Fight or Flight to Light and Bright

The best way to hold strong with the outside world swirling all around you is to cultivate a rich inner life. It is the only answer right now. Otherwise you become part of the problem as your natural base instincts of fight or flight kick in, and it is time to evolve into light and bright instead. The absolute only way to do this is to develop an intimate relationship with your inner world that already contains All That Is. But you must know if it. You must have a complete inner place to be within that rejuvenates you, heals you, peaces you, pleases you, wises you, nourishes you, calms you, chills you, warriors you and most of all, loves you. It is not outside. It is NOT outside. It is not OUTSIDE. Get it?!  

When you are attached to the outside world for your sense of self and wisdom and guidance and peace and place, instantaneously you are lost - or at best, only in temporary reprieve. You already know that you receive temporal satisfaction in distraction from food or consumerism or worried thoughts or all matters of avoidance…but realize that this is where most of the world lives and this is why you are in trouble! The antidote to all of this is within. The fastest way is meditation, the immediate way is breathing, the kindest way is knowing you are your best guru, the gentlest way is in silence, the most soothing way is to be at peace with the unknown, the most peaceful way is to trust the greater plan. Get it? Of course, the great mystery would be that what you have been so madly searching for has always been with you, a bit like a turtle seeking refuge. So hear this: it is not in anything external, except that everything external will be changed by your internal perspective. (If you were designing the ultimate plot shift, wouldn’t it be this?!) This is what is meant by not worshipping false idols…let us turn ourselves inside out in order to understand where the true power lies.

Find whatever solace you can in nature, for it is the greatest healer and balancer and connector to the internal Divine that there is in your external experience. Cherish the majesty of the natural world, no matter how small. Know the perfect harmony it emanates and do whatever you can to protect it, to allow it to flourish in its natural course. Hold the natural world and its inhabitants with deep unconditional love, knowing that it is safe and free and existing in clean, quiet presence. Do whatever you can to support that by your love and intention and action. You are loving yourself and all others on your beloved Mother Earth free. It is your greatest, most important purpose. Loving yourselves free. 

Holding this peace and love in all conditions is your greatest “work”. And the more you enliven your inner world where this exists effortlessly and easily, the easier it gets to hold it outside; it is your job. Nothing else you do in any aspect of your life is as important – or contributes to the greater good – than this. Ask for the strength to know this, to exemplify this, to achieve this, to emanate this, to BE this. That no matter what – no matter who or what or how – you are able to hold this deep inner peace as your external presence, even in the face of craziness, fear, ridiculousness, chaos or all manner of madness! Make this your solemn vow…that your inner peaceful warrior will hold brilliantly strong like a gale upon a spider’s silk…nothing will break you, thunderbolt or whisper.

And so this is what we hold for you this precious time of radical transformation, that you come to know and be this deep, deep peace. The still, small voice within becomes your roar. The meek shall inherit the Earth. The stealthiness of the lioness, the power of you as a true Earth Angel.  Alive as your breath and eternal as the light. 

You’ve got this. You are perfectly designed and perfectly trained and perfectly supported for it all.

In abiding love and support from the higher realms, we are,

The Ever-present Council of Light Within


Peter fox 10th December 2015 11:25 am

Fantastic message Rebecca/Council of Light- Thank you. Got it!!!

Lorelei63 10th December 2015 4:50 pm

Thank you so much, Rebecca! and Council of Light - I seriously needed this right now! I am in a state of shock and disbelief at what is taking place in my external world, and this is exactly what I needed to read for inspiration, consoling, and motivation. I know that practicing DEEP TRUST in the face of abject failure *is* the point - that is what I need to be practicing. Period. All is well, all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. xoxo

Gio Terni 10th December 2015 7:45 pm

Wow, each and every word resonates completely with me. They have been spoken and shared with me for the last few years in various ways, and now it feels that all is coming together, the pieces fitting together with such perfection. Thank you, Rebecca and The Council of Light. Love to you all.


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