Rainbow Souls: Beyond Black and White

We are at a brilliant crossroad on our earthly journey. With each passing moment, individually and collectively, we are steadily awakening and rapidly remembering our deeper truth of the universal love that unites and connects us all. For some it is a gentle nudge stirring us from our long slumber, while for others it may be more like an abrupt alarm sounding all around them. Each path is unique and all of us are being granted the opportunity to recall and realize our innermost essence as a precious being of infinite love and compassion. Although eons in the making, the awakening is as normal a cycle as the rhythm of the sun that brings each new day filled with fresh potential.

Embodying on this planet allows us to interact with the elements of nature and, of course, each other. Learning and growing from our experiences, we add to and evolve our personal and shared adventure in countless ways. When we come from our heart and make our choices with conscious benevolence and wisdom, we expand the very nature of life itself. We express ourselves as a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors and possibilities, allowing each element to blend and change appropriately in the moment effortlessly benefiting the whole.

However, when we feel separated from our heart-centered core, for whatever reasons we conclude and deem absolute, we permit our mind to take over and be the singular communicator and decider. Wholly linear, logical and devoid of the necessary compassion so vital and intrinsic to life, we develop an artificial response to reality which, over time, through repetition and reinforcement, we come to believe as reality. This incomplete and prejudiced approach executes a faux reality that accepts only contrasts of black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. In its extremes, it becomes a fanatical approach to life where even its perceived righteousness is exaggerated to a point of eventual compulsory destruction of itself. With no fundamental energy of its own, it is only fed by the basic irrational fears of professed separation conjured by the mind and only for as long as we allow this to continue.

Knowing the splendor of each distinctive band of color in a rainbow readily mixing with the next, comprising something even grander than itself, reminds us of our celestial and eternal heritage. When the ever-present light shines from beyond the cloud, the reflection of our rainbow colors emerge. Symbolically this is the awakening we are all undergoing.

Where some presently see only rigid and structured contrast of black and white, us and them, others are becoming keenly aware that a new dawn is prompting us to arise and walk consciously together in our world once again. By noticing the interconnected and multidimensional magnificence all around us, we are allowing the spark of light within to shine through us as joy and compassion, kindness and integrity. It is our unconditional spirit that seamlessly blends with our reality and brings the full spectrum of color into our experience.

As we venture forth, do we continue to prolong our slumber under the sense of separation or choose to fully awaken to our heart's calling? The choice is as simple as we make it and unfolds moment-by-moment with our intention. Let's stand up and be an active participant embracing our rainbow colors letting them shine, rather than lingering for a while longer in the duality of contrast as the alarms get louder. The call of unconditional love is beckoning us forward in our full creative capacity dreaming new worlds into existence. Future generations are counting on your dazzling courage to fully awaken now.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker



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Harold W. Becker

Harold W. Becker has dedicated his life to living and sharing the practical application of unconditional love. Since 1990, his consulting company, Internal Insights, has had its focus to “empower people through self awareness and unconditional love.” In 2000 he founded the globally recognized non-profit, The Love Foundation, Inc., with the intent to “inspire people to love unconditionally.” He blends incredible insight and intuition with humor, compassion and kindness for a strong inspirational and motivational vision in all of his endeavors which also include business, writing, speaking and personal guidance.


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