Your Soul’s Timeline

Nama sika Venia benya; I AM the One, I AM the Whole 

I Greet You beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all who choose to come and share this time with me. I love these opportunities to get together with you. I love the energy of the Earth and the transformation. I love to have this opportunity to, in some cases awaken people to opportunities to which they were unaware, and for other people to just give you an option to look at your life in a new way.  To consider where you are in all that is going on around you and what your tiny piece to that puzzle might be.

Indeed, we have spoken in the past about how the Veil is gone.  There is a multitude of different definitions of what the Veil might be, but in essence it is that separation from soul or that separation from God Source in your everyday reality.  It is that feeling that when you are living this life the experience is just that, that which is in this life and in this now moment.  

So too this is about your experience of realizing that you as the human have an opportunity to shed layers, and layers, and layers of experiences that no longer work for you that have been accumulating throughout your lifetime.  In addition to that with every layer that you shed you are opening up receiving more and more of the divine love and alignment from your God Source. 

God, the All That Is, Goddess, Everlasting Energy and Light, the Central Spiritual Sun; all of those energies and vibrations that are here in support of you.  They can support you in a very unconscious manner, or they can support you in a very conscious way, meaning that you choose how you think about it.  You choose your everyday reality.  You choose where you are and how you want your life to look.  The manifestation can sometimes be the tricky part, because for some it seems it never manifests, and for others it comes in such a disjointed or unexpected way that you think it has not arrived. 

There is so much talk right now about the opening to the Universe.  There’s the talk about UFOs, about Benevolent Ones, about God and about how all of that is having an impact upon the Earth.  There is a universal consciousness that is having an impact upon everybody whether they are conscious or not.  As you tap into this or allow this to become part of your everyday reality it can open up that door so that your own intuitive great gifts will strengthen.  They strengthened through that alignment with your Higher Self.  They strengthen through the clarity that you create within your body.   Of course, as you create clarity within your body it also clears your emotions, your thoughts, your mental bodies, and your belief systems.

Take in a deep breath.  When you breathe down send that energy into the Earth feel Gaia; feel these energies for what they are.  Gaia is the soul of your Earth.  Gaia is upon which you walk and live.  As you merge your energies with Gaia the planet itself can support you clearing out and helping you to balance.  So too as you stream that universal consciousness through you into the Earth it supports Gaia.  You allow that to stream back up anchoring within your heart center.  You then send it out.  It comes up through your throat, your third eye, and your head center moving out until you find yourself in the space of your Higher Self.

As you look around this space sometimes it’s very cluttered or sometimes it’s just a wide-open expanse.  You need not go through and look at everything but have that intention that if there is anything at all that no longer serves you ~whew~ it is cleared away.  As that clears out you can feel your own serenity and balance being created within the space. 

From there you send your energy further.  It just naturally streams up until it links with your Divinity.  Your Divinity is your I AM presence.  Your Divinity is that part of you that is that link with God where you are God, your God Source and Goddess.  It is that blend of the masculine and the feminine.  As you allow your focus to flow within you are blending and merging with your I AM presence you feel how your consciousness just moves out.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I allow my energies to merge with you everything expands until you move into the space of the All That Is.  Do you remember just a couple of months ago in January of this month when we recognized that we had manifested a new space of creation within the All That Is.  At the time it felt like everything was empty, it was clean, and it was new.  You could see where your manifestations and what you have been doing at a vibration was different.  So nothing is ever gone it is just been shifted into a different reality, and this year of 2018 look around at the All That Is looking at all of your old potentials that are here for you.  

I am invite you to have a sense of bringing up the timeline of your life.  Now within the All That Is that timeline is frequently a spiral.  So that you may find yourself having some particular experiences that are coming through that same experience here’s it once, here’s it again but at a different level, again, here it is again but at another level.  So my point is, a timeline in truth is nonlinear; it is that spiral.  However, we can have a sense of stretching it out, because I understand how the logical human mind thanks finds it easier to look in a sequential way.  

I invite you to consider whatever it is upon your mind at this time.  You have an opportunity to look at it, consider it, experience it.  At this moment though, as you bring it up into this space, simply open up to feel the love, the light, of the Angels, the Light Beings as they fill in the space around you.  As they do so recognize you are not alone.  As you consider what is on your heart that you are seeking an answer for have a sense of just pulling it out into your consciousness and asking it to make itself known so that you can look at it from that disconnected perspective. 

You in your everyday life are just filled with just all of the tension, the stress, the frustrations; whatever it is that may surround the situation.  However, here put a little distance.  As you consider that which is on your heart right now look at it from this perspective of the All That Is.  Can you feel compassion for yourself that you have this experience of this life?  Can you perhaps feel excitement, or whatever the emotion might be that surrounds this situation that you have here in front of you?  As you allow yourself to consider what this may be are there other people that are also involved in whatever this may be?

Sometimes when you are caught up in your everyday reality you may either become fixated on a particular person or group and not recognize that there are others also involved.  Other time you may not realize that you have the support that is there for you as your focus is such that you are unable to see that which is around you. 

In this now moment I invite you to first and foremost; if there are any hooks or any chords to somebody else that may be having an impact upon this ~whew~ let it go and allow yourself to relax.  As you let it go I can feel some of you relaxing even more, because you’re being uptight trying to take care of a group of others, or trying to please other people; instead you’re pulling out those chords and letting them go. 

As you peel away those layers, however many there may be, you come down to the core or whatever that situation may be.  You know how it is affecting yourself in this now lifetime.  However, take a look at that timeline of your life.  Has it happened again and again in this lifetime in one form or another?  Has it happened in another lifetime going back in your history or perhaps even forward into the future?  

For many of you I see these threads that link many different lifetimes.  I would therefore invite you to allow your focus to come down within you.  Let it stream back into your original lifetime where this problem made itself known to you, and just pull that life forward so that you can look at that life. 

Is there a message for you that has somehow been an issue, or has come up for you again and again, and you have missed it because it was camouflaged in layers of energy?  As you go back to the source, be it in this lifetime or any other; ask to see clearly the cause of this issue. 

If there is an intention of something, perhaps you need to forgive, perhaps you need to ask for forgiveness, whatever the situation may be; allow your focus go into that moment and communicate what needs to be transitioned. Then let it go ~whew~  Release it from that other lifetime and allow that ball of energy to roll through, and if you find that it still stuck in another one of your past lives then bring that life forward.  See how that situation may have manifested in a different way. 

When you have a karmic agreement that you are seeking resolution about you will experience it one way, and then a different way, yet another way, as many times as is needed until you as the Soul blended with the Human come to a place of completion.  This is what I invite you to do right now.  As you have connected to that next lifetime, ~whew~ clear it out. 

Once you have all the lifetimes that you needed to clear taken care of, then I allow your focus to come back once more.  Take a take a deep breath in as you are breathing in the light, the love, the support of the universe energies and consider the situation within your life.  If everything is exactly the same, then go through that process once more clear things out.  Do this as many times as you need to until you get to a space when you can look at this situation and you have whatever understanding you need to have, and you have cleared it out and fully disconnected. 

As that has transitioned you then bring it into your heart, and you allow it to flow all up and down through you as your conscious self.  This will therefore go out to your timeline as resolution or completion for whatever that may be. 

If you have a number of different issues you can bring them up and take the time to be in this space where you are fully supported.  You are nurtured.  You are therefore able to tap into whatever this may be so as to clear it. 

Let us work with this in an opposite way.  Is there something that you have sought to have in your life, but it is right out here away from you, unobtainable?  As you allow that to come up within your consciousness ask ‘is this something that I have experienced in another lifetime’.  As I say that I have the sense of hearing like a shuffling noise, and all of these little lights appear.  Again, looking at that timeline that is linear, that is actually the spiral.  Allow your consciousness to just naturally flow to that space in which you have already been successful with what you seek to have. 

We have worked so diligently at clearing out things that no longer serve you that for some of you I find that as you step into that which is what you truly want, and as connect with that lifetime which you were successful, it feels very awkward and uncomfortable to you.  Give yourself a moment.  Breathe deeply and find that space of balance, or being centered, and then open up your heart.  Allow yourself to connect with that lifetime or multiple lifetimes in which you had already accomplished what you are seeking to accomplish right now. 

Be aware that it may have looked different in another lifetime so what you are seeking is that energy behind that that you seek to have.  For example, if you were seeking prosperity and abundance in this lifetime then you may find it in a lifetime which all of your needs are met all the time.  It may not have been money.  However, ultimately if you seek greater prosperity and abundance in this lifetime it is so that you can step aside from fear; so that you can have the house over your head, food on your table, a car that works.  In other words so that your needs are met and experiencing a lifetime in which that happens for you gives you the vibration that you may emanate so that you may allow that to happen more easily in this lifetime. 

As we look or consider any of these things.  If you see that you are so close in this lifetime or it is happening for you, but in a way that is unexpected allow all the love and consciousness to expand.  Allow your own energies to transition so that you may have that balance you seek or that experience that you seek to manifest. 

Awakening, ascension, arising, manifesting, transitioning, ascending, so many different words describe what is happening in everybody’s life on the Earth in this immense transformation.  Allow your own focus and your own energy to kind of clear out those words that are flowing around and ~whew~ 

What is real for you?  What are you seeking in your life?  Regardless of what the community may be saying, the media, or anybody else, your own personal life and reality is what you seek to manifest in your life.  It will be intrinsically connected with those in your family; with those you may work with.  It is therefore about being in this flow, being in this life, being in this love. 

You have so much more that you give to others when you have clarity within yourself.  You have so much more that you bring to this world when you are no longer trying to be what everybody else says you need to be or do.  You are you as your authentic self when you know it within your heart. 

The experiences up here in the All That Is give you an opportunity to be just that an experience.  Something that supports you, helps you, so that it trickles down into your everyday reality.  Know who you are?  Know the unconditional love from your own Divinity. 

Look again at your timeline that we have been playing with this evening.  For many of you it looks different now, because you cleared out that which is ready to transform, and you enhanced that which supports you in your everyday life.  You always have access to this through your own Divinity.  Every time you flow from your human, to your Higher Self, to your Soul Plane, you are connecting to that person that Soul that is you.  That’s where all of these energies manifest. 

I invite everyone to come together as a group.  As you do so we create again that kind of swirl, that spiral of energy.  As you do so look within.  Observe the Hologram of the Earth that comes up.  This shows you the Matrix that surrounds the Earth as the Hologram shows you the transparency that represents the Earth.  As you consider that ease of movement going through the timeline of your own life send that ease and transparency into this Hologram.  The Hologram absorbs all that is here. 

There are many others who are activating other things that are also infused into the Hologram.  You have that sense of releasing it from the All That Is.  It slows down.  There’s that piece that goes out through to the Universe so that that balance within the Universe is there within our own balance and relationship to Earth.  The remainder goes down.  As it moves through the magnetic grid of the Earth it moves clearing out to the Collective Consciousness.  It clears out everything you cleared out this evening enhancing everything you seek to have.  All of that goes into the Collective Consciousness; it goes down into the core of the Earth.  Within the Earth these energies expand.  They anchor and expand outward; they come up through the grass itself, through the water, the trees. 

That anchor that you placed within Gaia you now bring your own energies through that anchor and allow them to come up within you and then you clear it out.  You clear out all your energy fields in a very focused grounded way so that you may also send forth to the people in your family, your community, your work, whatever it is that creates clarity in your relationships.  This is also creating potentials for others that at this point may be unconscious of what is taking place, but yet they are very open to receive transformation.

I invite you now to bring the rest of your own consciousness back down within you.  As you breathe and focus, breathing into your heart center, your own energy from the All That Is.  It goes back through your divinity, it goes down into your Higher Self and it comes back into you the Human. 

This is your life.  It is the life you are living.  As that soul essence you have done it again, and again, and again.  However, now is an opportunity to stop that pattern, to make conscious choices, to live and experience yourself as that person more than just the human in this life.  Let that integrate creating peace within you; creating strength within you; supporting you in all ways; strengthening your intuition; strengthening your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies.  There I can feel each one of you finding that space back within.

All right, it’s always so interesting how we have the journey and then the questions during the Q and A it seem to allow each of you to have the opportunity, even though only a certain amount of questions were answered, no matter where you are in your life you may have heard your own answer to those questions.  So you are all connected, person to person, human to human, reality to reality. 

This is your opportunity to just let yourself be in the light that you truly seek.  Let yourself recognize that the multiple potentials are there and around you.  Understand the you can always go into your Divinity and say ‘let me go into the source of it to clear it.  Let me go into that space inside of me that knows how to manifest that perfect relationship, the abundance I seek, the job I want to have, the family, whatever that may be’.   

Your God Source, your I AM presence wants only that which is in your best interests and that which seeks to support and nurture you.  Allow that to be your truth.  Allow that to be your reality.  Understand that you are not alone and that first relationship with your Divinity is always there for you. 

Beloved I too am always in and around you.




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