Transform Through the Super Blood Moon Eclipse

The very powerful energies of the super moon with the eclipse are available to you no matter when you no matter when you tap into the energies!  The massive transformation in consciousness just took another step forward with this experience!! We keep having the amazing opportunities which allow for each of us to create change but is also creating the change in the collective consciousness.  

At the beginning of the channel, the Goddess spoke at length about people, their expectations, levels of conscious and unconscious awareness.  She said that it is frequently through the unconscious mind that people get stuck in manifesting, making changes or creating their lives.  She mentioned how we are all living on many levels at the same time so what we seek is here; just the perception is that it is not.

While in the All That Is, it was as if we stood in front of the moon.  It was HUGE!  She asked us to open to a perception of other lifetimes when we stood in front of this same Super-Blood-Moon-Eclipse.  I know it was also a Wolf moon, but she didn’t tap into that energy. We could see where we have had multiple lifetimes when the energy of our life was the same.  It was in terms of our life lessons such as a victim, seeking abundance, unable to speak up, etc. We cleared these energies as the moon became red. 

Then as the total eclipse occurred, it was as if everything went into a reboot!!  Like that pause as the computer re-boots, everything just stopped.  Then the energy that was released as things started up again was massive!!  The was such clearing people had these immense transformations.  

I invite you to experience this powerful meditation.  

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I reach out as if to embrace as if to touch hands, as if to weave in and amongst all who are here and present at this time.

Whether it’s the time is recorded or at a later time you are here in this now moment and may you celebrate one another, may use celebrate yourself, may you celebrate that this time of getting together as a group is a time in which huge portals of light and energy come into the earth even more fully. And that as those portals open up allowing for the light and energies to come in this is what is supporting you in your everyday life.

There’s so much that I’d like to talk with you about when we come together in these sessions. More and more with each one of you, I am working with you in between the time of these channels. More and more the Angels, the light beings, are coming closer and closer into the earth so that frequently they are in your own vibration so that they may assist you in whatever it is that is happening in life.

We have spoken for many years during these teleconferences about the change in vibration which is also the change in frequency, which is also the change in potential, which is also the change in communication the way in which you live your life. I could go on and on and on about how everything is so interconnected.

You are doing so much more in your everyday life than was able to be done 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. When people feel frustrated or as if they wish they could be doing more or as if they wish that they were already flying with the Star Beings or teleporting or having an open flow of telecommunication; I wish to say to you that you are doing this more than what you may realize.

Whenever you fall into that mode where you feel as if you are not doing enough, you’re not good enough, you haven’t progressed enough, you haven’t moved far along enough on that spiritual pathway; this not being enough is only pulling you down. I would, therefore, invite you to always look at yourself with love, with compassion, with the energy and the vibration of support so that no matter what is happening within your life you are okay.

There may be days that are better than other days, there may be days you want to just do a do-over, there may be days you want to go to bed at 12 noon and you just got up at 8!  However, you as the human are doing so much more than what you realize. There is this very elaborate expanded consciousness in which you communicate with many, many other people. Sometimes it is I the Goddess, sometimes it is your Angels, your Star Beings and then on your everyday life it’s as if that part of you that is unconscious then comes back into your everyday life knowing that in some space you’ve been doing something else. Indeed when you are asleep frequently you will transport into one of these spaces.

Allow yourself an opportunity to simply love and embrace who you are. You as the human are infinitely divine and aligned with the universe, the stars and everything of an infinite loving nature. You are human. As the human you become analytical. You take in what is going on around you and things may frustrate you or things may go very smoothly at times. As a human, you are integrating on that everyday level whatever it is that is happening around you.

It is when you are in the grind, as you may call it, of your everyday life that your energies begin to drop down a bit. Frequently you have heard me speak about disconnecting from the energies and I believe this is hard for people at times because you think, “If I disconnect it will mean I don’t care and yet I love my friends. I love my family. I love my job. I love you know various things.” I would, therefore, say to you, absolutely express love because there can never be too much love. You can love your friend, your family, your job; however, things may happen within those situations that will pull you down. Other people are having a funk; other people have particular expectations that are very frustrating for you.

So when you are in a situation like that, do you let yourself slide down to that level or do you instead say, “I am not going to drop my vibration”, you disconnect that energy of the vibration so that it will no longer pull you down and then you can circle back around and speak with them. Perhaps assist with lifting them up. Perhaps express through the compassion whatever it is that you wish to say or that you are feeling in any particular situation.

This is very important because frequently it is the unconscious that’s getting hooked in and then pulling you down. So, therefore, it is essential that by disconnecting it’s as if you are clearing out that unconscious alignment so that you may instead consciously choose what you are going to say, expressing your compassion, expressing assistance or whatever it is that you want to do in that situation. It will create a dramatic transformation for you. This is one of the ways in which you will be able to have your divinity supporting you, reflecting through you or not reflecting but expressing through you in your everyday life.

Absolutely there will still be times in which you get pulled down. Absolutely there will still be times in which you get mad, frustrated, whatever it may be. However, no matter how many times that may happen to you let yourself come back up to the vibration that feels good to you and supportive of you.

When we speak of ascension, it does not mean that you are no longer human, it means that as a human expressing yourself you’ll spend less time in the dips and more time in the highs.

I always just have to love humanity because as I said that I heard someone saying something along the lines of, “Well I’m not good enough to stay on the highs, I’m not good enough to do this”. You are and you will! I simply spoke of that as a comparison. It’s not about judging your actions and reactions.

With that I will invite you to breathe deeply, going deeply down through yourself allowing your energy to go deep into the earth. As that flow of your energy and light moves down into the earth it spreads out moving in different directions.

As your energy is spreading out allow yourself to feel the wonderful loving essence of Gaia. Gaia as she anchors you, Gaia as she assists you in being fully present in your everyday life and in this now moment. As you anchor you allow that energy to come back up within you. It moves up through all of your energy bodies and goes out through the top of your head until you find yourself linking with your higher self.

As you merge with your higher self you begin to feel the expansion of your consciousness. Your higher self sometimes will look exactly like your surroundings for wherever you are on the earth. It may look completely different. Frequently this is where you come to as you try out various potentials that may be going on within your life.

As you feel your energies firmly within this space send more of your consciousness, it moves up, it goes out through the top of your head. I’m sorry; it goes out through the top of your higher self it then goes until you merge with your I AM Presence. This is you as your God source. This is you as the infinite love, compassion, and essence for who you are. As you feel yourself merging within this energy you might feel your consciousness expand out even further. You can expand as far as you would like.

When you are upon the earth, you become small, you become the person that you are living. Here within the All That Is you can expand and be every person that you have ever been, you can stretch out to become even more of who you are.

Because we come here with every one of these journeys each one of you has expanded your alignment with your divinity and each one of you are feeling that flow or that essence much more fully in your everyday reality.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst you. As you feel my energies merge with you we transition into the All That Is. As we arrive within the All That Is take a moment to look around. This space is transitioning just as each one of you are moving to whatever your process may be. Here is your opportunity to feel the essence or express outward the essence of who you are.

There is so much happening upon the earth right now. Indeed we will talk about the super moon and the eclipse, however, prior to that I wish to invite you to have a sense of gathering around you a potential to understand your past lives.

Whenever we have these rotations of the earth to the moon and the sun and the earth to the other planets within your universe there are transitions in energy. This super moon that is also called a blood moon and a wolf moon and is going to experience an eclipse is a trigger that has been experienced upon the earth a number of different times. It is not something that comes up even every hundred years, but more like every 2 to 3 to 500 years in one various formation or another.

At this time it is even more important to become clear about who you are as the human, who you are with your alignment to divinity and everything that is in the process of transpiring. This is why I invite you to have a sense of being very present with yourself as if you are standing in the center of a circle. Now, when there was the last super moon that was a blood moon and there was an eclipse and it was in the wolf sign ask to see if a life populates in front of you.

For just about everyone a life comes up. It looks to be something in the 17 to 1800s, late 1700’s early 18 hundreds. So as you take in that person that you were in that lifetime there will be very dramatic differences because of the lack of electricity, the Internet, the cell phones, everything that is so much as a part of your daily life. But if you take all of those external things out and you look at your life in this lifetime, what has being the overriding pattern for you? What keeps coming up again? A victim, financial issues, a sense of isolation, a sense of not being able to express yourself, a sense of being intimidated by those around you? It may be one of those or something completely different. So as you look at that lifetime ask to know, what was your primary challenge in that lifetime?

Indeed, as people ask that question I saw suddenly populating around many of you about three or four different lifetimes. So these are all lifetimes in which this phenomenon took place and you were living in different places upon the earth and different times in the time space continuum of the earth. Indeed, some of you are in what you would call your future time because it’s all but a spiral.

The key for you to understand is that there are times when you may have lifetime after lifetime in which you live and express in a similar vibration. You may also see that some of these lifetimes that came up were the polar opposite. It was when you have the strength that you feel you do not have in this lifetime. It was when you have the ability to express that you might not feel in this lifetime and as I speak this I’m noticing more potentials are showing up for each one of you.

Now, as all of this is populating within and around you it may be very clear or it may be very vague. It matters not because you are choosing in this moment to have this alignment that moves through you and many different times in your history.

Open to the perception of this moon as it comes up in front of you.

Many of you enjoy looking out at the moon. You might enjoy putting your crystals out for the moon. This is an opportunity for you to allow that magnetic pull of the moon that can affect the currents in the ocean, that has an impact on the polarity of your earth as it’s here in this massive ball of energy.

It begins to take on that energy that’s like a reddish glow. This is reflecting other planets, it’s reflecting what is coming up upon your earth and it’s almost as if the moon is just turning colors. You can feel the vibration or the energy that is also transitioning within you. So, therefore as you energetically stand here in front of this moon as it transitions into the blood moon, as it is called, feel how that transforms you as your consciousness and it moves through all of your past lives. ~ Whew~ It sends through a vibration. That vibration first and foremost goes through you in this lifetime; however, because you brought up that link to those other lifetimes, it clears them also.

As this is clearing out whatever it is that has no longer been serving you in your lifetime, consider what it is that you would like to have in place of that. Perhaps if you were the victim you become someone that advocates for other people showing the strength that is intrinsic within you in support of others.

Perhaps if you felt as if it was a constant struggle to support yourself you can be open and feel the infinite flow of energy and light as it moves through you in this now moment. And as you clear out that sense of lack, as you clear out that sense of scarcity that’s in your vibration it is replaced with this full abundance and as you move forward with this abundance it allows you to look at the world in a new way.

But the energies of this blood moon if you were someone that had trouble say understanding who you are and how to connect within yourself or how to listen to the voice within yourself instead of the friends and people around you, then let that be clear. Let that be clear as you open to this massive alignment with your divinity. You are here in this now moment expressing as your divinity and with this huge blood moon just illuminating all of who you are it moves through you as your consciousness and its moving through you as the human.

When you find yourself in situations and your first instinct is to say “No I am not interested in that” however previously you would say, “Sure I’ll go ahead and do it” that beginning to listen to the voice within yourself, that voice within you can be a challenge. So, amplify with this blood moon the vibration and the flow as it moves through you so that you can confidently say, “No, thank you, that doesn’t work for me, I am not interested” or whatever it is that you would like to say that is coming from within you. Perhaps you are seeking a promotion or seeking a new job, speak with confidence from that infinite well of love and awareness that is within you.

So as we continue down the line of whatever it is that is your lifetime, allow your energies to simply be open to the flow of the vibration that is enhanced and as you look at those past lives most likely you will see that many of them have transitioned and they come within you supporting you. Sometimes it’s to show you it is complete. Sometimes it is to show you the contrast. Whatsoever it may be, allow your vibration to integrate. And I have this sense to invite each one of you to just as if you are closing your eyes and basking in the energy be in the flow of the vibration of the moon.

As the eclipse takes place it is as if you saw that massive moon becoming smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, until it is completely obliterated. So you are now in this space in which you very clearly integrated the transition and you have this moment where you can reset your entire system from the electrical aspect that flows through your body, from the emotions, from the thoughts, from your belief system, allowing it to move all the way through into the very bones, muscles, and ligaments of who you are.

As that eclipse takes place it reboots everything and as you reboot the vibrations of your life you’ve let go so much of the past. You’ve let go what no longer serves you, you no longer need any of those vibrations with which you identify. You’ve cleared out past lives, you’ve cleared out this life, you’ve rebooted your energies. So now open your consciousness and as the moon is coming back in this beautiful full state it is now vibrating in a different alignment within you.

~ Whew~ Sometimes when your frequencies change it can feel very awkward and uncomfortable, so washout, clear out any of those old energies and become comfortable with where you are.

Some of this you’ve been doing for a while. Some of this transformation is the culmination of years of transitions. Be open to receive peace and contentment. Be open to receive unconditional love, compassion, and contentment that comes from within you bubbling up from within your heart and expressing through everything that is you; wave upon wave.

The remainder of that moon just continues to amplify this transition for you.

As you receive within your life, you receive in ways that you may or may not be fully conscious about. I invite you to be open to understand or recognize when opportunities come your way. They may cause you to think, “Hmm I’m not sure I understand”, however, be open to see where it may take you. Sometimes these pathways may just be about that, showing you a potential and it’s not necessarily what’s going to enrich and amplify your life, however, because you have that experience when something else rolls around you’ll say, “Aha, I got it” and because of that experience you’ll have a much greater understanding to what this is.

So much is taking place and you are at the center for everything taking place within your life. As you understand and recognize that, then anything else that’s happening no matter what it may be, may just be reflections, they might be distractions, they might be potentials.

However, as you live your life you will feel the love; the love, the acceptance, the realization that you as the person that you are is magnificent. You have the potential to transform everything within your life. Feel all of what that is for you. Feel it as it is reflected in all directions.

I invite you all to come back together as a group.

As you do so bring everything that was transformed for you this evening and all of that illumination and let that come up within you. As the hologram of the earth comes up within the group send that into the hologram. What you are doing is not only anchoring your own energies but you as a group are anchoring a transformation that then becomes available to everybody upon the earth, whether they are conscious of it or unconscious. And as the hologram integrates all of this, it begins to move swirling around. You release it. There is that part that will move out into the universe and the remainder goes down into the earth and as this anchors, within the earth, it’s anchoring at the center of the earth and flowing upward. Everything that was your own comes up through that place where you were linked with Gaia and it moves up in all the levels of who you are.

As this vibration comes out from within the center of the earth it’s also clearing out the collective consciousness. We make a very specific intention that this super moon with the blood red energy and the eclipse ~whew~ clears out the collective consciousness getting rid of the illusion that no longer serves, getting rid of any belief that one is better than another, getting rid of all of that old energy of control and manipulation. It’s holding on as tight as it can and we ~whew~ send a ballast of energy that goes through breaking through that, clearing it out and as this is happening in all the collective consciousness around you, you bring down more and more of your consciousness.

As you anchor once more within yourself feel who you are and allow this energy to be expressed as you. It may feel different to you; you may feel as if you are looking for that with which you are comfortable, be it good or bad, so clear out your energies and allow the new you to move through you, cell by cell, emotion by emotion, thought by thought. Let all of that flow through you.

No matter where you are within your life as you allow these energies of the blood moon, the super moon, and the eclipse to assist you with clearing and manifesting how you will look at the world, let it become a part of your reality. Let it happen now in this now moment.

Your perception can make an incredible difference within your life. Allow the perception to come from love, from compassion and from joy, all of that that comes from within you.

 Beloved family, know that I am always with you and within you.




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