Chance Your Gardener

Greetings at this auspicious time,

It is always with delight that we have the opportunity to express through you and we do so with the energy of joy and gratitude, for this is exactly the energy that we encourage you to greet all things at this time. No matter what. No matter how it appears, no matter the temptation to react in the old familiar ways. Stop it before it begins. Become the stewards of your own garden now, for this is more critical than ever. Decide what it is you will allow, what you will cultivate, what you will sow, who you will allow in and why you do it. For what does your garden stand? You have come to understand the purpose of the four elements and the all-pervasive power of the universal life force, so now it is to tend your garden with consciousness – that each action, each decision, each aspect, each gesture, each attention contributes to the whole of your garden, the outcome of your tending.

It is a pipe dream to think that “one day” you will purify your diet or air or mind or spiritual practice and that “one day” you will move to that perfect piece of land in the country and live organically and make beautiful things and “one day” that you will not contribute to the current of disrespect…now is One Day and the paradise you are creating is not then, it is now! It is here.

The process begins by sorting what you surround yourself with now, as it is all a result of previous decisions. Time to revisit each one and do the sorting. Go to the closet and take each piece and decide if it is a vibrational match to your present garden and the garden you desire to create with each decision. All that is not uplifting and creative and expansive and beautiful and kind and supportive and rejuvenating and filled with light must be released – for, why would your garden be filled with anything less? And by the way…would you really have a dark and musty storage shed in the corner that holds the false protection of “back up plans” to cover all manner of “what ifs”? Wouldn’t a true garden of bliss not even consider such useless attribution of valuable real estate?

There are some basic rules of your garden that you already know: keep the water flowing freely for it is filled with life-giving oxygen and positive ions; the more Love you extend through your heart and hands the more all about you is imbued with and responds to this Love (especially Mother Earth and all her kingdoms); other than when you first start, there are no weeds or pests to eradicate; no one else tends your garden but you, and others’ gardens are not your concern; the birds and bees and butterflies just show up as they are not your charge, for you magnetize, not control, them; and most of all – most of all – there is always a most sacred centre held just for you. All that awaits is that you show up to tend your garden! And just imagine the feeling at the end of the day when you look up from the sacred centre of your garden and see out across the great expanse to witness the glow of each garden that each has been tended with the same Love as you!

Each has their plot of land, the tools with which to garden and unrestricted access to the ever-abundant universal treasure house of miraculous blessings and the absolute majesty of creation…it is for each to own that they are the gardener and it is their purified choices that recreate what was here in the first place. So, decide to begin today. Decide that it is not outside you and that you are in charge. It is no one else’s responsibility, nor should it be. Know that you have complete access to All That Is, so the possibilities are as endless as the Great Source! It is not out there, it is in here. And with the beginning of this new day, you can start anew to make the choices, plant by plant, seed by seed, turn by turn, to tend your garden.

Oh…and another rule is, that it is only once you tend your own garden that you get to experience the awesome perspective of the Great Garden of All Gardens and all its extraordinary Gardeners!

So all we can do is encourage and support and inspire you to begin your garden today and tend it with Love in all days, for we know that the fruits of your labour are truly Divine! And it all begins with a green thumb.

We are with you each step,

The Council of Light that is Within



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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

The HeartLight messages are usually received on new and full moon days.


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