of light that was created has diffused throughout the Earth plane.

We find ourselves back within the All That Is sitting once more within this Stadium. However, look at yourself. Open to perceive the change or the transformation that has taken place within you. Indeed, it is profound. As you continue to integrate this frequency and this level of consciousness take a moment to feel what it is. Jesus and Buddha walk and in amongst all of you helping you to balance, sometimes touching you on the head, sometimes sitting with you. We can hear their laughter as they share conversation with you. We heard Jesus say the easy time is when you create in the All That Is and the hard time the heart is doing it upon the Earth. This is one of the reasons they created that ball of energy that literally infused each one of you and then as if a hologram of the entire Earth that infused the Earth.

Why is it easier to manifest within this space; because of the higher vibration; the higher the vibration lesser the amount of resistance. The lesser the amount of resistance the easier it is to manifest what you seek to have. Therefore, as you seek to create in your everyday life find that pathway of least resistance, because that is what will help you to manifest.

I invite everyone to gather together. We are already in the Stadium. Create a circle so that the hologram of the Earth comes up within it. This is the hologram that you are used to working with. You may consciously see the transformation that is taking place. This is that integration of that ball of light that Yeshua and Buddha released upon the Earth. I invite you to flow your own intention, your own balance, your own reality, which is that space without resistance.

As all becomes infused within this hologram there is a sense of releasing it and it moves down through that pathway that was created by everyone coming into the space. There is that portion that goes out into the Universe. There’s another portion that goes down into the Earth. As this hologram goes into the Earth it anchors within the center. There are crystals, there’s lava, there are rocks and as it anchors within this space and it begins to expand. It expands outwards going through all the layers of the Earth. It comes up through the space which you are. It comes up through your own root center so that you may anchor within you. You anchor it within your heart that which is you with the integration of tonight energies. It moves up through the Earth, the grass, the trees and the water. It clears out the collective consciousness moving through all of the collective consciousness so as to create a change and a new beginning. ~whew~ there it goes, ~whew~ Clear it again, ~whew~ and then once more.

As you breath in these energies feel what they are to you and know who you are as a person. You may then draw back the remainder of your consciousness that was up in the All That Is. It flows from that Stadium into your Divinity. It flows down through that cord of light moving through your Higher Self. You bring it back. It washes over you. It washes and moves in through the middle of you as it washes out your energy body. Anchor your consciousness back within you. Open to the frequency of that higher vibration that represents Buddha and Yeshua. Allow their balance to move through you assisting you in your everyday reality.

In the days and weeks to come I invite you to come back into this space, be it in your consciousness, your thoughts, your emotions. Come back into the space of this meadow where that ball of energy was given to you and given to all of Earth. Feel the alignment from your heart, to Christ, to Buddha and this healing loving balanced energy.

Know that it is there within you. Allow it to go through you, integrating, shifting transforming. You are the change upon the Earth. You are the representation of Buddha and Jesus. You are creating that balance and that flow from you, to them, to the energies, to the Earth, to the Universe. Allow that intricate dance of energy in light to shift your own frequency so that you may manifest what you seek to have, and so did you have your life flows with the ease that you said to have.

Beloved we are always with you.




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