Weave Your Pattern of Light

How often do you find yourself getting stuck in a rut where you have thoughts that pull you down or your emotions or perhaps you’re even influenced by all the media?  This is a very fast paced life and influences come to us in many different ways.  Imagine if you will, that you have an aura or energy field that is specifically filled with energy, light and intention that fully supports you!  This channel creates a woven pattern of light that fills your aura.

While in the All That Is, the Goddess invited each of us to tap into that part of us that is in joy and/or excitement.  For some it was huge, wide open and flowing, but for others, somewhat of a speck or small portion.  No matter how big or small, we then aligned with it creating an expanded energy that flowed around us like we’re sitting in the center of a pool. 

The Goddess then infused huge financial abundance; more than enough for anything we may desire.  She then infused security, that all our basic needs would be met.  From there it was about relationships.  Lastly she offered an open ended energy that people could add whatever it was they wanted to integrate. These three energies were infused into our foundation of who we are as a soul essence creating a woven pattern of energy and light. 

Once this pattern was created the Goddess infused the lightbody energy of the universe. This elevated the vibration, yet at its foundation it was you in your innate joy or excitement.  

Best part of all; when the Goddess asked us to infuse fear into this blend, it was automatically transformed into balance of the weave. You don’t need to figure it out, you need only allow it to flow into this energy.   


Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out embracing each one of you as you choose to come and spend this time with me. 

Speaking of time it’s always so interesting when those of us who live in that universal light energy allow our focus to come down into the earth plane time space reality.  For us everything is in existence in that moment.  For us as we consider what is happening within and around, or whatever energy we are working with or whatever we are responding too; it’s all that very now moment.

It’s only as we come into the earth plane and we are aligning with your energies.  Let me just take a moment to say, that there are other planets out in the universe, there are other places that have a time space reality that you do.  It is not something that is typical or universal, but it is also not unheard of.  So it is something that is unique to the earth plane, but there are other planets that like to have that perspective also. 

That being said as we come into this space and as I’m working with the energies of the individuals, or Shelly was speaking of it of how much has happened in the last two weeks that two weeks felt like a month.  It is something that is actually more going on than what you may realize. 

There has continued to be an influx of energy of energy that comes into the earth.  It is that constant flow of the crystalline energy, of that Lightbody energy, that is from these Universal Light Beings in part.  It comes from some of the stars.  It comes from your constellations.  So these are feeding the energy of the earth from many different perspectives. 

So too from the earth itself, from within Gaia; there are the crystals, there are the other energy bodies.  There are actual places within the earth that are receptors of the energy and then it generates it out.  So in many ways the earth plane is a reflector, or how do we say, an integrator of the energies of the universe. 

There are also certain energies that are particular to the earth that are generated from the earth itself that cannot be found any place except upon the earth plane.  As those energies of the earth are generated it creates a particular vibration and then you have that influx of vibration that is coming from the universal light energy which is creating, sometimes it feels like a whirlpool of energy, sometimes it feels as if it is a clash of energy, but the majority of times it is something that weaves together creating a pattern.  That pattern then balances out diffusing the whirlpool, or diffusing the times as if it feels as if there is a clash.  It may happen in an instance.  It may happen over a period of time. 

The reason I went into a little more detailed explanation is because the instance of some of the transformations taking place in the universe are being balanced and integrated by the earth itself.  This is what is causing everybody to notice the changes.  This is what is causing people to know that these energies of light and awareness, or perception, are just taking place in such a way. 

If you are wondering what is happening upon the earth as a result of this.  One of the manifestations are that people are becoming much more conscious of what they notice around them.  People may feel as if they are more sensitive of what people are saying.  Say for example there is a conversation that takes place, but normally it wouldn’t bother one of the individuals, but it may be grating on their nerves.  There may be something happening in a public arena and it may be grating on people’s nerves.  There may be things that are happening in another part of the world that still has an effect on you because you are all part of humanity and the intensity of what you see or what you feel may be grating on your nerves.

I wanted to take this opportunity to speak at the beginning to remind you that as the collective consciousness of the earth continues to rise in the manner in which it is that much of it will be filtered out and released. As it is released some of it is integrated back into the earth.  Some of it is integrated back into the universe and some of it is integrated back into the individuals that continue to hold on to it. 

Your opportunity with this conscious awareness is that you may make a decisive intention that you are going to let go that vibration that is no longer in alignment with you.  You have the opportunity to make a conscious choice that you are going to integrate more of your own divinity and through that the universal light energies. 

Then as things are happening in your lifetime, or your earth plane, as things are happening within your life, as you feel as if you are getting battered or pushed around you have an ease, a greater ease with disconnecting with things so that you find yourself that you are seeking. 

The balance will allow you to no-longer get pulled into those energies.  The balance will radiate out from you creating potential for those around you to also find their balance, whether it is something they are looking for or not.  The balance that you emanate creates an integration within the collective consciousness of the earth thereby creating a greater balance and awareness.

 Yes you are living your life upon the earth.  Yes you are part of the universal light energies.  Yes you can have an effect upon things that are happening around you.  Number one by disconnecting and no longer feeding the low vibrational energy and number two by having that intention to feed nurture or support the higher vibrational energy.

All right as you allow those words to just flow through you, take a moment and just consider where you are in this now moment as you are consciously here upon the earth.  Then take in a deep breath sending that energy down into the earth, down into Gaia so that it may spread out in different directions anchoring you within this space and thereby allowing you to release more of the light energies of your consciousness.  You allow it to release upwards.  You send it out until it connects with your higher self. 

As you do so, look around.  I am sensing it is a good time to clear things out; ~Phew ~ Phew  ~ Carrying out a complete clearing out of the energies of your higher self will allow you to be able to have a greater clarity in anything that you may seek to manifest, or bring into more conscious awareness. 

You then have that intention that you shift your focus moving from your higher self.  You just follow that cord of light as it moves out it will automatically find your divinity.  It is that link that connects you from your source essence to you the human in this lifetime.

I have spoken of this before, but I wish to mention again that even for those individuals that do not have that conscious sense of their divinity this alignment is in place for everybody.  It’s there.  It’s available to you.  If you have that sense that it disconnected then you breathe down into your core essence.  Ask or have the intention that you link with source or your soul within you and then that thread of light, or consciousness, is like a golden core that moves through you up into your soul. 

Feel what it is as you merge with your soul or your source energy.  Open to feel you the person that you are, but also be the immensity of your divinity as if you just blend, merging your consciousness within your divine, you will begin to feel or sense the expansion of who you are.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I send my love into you as I reach out and embrace each one of you.  You will find that we all shift into the All That Is.  Look around within this space.  Look around at all of your many creations that are available here where you check things out so to speak.

I wish to take this moment as everyone gathers together within this space to say I have such admiration for each one of you who have chosen your life upon the earth.  For some it is as if you go from one struggle to the next to the next to the next.  For some it is that roller coaster the ups and downs.  There may be similarities between people’s lifetimes, but each one is unique to you because it is your life.  I therefore wish to take this moment to honor you supporting you in whatever your life has been.  I recognize the times in which you struggle.  I recognize the times in which you are in a state of elation. 

As we gather within this space this evening I wish to take this opportunity to weave a pattern or a vibration that can merge with yours in such a way that you feel that strength of that universal light.  Create a space around you as if you see yourself sitting or for some you prefer to lie down.  You are there as the person you are in this lifetime and then bigger than you is your divinity.  Especially while here in the All That Is you cannot be here just as the human without your divine.  You are here as both. 

Consider the life upon the earth.  I see that so often when I say something like that people, some people go immediately to that that is working well for them, but so many go to the things that are on their minds right now which may be, “I am seeking to manifest this, I’m ready to change that, I want to start doing this.”  It is like you have your list of that with which you are working right now. 

Overriding this energy let’s just take a breath and allow yourself to feel all that is well within your life.  Even if it is a tiny, tiny amount, let whatever that may be, be the foundation of our creation this evening.  As you focus upon it you may see how it expands and as you focus realizing, wow it has got a little bigger.  It gets even bigger.  This is giving you an opportunity to perceive how energy can change as you focus upon it. 

So you take a deep breath in and send all of your heart, all of your focus, all of your awareness to that that is working well within your life and now see that it has got even bigger.  Allow it to wave or create a wave of energy around you and you are there within the center of it.  I have a sense as I look at each one of you that this energy has a consistency or perhaps a color that is infused within it.  Allow that to continue to move through your energy. 

I now seek to infuse certain energies that may amplify even more that what you already have or perhaps bring in something new for you.  I am creating from within this energy of the universal light that which represents financial abundance.  What this is representing is that each person as a human has the ability to tap into this financial abundance and they may use it as much or as little as they choose. But we are consciously infusing it and weaving it into your energy that you have created around you.  So I gently infuse this within each one of you and you are the weaver of your own energies; so you allow that to move through.

Perhaps it is reflected as a different color, perhaps a different vibration.  As you allow this energy to move through you are tapping into the limitless financial abundance that is a potential of you.  Here within the All That Is it is literally as big as the universe, so if you choose bring down some more and add it into your woven energy.

 The next thing that I am going to create from a ball of energy and light is that you have the security that you are seeking to have.  This may come in the form of a home in which you live.  It may come in the form of relationships.  Perhaps relationships -no relationships we are going to do separately.  But what does security mean to you.  You have plenty to eat.  You have a roof over your head.  So whatever security means to you just infuse this into this ball of energy and light and let that get bigger, there we go. 

So I’m going to take this ball of energy and I send it to each one of you.  It’s another vibration, perhaps it is something that you already felt within you and it is finding an alignment with something that was already there as part of your woven energy, but I amplify and create a potential so no matter what it is, howsoever you integrate security, it will be whatever you need it to be and it flows through your space.  Look at the tapestry of your energy now.  There may be more colors, sparkle and intention. 

Everyone upon the earth is involved in relationships; first and foremost that relationship within you, for yourself.  You then have your relationships with your family, your friends, your co-workers, your acquaintances.  We could go on and on and on. So I’m creating a ball of energy that represents relationships in whatever form it may be. 

This ball of energy is infused with the universal light and I send it out to each one of you, ~Phew~  Allow yourself to receive it.  Allow this energy to just merge with the rest of yours.  It is weaving a pattern.  Perhaps it looks different.  It has a different color a different texture a different depth.  Allow this to move through so that in all of your relationships you may be open to have loving, supportive, nurturing relationships. 

Open to having clear communication with whomever it may be, but as you have that intention you are weaving it into the energies around you and remember that foundation was that which is already right or good within your life. 

So we have talked about finance, security, relationships I invite each one of you to consider whatever you would like your focus to be upon and reach out within here in this universe because no matter whatever it is 100% of the time you can access source energy that will support whatever it is in your life.  Reach out and bring it in to you and weave it into these energies.  Allow yourself to feel the flow as it moves around you.  Open to that perception of a woven pattern. 

Do you notice how that the more we have allowed this focus to be within this energy it is as if you are lifted up and as if you become even more buoyant through your consciousness opening to all of this potential.  Breathe in and you breathe out.

I’m now going to reach out to the lightbody energy.  I now reach out to the crystalline vibration of the universe and the omniverse and as we allow this energy to move through each one of you it is as if it comes in through that woven pattern you have created it is as if it becomes some might say the decorative threads or some might say the foundation; it moves through every part of it infusing everything with this vibration. 

You may ask what does that mean?  The crystalline vibration is the fifth dimension and higher from the universal light energies.  The more that it integrates into the earth the more that it will not only clear out the lower vibrational energies but it will also give you more with which to connect; therefore, more to have within your life.  Allow the lightbody to move through every bit of this pattern of the energy. 

You can work with this pattern or work with this vibration and create a change at any time.  Consider the word love.  We breathe it is and then send it through this pattern and check out the waves of what is taking place.  If you wish to just to see what the difference is consider fear.  You can breathe in fear and send it through these waves.

My perception as I looked at it was that love just brightened and amplified all that was there.  When you consider fear and you send fear into this tapestry it was immediately enfolded, surrounded by all of this balanced energy and lifted up diffusing it so that it could be released.  This is very powerful for you!  You consider this woven energy as something around you every part of your day.  If you feel anxiety during your day reach up and bring it around you as if you are enfolding yourself with a cape of this energy.  Breathe in and breathe out.

I invite everyone to come together allowing your focus to be here as a part of this group.  As you do so that hologram of the earth comes up within the center of you.  As it moves within you have that intention of infusing the essence or the energy that you just created and as it moves into the hologram, in part it may be as if they layers, but what is really happening is the mixture and blend of everything becomes one combined vibration.  It moves within this hologram allowing it to create its own intrinsic balance. 

The hologram is then released.  There is always that aspect that goes out into the universe that creates the alignment with all that is taking place between the earth and the universe.  So it moves out and then we are going to follow that energy as it moves down into the earth. 

I would like to do this in two ways this evening.  As that core energy of the hologram is moving down into the level of the All That Is.  It is moving through the collective consciousness as it goes into the center of the earth.  At this time all of that balanced energy that each one of you created around you; we send that in too so as if it is coming from the outside inward;  it is creating its own immense woven energy it is moving through the collective consciousness going all the ways down.

And as it gets into the lower vibrations of the 3rd dimension the fear, the anger, control, manipulation, all of those energies look at how they become integrated into this and diffuse and shifted and cleared.  That core essence continues down until it anchors within the center of Gaia.  Feel Gaia as her energies are here for you.  As you breathe in you can almost feel the heartbeat the earth; this heartbeat that is here for you. 

Everything that has been integrated then moves up within your center.  All that you have created for yourself is going to come up from within you.  That place where you connected to the earth before it magnetizes this energy so that it comes up within you through all your energy bodies and have a sense as you are here within this place upon the earth of looking around you at the energy.  It is what you created within the All That Is. 

You have that pattern of energy within your aura or within the space of which you are.  Take a moment and allow yourself to feel the rhythm, the vibration and the essence of what that is.  Whether you see it with your physical eyes or your inner eyes open to that perception of the patterns.  Open to feel or know all that is here creating clarity and support for you.  You may intend to send it through the room in which you are, perhaps your house, perhaps your yard, your community, your State, your Country and around the world or you can just keep it in your close proximity. 

By clearing through the collective consciousness as we bought it into the earth it makes it easier for you to flow between your human, your higher self and your divinity.  It will make it easier for you to stay this connected if things are happening around you that you feel are pulling you down.  It will clear out some of that old energy that has been stirred up recently so that more and more of the lightbody energy may be infused.

Allow yourself to feel the fullness.  Allow yourself to feel the balance.  Allow yourself to know what this is to you.  Take a moment and reach up to the All That Is and gather all the rest of your consciousness, bringing it back down.  In this way it opens even more fully that alignment between your human existence and your divine and you’re bringing down your consciousness allowing everything to anchor everything within you. 

Take a deep breath in feeling yourself, being yourself and allow the patterns of light to support you. 

As you move through the next few days and weeks to come take opportunities at various times to tap into your woven energy around you.  Tap into it as a means of supporting you, lifting you up, shifting your vibration.  Tap into it as something that you any draw around you as if it is a cloak.  Tap into it as a means of putting forth what you may seek to manifest in your life. 

It is filled with so much already and you can work with it creating more growth, creating more potential and something that is going to be specifically for you to help you. 

Beloved family know that I am always with you and within you.




Rainbow Princess 28th March 2016 7:23 am

Lovely message - Thank You! :angel:

Shelly Dressel 6th April 2016 1:03 pm

You're welcome! I found this channel really kept coming back to me as I was creating a change in my life~~ :smitten:


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