There is Only Love

This channel marks the 13th Anniversary of my Goddess Light Teleconferences…. that’s a LOT!  When I stop to think of twice a month for all those months there has been a tremendous amount of information brought through.  I thank all who’ve participated and supported me through all these years.  I appreciate you and completely love what this evolution has been.

Right at the very beginning of this channel the Goddess begins by saying her whole intention for coming through to speak with humanity is help people open to love.  It’s the beginning the middle and the end of all that we have upon the earth. I was very emotional a couple of times and had to anchor and clear.

When we were in the All That Is, I had a sense of The Goddess standing in the center with one side as God – masculine energy and the other as Goddess – feminine energy.  I could her merge and blend into the balance of both.  Then going down both sides of here were a long line of light beings.  So very many have with us through the years and they were present tonight.

Speaking with special messages were Melchizedek talking about how he was the original teacher and have followed many different periods of time.  Next Metatron spoke of how all souls move through his energy and he keeps a piece for all who are upon the planet. Lastly, Sananda spoke as the over soul for Yeshua, Abraham, Muhammed, Krishna and Buddha.  He spoke of great changes taking place in the religions of the world because let people were look outside for direction and would instead listen to the voice within. 

This channel is powerful and gives  you a chance for a new beginning every time you wake up, every time you so choose.


Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all of you who are here.  All of you who are here consciously, physically, unconsciously; whatever form it may be. 

This group is a very unique group.  There are people who have participated in various forms throughout the many, many years that we have offered these teleconferences.  There are a number of individuals around the world that do some sort of channeling and the thing that is so fascinating about it is that whenever an individual is tapped in to the higher vibrational energy they’re bringing through an essence or an aspect of that energy which is related to the individual who is speaking or doing the channeling. 

Throughout that time, there have been a number of people that have gone in one direction or another that have come up and have channeled for a while and then gone away.  Some have come and then gone in a totally different direction many, many different variables.

What I wish to speak about in this moment is that…..  We apologize for a moment Shelly’s feeling emotional.  What I wish to mention is that I first began working with Shelly in 2001 and at that time she herself had been channeling for a number of years.  She was channeling Archangel Michael, Sananda, Quan Yin, many different Angels and Light Beings. 

At the time we began working together it was as if we made an agreement with one another that we would allow the focus to be about manifesting, about bringing more love into the world and about assisting people with feeling good in their lives, and I feel that this is what we have accomplished. 

The vibration that is speaking with you now is not the same vibration of myself that spoke at that time, because I had the constraints of the collective consciousness of the earth, but also the constraints of the physical person of speaking through Shelly that we needed to create our own alignment. 

Those of you who have been with us from the beginning know that the essence the ease of the flow, the essence of who I am.  The strength of how the vibrations, or the messages, come through have transitioned dramatically from the time that we began to the time that is today. 

If one were to look at this in a linear timeframe the place that it will be another 10 years from now is quite different from what it is today.  This is always our intention;  Ours meaning I the Goddess, the other Angels, the Light Beings, all of us who are out here in the All That Is and seek to assist humanity in whatever transformation you may be going through within your life.

At the end of the day there is only love.  No matter what happens within your life I invite you to come back around to love.  Your divinity feels nothing but love for you.  I the Goddess and God feel nothing but love for you.  We know that living upon the earth can have its challenges.  We feel nothing but love for you. 

If a mantra can be created that represents Goddess Light and these channelings it would be, “There is only love”.  As you integrate that phrase or that intention into your life what you are doing is taking everything that may be happening in your physical reality and infusing it with the God source energy of love. 

Love as represented upon the earth comes through as a white light.  Love is filled with compassion.  Love is filled with acceptance.  When one is in the flow of love you are in an intrinsic balance. 

Prior to 2000 I really had not manifested to the degree to speak with a human upon the earth.  I am speaking with perhaps a handful or less around the world.  There are many, many aspects of the Goddess who speak through individuals upon the earth.  So when I speak of the Goddess of Creation that is I this is where I say there is but a handful.  Some have even contacted Shelly as they have felt the resonance.

As you live your life I invite you to do so from a place of love.  I invite you to consider every decision you make is it founded in love.  I invite you to consider your response in every relationship is it founded in love.  I could go on and on of the ways in which love may be integrated into your life. 

For now I invite you to take a moment and let your focus and your consciousness once more stream through you so that you may send it down into the earth.  As you do so feel as if it stretches out connecting with Gaia.  If you are so inclined reach towards the elementals renewing your relationship with them.  As you feel those energies you allow that to come back up within you and you allow your consciousness to stream upwards.  It goes up to the top of your head.  It streams out until you align with your higher self.  Feel the expansion that takes place. 

As you feel the energies of your higher self allow yourself to look around.  Take a moment to consider your life.  Is this the clarity that you seek from your higher self or is it clutter and partially completed intentions. 

Let’s take this moment and have a sense of inviting that universal light energy to come in through you and then clear it out.  Clear out the space of your higher self so that you can look around and see not only that alignment to your divinity, but also that alignment to your earthly life.  It is as if you are suspended between them. 

As you allow yourself to feel what that is, or whatever clarity may come to you, you then stream your consciousness up even further.  You allow your energy to flow until you find that balance with your I AM presence.  This is you as your divinity.  This is you as your God source energy.  Allow yourself to connect so that you may feel it not only flowing through your consciousness, but assisting your consciousness in expanding outwards.

I the Goddess walk and in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so I reach out to embrace who you are.  I see you as your soul essence.  I see you as your human essence and as I do so I flow that awareness between us so that it allows us to merge, which in turn transforms or moves us into the All That Is. 

As you look around the All That Is become aware of the many energies who are here and present.  I the Goddess stand as the balance of God and Goddess.  As you look you may see us as masculine or may see us as feminine, but the blend is that intrinsic balance.  You may see beside me, kind of moving out in both directions there are many, many beings of light who wish to come and celebrate or acknowledge this evening with all of you. 

As you are well aware, everyone always likes to speak so we are going to limit it or we would be here for 3 hours!  

Immediately beside me you see on my right side you see Sananda and if you look closely at Sananda you see the essence of Yeshua, Mohamad, Krishna, Abraham, Buddha and the other essences that have incarnated upon the earth from within that consciousness.  You see Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene; you see Quan Yin and goodness many Angels and Light Beings.

Moving in this direction, we have a sense of Melchizedek, Metatron, St Germain and the many Archangels that have worked with Shelly and this group on a very consistent basis and they go off into a long group. 

We have worked with energies from other planets.  We have worked with Light Body energies and you can feel those of the omniverse and the lightbody coming in from behind and filling in that space.  Some of you may feel as if you are up here as part of this group looking out or you may feel as if you are looking at this group. 

The reason that everyone has come in at this time is to acknowledge the transformation taking place upon the earth.  Even when there are times in which the perception is that nothing is changing, everything is still a struggle, when is it going to happen?  Underneath it all in other levels and other dimensions immense amount of transformations have been taking place. 

If you consider where you were in 2001 or 2000 and then consider where you are right now very few people would say they are in the exact same place.  For some it may be as if you have released energies and then you come around full circle and say there is that problem again and you take it back on; and then you release it and then you come around full circle again and you say “Oh I thought I was done with that problem, but here it is again, I must not have released it”, so you continue to work with it. 

The times in which it feels as if you are going in circles and not making any progress it could be that your ego or your human experience is simply caught up in that pattern of energy and not able to see the changes and potentials and opportunities that are around you. 

Well Melchizedek is going to step forward and talk.  He may speak for everybody or there may be more I am not sure how this is going to unfold.

Melchizedek Speaks:

I greet you my beloved family.  Anniversaries such as this bring up emotion in me because it allows me the opportunity to look back over humanity upon the earth. 

Many people have heard about the Order of Melchizedek.  It is spoken about in the various religions.  I was a part of the various groups that first came into the earth.  I was considered the teacher.  I was considered the God so to speak; because of all things I maintained my vibration or my energy of the universe.  While I would spend time upon the earth, it is very rare that I would spend an entire lifetime.  I would go in and out of humanity. 

Some people over the years have talked about life upon the earth as being as experiment.  In one sense, you could say that it is.  Over the years people have talked about life upon the earth as being an illusion.  You could consider that it is.  Some people feel that the veil keeps you from knowing God upon the earth or knowing heaven upon the earth as some people speak of it.  Perhaps it is. 

There are universal laws that are literally that from the universe and they effect all planets and stars.  Sacred geometry is part of that.  The ebb and flow of energy is part of that.  There is nothing but love is one of the foundations.  Do no harm is another. 

As humanity grew upon the earth, it was with the express intention of living life without that full alignment to source.  Some people call it the fall.  Some people call it Adam and Eve.  There are so many stories.  There are so many ways to communicate about it.  The only reason I bring it up now is that the earth itself is finally at a level of consciousness where you flow easily between your divinity and your earthly experience.  This has happened before indeed, but the intention now is that having so many more humans upon the earth is like it creates an expanding foundation. 

We seek to have a solid foundation upon the earth to integrate the higher vibration so that the stability can be a part of the manifestation of experiencing God source energy upon the earth.

I have got so much I would love to share and talk with you about, but my main intention was to let you know that everyone you see, on both sides, have been here in one form or another in what you would consider the beginning of your history.  Some of us have walked upon the earth.  Some of us have never walked upon the earth, but through our continuous work with individuals who are living upon the earth, they have integrated the knowledge and the awareness they needed to be in support of you. 

You are not alone.  You are never alone.  You have never been alone.  Therefore, any time someone might have that perception of loneliness, or being alone, that is a perception.  Stretch out that cord of light that links you within that core essence and your divinity so that you feel the flow of your divinity more easily. 

You may find us in your light in one form or another, because the more the earth moves into the higher vibration the easier the flow for all of us. 


Metatron Speaks:

I am Metatron and I greet you from my heart to yours.  Metatron is an over soul you might say.  For I represent a collection of souls.  Every soul upon the earth moves through me to get there.  I therefore have a direct link with each one of you.  I have a direct link with the Sistine to create balance upon the earth.  I do it through my alignment and sending in vibrations to various groups of people.  I’m smiling because I heard someone say can you find me within your group?  That would be extremely hard. 

My perception of energy and my perception of humanity is that of vibrations, clarity, dimensions.  Within a dimension, there are levels of clarity and consciousness.  Within each level of consciousness, there is that clarity.  Within clarity is the conscious and the unconscious. 

We speak of living in the 5th dimension upon the earth.  It is there.  It is available to all and there is a part of every human upon the earth that resides within the 5th dimension.  There are still those strands that go down into the 3rd, but there are also those that go up to the 7th.  So it is as if the 5th sits here in the middle and there is a flow upwards and a flow downwards that creates for actual people living upon the earth.

As you become conscious of this and humanity does.  Once you find yourself in that space and you say look where I am you can release it clear out whatever that is in your life and then your natural buoyancy will naturally bring you up into the 5th dimension.  This is how the earth is changing.  This is how the collective consciousness continues to transform. 

May I say that I have the utmost respect for all that live upon the earth?  May I say that as continued integration takes place between the collective consciousness and Gaia herself that stability will continue to expand?  

For those that tap into fear that there will be a nuclear explosion, or there will be World War III, or whatever it is that you hear being spoken, may I say to you the world is not going to be blown up.  The unrest will dissipate over time. 

I would dearly love to say it will be in a handful of years, but it will be longer.  Be not concerned about that.  I ask you to release fear of a catastrophic change to the entire world and instead embrace anything at all that feels good to you.  Embrace that you woke up today and still living upon the earth.  Look for love in all that you do.

I Metatron am in service to you and I appreciate this opportunity to speak. 


Sananda Speaks:

Greetings it is I Sananda.  As I am the over soul for all that were the foundations for the religions of the world; I wish to speak from the energy of Sananda. 

The religions as you know them will change dramatically in the years to come.  The reason that I speak of this is that the structure that some of the religions were created within is now holding people back instead of allowing them to expand. 

You will hear of more flexibility.  You will hear of more acceptance and allowing. For those religions that stick with a dogma that is narrow-minded and rigid there will be greater discourse, there will be greater frustration and anger and the natural wave of love and expansion that is going through the world will move through those places.  Some of them will continue for years and years to come, but there will be more and more and more that speak of the unity of all. 

Truth be known when you get to the center of any religion it is people looking for a place to find something in common with other people.  It is a place where people are looking for the unconditional love; it is the place where people are looking for some form of structure that helps them within their lives, but here is what is happening. 

You as humanity have access to your own divinity.  When you reach towards God and Goddess, you reach towards your own divinity.  As that integrates within you more and more you are no longer going to look for someone else to tell you what to feel; you will feel it within yourself.  You will no longer look for another person to say what is right or wrong; you will know it within yourself.  This is the foundations to why religions will change in years to come. 

When one looks through the history of humanity those in control and manipulation have used religion as a way of controlling others and every single time, 100% of the time it fails. It may seem to survive for a period of time, but ultimately if fails. 

I therefore remind you to be in the space of your God source energy.  I remind you that you are extremely empowered upon the earth.  I remind you that there is only love and with that as your foundation, you can create dramatic changes on all levels of your life upon the earth. 

Each of the religions was created because it was time in history when we wanted to infuse the earth with a new level of vibration.  Say for example that everyone was meandering along at a lower 3rd dimension.  It was time to make a change and Abraham came in and said ‘hello I invite you to consider a new pathway.  Consider a new life’.  I as Sananda have done this many different times, and when it is that new potential or vibration that came in from the level of the universal light energies it was outside the box of the norm, and it therefore created the change. 

You can never create change from within the problem.  It can only come from the outside and merge within.  So for every part of the world that was seeking a change that was the form it was bought to the individuals. 

You may say Okay here we are experiencing this again who is going to be the 2nd coming of Christ.  Is it Allah?  Who is it going to be?  Well beloved it is YOU.  It is you opening up to your divinity.  It is you recognizing that you are more than just this human being and in the recognition of that you are anchoring, balancing and integrating the divine. 

Imagine if you will the millions and billions of people around the world with all of these anchors coming down throughout the world.  Indeed people will gather because they choose to gather.  It feels good and they support one another; indeed it will transform in ways in which it needs to transform. 

I encourage you to let go of the past.  Let go the dogma.  Let go what people are saying is the old stuck energy and simply intend that you as the balance, as the integration of God source energy, are expressing your life in this now moment. 

I thank you for the opportunity to share. 


It is I the Goddess.  There are still others down the road.  Of course Archangel Michael would love to speak, the Ancient ones; we could go on and on. But for this evening I am instead going to just gather the energies of all and share with you an opportunity to let this be a new beginning. 

As if you stand in this now moment and you are looking out at what your life is you can embrace all that has worked for you and supported you and let go of anything else.  You may find that healing and clearing of energies occurs in an instant in the now moment.  You may then find that as it integrates into your human reality, shifting your belief systems, shifting your awareness, integrating your emotions that may take a little bit longer.  

So consider your life as a new beginning.  What is your life?  What does it look like?  What is happening? 

If you feel pain and resentment and frustration, ~whew~ let it go.  Instead embrace all of the support that is here for you.  Embrace your own divinity and allow that to express outwards into all aspects of your life.  (There is) so much love.  Intend that all that may be happening within your life is that that is for the highest good of all and you will find the vibration that supports that.  Feel within your life who you are as your authentic self and let that express out to the world. 

As you can see the flow from your everyday reality into this consciousness can be made with ease so come and join us any time you so desire.  Allow as much of your energies to integrate into your everyday reality so as to assist you in your daily life. 

Where will we be in another 10 years?  Where will you be in the next 6 months to a year? 

When you are in the flow of opportunities be clear with the universe this is what I am choosing.  Now again that doesn’t mean to be nitpicky, but choose the essence of what you want.  Choose the energy that makes your heart sing and then allow it to manifest in that way which is most supportive of you.  Feel who you are.  Be open to that flow.  Allow. 

Beloveds I invite you to have a sense of that hologram coming up within the group.  Everyone is kind of spread out this evening so gather around in a circle and within that circle you see the hologram of the earth.  All of the light beings infuse into it the balance and I invite you to also infuse your own balance.  Infuse that greater degree of your divinity so that it is more accessible for you in your everyday life.  

As that happens it moves through the hologram.  The hologram picks up the sparkles and the vibrations and that energy.  Then you have a sense of releasing it.  As you do so it is as if it goes down to the crystalline grid. There is an essence that moves out into the universe and an essence that moves down into the earth.  As you follow it moving down into the earth it blends with the core energies.  It blends with the crystals.  It blends with that spark that is the center of the earth. 

Then from there it moves outwards.  It moves up through the levels of the earth.  It moves up through the grass, the trees and the water.  It comes up into every one of you.  It comes up through your feet.  It comes up through your physical body and it expands up through your mental your emotional bodies. 

Allow yourself to integrate the greater essence of who you are from within the earth and from within your divinity so that the flow supports you from above and from below and you are in the midst of it receiving and balancing. 

Allow all of your consciousness to stream back down.  It follows that pathway moving through your I AM presence.  It follows that column of light coming down into you.  So that you take this moment anchoring your consciousness and all of this experience back into your physical body and as it does so send it down into the earth. 

Beloved family as you consider this now moment in which you are, invite it to be a new beginning the first day of the next day, week, month, year, decade.  Let this be a time in which you look out at your life and potentials and choose love. 

Choose love from your divinity.  Choose love as your way of looking at the world.  Choose love as your way of interacting in all relationships and then look at what you seek to manifest thereby opening and receiving at the highest light vibration. 

Beloved we celebrate with you these many years that we have been together.  We thank you for all that you do as humanity.  You have the hard job and we have known this all along!

Know that we are always here with you.  We love you dearly and we are always with you and within you. 





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