There Is Only Love

This is one of the most beautiful channels!! The energy was so powerful and such a constant flow throughout that I and everyone present felt the amazing strength and reality that 'there is only love'. Once we were in the soul plane, before the Goddess merged with everyone, she actually took a moment to expand herself and show her God & Goddess aspects. It was a very cool experience the masculine so strongly since I’m used to the feminine energies. BUT this also is a part of what created such an all-encompassing feeling of love and acceptance.

As you go through your days, how much love a part of your life? Do you have a tendency to look at life from a place of fear, depression, sadness or control? This channel gives you the chance to find a better understanding. If your life has a foundation of anything but love; this will assist in shifting the energies. 

When the Goddess speaks of love in this channel, it’s the love that is yours from your divinity. This is the foundation for self love. Through your divinity, you also have access to God/ Goddess and universal light. Love is an energy that intrinsically creates a place of allowing, accepting, generosity and flow. The Goddess will assist you in recognizing where your influence comes from.  Is it from a strong foundation or someone or something outside of you? 

The Goddess also spoke of illusion. Sometimes people talk about life as an illusion. Sometimes they talk about what’s happening in a situation as an illusion. She mentioned that your mental body is oftentimes the foundation for illusion, rigid thinking and holding onto old energy. When you infuse that with love, it creates a softening and change.

Be open to love in your life. Be open to creating change from a place of love. In all 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I welcome you to our time together. I invite you to come and allow your focus to be fully within this moment, to allow your focus to be fully within you at this time.

The intention of these journeys is to give yourself a little break or to give yourself a little vacation from your everyday life. Indeed, you also utilize these journeys as an opportunity to create change and transformation within you and within your life. But perhaps there are times when you are just tired of it all. You are tired of the intensity; you are tired of the confusion, you are tired of just having to worry about it and think about things and you just want to let it go. Let these journeys be that for you.

My intention is to always be in support of you. My intention is to assist you in realizing who you are as us your divinity, because I know that when you know who you are and when you allow your light, your divinity, your essence, to become a part of your everyday life, you are all that you seek to be and sometimes that’s just a stepping stone into where you will end up being.

There is only love. We shared that this past week with someone and since that time, I have come to realize that this is something that everybody needs to accept, allow, understand or perhaps even to have within their lives.

As you consider while we are still here in this ungrounded state, your life, your experience, is love the foundation of what you do. Look around. Consider your essence. Most of you realize that when you have love as the foundation, it creates a new perspective or a change in everything else that happens within your life.

I’ll like to tap into what we are going to speak about while you are still here and grounded so that you can have that intention to begin the process while you are here in this space reality and then as we shift consciousness and focus into the higher dimensions you will find that you need not scramble or look or worry about where the answers are. It creates an even greater flow within and around you.

Take a moment. Allow yourself to breathe deeply one more time. This time with the conscious intention of breathing all the way through your physical body, sending that breath of light, that breathe of energy all the way down into the earth. As it links with the earth you may feel Gaia around you. You may feel the energies of the elementals. Allow any of that, that may resonate with you to just anchor your consciousness and then it comes back up within you. You send it out from you as if you let go your physical body and you allow your consciousness to move into the space of your higher self.

Within your higher self you have access to your divinity. You have access to hear your earthbound consciousness. Allow this to be a space of alignment that makes it easier for you in your everyday life.

From there you allow your consciousness to shift even further. You have the intention of moving into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane, once again have a sense of looking around. Open your conscious awareness and invite your divinity to move within and around you.

As you do so, some of you are very used to align in this way and you immediately link. Others of you have a sense of a feeling. You may see or sense colors, perhaps a shape that looks like a human. Howsoever it may come across to you be open to what feels as if it’s a heart-to-heart connection.

When you have your alignment with you divinity, have a sense of opening up your heart, your consciousness, all of your awareness, so that you may merge fully within you divinity.

You, as your divinity is limitless. When people align, you do so from that space and you have a perception that is based on your earthly experience that you are living right now. As if you were to peel away a layer or several layers, open up further; there we go, that you may align even more fully within your divinity.

I the Goddess, move within and around each one of you. As I do so, I reach out to embrace each one of you. With my embrace, you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

I am here to facilitate your own exploration of this space, of this place of creation, of this place of reality. Reach out to the flow. Feel all of the energies that are here for you. This place is filled with light, it’s filled with love, it’s filled with the essence of each one of you. Experience what that may be.

As I spoke at the beginning of this channel, there is only love. When it comes to whatever may be going on in your life, I invite you to open up to a foundation that is based in love. When your life becomes challenging, you are pulled in many different directions, and you become exhausted, frustrated. You may have problem after problem, come back, take that step back to love.

When you find yourself questioning, “What direction is the best direction for me to go?” When you find yourself in despair, come back to the intention that there is only love.

I have nothing but love for you and I stand here, very consciously as Goddess and God energies.

I chose this format of bringing in the feminine aspect of source energy. But as we speak of this and as there has been so much judgment within the world, we are now moving toward a balanced energy. Therefore, as I speak of love, I wanted to take an opportunity to be very conscious that Goddess energy as the feminine, God energy as the masculine stand here as a balance with our arms open, filled with unconditional love, unconditional acceptance for you. You the person living this life, no matter what your life has been. We stand here right now, and we put that forth to you, our heart to you, to your consciousness, to your heart, to you divinity, to your personality, to all of who you are.

When we speak of love, we speak of love as the foundation that you have within you that is that direct alignment from your divinity. We are here in the All That Is. This is where you are your God self. We stand as a reflection of you, we stand as an amplifier of you but you are your divinity. Some will say, your divinity is you and the person you are in this lifetime is but a reflection of that.

The time that we spend within this space strengthens your alignment within your divinity. The more that that amplifies within you, the more solid that is as it moves through your consciousness, the more it’s just there in the background working with you, working for you, and it’s not something that you need to always request that is coming for you. It is there 100% of the time.

Now, consider your life as if you have a place that you can organize your thoughts, your experiences. Consider your life. Would you say upfront that the foundation of all that you feel comes from a place of love? I hear your answers. It’s as if there was a certain percentage that said; “Yes, unequivocally, yes”.  There was another percentage that said; “Some of the time yes, some of the time no”. There were other people that said; “I would like it to be based in love, but it’s not” or “I try to have it based in love and I just don’t seem to make it happen every time”. And of course you may be something totally different than that, but these are the predominant responses that I heard back from everyone.

Whenever you awaken in the morning, I invite you to take an opportunity; perhaps as you yawn, perhaps as your alarm is going off, but take an opportunity to get in a pattern of breathing once, twice, a few times breathing down the essence of your divinity as we do at the beginning of these channels where you breathe deeply within yourself, consciously inviting your divinity to come in, fill up your heart center and move through your body. Perhaps as you’re going to sleep at night, you may choose to the same. Perhaps you take a break midway through the day and you take in a few of these breaths with that conscious intention, that conscious alignment to your divinity. That you are opening to your divinity, which is opening to love, because your divinity is nothing but love. Your divinity is unconditional love, acceptance, allowing, awareness.

If you wake up in such a way in a very conscious manner, perhaps you do it a week, two weeks, whatever length of time, you will begin to realize that you need not consciously create the alignment and consciously flow your love through you. It will begin to happen every time that you take in a focused and a deep breath. This can be your reality, and then, if you find yourself in a stressful situation, you take in that deep breath, perhaps to find your patience, but you take in that deep breath, and you are automatically breathing in love, breathing in your divinity. Many of you do this already. I invite you to make that conscious change or that conscious shift.

While we are here in the All That Is; Do you feel love? While we are here in the All That Is; Can you accept love? While we are here in the All That Is, Can you allow love to wash over you, to flow through you so that it can be within and around you to the fullest amount? Well, as I said that, I realize that it’s going to be limitless, but as you consider it from the human perspective, it may feel as if you feel up or as if you get to capacity, and then it turns off or overflows. Open to the perception that it is a constant flow filling you up completely, moving through, perhaps clearing out, but this is love as energy and each of you are pure energy.

Do you accept that you are alive, perhaps not in the place you want to be, I heard all that, but do you accept that in this now moment as a human you are alive? Indeed, therefore, you have free will. You have conscious thought, conscious intention, conscious awareness. Let that be based in love.

Now, we’ve been speaking of all the love that is here. Here is your divinity, here as God and Goddess. Let’s consider for a moment the things that are happening in your life. When I asked that question a few minutes ago, was the foundation of everything in love? We had a number of you that were not in that alignment. So let’s work with your energy for the moment.

What would you say is the predominant energy reflected in your life, lack, frustration, judgment, fear, hopelessness? I could go on and on with these energies that I am picking up. Whatsoever that may be, I invite you to bring it into this space here of the All That Is. Bring it up from within your consciousness, bring it up from within you and just ~whew~ let it go. If you so choose, perhaps see it as if it is in front of you, around, you, I invite you to do whatever you need to do to just bring it up into this now moment.

For some, I have that sense of you attempting to bring it up, bringing it up to a degree but then; “I don’t want to look at it”, “I don’t want to see it”, “It’s too much”. Open and feel the compassion, feel the love, feel the awareness so that whatever it is that’s been sticking inside of you, that’s been stuck inside of you, you can allow it to come up and we are just going to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. ~Whew~ Let it go. Let it go in this moment and breathe down within yourself. Allow the love of your divinity to fill in that space of whatever was that you just released.

Fear, is so prevalent on many different levels throughout society at this time. People have fears that may begin within their individual self. If you have any fear related to anything take this is an opportunity to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. ~Whew~ Let it go.

People may be tapping into fear that’s generated from others. Allow yourself to, to go within your consciousness, to go within yourself for a moment to ask that question. Are you feeling fear that is perhaps related to something outside of you? Yes, we heard a resounding yes. So indeed, people may have their own fears, their own things that are a foundation but you may also be feeling the fear of others. So especially if it is not your own, again, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and let it go.

Once more in this instance, as if you open up your heart, your consciousness, every part of your reality; open up and feel the flow of love, feel the flow of compassion, acceptance, allowing all of those energies that are in alignment with love. Let that fill up any place within you anytime you release something that’s no longer working for you.

How many of you have been living your life or are in this moment living your life from the perspective of what other people are expecting of you? Sometimes it’s hard to discern, is that truly what each individual thinks or is that what someone else thinks. Sometimes there is a clear-cut discernment but in this moment of openness, of flow, of consciousness I invite you to ask yourself, how much of your life is based upon either what other people want or what you think other people may want? Let it go ~whew~ Let go other people’s desires. And what I speak of here, is other people’s perception of what they think you should be doing either, what you wear, what you think, what you do within your life so that every choice you make comes from that foundation within yourself. Is this what I’m choosing to do now?

Many of you are in relationships or you have commitments, perhaps people, job, community, and you may think; “Well I’m doing this because of them” and is that the same thing? The foundation of every decision you make or every choice you make needs to come from that space of ownership or acknowledgment within you; therefore, “I chose to be in this relationship for whatever reason”, “I am a part of this community and they may be making decisions that are not fully met on but I am still choosing to be a part of this community”.

There is a difference between that mindset and something where you are just going along with the flow and allowing or in your mental body, your thoughts or beliefs, you are allowing someone else the responsibility for your decisions. What I mean by that is; I invite you to consider for a moment, how often would you say, there was an instance that was; “They decided I needed to have this career path and that’s why I’m in job I don’t really like”, “I have to support my family therefore I stay in a job I don’t like”. We can go on and on, but in essence, I invite you to actually empower yourself with the realization that, “I am in this situation, because I’m choosing it”. Yes, it may not be the forefront conscious essence of you that is choosing it. It may be something back in your unconscious. But when you consider that you are the creator of your life, yes, there is something within you that is choosing your participation or perhaps lack of participation in your life.

I’m hearing some people say, “I would never choose this experience.”, “I would not choose this much pain.”, “I would not choose the lack, the loneliness, the whatever it may be.” We appreciate that in your conscious mind, you would not choose that, nor would we choose it for you either. There is some reason why it’s working for you. And by working for you, I mean, it is continuing again and again and again and again. Let’s shift that. ~Whew~ I could immediately feel a change in energy. It was like a wash just came moving through.

If there is something taking place in your life; you don’t like it, you’re tired of it, it doesn’t work for you, whatsoever that may be, I invite you in this moment to remember, the foundation of everything is love. Whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re experiencing infuse it with love. Here within the All That Is, you can practice. It’s very easy to shift the energies around. The foundation of everything within this space is only love.

As you begin to live your life with that belief, with that understanding, the ways in which your day unfolds will transform to be in alignment with that. Now, you the human have this amazing aspect of yourself called your mental body.

It always makes me smile because this is one of the things that most makes you human, indeed, having a physical reality; indeed, that separation of divinity. I understand all of that is also a part of your physical reality or your human reality. Your thoughts and your beliefs, have a tendency to be very rigid, keeping you in those patterns that no longer work for you.

So too, your thoughts, your beliefs know what they know. It is very difficult within this space to take that leap or make that jump to go into the abstract, which ultimately a foundation of love is based on from your mental body’s perspective.

How would your day unfold if you had a sense of consciously wrapping every thought that went through your mind within a warm loving blanket?  Or perhaps every thought that moves through your mind also moves through a pink vibration of self-love.

You may devise a very creative manner in which to work with something like this. The more that you’re able to transition your thoughts and your beliefs the more that your foundation of love, which is an emotion, can create a supporting mechanism that supports you all the way around. It is as if I see this as something that goes out from you and branches and you are no longer standing there as the individual but you were standing there as the individual that has a branch going in many different directions based on a foundation of love. Meaning it comes through you from a place of self-love, self-acceptance, self-awareness, and then it’s gone out into your everyday life.

Perhaps just infusing your mind and your thoughts with that energy, “there is only love”, will be enough to make a shift. When people speak of, “Life is an illusion”, “None of it is real”, many of that is what gets created within your thoughts or is manifested through your thoughts. Everybody is creating a life and the ultimate essence of everyone is here, is your divinity, is your I Am Presence. That is the limitless continuation of who you are in every single time, space, reality. Therefore to think of your human experience as just that, an experience if someone considers it all an illusion that is another perspective.

My intention for you as you live your life is to realize that you are more than this one lifetime that you are living and that you have constant access to the universal light, to yourself through your divinity and the access to that is always love.

Take a moment and just bask in this energy of your divinity. Take this moment and let it wash away everything that you’re sick and tired of having in your life and bask in this energy of love. This energy of who you are. This is the unending limitless you.

Accept there is only love.

I invite you all to come together in a circle. As we do, so, you may have a sense of the hologram of the earth coming up within all who are here. Infuse into that hologram this very direct wide open alignment with your divinity, and as it does so, the hologram itself expands, it’s filled with light and then you release it. The hologram just naturally flows down, it aligns with that crystalline grid that takes it out to the universe, that takes it down into the earth and as this hologram flows down within the earth, it anchors within the center of the earth and then it expands outward. As it does so, that energy of love, that energy of your divinity that you infused into the hologram begins to come up through the earth and it comes up through you, into your physical reality. Allow that to clear out anything at all that no longer works for you and create that foundation or re-create that foundation of love within your life.

Allow your consciousness, Ooops… before we do that there was also a sense of that foundation of love coming not only from each of you as the individuals but coming up through the grass, going into the collective consciousness of the earth and creating a greater strength or greater foundation of that balanced love.

This will not only give you greater support in your everyday life, it will also create changes for the billions of other people who live upon the earth.

Alright, so allow your consciousness to once more be here within the All That Is. You may have a sense of shifting into the soul plane. As you do so, this is where your divinity resides, where you always have access to be able to link, create a flow, it’s here for you. From there allow your consciousness to flow back with you. You allow it to flow back perhaps through that crystalline grid; you allow it to flow back as if it then comes back within you as the physical person.

You may find that you need to expand your aura to be able to accommodate this greater amount of your divinity. Allow all of that foundation of love to move through as if it clears out your entire energy body, as if it works through your mental body. It clears out your emotions, and it goes down to every cell within your physical body, so that your physical body emanates outward, inward, in every direction, the foundation of love. Love of you from your divinity, of you from God, Goddess, the All That Is, you the individual person that you are in this life time.

I invite you as you move through your days upon the earth to be aware that you are fully connected to your divinity. I invite you to become more and more conscious of that alignment so that you may expand it and therefore feel the essence of what that is. That is within you as love. It allows you to have self-love as your foundation. It allows you to have love as you reflection out to everybody else. It allows you to have experiences within your life that are based on love.

Your perspective of the world changes when it’s based in love. Your experiences in your everyday life will change as it reflects love. So remember as you live your life that you are love and there is only love.




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