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Dearest Council of Light, help us better understand what is taking place in the outside world and how we can be inside to ensure continued growth, peace and joy in our everyday lives. Thank you for your constant blessing and support.

Beloved Followers of the Light,

It is easier than you think, especially if you are doing so with conscious intent to contribute to the New World and not to perpetuate the old one! But what is the New World when the old one is rising up in your faces all the time? It is all things that are peaceful, for this is a primary sign. If the thought or activity or person or feeling or information does not elicit peace, then it is not creating an expanded presence within you, and so is not creating the New. If you need a quick and easy filter, it is PEACE. Your heart will feel expansive, your attitude will be of abundance, your creativity will be ignited and your energy will be stimulated, all in a positive ways. So the word peace itself could represent Positive Expansion of Abundant Creativity and Energy!

If anything about you is not one of these traits, then you are supporting the old way…be quick to realize it and turn your self around, remembering that a ship at sea only has to make a very small adjustment to the steering to end up at a completely different destination…learn to trim your sails and adjust your course often and succinctly. Each small gesture will ensure that you become an ardent supporter of creating all that is PEACEful in your life and thereby contribute to the contagion of peace all around you and so it will grow all over the planet.

Another important thing to remember is this: do not get stuck in old ways. Become your own best coach to try new things and explore new thoughts and think of life as exciting and take on challenges and go a different way next time and stir things up a bit in your life that the OLD grooves and the OLD patterns and the OLD way is effortlessly released in the excited exploration of the new. It is so easy to just walk the same path because “auto pilot” is easy – but the price you pay for stasis is great, and it is so much more exhilarating to continue to forge a new path, a new point of view, a new way…keep coaching yourself to turn a new direction, just for the sake of the delicious interest of seeing and doing and being from another perspective. Keep an open mind. Allow the winds of change to gently caress your life and push you and turn you in a new way. What is the new way?

It is all things new. Get up and out and explore and experience and imagine that this is the day to find new inspiration and new ways and new experiences. Remember that what you focus on expands, so just deciding that you are new and each day is new and that is exactly what you will draw unto you.

If you are bored it is because you just haven’t decided to turn slightly and begin anew. Just do it. Focus on youth and vitality and expansion and fertility and colours and shapes…as if you are welcoming in a new program to upgrade the old one!

And so how else does the New World appear? It appears inside you first. All things are born on consciousness first, so when the majority are in this PEACEful state of mind, then the outside world will shift. So when things intensify and appear negative, do whatever you can to focus on the positive. See the beauty in everything, no matter what form it takes in the outside world – by thinking and responding to it differently, it changes. Keep turning it over and over until the light shines in it. Until the light shines on it. Until the light shines around it. Do not expect the outside world to rescue you…self-mastery is changing the external through internal change…that is what makes you magical wizards! So stir the pot, change it up, toss the dice, make a change, see the light, shift it around. This is conscious, deliberate, effort. This is diligence on behalf of your own life and all life. This is your purpose.

Remember that your role as lightworker is in conscious alchemy to take what is and make it better – to make change in substance from one to another, for the highest outcome for all. No one does this for you – the old way is waiting for the alchemy outside of you. The great change comes, like all powerful transformation, from within.

Beloved ones, we know that this is a labour of love; we know that it means that you must take charge of every moment and every action and this requires discipline. We know that you are on the front lines and this takes courage. And we also know that you will be victorious, so keep on keeping on. Each individual must charge ahead with powerful intent, but you are bound together shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart. You are not alone in your efforts, as many are here to shine light on the path ahead and cheer you on along the way. Keep choosing the new path and we promise that you will be delightfully surprised to find what lies ahead.

In light of the new, we are

The Council of Light that is Within


ava414 15th June 2008 7:42 am

15/06/2008 2:33PM South African Time

Dear Rebecca

It is very coincidental that I come across someone who actually WANT to understand the ALL better. I have that information, but nobody knows who I am. It is very ironical that one person has got the understanding, the privilage to have it, but no other person in this world (except one person) will ever believe that someone like me can have the answers that you are seeking. I am moving underneath the radar at this stage and the animal I associate with is a leopard/jaguar and my dog that died on the 7/5/2008, is linked to a mountain lion and since his death, I have come to terms with what is going on - what is really going on. And I believe that this information is not only coming from Beyond, but my dog is also whispering some secret wisdom to me. I asked him to show me if he is still with me and the next day I saw a lynx (which has the same hair on the ear than a mountain lion) and they are known to not easily share their precious wisdom. And that lynx showed me that my dog's (who was in this life a CHihuahua to me)with me


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