Don’t Be Ridiculous

Withdrawal is contraction, holding back. When you do this, you are constraining yourself, which serves nothing but to hurt you. This is what makes your body sore, your sleep disturbed, your energy jumpy, your defenses high, your heart closed…need we go on? Stop it. Really. What are you afraid of? This state is a perfect example of what living outside the now does…for you are continuing to expect what has happened in the past. Isn’t there a quote about this being the definition of insanity? Okay then…it is time to begin again. 

This is a state of smallness – of not knowing, or trusting, your true power. If you really knew how powerful you are, then you would not spend a moment in contraction. So what are you afraid of? Showing up? What could be worse than that? If you are in the flow of life, imbued with abundance of all things, then you would not conceive of contraction unless it was within the natural cycles, and then, it is only for those nano moments like when the incoming wave at your toes pauses before it retreats.

You cannot draw out the pause or live there, or the energy dies. Depression happens when energy is repressed like this. Imagine the force required in the vain attempts at constraining the life force? It’s ridiculous, really. The light being shoved under that bushel basket is far more dynamic than the thin veils trying to cover it.

Don’t be ridiculous. You are oh-so-much-more brilliantly powerful than any conjured fear you possess. Just turn on the light…the imaginings are instantly quelled. Your cowering and scrunching up in a fearful ball hoping that you won’t get hurt or be seen or have to be responsible or do something new or change your routine or lose control or expend energy against your will or whatever falsehood you tell yourself, is just childlike defiance. Get over it. 

To be more gentle now that you have been poked awake (and each cheek given a firm and loving slap), it is vitally important that you realize what you are doing to yourself. Noting, most importantly, that you are doing this to yourself. This is not happening to you or against you or to your life. You are doing it to yourself. Stop it. A child of the Divine who truly knows who they are and honours this sacred relationship, cannot hold back. There is nothing to hold onto except your hollow belief that you are in charge anyway!

Remember, this is a partnership with the Divine who always holds the majority vote, so living in accordance with Divine flow will always be less painful than hiding. Come out, come out, and let your light shine! Speak up with strong words formed from the source of Love! Act with the boundless energy of the universe, for when you are plugged into Source, there is no exhaustion. It is the restraint that exhausts you, not Spirit. Say yes to life. Reach out to others. Go the extra mile. Get out there. Dive in. Fly. Speak up for anything that inspires you.

Don’t fight back, change the course. Do it differently, inspired by love and respect and dignity and honour. Do what you know is right. Courage is Divine strength at play – use it. Laughter, well placed, is transformative. Remember the importance of expressing your childlike innocence and curiosity and pleasure, for it is the way of the angels. Do everything for God’s sake, in honour of your Divine partnership, and most of all: lighten up. For God’s sake, lighten up. This is supposed to be fun, you know! 

You know we are always with you and that the Council of Light is Within.


Maya60 20th November 2013 10:54 am

This is a very important message for me. What I have been doing to myself for years unconsciously finally became conscious. Including the years of suffering from depression. Bad habits and ways of thinking can be hard to change however. I'm hoping that now that I am conscious of them, I will not go back to surrendering to my small self again. Thank you!

keryndawer 20th November 2013 11:33 am

A wonderfully benevolent Wake Up call. Thank you :) :) :)


bets 20th November 2013 3:15 pm

If we knew how to just snap out of it, don't you think we would have? Scolding and "slapping our faces" --seriously?-- isn't helpful. Yes, if we had abundance in all things, we wouldn't contract. Obviously! The problem is that we don't, and we don't know or trust our true power because it's unfamiliar to us as humans. From the other side of the veil, you may wonder what our problem is; to us here in human form, trying to remember, trying to go from theory to practice, trying to let go of all we have ever known, "reincarnating" for the first time within a given life, it's not clear nor is it easy. We have glimmers, we have "accidental" creations. But most of us are going step by step, still having to deal with everyday challenges in spite of the massive inner shifts occurring. If we knew how to just snap out of it, we bloody well would have by now. Do you really think that any of us wouldn't like to wake up and BE in a new and perfectly abundant state? This roller coaster has had extreme highs and painful lows. We're doing the best we can, yet you slap us. Thanks.

Sandra Smyre 20th November 2013 5:07 pm

I'm with you bets--enough of putting it on our shoulders, when must of us have had it and are just hanging on. Discernment is the most important lesson these days and so many messages are not Truth. Throw out what doesn't feel good and listen to your heart. I usually don't even finish reading the ones that feel "wrong", why disturb self. Take good care of you and know you are not alone. :)

victor 20th November 2013 5:17 pm

Bets, you sound as if you do not know where to turn.Everyone is telling you the change is happening but no one is telling you what is the change that is supposed to happen.
Well the change is just this: Whatever is coming or presented in front of you is to be descerned from the HEART CENTER.One is to respond to everything from the Heart!
Previously and still is, everything is or was responded from the Brain.Everything first came through the Brain.In that our experiences determined what or how we are to respond to the circumstances or problems coming to us from the outside world.Now we are shifting to a new filter.The Heart Center.This is totally New.
It is not easy to shift to this area if you are not familiar with the Heart.It takes practice.It's where Joy resides. It's where Peace resides and it's where GOD your CREATOR resides.
Work with this organ everyday until you feel the presence or energy of the HEART.
Hope this helps you.

kay 20th November 2013 6:04 pm

I so love you guys. I loved the message. Thank you, Rebecca. It made me smile all the way through. I love that tough love approach because I give it to myself and keep myself sort of smiling at myself. And I love the posted responses. And the posted responses to responses. We're all doing just fine as far as I can see.

Tiff 22nd November 2013 12:04 am

Infinite thanks for the encouragement. :smitten:

Loki 30th November 2013 8:20 am

To me, this so called "slap", or call to wake up doesn't offend me. I see the message coming to me from another level of my multidimensional self. If anyone has read the 70's classic self help book, "I'm OK, You're OK", there is a lot of light shed on the "transactions" between people. This message takes on an attitude of some kind of "parental" directive, or transaction, with us readers, or students, being subordinate. This kind of parent-child transaction could be interpreted as an unwarranted attack by someone sensitive to that sort of transaction, very easily. But I believe it is not really an attack on us. It is a bluntly put reminder of how powerful we are, although we forgot. I think that I am way more rude and arrogant in my continual placing the blame outside myself (contraction); which is the old "normal", and it's on the way out. Amen! :coolsmiley


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