Check In Within

What if there was nothing more to do outside yourself and the remainder of the effort is now totally and completely, on the inside? There is nothing outside yourself. Nothing.

And so it is for you to continue to develop your own deep, inner world that is rich in connection to the greater realms, clear in your relationship to higher wisdom, inspired by abundant creative insights, a sound knowing of truth found in the real world, and above all else – be the peace that passeth understanding that can be found only in this place. There is only one place that is the fertile ground for the heart-wrenching yearning you seek outside, and that is within. Nothing else works; haven’t you found that is the great pain of the world? The external heartache is debilitating. The inner heart nourishment is fuel. Once this inner, boundaryless universe is “locked in” as your primary relationship, only then can you bring the same connection, wisdom, insight, reality and peace outside in your experience. This is the path to transforming our world: each must turn outside in and inside out.

Haven’t you noticed that your external seductions have been slowly – one by one - no longer working?  It is time to go within to find what really works. And with that, your external needs diminish. Your external world becomes rich by your inner depth and nourishment.  You can discern truth in the sea of lies, you are no longer (unknowingly!) seduced or controlled by the myriad of trappings outside yourself and you have finally become free. Chocolate and sex and consumerism and drama and politics and, and, and, continue to bring you some form of temporal entertainment or distraction or pleasure, but you know where the real truth lies. The primary human experience is to know freedom, growth and joy, and this is found many ways!  But most continue to seek outside themselves, which creates a roller coaster of external dependence and tumultuous experience going from one life raft to another. It is time to know where the real life raft is so that you can become it, and hold it, so that all others may do the same. They will want what you are having…they will look to you and say that is my heart’s desire to know that peace, wisdom, creativity and knowingness.

It is from this place that the fertile gifts of how to transform your external world are found. You already know you can’t create new from the old consciousness, you have to separate from it and go within to find your rich garden, and then when the inspiration rises, you will know exactly what to do and what your contribution shall be to the new world. But first, the greatest gift you can give is in the discovery and nurturance of your inner world. Then you carry it with you – this hologram – this living crystal of light – this emanence – to the grocery store, to work, the bank, on line, on the phone, in the bathtub, and to the next family reunion. Holding that degree of Presence transforms. It is contagious, inspiring, expansive. It makes a profound difference. And that is just the beginning!

Then you are watching your thoughts. Your actions begin to change because they are inspired by your deeper Presence. Your heart continues to expand and consequently so does your reach. Because of the depth of your inner world, you are safe to reach out. Your need is filled and so you have more to give. You have changed from a conditional expression to an unconditional one. When you need less, you no longer expect anything in return because you have enough. You are enough. The whole thing is enough and so your cup runneth over and that is when true unconditional love and giving takes place. As long as you are in need yourself and seek your external world to give it to you, you are trapped in condition: the old eye for an eye, negotiating, trapped, painful world that doesn’t work for anyone or thing. So stop it. You are the All That Is already, so there is no need to look outside yourself. You are it!

There is nothing more than this to say today. If you truly stop right now and check in within, you will realize that all is well and all is always well here. So return here so often that this true world becomes your external experience. From the inside we created the outside so that we seek the real world inside in order to create the real outside. This is how God knows and experiences Herself.

Shakespeare was right: all the world’s a stage and we are only the players. A play within a play within a play, we slowly and surely free ourselves!

All is well, as
The Council of Light is Within
(You are invited to join us right now)


Rhiannon 4th October 2011 9:49 am

Lovely and so accurate...thank-you... :smitten:

SpiritHeart 4th October 2011 4:42 pm

Thank you - beautiful beautiful write. xo

K.K. 5th October 2011 9:52 am

Lovely! Thank you!



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