All for One

Greetings on this beloved Earth Day! For you know that all days are earth days like all days are mother’s days and father’s days and sacred days, but there is great power in the alignment of consciousness between your brothers and sisters. There is great power in the unification of one thought, one desire, one intention. And so today honours the magnificent Mother Earth and all that she provides and how deeply she is embedded into your experience.

She is your home, your nurturance and your great sustainer of life. It is important to trust in her. Yes, your relationship to her is vital. Your respect and appreciation of her is reverence for all life. And you know your relationship to her, for she is far greater, far more intricate and far more powerful than your one small being. But she is equal to the unity of all. If all beings truly understood their role in the unified whole, the one, separation would no longer keep you in ignorance and you would unite with her in grand alliance. There is the potential for absolute harmony here. It is the desire for this that underlies this day and the unified consciousness it creates. We take care of you, dear Mother, in the generous way you provide for us. It is symbiotic. It is harmonious. It is the coming together in understanding of the whole and yet each maintains their unique signature like the blades of grass, fish in the sea and leaves on each tree. There is a reason that each snowflake is unique; it is the same for all life. All is created from the same matter and yet constructed in miraculously different expressions each one. Awe of that alone can spin you into rapture just conceiving it! This same profundity rests in you. You are one with all that is and yet you are unique and part of the great intricate, miracle. How you feel about the whole is how you may feel about yourself. Profoundly spectacular, you are!

So go into this feeling inside. You know, like when you witness an incredible miracle of life – any one of the multitude known and unknown! Think of the enormity of the night sky or what is taking place at a micro level, how cells multiply to create life or how a butterfly migrates or naturally goes through its cycles or fish know to return to their birth stream to propagate. Now feel this same awesome thing inside of you. Feel the incredible complexity and natural balance of your body – doing its perfect thing without your control. Involuntary magnificence. It too has its place in the great scheme of life, perfect cycles, perfect expression, perfect and rightful place in the sea of life. Connecting with this magnificence within is all that is necessary to create reverence for your/all life and for your interrelationship with it. Feeling the pulse of life within you – your chi – is all you need to be in tandem with perfection. And yet you push against it. You resist it. You ignore it. You control and manipulate and disrespect it. You doubt it.

And so you ask how you are to make an important decision? First, you must be in alignment with what is…going WITH what is rather than exhausting yourself swimming upstream or even trying to redirect the current. So having recognized your True Power Within, drop your defenses to it…no longer resisting, judging, efforting, pushing, manipulating or cajoling…and see how it feels to go with the flow. Go WITH the flow! And let yourself rest there until it is fully integrated and understood. There is a reason for its perfect place in your experience. Go with it! Allow all resistance to subside and trust. Talk yourself into and through and in it with affirmations to still your beating heart! All is well. All is always well.

Then once you are immersed in it, you can fully understand and reside in it with compassion, expansion and symbiosis. Harmony is the outcome of oneness, not of resistance and manipulation and separation. It is not us against them or one against another, it is ALL ONE. The Musketeers had it right: All for One and One for All. Only then will the path be clear to charge ahead!

So to simplify the process when faced with a decision that changes the course of your life: first, connect always with your internal life force that is a part of the great force, trust in its perfection and know that there is a greater, natural process at play. Stop resisting what is and go with the flow so that you can be fully immersed into what already is: deep understanding of and harmony with it will help you know the full experience and lessons of it. (Know too, that your restlessness is an early sign of change. But don’t let it derail you.) Eliminating resistance will bring fullness to you – and it is from this place that clarity comes about what to do next. Important decisions flow, they do not happen out of great resistance without causing unnecessary shock. From the place of peace will come clear signs to illuminate your path. It will be clear and the decision will feel right.

So harmony within creates harmony without. Respect within creates respect without. Oneness within and without. This is how we create peace on Mother Earth. It is an inside out game now, so that once and for all, we can All be for One. The complex becomes simpler as each one realizes their interconnectedness with the true power. It is then that The Golden Rule kicks in and no One would harm the One for they know they are All One.

It is true - there are no barriers nor definitions nor structures that divide each person or land from the other, except for the illusory separation created by ignorance and fear. And so we enter it to understand it so that we can be empowered to be and choose otherwise. This is the great awakening that is happening. This is what you came here for. It is overwhelmingly extraordinarily miraculously magnificently beautiful - and you are part of it. If you seek it outside, go within to harmonize with it and you will know the right action outside to represent it. This is right action.

Is there any greater gift that you can give yourself or your Mother Earth on this day or all days?

In deep gratitude for all that you are, we are,

The One Council of Light within All



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