Don't Fret - All is Perfection

Blessed ones - we are honoured to be with you today. Be still - for you fret too much. Do not worry about "what is going on out there" but be only concerned with what is going on "in here"...within yourselves. The external is but a small fraction of the internal program - like the "screen" on your computer compared to its full capabilities. Do not be mesmerized by the show on the screen...for you are the microcosm of the Great Macrocosm.

Do not compare your selves to others, for there are always those who exceed and those who fall back - from your perception. This is a useless exercise. It is about continually looking within to examine whether you are acting in your full capacity for love - are you doing all that you can do - are you expanding to your full capabilities in the situation? If you can always answer "I am doing my best, God" then you live graciously in each full moment. Do not look outside as a measure of within. It is not in the same scale! It is so off base as to be a joke. Remember this.

Keep your hearts flowing at this time of great expansion. Pray. Open. Ask for healing. Ask to release with love for The All That Is. You are doing for the many as well as yourselves - so keep the hearts open and flow, flow, flow the only thing that there is: LOVE. Love God above all else. New avenues of abundance are opening - just keep the faith and trust and flow moving so that there are no hindrances and no obstacles in the flow. Remember - you work for God and h is your great abundance. Stick with Him and He will make sure you receive all that you require and more!

To become more multi-dimensional, one must be able to see and work with all of the facets simultaneously. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed. This is the work of the Master. Just keep communication open and keep touching all aspects at all times - allow your mind to flow freely from one to the other to the other to the other. Like St. Francis, surrounded by all the birds and the bees and the animals of the earth, they are all buzzing around you in the vibration of love. Just exchange with each and do not swat the flies - they are all God's creatures and here for love. Do not panic about the complexity - God does not give you more than you can handle and there is always reprieve in the expansion. Do not tire, for the road is long and winding and always gets better and better and better. Walk in the feet you are in today and they will bring you - in love - to each present moment. The journey is each step!

Keep expansive thoughts about your work. See yourselves doing what you would love to do where you would love to do it and with whom you would love. What are you doing and where are you and what is happening? This is where you are moving and your manifestation powers are in charge of all that takes place. What do you want? Be clear and it shall be yours. Delay and you will be in delay.

"Love's in need of love today - don't delay - send yours in right away..." Stevie Wonder

All is perfection! We send our abundant and constant abiding love to both of you on this day and all days. Know that we are never apart and that All is One in Our World!

With blessings and adoration, we are,

Your Beloved Guides in the Light



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