Choose Otherwise

Greetings beloved fellow peacemakers!

Yes it is you who are given this important, eternal task. Yes - little you! Grand you. Eternal, infinite You. Know that while it does not appear so, it is a sacred time for everyone. The constant external pressures and chaos provide us a beautiful opportunity in each moment to choose otherwise. When you see chaos, anchor peace. When you feel panic, breath peace. When you sense danger, be peace. However, do not turn a blind eye to what is taking place, for there are signs and messages within each communication. Discern what it is saying to you. Discern what is the truth of all that you see. Ask for constant guidance and clarity and truth. As seekers of truth from the depths of your hearts, you will only find that. Being seekers of peace from the depths of your heart, you will only find that. For what you most yearn for is manifest. And so this is why we have global tension and fear and gloom imposed on us now in every moment, so that our hearts yearn for the opposite and make it so. Make it so!

Do you understand that this is the way the state of duality functions and we are giving birth to the end of these times when this is how we make our choices. No more opposites after this, do you know what this means? Remember the story of Christ and the path that was chosen for him. It is through the darkness and turmoil that we are reborn to the light, but we must go through the birth canal with sincere effort to the end. In other words, shit is going to hit the fan just before the final peace arrives. So hold on to your hats, and most importantly, your hearts. For it is through the heart that is the way we are assured survival in being turned inside out. The heart is the pivotal point, the place that is not altered in turning inside out. All else must flip. All else must revise and become the new way.

And what will the "New Way" be like after all of this? Unlike anything you have ever experienced on Earth before, and yet so familiar because it is every human's fond desire. Abundance, peace, harmony, true brotherhood, sharing, open flow of love and divine provenance, magic, inspiration, communion, expansion, glory, equanimity, purity, and well-being of all. Know that this is your purpose. This is what you came here for. So realize the importance of holding the dream of your perfect life in heart and mind at all times. Anything else that happens other than that which contributes to your dream, is an opportunity to choose otherwise. And this is how we connect with perfection and the Paradise on Earth that is dreamt of, but its potentiality is questioned. It already exists, you must just align with it - choose it - deem it so for yourselves. Take command. This is what is meant in the Bible when it is asked to "take dominion" - this did not mean over the planet and all those deemed lesser than, but this meant mastery over yourselves.

Choose your life, create your life, make your life happen. Focus on what you want and start walking that way! It begins with a feeling, a desire, that is tossed around in the computer mind and then the body is urged into action. Pay attention to all that you are feeling, as this is the origin of divine - or your soul's - urging. Your feeling centre tells all - it births your heart's desires, it tells you where your own strings are that hold you back, it alerts you to danger that you may protect yourself and act with wisdom and it tells you when the coast is clear and when to charge ahead. It is your own personal GPS. Get to know it. Play with the dials and understand how it works and use it for your benefit to maneuver your way to your perfect experience. Everything you need to create the perfect life is inside of you - NOTHING IS OUTSIDE so no longer torture yourself looking there. What are your "instincts"? Dare to pay attention to them and to honour them with action. Should you go or should you stay? Should you do this or that? You know the answers inside. Ask the specific question and expect a specific answer. Remember that humans are VERY sophisticated biocomputers capable of miracles, and yet the result is no greater than the inquiry. So ask with explicit intent and you will receive explicit results. Manage your hardware and your software. Increase your memory, delete old programs, ensure virus protection and scans, make sure you back up what is important, continually upgrade your system and always recognize your extraordinary capability. Using a computer for games is like playing tic-tac-toe on the space station. It is good temporary distraction, but there is so much more in the universe to accomplish!

And so you have a method for continuing on your path of greatness. Remember that all that is going on about the war right now is the result of past thinking and you are the stewards of the future results, so do not get so tangled in the chaos that you simply recreate and perpetuate it all through fear. See that it is chasing your tail? Stop. Choose otherwise and watch your new creations unfold with the freshness of Spring! There is no coincidence that the war began with the full moon in Pisces and upon Spring Equinox. Now is the time for us to choose otherwise and hold the light of peace and joy and expansion in our hearts at all times. When you see the news, simply say, "I choose peace. I choose joy. I choose abundance. I choose life."

Adonai blessed brothers and sisters. We are here to encourage and support you in each moment. Know that you are not alone and that there are legions surrounding the planet Earth holding perfection for you. If you choose it for yourselves, then like attracts to like and we are in communion with you. And then the fun begins!

No matter what, love and peace prevails, for it is your true nature. Onward warriors of peace!

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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

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